IHYLMT Chapter 2

translated by Fallen (22nd August 2017)

It was still quite early when Du Yu Shu finally reached home. She lived in an apartment which her company had arranged for her. Not only was the security quite good, she also had many colleagues who lived nearby. In fact, in the apartment just opposite hers lived one of her colleagues.

Du Yu Shu was unable to cook, however, as the time was still rather early, she did not feel very hungry. In addition, after her quarrel with Ye Jing An, she did not feel particularly happy which led to her having no appetite. As such, she lay on her sofa and logged on to her Weibo. This was one of her hobbies.

Du Yu Shu looked at her Weibo. Looking at Ye Jing An’s Weibo, she noticed that he had not posted anything for several days. In fact, his latest message was his response to ‘My Dear, Good Morning’, a post from the crew of AT. Above it, there was even his name. Du Yu Shu scoffed, it was rare that their two names would appear on the same Weibo.
(TN: If I’m not mistaken, the ‘My Dear, Good Morning should be the name of the show they are starring in together.)

‘My Dear, Good Morning’ was an investment by East Emperor Film and Television. Starring Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An, the show was directed by Director Zhang and it encompassed several genres. Mystery, horror and romance. The character portrayal was also exquisite, with the story lasting a period of ten years. In addition, all the actors and actresses involved were quite famous. Director Zhang had even estimated that the film would take home several awards. As such he was extremely demanding, with all the actors and actresses being required to pursue excellence.

The story was actually quite simple. There was a pair of childhood lovers who were about to get married. However, just the night before the marriage, the bride ended up dead while her family almost collapsed. As for the groom, he fainted. Since then, he had always thought there there was something suspicious about the way his lover died. Finding the death quite strange, he spent the next few years trying to find out the real cause of death.

As such, every year he would go to the flower shop near the cemetery to buy flowers. Becoming familiar with the owner of the flower shop, a blind yet independent woman, he couldn’t help but want to take care of her. In the end, the two entered an ambiguous period.

It was at this time that a woman resembling his dead lover appeared in his life. Due to this, he couldn’t help but want to get close to her. Afterwards, she began to encounter several dangerous men who seemed extremely angry and associated her to their own lost lovers.

As a result, finding out the truth became an very urgent matter. In the process of finding out the truth, he learnt that the woman was actually his dead lover’s older sister. Finally upon finding the key evidence, he suddenly managed to find the flower shop owner…

When the story ended, the so called twin sister faced the man while smiling. “My dear, good morning.”

Hence this afternoon, what they were filming was the scene with the childhood lover. Afterwards, they NG seven to eight times.
Du Yu Shu felt a bit frustrated, the two of them were really not suited to cooperate with one another.
Du Yu Shu hadn’t fully emerged from her memories when she heard her doorbell ring. Quickly pushing her memories to one side, she went and opened the door. It was Song Chen.

Song Chen’s facial features were really exquisite and beautiful. Her eyebrows were slightly curved, and her eyes sharp and charming. With just one look, people would feel a desire to protect her. However, this time, she was clearly in a bad mood. Upon seeing Du Yu Shu, not even the barest hint of a smile could be seen on her face.

Song Chen entered the door, before hanging up her coat on the hanger. This action was done very familiarly as though she was used to it. Then, going to wash her hands, she went to the kitchen where she opened the refrigerator and pulled out two chicken eggs, a handful of vegetables and a small piece of meat to go.

“What are we eating today?” asked Du Yu Shu from where she leaned against the kitchen door.
“Porridge and some vegetables.” Song Chen said fiercely, “As for you, go eat air!”
Du Yu Shu stroked her nose before laughingly speaking. “Why so angry?”
“Well,” Song Chen finished washing the vegetables, then gnashing her teeth she continued to speak. “There was a little white lotus at work today.”
(TN: They are probably talking about another girl.)“Huh?” Du Yu Shu widened her eyes in surprise.
“What are you being so shocked for?”
“Nothing much.” Du Yu Shu replied smilingly. Song Chen’s appearance was pure like the clear waters and white lotuses. When she stood still, she had a delicate and charming demeanor,  giving many people the impression of small white flowers. However with her mouth, she was worthy of being the overlord of flowers. That mouth of hers, truly poisonous!

“If you want to laugh, then laugh. There’s no need to hold back.” Song Chen felt depressed. She also didn’t want such a face, okay? Her aggressive character and face did not match up leading to her often being ridiculed by other people.

Du Yu Shu laughed. This time, Song Chen was too lazy to pay attention to her. “This afternoon there was a small white lotus in the play. Don’t bother me or even mention it. If you do, I will be annoyed.”
Du Yu Shu “… Pat head, don’t be angry”
“I’m crazy to get angry because of her.” Song Chen yawned before moving and skillfully starting to cook. Then she asked, “Are you okay?”
“It is not good at all.” Du Yu Shu sighed, “This afternoon NG seven or eight times, Director Zhang gave up and chased me home. If not, I definitely wouldn’t have come back so early.”
“Who were you acting with? Ye Jing An?” Song Chen frowned.


“Only NG seven or eight times is already quite good.” Song Chen turned off the fire before patting Du Yu Shu on the shoulder. “I thought the two of you would have NG at least twenty eight times.”

“Hey!” Du Yu Shu cried out in dissatisfaction.

“To begin with, the two of you have never seen eye to eye. Now having to star as a couple, isn’t that just asking for trouble?” Song Chen stated bluntly.

Du Yu Shu thought seriously for a moment. Then sadly finding no reason to refute could only say, “What you said makes a lot of sense, I actually am unable to refute it…”
“Well then, it’s time to eat.” Song Chen looked at Du Yu Shu’s appearance before rubbing her hair. “Don’t worry anymore, just eat.”

