ISOL Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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“Hello, I am Yue Lao.”

Su Xiao Pei was dialing her aunt’s number on her phone, going to report the results of her blind date. Her aunt was the one who, enthusiastically, arranged these dates for Su Xiao Pei. Just as she placed her phone on her ear, a young man sat across of Su Xiao Pei, introducing himself.

Su Xiao Pei looked at him, her brows furrowed.

Not possible, I’ve already been on two dates, consecutive, and it’s still not enough? Now there’s a third?

Her phone got through, Su Xiao Pei ignore the man opposite of her and concentrate on the conversation with her aunt.

“Reporting to boss, I’ve completed my mission. I’ve met with both of my blind dates, one of them left with a very black face, he did not even pay for things he ordered. While the other walk away biting his lips till it was red, and shaking his head, but he paid for his cup of coffee.”

While Su Xiao Pei was talking on her phone, she was also looking across the table at the young men who sat down not long ago. “There is another one that came, his surname is Yue. Aunt, if you want to add the number of blind dates that I am attending today, you have to tell me in advance.”

“Yue? I didn’t set up a blind date for you with a guy whose surname is Yue.” On the other end of the phone, Su Li, who is Su Xiao Pei’s aunt, was very surprised.

But once she registered what Su Xiao Pei said about her previous blind dates, she growled “What do you mean by black face, biting his lips and shaking his head?! What have you done? You’ve done it again, right? I’ve already told you multiple times, don’t be so stubborn and snarky. Girls should have a little femininity, when talking to people you must be polite and reserved, be soft and gentle. Didn’t you listen to what I said before?”

“I did listen to you. When I was conversing with them I was polite.” If not for ‘polite and reserved’ Su Xiao Pei would have left the date long ago.

Su Li sighed “What happened this time? How were the two of them?

Su Xiao Pei responded “The guy with the black face said that when we get married, he hopes that I would continue working. This is because with both husband and wife working, we do not have to depend on each other regarding the financials. Each will spend their own money. He was full of arrogance and confidence. My dear aunt, you should be able to see his arrogance and expression, right?”

Su Li did not speak for a while, she was not able imagine the guy’s arrogance and expression, but Su Li was, absolutely, able to imagine the reaction of nasty niece.

“I politely asked him how much he earned in a month? Then, politely, told him how much I earned. And, politely, reminded him that this is our first meeting. I have no intention of getting to know him nor have any intentions to marry him. He was talking far too much. Then I, politely, encouraged him to work hard, because his salary is nothing much to be proud of.”

Su Li was so frustrated at the other end of the phone till she could not speak. But she did know that this would happen though.

Su Xiao Pei continued “The second guy, the one who was biting his lips and shaking his head, kept mentioning his mother at every sentence. Said his mother like to have a daughter-in-law that knows how to cook, so he asked if I knew how to. He even said his mother like to do exercise, ask me to accompany his mother to the park. Then, said that his mother like to watch the television at night, I am not allowed to fight with her for it. He said a bunch of things, so I just politely asked that if I married his mother, would his father mind?  He immediately glared at me, his eyes full of anger, said that I was saying unpleasant words. He said a whole bunch of sentences and I only said one, he acted as if he was being bullied.”

This year, Su Xiao Pei is 27 years old. Any seniors will be anxious for those who are not married at this age, When Su Xiao Pei’s elders told her to go for blind dates, Su Xiao Pei understood and did not resist them like this was the end of her life. But, could they not introduce her a bunch of weird, unique male, she also has self-esteem.

Su Xiao Pei looked up and across the table, staring at the man named Yue. She had already said so much, he should have left by now, right?

As a result, he did not leave. He was sitting down, patiently, waiting for her to end her call. When they managed to lock eyes, he smiled at her. Su Xiao Pei frown at him and turned her head, refusing to acknowledge him

Su Li, who was on the other end of the phone, wants to reprimand Su Xiao Pei but she was unable to find the words. Su Li was only able to say, “Let me talk to my friend who had introduced them, such actions are really not appropriate.”

