IHYLMT Chapter 3

Part 1 translated by Fallen (23rd August 2017)
Part 2 translated by Fallen (24th August 2017)

Part 1

“Queen of Movies Du.” The words ‘Queen of Movies’ were deliberately emphasized. Ye Jing An frowned gently, a faint smile appearing on his face. “Today, do not get chased off the stage by Director Zhang. It is really an ugly sight.”

Ye Jing An’s voice was like wine, clear and smooth, enchanting those who heard it, and at that moment, his voice had become especially gentle sounding. It was almost like a light breeze that caressed the hearts of people causing a slight itchiness.

“Oh,” Du Yu Shu smiled, her facial features appearing extremely glamorous, looking especially soft as she smiled. “Yes, yesterday Emperor Ye was indeed extremely fun to watch, while getting chased off the stage your laughter was like a flowers, amazingly beautiful.”

Ye Jing An’s face became slightly heavy as he laughed lightly.  “Naturally I cannot compare to Queen of Movies Du who has received professional training, very gorgeous and stunning.”

Du Yu Shu clenched her hands causing her nails to dig into her palms. Laughing lightly as she spoke, she said, “How can I compare to Emperor Ye’s superb skills where everyone who sees it loves it.”

The smell of gunpowder between the two people could have been smelt from a thousand miles away. Wang Jie and Wei Ming exchanged glances, both of them exposing bitter smiles as they frantically went forward to try and stop the two people from fighting. The two of them fought with their words before finally shooting each other a final mocking remark and following their agents into the studio.

Wang Jie was about to start crying.

She had a premonition that today Director Zhang would take the script and begin hitting Du Yu Shu.

They hadn’t even entered the studio yet when they began to fight. Even if you strangled her, she would definitely not believe that the two of them would be able to act as a tender and loving couple!

Du Yu Shu debuted eight years ago, finally managing to take the Golden Leaf Award home last year which meant that she had managed to take home three major awards. In addition, not only was she quite beautiful, her acting skills and background was also quite good. With her high IQ and EQ, she mixed in well with the entertainment circle, just like a fish in water. Although she was cold to people, in these eight years she had not been in any conflict with anyone, at least with the exception of Ye Jing An.

The two of them were like people who had accumulated many lifetimes worth of hatred. Whenever they met, it was like Mars was crashing into the Earth. Both of them would fight until they were half dead. Everyone knew that Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An always disagreed with one another. Two years ago when they cooperated, they made headlines for several days just because they were fighting! Things like ‘#Emperor Ye Jing An and Queen of Movies Du fought violently’ would probably appear. In the past it obviously wasn’t like this. Wang Jie frowned as she remembered. It was clearly the first time they cooperated and at that time Du Yu Shu was still a newcomer and her first film was with Ye Jing An. At that time, their relationship was still okay…

When did their relationship become like this?

It seemed that after they cooperated for ‘Virtuous King’ Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An’s relationship deteriorated sharply until they were like prickly thorns whenever they were together in a studio. So deep in her thoughts was Wang Jie that she did not notice when she had stopped walking. Looking back at Wang Jie when  Du Yu Shu noticed that Wang Jie was no longer by her side, Du Yu Shu spoke up. “Wang Jie.”

Du Yu Shu’s voice jolted Wang Jie from her memories. Walking quickly to catch up to Du Yu Shu, they entered the studio together.

Part 2

Du Yu Shu was in her own independent dressing room with her make-up artist Li standing besides her. As Sister Li applied makeup to Du Yu Shu’s face, she asked a question. “Why is the colour of your face so poor today? Looking at it, it’s really white.”

Du Yu Shu looked helplessly at her refection in the mirror, her face really did look a bit pale. “A relative of mine is suffering, so I’m tired.”

“I’ll bring you a hot water bottle in a moment,” said Sister Li. “As girls, we ought to take care of ourselves, our bodies are our biggest asset.”

(TN: Actually says that our bodies are revolutionary capital.)