Du Yu Shu was indifferent. In her circle of friends, most of them were just acquaintances. Only Song Chen and Emperor Yi Xi could be considered her close friends. In fact, speaking of Du Yu Shu and Song Chen, their current relationship was harmonious unlike in the past. The fact that they were friends right now was truly magical.

While Du Yu Shu was unable to cook, Song Chen was good at it. In the past, Du Yu Shu had no choice but to rely on takeouts everyday. Seeing this, Song Chen was unable to stand it, choosing to invite Du Yu Shu to her home instead. Eventually she simply decided to just go to Du Yu Shu’s home to cook since her apartment was just opposite.

After dinner, Du Yu Shu could not help but exclaim. “I wish that I was a man so I could marry you! These dishes are so simple, yet when you cook them, they are delicious!”

“Be quiet,” Song Chen said pleasantly. “Go and wash the plates.”
After washing the plates, the two of them sat together to talk when suddenly, Song Chen began speaking. “Recently, the reality show had become quite hot. Have you received an invitation yet?”

During Yu Shu frowned slightly as she though for a while. “I’m not quite sure, however there should be one. Just that, Wang Jie hasn’t told me.”

“However I’m not really interested in this sort of reality show.” Du Yu Shu shrugged as she spoke.
“Even if you don’t go there won’t be any problem.” Song Chen stated casually. “It was just that I heard that some big names were planning on picking up the show. There are rumors that say that Ye Jing An will be participating in a reality show. It’s Orange Station’s ‘Vertical and Horizontal’. Several days ago, didn’t I go and participate in a talk show? Coincidentally, I heard Hua Xin mention that.
(TN: Orange Station. Think Orange broadcasting station.)

As Hua Xin was the hostess of Orange Station, what she said was most probably true.

Ye Jing An wanted to participate in a reality show?
Then shouldn’t she also think about it?
As Du Yu Shu began to contemplate, Song Chen who was in front of her began plotting. Hitting Du Yu Shu on her head, she spoke. “What are you thinking about? I called you so many times!”
Quickly giving a smile, Du Yu Shu said, “What is there to think about? I was just a bit tired.”
Song Chen glanced at her. “What sleep? You only just finished eating, be careful for your body.”


So in the end, should I go and enter the reality show?
Forget it, Du Yu Shu closed her eyes. Tomorrow she would find Wang Jie to discuss the issue. She wasn’t sure if Orange Station had even invited her.

The next day, when Wang Jie came to pick up Du Yu Shu, Du Yu Shu asked her a question. “I heard that recently reality shows have become really popular?”

“Yes. The reality shows in our country are extremely popular. I took the liberty to look through the many invitations you received before finding one that is quite good. It’s the Orange TV’s ‘Vertical and Horizontal’.” Wang Jie flipped though the folder in her hand before beginning to speak seriously. “Orange TV’s reality shows are quite good. Based on word of mouth, the program’s crew is the same as ‘Who Will Win The Crown’. Not to mention, there are also professional staff from abroad. The information should be accurate. Do you want to think about it?”

Wasn’t that the program that Ye Jing An was going to participate in? Du Yu Shu became silent, taking her time to answer.

Seeing Du Yu Shu’s unwilling appearance, Wang Jie felt worried. Advising Du Yu Shu, she began speaking. “This program is really quite good! The paycheck is quite generous and the guests are all quite famous. Not to mention the opportunities that would open up! Right now, your image is too cold, if you don’t participate in variety shows not to mention not allowing the company to help you find work…”
“I’ll go.” As Du Yu Shu spoke, she closed her eyes while lying comfortably on the back seat of the car.
This single sentence of Du Yu Shu successfully interrupted Wang Jie. Wang Jie immediately praised Du Yu Shu delightedly. “Today you are being really good!”
Du Yu Shu “…….”
Closing the file, Wang Jie quickly shouted out. “Yu Shu, will you promise me one thing?”
Wang Jie earnestly looked at Du Yu Shu. “Just for a while, please don’t argue with Ye Jing An.”
“You think too much.” Du Yu Shu remained silent for a while before finally speaking up. “I am just a weak woman. How can I argue with Ye Jing An?”
Wang Jie, “…….” Somehow, I really can’t believe this sentence.
“Did you know, right now what I’m most worried about is that you and Ye Jing An will start fighting.” Wang Jie’s sighed, feeling very distressed.
“Oh, so it was like this?” Du Yu Shu slowly dragged her chin so that she could look out of the window and at the passing scenery. Her lips hooked upwards, becoming a curve. Then, she spoke casually. “Then why don’t you hire a coach for me?”

“Huh? What coach?” Wang Jie continued doubtfully. “It’s not like you need to lose weight.”

“A coach to teach me combat.” Du Yu Shu twirled her hair. Somehow, this action made her look particularly charming. “Don’t I need to fight? If you don’t invite someone to teach me, then won’t I be beaten up?”
Wang Jie, “……. QAQ!”
When they reached the studio, Du Yu Shu Ye Jing An alight from the car besides hers just as she too alighted from her car. The two of them looked at each other.

Ye Jing An wore a white suit, appearing simple and slim. He looked like he had come out from a mural of a prince. Looking at Du Yu Shu, his eyes flashed with mockery. “Queen of Movies Du.”

“Emperor Ye.” Du Yu Shu replied in the same suit.

Despite having not entered the studio and were only greeting each other, the situation had become thunderous, with both sides on the verge of losing their temper.

Wang Jie couldn’t help but feel that her prediction was about to become a reality.
Right now, she really felt quite hurt.

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