ISOL Chapter 25

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Su Xiao Pei’s first entry in her logbook of this world was about Tang Lian. She wrote about Tang Lian’s symptoms, their conversation, she even wrote down her diagnosis of Tang Lian.

Su Xiao Pei planned to talk to the mountain bandit, Luo Ping, before he was taken away. She was also interested in knowing the psychology of this criminal.

As far as Su Xiao Pei was concerned, Luo Ping is a person who is very cunning and ferocious. He is good at manipulating people, just like how he is able to control Tang Lian, he is very confident in his abilities. He is able to teach Tang Lian to fake her amnesia to avoid the suspicions of the government as well as the questioning of her relatives. This specific crime of his makes Su Xiao Pei feels that he is very smart.

Ran Fei Ze and the officials had never been or heard of this kind of situation before, either remembering all of it, or remembering none of it, is it possible to not remember the middle part? Everyone felt that it was weird, but it is also not right, and Tang Lian was the victim. Everyone did not think that she would lie and deceive. And that a mountain bandit was able to think up of such a plan, it was somewhat unexpected.

Tang Lian had also told Su Xiao Pei that before Luo Ping had release her, he had told her how to handle the situation if people had seen them together, how to answer the government questions, etc. Tang Lian had practiced repeatedly with Luo Ping when they were up in the mountains. Su Xiao Pei felt that this criminal is very strategic, and that he is able to manipulate people. So, Su Xiao Pei wants to talk to him to understand what kind of person he is.

Yue Lao said this before, Cheng Jiang Yi will not be far from her. If the first person she meets is not Cheng Jiang Yi when she cross over, then it must be the person who can take her to find him. Now that Ran Fei Ze and Tang Lian had took her to find Luo Ping, does that mean that Luo Ping is able to provide her clues to find Cheng Jiang Yi?

Su Xiao Pei wants to write down all of her thoughts, but her logbook has encountered a big problem.

She does not know how to use a brush to write.

When Su Xiao Pei was in elementary school, she had attended a calligraphy class, but that class was just to teach her how to write a few strokes, Su Xiao Pei still remembers how to hold the brush. But after years of using keyboards, and in addition of using a pen to sign documents, she had hardly had the time to practiced writing, let alone using the brush, therefore, her words are not very beautiful.

Su Xiao Pei had wasted her first piece of paper.

She stared at her ugly line of words and the more she looked at it, the more she despised it. Who wrote such ugly words? Not only is it ugly, it is also huge. Because she does not know how to use the brush, her strokes are too rough and had used too much strength.

This is too wasteful, and slow as well.

She looked at Ran Fei Ze who was sitting outside, shaving branches. That guy had gone out to fetch some water, came back and saw her lying on her stomach writing, immediately turned around and left the room.

Well, Su Xiao Pei turned her head back and look at the words she had written. Not only was her speed slow, what she had written can be seen easily as well.

This is not good. These recorded things need to be kept private. But now she has no one to depend on, she has no one to talk to.

Su Xiao Pei thought about it, she drew a few more strokes on the wasted paper, once she was satisfied, she decided to write it in English instead.

Confidentiality is important, her handwriting in English will not be uglier than Chinese, and it is also faster.

Su Xiao Pei threw the wasted paper and took out a new one to start writing again. She wrote and wrote, finally she had gotten used to it. She was finally able to find a comfortable way to hold the brush, therefore, increasing her speed. Using the calligraphy brush and paper, she managed to record what she remembered. Once she stopped writing and turned her head, she realized that the sun had set and it was dark outside. At the front of the wine shop, there was no noise of movement of people drinking and laughing and Ran Fei Ze had already finished cutting the firewood. Currently, he was sitting outside the door.

“Solider?” Su Xiao Pei sat up and called him.

“Is Miss done?” Ran Fei Ze turned around and looked at her. When Su Xiao Pei got up, he entered the house.