“Correct. Aunt, it’s a good that you understand.” Su Xiao Pei nodded her head, deciding to take advantage of the opportunity “In that case, Aunt, since you understand from my point of view, can you sympathize with me. After what had happened tonight, had caused me a lot of trauma, it had caused me to have some mental disorder with this problem of getting married. Can you let me rest for a few months, a few months of no blind dates, let’s take our time with me getting married, okay?

“What problem?” Su Li was bewildered. Then she roared so loud that it shook the ceiling, “What are you talking about?! I think those men that you meet on a blind date would be diagnosed with some mental disorder after meeting you!”

“Then I feel so guilty, this is also a trauma, I need some time to rest.”

“You better stop dreaming! You have been dodging this for 2 months, stop finding excuses! Stop finding faults with other people, you look at yourself first, you, too, have a lot of flaws. And what’s with you attitude when talking to people. Xiao Pei, you should listen to Aunt, you are not young anymore. You should dress up, take care of yourself. Drag this on any longer and you’ll be very old when you are pregnant….” Su Li pound on her chest to lessen the frustration in her heart, Su Li really want to be in front of her niece right now, so that she can shake some sense into Su Xiao Pei.

“Stop. Stop.” Su Xiao Pei’s brain is about to explode. A figure of a man was not to be seen, how could she talk about being pregnant?

“There is still your mother, you should not be so stubborn. Your mother is also thinking about you, you should stop rebelling against her.”

Huh, Su Xiao Pei’s aunt have jump to the topic of her mother already.

Su Xiao Pei’s face wrinkled up, “I’m not rebelling, didn’t she tell me to change job, so I changed my job. She told me to go on blind dates, here I am on blind dates.”

“You….” What Su Xiao Pei said on the surface was not incorrect, Su Li was unable to reprimand Su Xiao Pei again.

“Aunt, you must be tired, you should quickly go drink a cup of water and rest. I’ll be hanging up now. You are always so busy on your phone. I can’t be hogging your phone. You let the matchmakers know that I will be resting for a while, do not have to set me up anymore. I’ve just changed my job, I’m also very busy. Ah, the signal is getting bad. The Mr.Yue is still here, I will talk to him first. I’ve got to hang up, bye bye.”

Not giving Su Li any time to talk, Su Xiao Pei quickly hung up the phone. Once she looked up, the person whose surnamed is Yue was sitting leisurely, waiting patiently for her.

Su Xiao Pei was not in the mood to entertain him, since he was one of the blind dates that her aunt set her up with, then she does not need to waste her time and energy with him.

That guy does not care about Su Xiao Pei’s expression, he even holds onto Su Xiao Pei’s bill to prevent her from leaving.

“Su Xiao Pei, I’ve come to inform you about an important matter. Please listen to me clearly.”

An important matter?

Su Xiao Pei was shock, is it related to that matter?

Su Xiao Pei casually play with her phone, secretly taking a photograph of the man in front of her. She is mentally prepared, always keeping all possible evidence.

“What did you say your name was?” She was already writing the word ‘Yue” on the picture that she took, waiting for the man in front of her to introduce himself again.

“Yue Lao”

“Yue what?” Su Xiao Pei frowned, she must have heard it wrongly, right? Or Is this person just teasing her because he saw her on a blind date?

“I am indeed from the myths, the one in charge of human marriages, Yue Lao.”

Su Xiao Pei immediately kept her phone, knowing that this person is indeed teasing her.

“I know.” Getting ready to leave. “You are the staff from the dating website.”

“No.” He ponder it over, “To be exact, I can also be considered the executive director of marriage.”

Director level? Sure enough, Su Xiao Pei could not keep the trends. She doesn’t know how men, nowadays, resort to what tricks to get women.

Su Xiao Pei snatched the bill from under Yue Lao’s hands, and got up to leave.

