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Isekai GM 34. Unusual Event in the Empire pt 1

TL: MayonaizeShrimp
ED: Karuma

I will now focus on finishing No Fatigue.

While everyone else were working hard and healing the wounded, the original Exmizer’s pilot, 『Dreadnought』, was currently stuck inside one of Yoko’s Earth Golems. He quietly spent his time inside his dim and soundproof prison.

「Fuck it all… Just reset already! Damn you, ass-cracking bug! That bitch… I’m definitely going to capture and fuck her silly! Oi, GameDev! Hurry up and and fix your whore-licking game already!」

The boy was still thinking that this world is a game that could be reset at any time. As long as he could reset, he could do anything. He kept screaming in his confinement. In normal circumstances, his voice would be spread miles away. But only one man can hear his voice.

「How unsightly, Dreadnought. I came to take it」

The 『Hunter』 appeared from a hole in the floor. He was holding a robust looking drill he had used to dig into the Golem. His black suit was covered in mud.

「Hunter, huh? Don’t be so bitchy about it. Once I start over, those cunts will be nothing but small fries」

He gave a crass retort to 『Hunter』 who just arrived. He kept scowling inside his dark prison.


「Hmph, whatever. It’s time for my counter-attack! From now on, it’s 『Hero’s Time』!」

「That will not do」

「The fuck you say?」

「Didn’t I tell you? I came to take it」

In the dark confined space, the 『Hunter』 closed in and stabbed 『Dreadnought』 with his bare hands. The hand stabbed right through 『Dreadnought』’s lung, creating a huge gaping hole.


「*Graahh*……! Y… you s-son of… I a-am… your ally…」

「I never consider the likes of you as my allies, filthy scum」

The 『Hunter』 slowly pulled out his hand. Among the lumps of flesh in his hand, there was a small glittering seed.

「Retrieval complete. With Exmizer stolen, you hold no value to us. We’ll use this to summon someone to replace you」

「No… Reset… Res… he… *cough* help… *gasp*! … 」

The 『Dreadnought』 tried to inhale desperately, but with his ribs crushed and lung punctured, no air was sucked in. Even though his ribs were creaking, his game character’s body was tough enough to stay alive. But, it only prolonged 『Dreadnought』’s suffering.

After that, the 『Hunter』 simply turned his back, destroyed the golem with one arm, and disappeared.


The 『Dreadnought』finally ran out of air and drowned in his own blood.
No one cared for him.
No one grieved for him.
He died alone in another world.




With the seed in his hand, the 『Hunter』 entered a huge crevice under a gigantic tree. Inside, there was the hooded figure that Masaki had seen in Barry’s memory.

「Retrieval complete. This much is enough for you, isn’t it?」

The 『Hunter』 handed over the shining seed to the hooded figure.


「「Alas, I can not declare so. There is a quite nasty personage in that place, I must refrain from approaching and have the said personage try to sniff me out. I would like to keep this existence of mine as secret as possible. The same applies about the power of the 『Hero』 as well」」

「……Ah that guy. Surely, I didn’t expect that person to took command of the demon troops. Shall I kill that guy?」

The hooded figure shook his head.


「「It is still premature for the current state of matter. After the “beautiful flower” bloomed, our work in this continent will be over. The 『Great Admiral』 is also drawing near. And it is all thanks to your hard work, 『Hunter』. Or should I say, 『Doppelganger』. Soon, you will not require to keep with that façade. Why don’t you return to your original face for now? I much prefer that other face of yours compared to this one. fufufu」」

「Hmph, being liked by you doesn’t make me happy at all」

He put his hand near his jawline and rip his own face. The peeled face let out a nasty squeak and wriggled for a while when it was thrown onto the ground. It was like the face has its own life. After twitching for a few more times, the 『Hunter』’s face finally stopped moving.


「It was quite a good face, but I don’t think I need to use this on this continent anymore. I was more or less finished copying his abilities anyway」

「「Your ability is actually quite good, is it not? Well then, would you like to join us on the next festival? I found another seedbed. The flowers will certainly bloom with beautiful petals this time」」

「I don’t have that kind of hobby. I have to go to the 『Great Admiral』’s place. Give me some transportation means」

「「Such a shame. I shall be heading out as well. Would you be so kind to sit tight and prepare some tea when I return?」」

「Who the hell will prepare it for you? Hurry up and summon my transportation!」

「「Fufu… Very well then……」」

The hooded figure summoned a vacant-eyes-looking dragon from his robe and ordered it to sit outside of the cave. The 『Doppelganger』 then rode the dragon and flew into the distance.

Meanwhile, the robed figure’s body melted and disappeared into the shadows, thus the cave became wrapped in silence once more.


I wish to finish NF before continue translating the pt 2

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