Du Yu Shu didn’t say anything. In the studio during summer, here she was clutching onto a hot water bottle. Wasn’t it just too hot.

As Sister Li had been with her for five years as her exclusive make-up artist, she understood Du Yu Shu’s temper very well, and hence didn’t say anything more. Finishing up the make-up, she laughed and said, “Let Little White go and buy porridge. This is your body, you shouldn’t let it fall ill.”

Du Yu Shu nodded to express her understanding. In the studio she had her own place to rest, however she disliked to use it preferring to sit outside and watch other people act.

Today was no exception.

Quite some time ago, Wang Jie had sent Xiao Bai to go and buy porridge. However, noticing that Du Yu Shu’s lackluster appearance as she read the script, she couldn’t help but feel distress, “Drink some hot water. Do you want a hot water bottle?”

“It’s fine,” Du Yu Shu waved her hand. “It’s just a little sweat since it’s hot.”

Today a majority of the scenes they would be filming were the scenes with Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An together. There were also a few with the flower shop owner and her. As she was flipping through the script for was while,  the actress, Zhang Yi who played the flower shop owner walked to her. She hesitated as she approached Du Yu Shu, then giving a nervous smile, spoke. “Sister Shu, it will be our turn to perform together soon. Will you practice with me? I am a bit nervous.”

Finished speaking, she bowed her head,  shyly stroking her hair.

Zhang Yi was originally a singer, only beginning to act last year. In the film ‘My Dear, Good Morning” she could be considered a newbie. She was rather low key, diligent, and placed a lot of effort into her acting. Du Yu Shu found her okay and watching her nervous expression, decided to agree.


Actually, she didn’t feel so good, but while reading her lines with the little lady she was serious and focused. Xiao Bai stood at the side for a while with the porridge, but did not put the porridge out.  When the scene finally ended, the porridge had cooled. Xiao Bai lowered her head, feeling slightly depressed, then speaking with Wang Jie, said, “Since the porridge has cooled, I’ll go and buy another one.”

“Don’t buy anymore.” Du Yu Shu flipped the script. “It’s fine, in a moment it will be my turn to be filmed. Even if you buy, I won’t have anytime to eat it.

After Zhang Yi finished filming her parts with Du Yu Shu, she began to talk with Du Yu Shu.  Although Du Yu Shu was quite cold and polite, Zhang Yi felt relieved inside, no longer feeling as nervous as before. The two of them were chatting for several minutes when Zhang Yi suddenly said, “Sister Shu, what kind of guy do you like?”

Du Yu Shu originally did not want to answer this question but when she turned her head, she noticed Ye Jing An sitting behind. Sneering in her heart, she began to speak. “Their height must be more than hundred and eighty, they must have masculine handsomeness, be cheerful and finally, able to give people a feeling of security.”

These conditions were created after comparing to Ye Jing An. In fact, Ye Jing An did not fulfill any of her conditions. After saying this, Du Yu Shu couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable to the point where even her stomach churned in discomfort.

Zhang Yi did not notice anything at first but after she looked up to see Ye Jing An’s twisted expression and Du Yu Shu’s sneer on her face, how would she not know what was going on?

Even without meeting, these two people would still find opportunities to attack each other!

The little lady quickly for and excuse to run away, leaving Du Yu Shu to continue flipping through her script.

Actually, she did not like to talk with unfamiliar people, but it also wasn’t convenient to chase the person away. She could only resort to obscuring the facts.

Ye Jing An’s assistant Xiao Song arrived back, a bag of porridge in her hands. Upon seeing it, Ye Jing An coldly stated, “Throw it away.”

Xiao Song, “…. Ah?”

Ye Jing An ground his teeth, taking in several deep breaths, he spoke. “Give the porridge to the crew. There is also a small bag of sugar, give it to them also.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ye Jing An left in the direction of the lounge.

