IHYLMT Chapter 4

Part 1 translated by Fallen (19th September 2017)
Part 2 translated by Fallen (20th September 2017)

Part 1

Under the sky filled with floating petals, the eyes of two people met.

“Cuuuuuuut!” Director Zhang cried out painfully, “The atmosphere at the beginning was good, in the end…”

Director Zhang threw his script on the floor, roaring out, “Drag the two of them out to be shot!”

Du Yu Shu, “……” It’s quite shameful

Ye Jing An, “……” Really a shameful.

Director Zhang was angered to the point where his breathing became unsteady. These two people had such a good atmosphere, yet in the end, when their eyes met…


The whole shot was ruined.

The two people were stiff, it was only a single second, yet the whole shot ended up becoming ruined!

Director Zhang face became overcast. Deputy Director Li could only pat him on the shoulder, saying “If it’s really not possible, then there is always editing.”

Director Zhang’s face became even more gloomy.

“Leave! Hurry up and leave!” Director Zhang roared out. “Leave and read your script!”

Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An walked down the stage together, their faces twisted. For once, they did not fight with one another.

The two people did not feel very good and this was evident from the looks on their faces. Du Yu Shu looked even colder than usual while Ye Jing An appeared even more distant. As Director Zhang was busy raging, the studio entered a period of rare silence which lasted for several minutes.

Wang Jie quickly brought Du Yu Shu back. Passing her a cup of hot water, she helped Du Yu Shu to put on her jacket. Wanting to say some comforting words, she opened her mouth, but nothing came out. All she could do was pat Du Yu Shu on the shoulder several times.

Du Yu Shu looked at her listlessly before spitting out a single word. “Hurt.”

Realizing that she had started to speak, Wang Jie felt relieved. “She didn’t hurt you so why do you want to hurt her?”
(TN: I’m really not sure about this part. 「她不疼你你疼她干什么啊?」

Du Yu Shu glanced at her, remaining silent for several minuted before beginning to speak. “Wang Jie, tell me, do I need editing in order to have results?”

Wang Jie though that little ancestor of hers was really too narrow minded, she would probably the death of her. Hastily lowering her voice, “What’s wrong with editing the film? What movie doesn’t need to be edited at a later stage? How can you look down on editing? It is practically a requirement! If films didn’t need to be edited, what’s the point of watching them?”

Noticing that Du Yu Shu continued to remain silent, Wang Jie could only pat her on the shoulder while continuing to speak. “So what if it needs to be edited later? If you guys…”

“I want to go and talk to Ye Jing An.” After remaining quiet for quite some time, Du Yu Shu suddenly stood up, removing her jacket as she did so. Her voice was steady.

It was like she was saying, ‘today’s weather is quite good’. Hearing this, Wang Jie was so scared that she directly pulled Du Yu Shu to sit down.

“Little ancestor,” Wanf Jie said bitterly, “Don’t add to the chaos, okay? Must you go and find Ye Jing An to fight? We are soft and weak girls, it is best to just sit still and be quiet!”

Restraining herself from rolling her eyes, Du Yu Shu felt extremely helpless. Was the relationship between her and Ye Jing An really so bad? To the point where just saying that she wanted to find the person to talk made others think that she was going to fight?

It was a bit depressing.

Du Yu Shu couldn’t help but feel slightly downcast.

“I only want to go and talk with him. We should not bring personal grievances into work.” Du Yu Shu stated expressionlessly, her stomach feeling slightly painful though her head was more painful. It was quite uncomfortable. “The two of us are actors, yet in such a simple film we are unable to succeed, having no choice but to rely on editing. If this is leaked, isn’t it just too shameful?”

“I want to go talk to him. I promise that we will only talk about business matter and that I will definitely not quarrel with him.” Noticing Wang Jie’s doubtful expression, Du Yu Shu added another sentence.

Wang Jie looked extremely moved, “Baby, you have finally grown up. I feel really touched.”

Du Yu Shu just looked at her expressionlessly.

“Baby, you are now so handsome, I want to marry you!”

Du Yu Shu just stated expressionlessly, “Ugly, I refuse.”

Wang Jie, “……”

Standing up, Du Yu Shu walked to Ye Jing An. Wei Meng acted like he saw an enemy, immediately frantically staring at Wang Jie for help. SOS, what one earth is happening?

Wang Jie ignored him.

Du Yu Shu was expressionless as she spoke, “Can we talk?”

Wei Meng was completely shocked, viciously pinching his arm, he cried out.

Ye Jing An’s lips curved upwards, bringing with it a tinge of mockery. “Can.”

Seeing his expression, Dy Yu Shu became angry.

At the back, when the rest of the actors who were currently resting noticed what was going on, they became curious. Taking the time to glance at her every now and then. Du Yu Shu spoke coldly, ” As an actor, one must be professional.”

Ye Jing An laughed softly, his eyes bringing with it a type of light, “Are you saying that I am not professional?”

Wang Jie grabbed onto Du Yu Shu’s hand, inwardly urging her not to be impulsive.

However Du Yu Shu was unexpectedly calm as she continued to speak coldly. “I never said that.”

“Ah,” Ye Jing An laughed coldly. “Then Queen of Movie Du’s meaning is?”

Du Yu Shu took a deep breath, reminding herself that it was not the the time for fighting. Her stomach felt even more painful, while her face became much chillier. “Do not bring in personal grievances into the studio!”

