IHYLMT Chapter 1

Part 1 translated by Fallen (20th August 2017)
Part 2 translated by Fallen (21st August 2017)

NG: No Good. Basically the scene is a fail and the actors need to retake it.

Part 1

In March, the peach blossoms bloom.

Numerous pink petals dance in the air as they float downwards. The stunning rays of the sun shone down, covering the ground in a gold veil.

As though they were experiencing a exquisite dream, the people unconsciously held their breath.

Not to mention, in this hazy dream, standing under the peach tree surrounded by a light and gentle rain are two people standing side by side.

The woman looked youthful, and she was dressed in a white skirt. Her smile was filled with spirit and her voice invigorating. With the pink petals floating in the background and her gentle smile, she resembled a painting, attracting the gazes of countless people. As for the man, he was handsome and although his face was expressionless, his lips were were slightly curved seeming like warm and elegant jade. Holding up an umbrella, he slowly approached the woman, and looking as though he was a prince from a painting, the two of them gazed at each other…

“Cuuuuuut!” Director Zhang threw the script in his hands to the floor before shouting angrily, “Affection affection affection! Ye Jing An, you need to express affection!! How is that affection! That is an eye twitch!!”

Du Yu Shu’s lips curved slightly upwards. No matter what time it was, as long as one’s rival was getting scolded, it would bring a person much pleasure.

“And you Du Yu Shu!” Seeing Du Yu Shu smile, Director Zhang immediately changed his target. “You do know what is a ‘the birds are pure, as pure as a white lotus’!” Don’t know then go check the dictionary for me! You look at your own eyes! You are a fourteen year old girl who quarreled with her parents!”
(TN: the birds are pure, as pure as a white lotus: means something like delicate.)

Du Yu Shu’s mouth twisted as she heard Ye Jing An laugh mockingly at her from besides her. His laughter was filled with an immeasurable amount of contempt.

“You two!” Looking at the expression of the two people, Director Zhang was furious. “No matter how many conflicts you have, don’t bring it to my workplace! Leave now and read your script carefully! Next time if there is another NG, I will personally make you two into stew!”

Du Yu Shu “……”

Ye Jing An “……”

“Next group get ready!” Director Zhang shouted loudly, “Why on earth are the two of you still here? Do you want to be even more of an eyesore? Hurry up and leave to go read your script!”

Du Yu Shu’s agent, Wang Jie,  quickly went up pull her own artist back while Assistant Xiao Bai gave the director a complaining smile. Wang Jie gave Du Yu Shu a glass of water before picking up a fan and fanning Du Yu Shu. After all, the weather in August was extremely sunny, leading to it being very hot.

“Director Zhang is extremely strict in his pursuit of excellence. He is the typical Virgo, all he knows is how to speak unkind words. However, his character is actually quite good.” Wang Jie pulled Du Yu Shu backwards. She watched Du Yu Shu’s nasty look on her face along with Du Yu Shu’s side profile as she silently drank her water. Du Yu Shu’s eyelashes fluttered, not only were they extremely black, they were also very dense. From the side, every line on Du Yu Shu’s face was seemed like perfection, and even Wang Jie who was used to seeing this sight couldn’t help but feel moved, her voice becoming much gentler.

Beauties are indeed privileged, Wang Jie thought.

“Virgos have an obsessive compulsive disorder, if things aren’t done perfectly, they become violent. Today you NG around seven to eight times, it is no wonder that Director Zhang left. Virgos are all like this, it isn’t just you. Just now wasn’t Ye Jing An also scolded? You don’t need to think of this matter.” Wang Jie patted Du Yu Shu, trying to find the words to comfort her.

“You shouldn’t keep insulting Virgos,” Du Yu Shu finally opened her mouth causing Wang Jie to smile. Du Yu Shu then tightened her hold on the bottle before sighing, “How much do you hate Virgos that everyday you insult them.”

“Since when!” Wang Jie tried to express her innocence, “I was only telling the truth!”

Du Yu Shu placed the bottle that she was holding onto the stool. Reaching out with one hand, she grabbed Wang Jie’s hand before pulling her down to sit. With the other hand, she took the fan and closed it before scornfully saying, “It’s enough, you don’t have to fan anymore. All that comes out is hot air so don’t waste your effort.”

Wang Jie just smiled without speaking. Meanwhile, Du Yu Shu threw the fan aside. Turning her head she noticed Ye Jing An with his face momentarily twisted into a murderous expression. Wang Jie who had followed Du Yu Shu’s gaze and also saw Ye Jing An, winced inwardly.

Wang Jie felt bitter, these two ancestors have fought more that 18000 times, yet this time they actually have to play a little couple!

Isn’t this just playing with people?

“I’m fine, you don’t have to be so nervous.” Du Yu Shu used her hands to point at the fan, her voice sounding rather casual.

If you are fine, then why would you have so many NGs? You aren’t even one of those girls who have just debuted, and in such a simple story even if you get wrong once, how can you NG seven to eight times. Wang Jie couldn’t help but wonder.

“It’s obviously that bastard!” Du Yu Shu turned to Wang Jie, her face was cold. She did not bother to lower her voice, “His acting was so bad that it affected me.”

Wang Jie bitterly laughed. “Little ancestor stop causing trouble, can’t you lower your voice a bit? There are other people sitting nearby, please stop, be good.”

Can you not use this sort of method? It is almost like you are trying to coax a child. Du Yu Shu looked disdainful, leaning back on her chair, she closed her eyes and no longer spoke.

From besides her, Wang Jie gave a sigh. Why does her own artist and Emperor Ye have to have such hatred. Even if they don’t meet, they will insult the other, and when they meet, all that comes out of their mouths are provocative words. Both she and her fellow agent both feel pained for the two artists.

