ISOL Chapter 10

Chapter 10

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The waiting part is the toughest, especially for people like Su Xiao Pei who is now currently ‘disabled’. It is inconvenient to do any activities, and there is not a single thing to do to past time. Other than dazing, there is nothing much she could do.

Time to time, there are some movements outside the house, like footsteps and the like.

Su Xiao Pei was a little nervous, she doesn’t know what the social order is like in this world. However, according to what she had saw and learnt in the past two days, the security is quite limited. Ran Fei Ze was gone, and she felt quite nervous.

Just as she was thinking about it, there are footsteps outside the door, the footsteps sounded very clear, and the person stopped right in front of the door.

Su Xiao Pei sat up right, intuition told her that it was not Ran Fei Ze.

“Many thanks, Boss Song.” The soft voice that Su Xiao Pei heard outside belonged to a female, the voice sounded familiar to her.

“Miss, please.”

“Nu Jia will not stay long.” Her tone was humble and polite.

When the word “Nu Jia” was out, Su Xiao Pei suddenly knew who was outside, it was Tang Lian.

The sound of knocking was heard, Su Xiao Pei dragged her two stump legs to open the door, standing outside was indeed Tang Lian.

Tang Lian did not look very spirited, but when she saw Su Xiao Pei, she was still able to smile and said, “Miss”

“Miss Tang.” Su Xiao Pei also hurriedly greeted her.

Tang Lian said, “Yesterday, Benefactor came to look for me and said that Miss has nothing. Yesterday was busy, and did not find much clothes, I really am sorry about it.” Tang Lian raised the bundle in her hands, “Today, I searched my room and managed to find some clothes and supplies, so I came to over to send it to Miss.”

Su Xiao Pei was surprised and grateful, quickly welcomed her into the house.

Tang Lian did not stand on ceremony and came into the house. She saw that it was small broken house, but she did not say a word about it. Tang Lian also saw that Su Xiao Pei’s leg was troubling her, she quickly escorted Su Xiao Pei to sit down.

Su Xiao Pei was very embarrassed, also asked her to sit. Tang Lian hesitated for a moment before sitting on the mattress.

“Is Miss feeling better?” Tang Lian was the first to open her mouth.

“Better, much better.”

“What can you remember? Do you remember where you used to live? What about your relatives?”

Su Xiao Pei shook her head.

Tang Lian sighed, comforted Su Xiao Pei, “Miss cannot rush this, it will be better in the end.”

Su Xiao Pei nodded her head and thank Tang Lian. In fact, other than herself, she is more worried about Tang Lian. After her return from the hijacking, her state of mind looked worse than yesterday, this indicated that she was not properly comforted and relieved at home.

In this world, human circumstances, cultural customs, social and others, are all different from those in modern society. Su Xiao Pei knew that she could not judge her mental and physical condition based on her original world. However, with her limited understanding of ancient culture, when faced with such a thing, compared with modern woman. The woman in ancient times will be able to withstand the great psychological pressure and the heavier sense of shame better than modern woman.

Su Xiao Pei was thinking about the topic to chat with Tang Lian

“Has Miss Tang lived in this town since young?” She started from the most familiar parts of Tang Lian. The main topic will be Tang Lian but the things they will talk about will differ.

“Ah.” Tang Lian nod her head, “My mother gave birth to me in this town, my family’s shop has been around since I was young. I had never left here.”

Su Xiao Pei nodded her head, laughing, “Miss looks like her mother.”

Tang Lian only said about her mother but she did not mention about her father or younger brother. Su Xiao Pei continued

“Looks like?” Tang Lian smiled. “Miss’s word is very interesting. Everybody did say that I am quite like my mother.”

Tang Lian did not know that she was tricked by Su Xiao Pei, so, she spoke about herself. Tang Lian was willing to talk which makes Su Xiao Pei feel relieved. And so, when Tang Lian was relaxed, Su Xiao Pei slowly changed the topic to her father, but Tang Lian was not willing to speak about her father. Therefore, Su Xiao Pei made a detour and talked about two other topics and then back. Tang Lian finally revealed some stuff about her father.

Tang Lian’s father valued son more than daughter, so he had little concern regarding Tang Lian. Yesterday, after Tang Lian had returned home, he said a few sentences like ‘it is good that you are home’ but he was quick to blame Tang Lian for being too careless, like ‘how can she let this happen to her’. Even with the senior, in front of others, the words to his daughter is quite harsh. After that, when everything was reported, Tang Lian and the government went over the details of where the mountain bandits were hiding and how she had managed to escape from them so that the government will be able to quickly catch them.

When Tang Lian mention all of these, emotions such as disgust and dislike were obvious. Su Xiao Pei seize the opportunity to ask, “Then, you said it all to the government?”

“I was not able to remember all of it as I was too scared.” Tang Lian dropped her gaze.

Cannot remember? This is one of the normal stress response, but Su Xiao Pei felt that regarding the circumstances of Tang Lian, she should not have this symptom. She did not continue to ask, but she got around the subject and said that she was the same. Su Xiao Pei woke up in the tree that day and did not remember anything, it was all thanks to Soldier Ran and Tang Lian that she was safe.

Tang Lian also talk about Ran Fei Ze, she said that she had lost her way, and was afraid that the mountain bandits would chase after her, it was all thanks to Ran Fei Ze that she was able to return home safely.

Su Xiao Pei nodded her head, and talked about a few gossips, the topic regarding the mountains, saying that the day she woke up the following morning, Ran Fei Ze gave them eat the biscuit, Tang Lian thought about it, she found that Su Xiao Pei description was interesting, she was smiling while nodding her head.

Su Xiao Pei asked her again, “Miss, think about it again, when you are imprisoned in the mountains, what did you eat, where did the thief lived, is there trees or a river in the surroundings?”

