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I Head You Like Me Too


Author: 梦.千航

The whole entertainment circle knew that when Queen of Movies Du and Emperor Ye encountered each other, as soon as they had time, they would speak with poisonous words and release gunpowder into the air, ready to destroy each other. Their poor relationship was to the point that even their fans had given up on fighting with one another.

However, what no one knew was that Du Yu Shu was actually a big fan of Ye Jing An. Every day she would go online and praise him. #male god is very handsome, #male god I want to give birth to a little monkey with you, #give birth a flower goddess # fan in true love.
Also, what no one knew as well was that Ye Jing An was also a big fan of Du Yu Shu. Everyday he would go online and worship her #goddess, #please marry me goddess, #seeking to support the goddess, #I’ll kneel so please look at me goddess #this is true love.

Until one day, they both participated in the same reality show.

The whole entertainment circle went wild.

It was a very entertaining spectacle to watch, until one day, everything changed.

“I heard that you like me.”
“Well, I like you.”
“I also like you.”

Small theater:
When fans found out that Ye Jing An and Du Yu Shu were participating in the same reality show, fans from both sides broke out into tears.
Fan A, “Goddess, why didn’t you think through things clearly? Such a good reality show will end up becoming a murder scene making the director cry!
Fan B, “In order for the reality show to run smoothly, the director definitely must not put the God and Goddess in the same group!”
Fan C, “I believe that the purpose of the reality show is to make God and Goddess’s battle of the sharp tongues turn into a full on war-conflict!

One year later, Ye Jing An made a post on his Weibo.
Ye Jing An V: Thank you, we are together.

Now, fans all feel that they need to see a doctor, an optometrist.