Ye Jing An smiled. “Oh?”

He leaned towards Du Yu Shu. Seeing Ye Jing An’s enlarged face in front of her, Du Yu Shu subconsciously wished to move backwards but forced herself to halt. “Queen of Movies Du, are you sure you are able to do that?”

Ye Jing An’s mouth was upturned into a smile. His heat from his breath brushed against Du Yu Shu’s face, making her feel slightly itchy. His eyes were extremely clear, exposing traces of ridicule in them. However, in the depths of his eyes, Du Yu Shu thought that she saw the surging undercurrents of emotion…

“Of course.” Du Yu Shu heard herself reply. Her voice was cold, unfeeling, strict, and sounded official.

“In that case, so can I.” Ye Jing An moved away, increasing the distance between the two of them as he turned to leave. Coldly speaking, he said, “Do not put your personal grievances at work. This is the basic professionalism of an actor. I am glad to know that Queen of Movies Du knows this point.”

Ye Jing An’s words brought with it countless amounts of ridicule. However, Du Yu Shi did not react.

Wang Jie pulled on Du Yu Shu’s hand. Just now Ye Jing An and her own artist were having a confrontation. Despite that, right now she was in a weak state. Wang Jie anxiously began to question Du Yu Shu. “Baby, is anything wrong?

“Nothing is wrong.” Du Yu Shu closed her eyes before lightly speaking. “It’s only that my stomach hurts. Is there any hot water?”

“There is!” Wang Jie helped Du Yu Shu to sit down before turning around and fetching hot water.

Just now when Ye Jing An’s eyes flashed, were they a little discouraged?

Du Yu Shu fell into a trance as she thought. In the end, was he really discouraged?

Upon bringing the water to Du Yu Shu, Wang Jie noticed she was in a trance, distressed, she spoke up. “Baby, is there anything wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong.” Du Yu Shu recovered her spirits. Taking the cup, she laughed, “My stomach hurts, it uncomfortable.”

Wang Jie stroked Du Yu Shu’s head before turning to Xiao Bai and saying something. Xiao Bai nodded her head repeatedly before leaving the studio.

Sure enough, everything just now was nothing but an illusion. Du Yu Shu took a sip of water, her lips curving upwards, giving off a ridiculing feeling.

He being such a person, how can he feel discouraged?

Part 2

​”Go and talk to Director Zhang.” Ye Jing An spoke to Wei Meng, “Both Du Yu Shu and I will try one more time. If we do not succeed once again, he can make me into soup.”

Wei Meng was grim, staring at Ye Jing An for a while, he left to search for Director Zhang.

Director Zhang sneered as he stood face to face with Wei Meng, beginning to curse Ye Jing An out. Wei Meng could only listen bitterly, lacking the courage to speak up for his own artist.

Zhang Rui, or Director Zhang as he was commonly known by, was extremely famous within the country for being extremely harsh, a Virgo with obsessive compulsive disorder, with a poisonous tongue that has caused many actors to break down in tears. However, his films have always garnered great applause, investors chasing after him in order to invest in his films. It could be said that he was like a big tree in the entertainment circle.

In the end, Director Zhang chose to give them one more chance. As a Virgo with obsessive compulsive disorder, seeing his own movie having flaws would definitely put him in a horrible mood.

When Wei Meng returned to Ye Jing An to report, he complained about how he had been scolded miserably by Director Zhang. Ignoring him, Ye Jing An didn’t say anything leaving Wei Meng to wallow in self-pity.

Ye Jing An hummed softly, if I don’t let you go,  then am I supposed to let Du Yu Shu go and get scolded?

His eyes revealed traces of ridicule as he laughed coldly.

Right now, the scene with the flower shop owner and the killer was being filmed. Director Zhang stated that after this scene Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An would be trying their scene again. Taking in a deep breath, Ye Jing An flipped through his script again. This is like a military order, I cannot just protect myself.

Elsewhere, the program group finally read Wang Jie’s email of ‘Cooperation with Horizontal’, causing the program crew a headache. The director rubbed his throat as he asked, “What did you just say? Du Yu Shu also accepted the invitation?”

“Indeed,” The person besides him replied expressionless. “This morning at nine eighteen, we received an email from Wang Jie, Queen of Movies Du’s agent, stating that they agreed to participate in the shooting of the reality show.

“What kind of joke is this!” The director no longer resembled his cheerful self, his voice rose even higher, “Didn’t Ye Jing An agree to participate yesterday?”

“Indeed.” That person stated expressionlessly again.

“But once these two people see each other, they begin fighting!” The director cried out in pain, “At that time, won’t the reality show become a murder scene?”

Person besides him, “…….”

“Is there even any solution?” The director stated tiredly.

“Do you intend to refuse Du Yu Shu or refuse Ye Jing An?” said the man besides him reluctantly. “At that time, why did we invite the two people at the same time?”

The director was expressionless. “A million years without variety, or sometimes a little variety. It all depends on the program group’s luck… Who would have thought……” These two people will really accept! Also, it just had to be these two people!

The man besides him patted the director on the shoulder, and spoke sincerely, “The program crew is really lucky.”

The director, “……QAQ!”

Ye Jing An and Du Wu Shu had never worked together for a thousand years. It was said that in Director Zhang’s studio, the two of them had torn into each other numerous times. Not to mention, this was a reality show, with competitive spirit. Won’t the two people just tear into each other like crazy during the scenes……

Heartache QAQ

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