IHYLMT Chapter 5 (Part 1)

Part 1 translated by Fallen (23rd November 2017)

Part 1

Her skirt was raised slightly, with her hair done up elegantly, revealing the fair skin on the back of her neck. The woman wore five centimeter high-heeled shoes, bringing her to stand half a head taller than than the average person. Gently tucking away a stray strand of hair, the petite female smiled, her smile appearing particularly sweet. However her eyes appeared cold to the bone, seemingly able to freeze a person. Lowering her head slightly, she neared the ear of another person before slowly opening her mouth and saying, “-What, did you say?”

Du Yu Shu’s eyes were icy cold, then, according to the next scene, her body shook slightly, her sweet face revealing a trace of maliciousness. Du Yu Shu laughed loudly resembling a hunter who had finally found his prey.

“Cuuuuuut!” Director Zhang’s complexion warmed, looking much more attractive that his gloomy expression a moment ago. “Passable, next group.”

Du Yu shu breathed out, her back was was drenched, causing her to break out in cold sweat. Her complexion was a little pale, but it was not that obvious under the layer of makeup. Her stomach also felt quite uncomfortable, with her hand and feet freezing. She really wished she could just fall onto a bed and not get up. Wang Jie quickly pulled Du Yu Shu up, then without saying anything, she placed a hot water bottle in Du Yu Shu’s hands, allowing her to hold it. Encircling the bottle was a wool covering. Du Yu Shu listestly fiddled with the wool for a long time before speaking, “Wang Jie, I think I want to change my name.”

Wang Jie stretched out her hand, gently stroking Du Yu Shu’s forehead before saying earnestly, “… There is no fever.”

Du Yu Shu stared at her feebly as she spoke. “I think the name ‘Zi Teng’ is very suitable for me.”

Wang Jie smiled wryly, refusing to look at her. “Your stomach hurts? Little ancestor, can you don’t provoke trouble? You also want to suffer from stomach pains for the rest of your life? With such a name, not feeling pain will be extremely difficult!”

(TL: The author made a pun here. The words for ‘stomach hurts’ is Du Zi Teng. However, the Zi Teng used in the previous line means rattan)

Du Yu Shu was expressionless. “Wang Jie, is there anyone who has told you that you are very hateful.”

“There is.” Wang Jie replied calmly. “Every three to five days, you will repeat yourself.”

Du Yu Shu twisted her head away in order to avoid looking at Wang Jie, noticing a pair of big long legs beside her in the process, causing her heart to go ‘ba dump’. It was then which she heard a soft hum from above her, seeming to mock her.

Du Yu Shu didn’t need to lift her head to know that it was definitely Ye Jing An

He was the only one for which the mere act of humming would seem ridiculing, as though he was mocking her.

Looking up, she noticed that Ye Jing An’s smile had traces of sarcasm. Subconsciously, Du Yu Shu’s lips curved downwards into a sneer.

“Who knew Emperor Ye had this kind of eavesdropping habit.” Du Yu Shu laughed coldly.

“Ah,” Ye Jing An laughed carelessly, “Do I need it?”

Du Yu Shu said, “……Heh.”

“I was merely passing by.” Ye Jing An gave a faint smile as he spoke, the word ‘banter’ was written in his eyes. “There is no need to be so sensitive Queen of Movies Du.”

Du Yu Shy had nothing to say, “…….Hehe”

With each ‘hehe’ she uttered, she inwardly cursed.

“Queen of Movies Du,” Ye Jing An spoke plainly, “have you ever heard that every ‘heh’ is usually followed by a herd of alpacas?”
(TN: In chinese, another word for alpacas is cao ni ma, or F*** you. So basically, it means that every ‘he’ is usually followed by curses.)

Du Yu Shu felt that only an idiot would say yes, so sneering coldly she spoke. “I don’t know.”

“It’s fine if you don’t know,” Ye Jing An spoke congenially, “As long as you know now.”

“Actually, I have been continuously wondering, where on earth do that herd of alpacas run to? Queen of Movies Du has such a beautiful face, if the alpacas happen to trample over it…Tsk.” Ye Jing An laughed lightly. Then without waiting for Du Yu Shu’s reply, he left.

Du Yu Shu looked at Ye Jing An’s body, feeling as though the word ‘scum’ was written on his back.

That garbage!

Du Yu Shu’s face darkened, today she had actually went to look for Ye Jing An in order to request he cooperate, it was definitely because she was too nice!

Who would be willing to be his partner while acting!?

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