“The reason why Soldier is not sleeping is because I lit the candle?” Su Xiao Pei apologized. “I did not pay attention that it was so late, I am done with my work. Soldier, please quickly rest.”

Ran Fei Ze handed over a piece of willow branch that was nicely cut and shaved.. Su Xiao Pei took it and she remember that it was her ‘toothbrush’. Ran Fei Ze still remember to help to make it. He is indeed a good person.

She took it with joy and was about to thank him, but she heard a sigh of sorrow and a light cough. She looked up and saw Ran Fei Ze’s serious expression.

She knows that he had something he wants to say.

“Miss’s posture when writing is indecent, it is not convenient for me to enter the house. It is also not good for others to see, please don’t do this next time.”

Ah? Su Xiao Pei froze.

Indecent posture?

What did she do? She did not have a table, so she just lied down on her bed board and wrote her log book

Wait a minute, lied down…

Su Xiao Pei faced went red, what’s wrong with lying down, lying down can be very healthy, can be pure, can be innocent, alright?!

So, the reason why he was scared out of the room and daydream was because she lied down?

“Thanks, Soldier, for his advice.” Su Xiao Pei said it through her clench teeth, she couldn’t stay in this house, so she turned her head and looked for her ‘toothpaste’, then she went out with her willow toothbrush and went out to brush her teeth.

“Humph, ****.” While she was brushing her teeth, she was cursing Ran Fei Ze.

Ok, in fact, he was right, he kindly reminded her, but Su Xiao Pei can’t help it but complain again. “****”

If she didn’t have a desk, she wouldn’t lied down and write, writing in that posture was also very tired, ok?

The more Su Xiao Pei thought about it, the redder her face becomes. She is decent and upright, she can’t be swayed by him. She was fine, but yet her mind strayed.

Right, can’t **, everything is all on him.

Su Xiao Pei suddenly thought of another thing. She immediately rushed to the house, with her willow toothbrush in her mouth, she ran in and saw that Ran Fei Ze was holding onto her paper that she had threw to the side, he even had a smile on his face.

Su Xiao Pei rushed towards Ran Fei Ze, immediately grabbed the paper from him and hide it.

Ran Fei Ze calmed his expression, “Once Miss is done with your things, please clean up after yourself.”

Su Xiao Pei was embarrassed and bit down onto her toothbrush, almost breaking it. She frowned and started packing up her inkstone, calligraphy brush and placed them at the corner of the house. Then, she silently turned around and went out to continue brushing her teeth.

This time, Ran Fei Ze spoke again, “Miss, your toothbrush is still in your mouth, miss is an impatient person, it is impolite to act this way in front of others. Please do not repeat it again.”

Su Xiao Pei was surprised, and she almost swallowed the willow brush. This person… is he deliberately offending me?

Su Xiao Pei rubbed her face and quickly brushed her teeth. She didn’t turn back, ignoring him. She could not be certain, but she swore that she could have heard Ran Fei Ze laughing.

When Su Xiao Pei returned back to the house, Ran Fei Ze had already laid down his ‘bed’ on the floor, and like every other night, the oversized baggage is between Su Xiao Pei’s bed and his.

Su Xiao Pei kept her things nicely, walked pass the oversized bag, and sat on her bed board.

Ran Fei Ze went out and closed the door. Su Xiao Pei took off her shoes, her skirt and went under quilt.

Then, she heard Ran Fei Ze washing outside the house, she wrapped herself in the quit, closed her eyes and slowly drifted off.

Before she could, she heard Ran Fei Ze opening and closing the door, she also heard him keeping his things and lying down on his bed that was on the floor.

The room was quiet, Su Xiao Pei was only able to hear her breathing. After a while, she felt sleepy. Last night, she slept in the Magistrate’s house, the bed that she had slept on was more comfortable than the current one she is lying on. But she could not sleep properly last night, she felt nervous the whole night. But today, she was in a state of inexplicable peace.

Soon, she drifted off to sleep.


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