ISOF Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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To think properly, Su Xiao Pei had to calm herself, once she had done that she took a proper look around.

Everything and anything in life is logical, the situation that she is in must have a scientific and reasonable explanation

Dream? Hallucination?

Her rationale is clear, hearing is normal, the layer of frozen goose bumps that appear on her body exists as well. Su Xiao Pei is still able to smell the woody and earthy scent in the forest, feeling that the atmosphere is really refreshing. Alright, to put it shortly, everything is too real, the details are too realistic, there is no gaps or flaws at all.

Su Xiao Pei was unable to convince herself.

She confirmed that her perception was normal and was working well. This should not be a dream, and she doesn’t feel like this is a hallucination or an illusion

If that is the case, then what the hell is going on?

Not far from Su Xiao Pei, the man and woman were still talking.

While Su Xiao Pei was adjusting her breathing to refrain herself from panicking, she was listening in on their conversation as well.

It turned out that while this man was passing by the mountain, he met with this woman. This woman was kidnapped by bandits more than a month ago, she was patient and one day, she bit the bullet, and took the opportunity and finally escaped from her captors. But the forest was very dense, and the woman panicked. But fortunately, she met this kind man who had saved her. The man even promised to wait for dawn to send her back home.

When Su Xiao Pei heard their conversation, she furrowed her eyebrows. Okay… there are mountain bandits living in these forests.

She looked at the troubled woman, she still seems to be afraid, her body was hunched, cautious of everything around her. But, her attire is neat, her grooming is much better than Su Xiao Pei who have just transmigrate from another world.

Su Xiao Pei moved a little in the tree, and looked at the ground. She felt that the distance between her and the ground is very far. If she were to fall off the tree, she would have break her arm and her leg, right? The branch she was on was not thick or sturdy, and the trunk of the tree is not in reaching distance for her. Even if she can reach the tree trunk, she is not confident that she will be able to safely get down from her position.

In addition, her feet were cold, she wasn’t wearing any socks or shoes, the most awkward thing is that under her pajamas, she wasn’t wearing any undergarments.

Su Xiao Pei stared at the campfire that was before the male and the female, sighing in her heart. Su Xiao Pei compare herself to the woman and she felt that she looked more like a person who was caught and escaped from the bandits.

Now what is she supposed to do?

She cannot lie and wait on the tree branch till she wakes up from the dream, or wait till she dies, right? Her limbs were stiff, her body was cold, she feels like she could not take it any longer.

Su Xiao Pei thought to herself “Must I experience falling to death to know the feeling of it? If I fall to my death, will I even wake up?”

Su Xiao Pei closed her eyes, trying to clarify her thoughts. In the dark forest she can see two people clearly due to the campfire, she must seize the opportunity to get them to help her.

She had not decided what she should do yet when she suddenly heard the young man’s voice, “Miss?”

The sound was very close to Su Xiao Pei, just beneath her.

Su Xiao Pei suddenly opened her eyes, and saw that the man that was supposed to be at the campfire was underneath the tree, looking up at her.

She did not hear the footsteps at all.

And ‘Miss’? Of course, she is. Anyone who has eyes can see that she is a female.

She unconsciously glanced at the direction of the campfire, glancing at the stranded woman who also looked at her, a look of surprise, the woman probably did not expect that there will be a person on top of a tree.

Well, compared to that woman, the way Su Xiao Pei was dressed is a bit strange, hairstyle is also a little special —— Su Xiao Pei has short hair.

“Miss.” The young man cried out again. But this time his tone was serious. “Why is Miss here?”

Why here?

This question is difficult and have some depth to it, and yet it also has some scientific value to it.

Su Xiao Pei frowned, her heart is a little nervous, how is she supposed to answer? But she knows she must say something. It doesn’t matter if she is in a dream or a hallucination, or whether she cross to a parallel world. The two people in front of her are the only people in the forest that can help her.

She does not want to fall to her death, nor does she want to die lying on top of a tree.

How is she is supposed to address him? oh, right.

“Soldier.” Su Xiao Pei opened her mouth, her voice a bit hoarse. She cleared her throat, and called again “Soldier.”

This is really awkward… is it possible to change to mister?

The man nodded her head to indicate that he heard what she had said, but he did not speak, waiting for her answer.

Su Xiao Pei stared at his face, looking carefully. Behind him, the campfire casting a glow, making his face looked honest.

Su Xiao Pei shut her lips together, very reluctant to say, “this servant” but the words “this servant” is much more difficult to say that “Soldier”. After a while, she was unable to say it, she was only able to grit her teeth and say “Soldier, please help me.”

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