Xiao Song scratched his head in confusion. Wei Meng patted his head, saying, “Why aren’t you hurrying to send it? Remember to give it to that Queen of Movies. Just now, the two people had another fight.”

The agents didn’t really worry, only for their own artists would they begin to worry.

“Oooooh!” Xiao Song nodded his head, walking toward Du Yu Shu. Meanwhile, Wei Meng cursed under his breath, chasing after Ye Jing An.

Xiao Song cheerfully gave the porridge to Wang Jie who then turned around to pass the porridge to Du Yu Shu. Holding the porridge with her two hands, it felt rather warm. Besides it was a packet of sugar. Seeing this, Du Yu Shu smiled widely, “Today really so thoughtful?”

Du Yu Shu liked to eat sweet foods, however, eating these sweet foods will make her fat so Wang Jie usually restrained her from eating them. Du Yu Shu poured the sugar into her porridge, finding out that the porridge was actually red date porridge. Not to mention, there were even some dates buried in the porridge. With this, Du Yu Shu’s mood changed for the better.

Wang Jie didn’t say anything.  Watching as Du Yu Shu spooned mouthful after mouthful into her mouth, she faintly said, “It wasn’t me. It was Xiao Song who brought this over. Xiao Song is Ye Jing An’s assistant.”

Du Yu Shu’s mouthful of porridge almost sprayed out. “There’s isn’t any poison inside?”

“Eat you!” Wang Jie rolled her eyes. “The whole crew also has some.”

Du Yu Shu suddenly didn’t feel like eating anymore. Wang Jie then stated bitterly, “Ye Jing An has already issued an truce, so you cannot quarrel with others for a while. Later you two must play a sweet, loving couple.”

Du Yu Shu was expressionless. Wang Jie was distressed. “Comrade Du Yu Shu!”

Du Yu Shu looked at the red dates porridge in her hands, saying softly, “He cannot show weakness. Just you wait, later during the filming, he will definitely anger me to death.”

“This is what everyone in the crew has. You shouldn’t think too much.”

This was all said in a very light voice, with not a single hint of emotion.

Wang Jie felt really bitter.

In the lounge, Wei Meng faced Ye Jing An and chattered on endlessly while Ye Jing An ignored him. It was only when Wei Meng stopped to breath did he ask question. “Is there any way to increase in height?”

“Ah?” Wei Meng eyes widened. “Increase? What are you thinking of? Are you not tall enough?

“Nothing.” Ye Jing An coldly said, feeling frustrated in his heart.

Ignoring this episode, Wei Meng earnestly continued talking, “In the end, what hatred do you have with Du Yu Shu…”

“Height must be more than hundred and eighty, they must have masculine handsomeness, be cheerful and finally, able to give people a feeling of security.”

In his mind appeared Du Yu Shu’s words. Ye Jing An frowned in anguish. Would wearing something to increase the height to one hundred and eighty five work? Was it necessary for it to be one’s natural height?”

At this moment, the door to the lounge range. Assistant Song gave him a reminder. “Brother An, it’s your scene now.”

“Okay.” Ye Jing An nodded, calmly and gracefully walking out.

Director Zhang began scolding after Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An stood on the stage. “Today if you both waste my time, I will definitely throw the two of you out!”

​All of a sudden, the pink peach blossom petals began to drift down, creating an ambiguous atmosphere. Du Yu Shu who leaned against a tree, with the petals in the sky joyfully floating to and fro, let out a peal of sweet sounding laughter, reminding people of silver chimes. From the distance, Ye Jing An came with his back to the light. Holding an umbrella, he wore a white shirt and a gentle smile. He looked like the focus of every student’s crushes.

“Ah Yao ……” He called gently, eyes with a trace of sweetness and indulgence. His tone was light as though he was afraid to disturb her. It was like the two of their hearts were in harmony. Du Yu Shu looked back and laughed. Under the sky filled with flying petals, the two people’s gazes meet.

Red Dates Porridge (This one has lotus seeds and ginkgo nuts as well)

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