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Isekai GM 28. The Battle of Great Plains 1

TL: MayonaizeShrimp
Editor: Karuma

This is a full chapter, no matter what NU tells you.
Well, that’s a weird introduction…
Anyway, for several reasons that I had explained in my own translation page, I’ll be posting here from now on.

Please enjoy the chapter :3


Large numbers of arrows and magic were thrown at me from the enemy camp. All of them were rendered useless against my 『Invincibility』. But still, that amount of attacks created another huge cloud of sand that hid my figure.

「Did we get him?」

Of course not.
Wait, I’ve heard those kinds of lines before, are you really not an otherworlder?


(I’ll crack them open from inside. Use that opportunity to crush them)
(Yes sir!)

After reporting to the magic units using the telepathic line, I started gathering my mana. I had descended to the ground so there was no problem in using mana to a certain extent.


「『Activate: Spirit Zone』! Leviathan, I’ll borrow your strength! 『Summon: Water Dragon』」

Using Spirit Zone and defeating enemies using the summoned dragon from both of my hands, I can recover HP and MP for each of enemy defeated.

The enemy soldiers were covered in a cloud of sand but uninjured, perhaps surprised that they even survived, but they were suddenly attacked by water dragons that appeared from nowhere. The water dragons moved exactly as I wished. The gigantic dragon-like sea serpents dashing through the plains, blowing away the enemy soldiers in its path.

Some soldiers tried to cut the water dragon with their spears or swords, but since the dragon was made from water, it was a meaningless effort. On the contrary, their weapons were swept by the current and stabbed their allies, increasing the damage. Finally, the water dragons flew high into the sky and rammed itself into the ground, causing a small tsunami on the great plains. The soldiers got caught in the waves and lost their balance.

I could hear horse-riding and land dragon-riding soldiers from the mounting corps approaching, using the gap I made to attack the Empire. The Empire’s frontlines, who were still traumatized by my water dragon, couldn’t hold back the assault and died from being stabbed, pierced, and trampled.

My job here was done and I need to find another place. To avoid using 『Wing』, I jumped using Physical Ability Up, trying to find an area with dense amount of enemies.




Is that their captain? How convenient. I stepped on his neck and cast 『Wave Sword』 then a 3 meter blue light clad my sword, the Seven Arthur.


The other soldiers tried to defend themselves using their swords and shields, but all of them got scrapped like paper in front of my passive skills and equipment. Their weapon broke, their shield and armor got shredded into small pieces and sprayed blood all over the place.
The other soldiers who didn’t touch the blade got caught in Attack Range (S) and were sliced by invisible blades.

I didn’t miss the frightened soldiers stopped movements and slashed everyone in front of me in one blow. Every single swing means mass producing corpses.
Using Increased Perception Ability (L), I understood the enemy soldiers’ aiming direction without even looking. I spun around while swinging my sword, slicing a soldier behind me who was trying to attack me and spread his internal organs on the battlefield.


Looking at the Map, everything around me was filled with red markers. It’s difficult to perceive direction when I turned around so much, so there was a chance that I might hit allies if I used Rokudou Sen Gomi carelessly. After both of my HP and MP recovered to a certain extent, I thrust my arms to the side and activate the 『Double Spell』 and 『Summon: Water Dragon』. This time, 2 water dragons dash through the enemy soldiers. I could see the water dragon turned from blue to red from the blood of the defeated soldiers.


(It looks more like a blood dragon now)

Suddenly, a huge blank marker appeared on the Map followed by a loud thunderous sound. Looking at the sky towards Adelle, I found her throwing grenades she got from Akiha.

Akiha seemed to have a 『Bullet Recovery』 skill that automatically replenishes her number of ammo and grenades etc to a certain number. Adelle borrowed some of them to bomb our enemies from the sky. I want to end this battle as fast as possible, but since I need to be careful about mana, I was considering using tools as well.


In the sky, the wyvern and gryphon riders were aiming at Adelle and I, but Adelle threw her mana spears and shot riders into the ground. The unfortunate soldiers at the landing spot couldn’t bear the weight of the impact from the wyverns and died on the spot.
As for me, I used the now red water dragons and attacked the gryphons and wyverns, smashing them into the ground and trying to hit as much enemies as possible.