“Su Xiao Pei, on the 13th of July, at 7.13pm. At the north side of Wu Tong street, a car accident occurred. Two cars crash right in front of you, do you remember?”

Su Xiao Pei paused, she remembered.

13th of July is her death of her father, Wu Tong street was where he was killed. Of course, she remembered. How could she not?

That day was a Friday, once she had gotten off from work, she specifically went to that place, and stood there. And watched where her father had fallen. Reminding herself not to forget. Just as she was lost in a trance, two cars crashed into each other not two meters away from her.

How could she forget about it?

Su Xiao Pei turned back and sat on her seat, facing him. She wanted to listen to what this guy had to say. Could it be that that day accident and her father’s death is related? For so many years, she could not find any clues to her father’s murderer

“How did you know that I was there?”

The man cleared his throat, did not answer her question but said, “The car accident cause one driver’s death and another injured, the dead driver was the one who ran the red light, causing the accident. But this was not the important point that I wanted to tell you. The point is the one who is injured.”

Su Xiao Pei listened attentively.

“Please remember to the following words that I am about to tell you. His name is Cheng Jiang Yi, he is currently in First Hospital, building 2 on the 25th floor. He is in the VIP intensive care unit. You must go and find him. The sooner the better.

“Why must I find him?” Su Xiao Pei habitually took out a small notebook to jot down what she had heard.

“In order to find him, you need to know more about him.”

Su Xiao Pei was surprise for a moment, “Isn’t he in the ward?”

“He is indeed in the ward, but he has been in a coma since the accident.”

“In that case, what do you mean by ‘find him’?”

“Listen to me, this world before you is not the only world that exist. The conservation of energy, time and space staggered, two different space close tightly with each other is then able to maintain eternity.

He really is talking a bunch of nonsense, Su Xiao Pei frowned.

Yue Lao thought for a moment, and explained, “Simply put, just imagined these two worlds are like Bagua[1], so closed to each other, this is needed to maintain the energy transfer.”

[1] BaGua are the eight trigrams used in Taoist cosmology to represent the fundamental principles of reality. I don’t really understand it. If any of you, readers, are interested in it. Please do tell me what it is after you have understood it…]

“Is that so?” Su Xiao Pei began to feel that there is some problem with the man sitting across from her. She calmed herself down, “Mr. Yue, your theory is too profound, I am unable to understand, can you say the important points simply?”

“This is the important point, very important.” Yue Lao gave her an innocent look. “And things are not that complicated, to put it plainly, Cheng Jiang Yi is your soulmate. The two of you should have your first encounter on 13th July. From that point on, both of your feelings will develop. But trouble occurs, the two of you passed each other, missing the opportunity.

“So?” Su Xiao Pei nodded her head, calmly, Due to her professions, she had seen many patients with this delusional disorder. But this patient that is in front of her, his delusions are something new, something that she had never encountered before. Su Xiao Pei looked closely at him, silently assessing his condition.

“Cheng Jiang Yi should have died due to that car accident. But due to the Red String of Fate with you. The bonds between the two of you are tied too deep thus, he was unable to die. But the consequences are dire, due to the impact of the accident and him still tied to the bond with you, he was sent to another parallel world, that is similar with this world. I was busy with another case, that’s why I didn’t noticed what had happened.

Originally, I would like to simply settle the situation by cutting the Red Strings of Fate, let the both of you have your own lives, let fate take its place again. But the Red Strings of Fate are tied to tight to each of your fingers, I was unable to cut it. I have to say, I have not been a director for long, so this is the first time I have encountered this type of situation. I was unable to cut the Red Strings of Fate, this will cause both yours and his future generations to be destroyed. It takes a long time for a damaged Red Strings of Fate to tied back to each other, to seek out a new soulmate. I said this much, can you understand the gravity of the situation?

Su Xiao Pei nodded her head, she closed her notebook. She does not the gravity of the situation, but being a psychiatrist, she felt that she really needed to help the person in front of her.