Part 2
Wang Jie turned to look at Du Yu Shu. Wearing a pure white skirt with her hair pulled up into a ponytail, Du Yu Shu’s beautiful face appeared natural with no make-up, giving people a pure feeling exclusive to a student.
(TN: I guess it means she looks very young? Not sure how to put it…) 

Du Yu Shu closed her eyes, from her mind’s eyes, the scenes with her and that guy appeared. The script set the scene clearly with two people exchanging warm glances before he throws aside his umbrella and runs towards her, subsequently embracing her. In the end, when the two people lock eyes, the man shifts his gaze away. Looking at the position of his shoulder, it is unclear how stiff the hand holding the umbrella is, his eyes unable to convey the pain he feels. It is almost as though touching herself would make him feel the same pain. Du Yu Shu smiled coldly, if her partner is so bad, what can she do?
Above her, the scene had been finished very quickly. Director Zhang shouted loudly from above, “Du Yu Shu! Ye Jing An! Both of you come here and try again! If you NG again, I will personally skin you and make you into soup!”
Du Yu Shu snorted, with such a horrible partner, having no NGs is impossible. Wang Jie hugged Du Yu Shu, “Baby, you can do it!”
The rest of the crew went to their places. Ye Jing An looked at Du Yu Shu coldly as his lips slowly rose into a small smile. With his voice sounding elegant and clear, lofty like the high mountains, he spoke, “Please enlighten me, Queen of Movies Du.”
Hidden in his voice was a tinge of maliciousness. Du Yu Shu raised her eyebrows, only to hear the other person say softly, “It is said that a good actor will not be affected by their partner. If they have acted in many new films, not to mention have come from a famous acting school, they will naturally not get NG because of me, right?”
“I’ll wait for you to bring me into the play, Queen of Movies Du.”
The voice sounded casual, but engraved deeply inside were traces of ridicule and disdain and in the dark pits which were the eyes of the speaker, contempt could be clearly seen. Du Yu Shu’s chest rose up and down violently as she laughed coldly, “That awaits to be seen, whether or not the partner is an ugly, tragic person.”
“I’m really sorry, I am someone who really values appearances. When I see something that looks scary, I have an urge to join in the drama.” Du Wu Shu smiled, her eyes cold. “Especially if it’s you.”
The atmosphere between the two people was like thunder and lightening, filled with murderous intentions. However, what the script required was a sweet and loving couple. Director Zhang just directly smashed his script onto the ground, furious. “You two are playing a couple! If you don’t know what a couple is, check Baidu! The two of you act as though you killed each other’s father! You two almost started fighting on stage!”
“Leave! All of you just leave! Don’t come here and waste my film!”

Without having even begun filming, they were already being chased away. It was really a different matter. As she walked down from the stage, Du Yu Shu couldn’t help but sneer. “Chi!” The person besides her just gave a satire smile. Du Yu Shu coldly opened her mouth to speak. “Emperor Ye, do you have any grand opinion of yours that you would like to share?”

Ye Jing An couldn’t be bothered to turn his head as he responded with his voice as clear as water. “No grand opinion to share, just that…” Here, Ye Jing An paused, his tone becoming ridiculing. “Just that who knew the Queen of Movies Du only amounted to this much?”

“You!” Du Yu Shu thought of saying something but as she watched Ye Jing An leave, she was unable to think of a retort. Her heart twisted, whispering a curse, she headed back to her seat.
At this moment, Wang Jie and Director Zhang finished talking. Looking at the quiet Du Yu Shu who was seated, Wang Jie subconsciously touched the other side of her head before talking. “Come on, go change you clothes. Today we will stop here. Director Zhang will let you off this once, tomorrow we will continue.”
“Oh,” Du Yu Shu nodded, taking her own clothes, she headed to the changing room. Before she entered the changing room, she murmured “Wang Jie, thank you.”
Finished speaking, she entered. Wang Jie froze for a moment before playfully scolding her. “You silly child, you need to be polite even with me?”
However, even if Du Yu Shu didn’t have such a character, she would definitely not be willing to take up another artist, but instead, remain solely focused on Du Yu Shu alone.
Wang Jie shook her head while laughing. There was nothing she could do, this little lady really makes one’s heart ache.
Wang Jie stood outside the changing room using her phone to inform the make-up artist and all the other relevant people that today’s work had finished ahead of schedule and that she would be sending Du Yu Shu home.
Du Yu Shu took very little time to change. When the two people walked through the studio, as though she was possessed, Du Yu Shu unconsciously turned to look back. At this time, the studio was no longer filming. In the mean time, Ye Jing An was talking with the director while his agent, Wei Ming, waited bitterly at the side. Seeing this sight, Du Yu Shu felt slightly melancholic. Then she quickly cursed herself. You deserve it!

“Let’s talk about you,” Director Zhang turned to look at what his camera had photographed. Earnestly, he began advising . “Look at yourself, is this what your level of skill is like? Look at your eyes, where are you looking at? You don’t even dare to look at Du Yu Shu!”

“This part is still alright. Look at your eyes at this moment, they are tender and loving which is fine. But look here, you even had the back of your eyes, what is this? Let me tell you, Ye Jing An, tomorrow, if you do not improve, I will really skin you!” Ye Jing An just smiled softly, keeping quiet, his eyes only focused on the camera above the mirror.
“Then there is this and this,” Director Zhang gestured at the pictures, “These pictures with you are all fine, your expressions are all accurate. However, all you do is stare at Du Yu Shu’s face and your face becomes stiff. Looking at your face I really wonder if you have just entered the entertainment circle!”
Ye Jing An just laughed softly, and did not speak.
–Looking at her face, I become nervous.
–Seeing her become disdainful, I feel sad.

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