「Fuck! What in the world are you shitheads doing!? Hurry up anー」

There was a soldier riding a horse that said that line in a loud voice, but he couldn’t finish it since his head was blown off and killed instantly. Uwaa… The soldiers next to him were covered in the content of his head.

「ugh… Gyaaaaa!!!!」

Well, it would be traumatizing to have someone’s brain scattered and covering your hands.
The fear spread like a wildfire, some of the soldiers even fainted on the spot.

Was that Akiha?
That accuracy is seriously terrifying.

The soldiers around were gradually turned into mincemeat. I should be careful as well. Usually, the SAN value would go down like crazy, but that is an anti-tank rifle right there. (TL: The RAW says 【SAN値】 – 【Esu Ei En atai】 which probably sanity value)

I controlled the bloody water dragons and aimed them towards the enemy soldiers, but suddenly.


「Rocket Puuuuuuch!!!」

The right water dragon was sliced from head to tail by a spear. Meanwhile, the left water dragon was evaporated after being punched by a steel fist.


It’s the 『Wei Warlord』and 『Dreadnought』!
And 『Hunter』 as well!?


I noticed a dangerous red marker that approaching in front of me. I laid the Seven Arthur sideways and used it as a shield, but I was still blown away. I still defended it even though I had 『Invincibility』, it’s unnecessary but it’s a good habit to have. If I were not protected by invincibility, I would die in the most comedic way possible.

「So you managed to block my fastest punch, eh…」

In front of me, there was a man wearing sunglasses and all-black suit.
Is he the 『Hunter』!?
But that was such a tremendous power for a fist. I shiver at the thought if I receive this attack directly.

The hunter guy jumped to my back and brought out his… Bazooka!?
In addition to the bazooka, he had a machine gun in his other hand. This guy… he probably came from an MMO that hunts aliens. This guy probably has more firepower than Akiha.


I carefully dodged his shooting and bombardment, trying my best not to be blown away by the explosion. I wonder if this guy specializes in speed in order to avoid getting hit.
While concentrating to fight with the Hunter, a telepathic communication came from Yoko.


(Hold on, Masaki! We are coming over! )
(Sorry! I was too aggressive)

It seemed that I was so aggressive that all 3 enemy generals are gathering here…
Looking at the map, I noticed 3 blue ally marker approaching from behind me.


(It’s okay. We got the enemy’s generals in one place. It makes no difference in the end!)
(Ah is that so? Be careful with the Dreadnought! It can vaporize my water dragon in a single fist)
(Don’t worry. Well, maybe I should worry. I can’t say it now, but I have a trick up my sleeve)

I wondered what she was going to do with such a gigantic robot as opponent. The Hunter threw a grenade towards me but fortunately, Jirou threw a shuriken and the grenade exploded in the air. Using the explosion as a cover, I switched place with Jirou. Next objective: Wyrm subjugation.
I could hear the clashing between bullets and shuriken and katana as I ran to the other direction.

On my right-hand side, I could see a military commander wearing blue armor. An ancient Chinese Kingdom’s flag could be seen on his back. So this is the 『Wei Warlord』.  I thought that the 『Wei Warlord』 was heading straight to me, but I noticed that he was looking way past me. He had an elated expression like he just found his prey.

(TL: Previously translated as Gi Bushou. I read ahead to the next 2 arcs just to confirm this. Probably will reTL the previous chapters)

At the end of his sight, 『Banchou』 was laughing. However, unlike his gentle smile from before, his smile looked scary like a wolf, especially when he raised his blood-drenched bokutou.
Behind him, soldiers were carrying flags with the words “Heaven and Earth are for me to decide -Susanoo” written on them.  Every one of them was dressed like gang members. I wonder what kind of fight this would turn into.

「Smash them to bits oraaAAAA!!!」


Banchou’s henchmen, the 『Susanoo』, responded with a shout and clashed with 『Wei Warlord』’s soldiers.



The original flag was 天上天下唯我独尊 – Tiānshàng tiānxià wéi wǒ dúzūn.
It’s a Buddhist thing which means “No matter earth or sky, it is all under me”. The “me” actually means the entire human race. It means that everyone should achieve their own “limits” (earth and sky) by themselves, and not base their lives on gods and religious bullshit. That’s the “all under me” part.

We change the translation into “Heaven and Earth are for me to decide” which hopefully means the same.

Thank you, Lightning Asura for pointing this out

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