“Mr.Yue, When did you realize that you are the director of human marriages?”

Yue Lao stared at Su Xiao Pei, innocently, “You don’t believe me? You must believe me! If you don’t bring him back, then the consequences are as bad as cutting the Red Strings of Fate. The both of you will lived without feelings, without meaning, in loneliness till the day you grow old. No matter how many times you kissed other people, no matter how hard you try, there will be no good guy to marry. Even if you managed to get married, it won’t be a happy marriage, it will not be smooth, the both of you will be miserable.”

“Are you sure I’m the Su Xiao Pei that you are looking for?”

Su Xiao Pei’s question stunned Yue Lao for a moment, “Are you not?” He did not make another mistake, right? “Just now, when you are on a blind date, that guy did called you Su Xiao Pei.”

Su Xiao Pei nodded her head, it seems that this person did not know her. He was just merely watching her on her blind dates.

“13th July, you were on the Wu Tong street when the accident happened right?” Su Xiao Pei confirmed again.

“Yes.” Yue Lao answered, seriously. “That is an important meeting between the two of you, I must record it down, to avoid any unexpected situation. You must know, the situation between the two of you, is an accident.”

Su Xiao Pei understood, he was at the accident at the same time as her, he saw her. So, he knew that she was there. This time when he saw her again, he heard her name, so he came up to her and told her all these. She just didn’t know what was the cause of his delusions.

Su Xiao Pei searched her bag to take out a business card to give it to Yue Lao, “Mr.Yue, my marriage does not need any help yet, but this person needs your help very much. Due to the topic of marriage, he had been troubling over this matter for a very long time, it’s best if you quickly contact him. Only you can help him, you can talk to him about his soulmate, his Red String of Fate. You can say that I introduce you to him.”

Yue Lao was startled, he looked at the business card. Psychologist? She lied to him, to get him to see a psychiatrist? He wasn’t sick! He really is Yue Lao, the God of Marriage!

“Remember to find him, his marriage is counting on you.” Su Xiao Pei stood up, she is already not a psychiatrist, she can only pass him to her senior, hoping that her senior is able to help Yue Lao. Su Xiao Pei took the bill to the cashier, ready to leave.

Yue Lao did not expect Su Xiao Pei to leave so fast, he sat there stunned for a moment, then hurriedly chased after her.

“Su Xiao Pei, listen to me. I’m not joking with you. The Red String of Fate is indeed tied too tightly between you and Cheng Jiang Yi, only you can bring him back from the parallel world. You must bring him back, or else you will be alone and miserable for the rest of your life. Ahh. that’s wrong, if the Red String of Fate is broken, that means it is for eternity….”

“Thank you. Su Xiao Pei finished paying her bills, walked out of the cafe and towards her car.

“I’m sorry that I am late to inform you about it, I really did not know that this will happen. I have never encountered such a situation before, time is running out. You must go to the hospital, as soon as possible, to see Cheng Jiang Yi. You must know more about him, because I do not know when will Fate pull your soul to the parallel world, to where he is. If you are not ready, how will you find him?”

“Thank you, Mr Yue. Thank you for your hard work, please do not forget to give a call to the number on the business card.” Su Xiao Pei took precautions while walking, making sure that the man does not have the intention of violently attacking her.

One moment he says that she must pull him back, another moment he says that she will be pulled over. He’s not making any sense. Su Xiao Pei shook her head and start the car.

Yue Lao chased until he was beside her car, shouted, “If you find that you have been pulled over to the parallel world, do not be afraid, you will be okay. Please do not forget that you must seize the opportunity to find him, to bring him back. I, currently, do not have much information yet, allow me to find out more information first and then I’ll tell you…you must remember, go to the hospital… do not be afraid to find him…”

Su Xiao Pei started to move her car, keeping her distance away from this delusional guy. His voice was blocked out due to the window, thus, Su Xiao Pei did not hear the last part of his sentence.

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