Tang Lian closed her eyes and thought for a moment, shook her head, “I really can’t remember.”

Su Xiao Pei did not force the question, she also did not change the subject, she only stared at Tang Lian, waiting for her to speak up. But Tang Lian had no more patience to talk about this topic, she stood up and was about to leave. But before she left, she suddenly asked, “What are Miss’s future plans?”

Su Xiao Pei smiled, “My legs and feet are an inconvenience, memory is also not good, unable to go anywhere, I will wait for my injuries to recover, then will decide.”

Tang Lian nodded, “Then, Miss will stay here for a time being? If I have some free time, I will visit Miss again.”

The two people said a few polite sentences, and soon, Tang Lian left.

Su Xiao Pei sat back in the chair and started to think seriously. She knew Tang Lian was lying. When they were talking, she did a test on Tang Lian to confirm the baseline of her recall reaction. She was able to recall her childhood memories and the facial expression of Ran Fei Ze, but when she asked about the matters of the bandits, Tang Lian answers were different.

She said that she was unable to remember, that is a lie. She was able to remember what had happened and she might even know the bandit’s whereabouts, but she did not say it. In fact, regarding this, Su Xiao Pei understood, the fear of retaliation, the feeling of not wanting to recall or to face the situation and for other various reasons, the victim does not want to cooperate with the investigation by lying, such a thing is common.

Tang Lian obviously have psychological trauma, after she returned home, the pressures will not be reduced. Su Xiao Pei wants to help her. Tang Lian is a kind and good girl, Su Xiao Pei wants to help her out of this psychological difficulty. Once she overcomes it, perhaps she will be able to provide some clues so that the wicked people can be brought to justice.

While Su Xiao Pei was thinking, Ran Fei Ze came back.

When Su Xiao Pei saw him, she suddenly was full of vigor and vitality, she looked at him eagerly.

Ran Fei Ze laughed, “Miss looks bright, like she saw five tales.”

“It is even better if it is touchable.”

Ran Fei Ze shook his head, “I fear that Miss will be disappointed. As I had said before the cities and town nearby had the same notice posted, the government does not know where this thief will flee to, so in accordance with the route of speculation they had posted the notice in every town and cities nearby. The chance of the rapist escaping to Stone Town and me capturing him is slim

“How does the government know how he looks like? Are there any witnesses?”

“I have asked about this, the officer said that there is no eyewitness as he is a serial killer. every town there is a murder case, he is very cruel never miss his target and no one survived but at Yun Sha town there is a survival. A Miss Liu was being attacked when she is in her room. she managed to run out to get help just before she almost died. But the man managed flee without being caught.

“In other words, Miss Liu is the only survivor and witness?”

“According to the officer, that’s it. The officer also said, that the rapist fled to Ning’an City, once again, he committed a criminal act and escaped after his success. According to the route, he would have gone to a town nearby. So, the government in every city is giving out rewards, hoping to find some clues.

Su Xiao Pei nodded her head and asked, “Since there is a case in every city that he goes to, there is none that was left alive. There should have a special case marking, so that the government is able to confirm that these cases are committed by the same individual.”

“There is”

“What is it?”

“Didn’t ask.” Ran Fei Ze naturally replied. “These cases are confidential; the officer will not just say it to anybody. You did not see the amount of people in front of the Yamen’s door today, all of them are there to give evidence to claim the rewards, but all of them are rumors. It was not easy for me to talk to the official.”

“How can we arrest people when the news is incomplete? I’m looking forward to someone walking in front of the citizens showing off the five tales?”

Su Xiao Pei’s words caused Ran Fei Ze to cough, her words suggested that he was the one who is eagerly looking forward to the five tales.

Su Xiao Pei pouted, did not deny anything. She said, “Soldier, whoever commits a series of criminal acts, there must be a source. The murderers try and try to practice repeatedly. When they mature, their confidence grew. His tactics and goals are found to be more regular and more clues. To catch him, we must find the source. Starting from his criminal psychology, we must know who he is, why is he like this, what is he thinking, what is his goal, and others…”

Su Xiao Pei said this, and stopped, watching Ran Fei Ze

Ran Fei Ze crossed his arms, listening to her speak, his face had a half-hearted expression.

“Soldier, we are still able to catch this rapist, but we still have to inquire about the news.”

“Miss is unable to remember but the brain is still working.”

Su Xiao Pei stunned, touched her head, a playful look in her eyes, “This, unable to remember what happen, but the ability is still there.”

Ran Fei Ze coughed twice again, “Miss’s ability… is able to leave an impression on one.”

Su Xiao Pei flushed, know that he is referring to her clumsy hands, referring to her life skills that was a complete waste. Su Xiao Pei did not care about this, only said, “In short, Soldier, you cannot give up, we still have to jia you, and catch this thief.”

[<加油, Jia you> In the literal meaning, it means add fuel/oil. But in Chinese, it can mean ‘do your best’ or ‘go team go’ or ‘fighting’. To people who watch Japanese shows or know Japanese, it can mean as ‘Gambatte’, which also have the same meaning.]

“Jia you?” usually Ran Fei Ze is able to guess Su Xiao Pei’s weird way of talking, but that is all, just guessing. Their chats are considered smooth, but he does not understand what she meant by ‘jia you’

“Eh, that is, that is how the people in my hometown encourages people.”

“Miss is able to remember?”

“Suddenly, able to remember some stuff.” Su Xiao Pei finds that she cannot disclosed too much, if he finds that she is crazy, he will leave her no matter what.

“Soldier, that rapist is so evil, he cannot be let off. We must think about those women that were harmed by him, he must be brought to justice.” Su Xiao Pei quickly diverted the topic of their conversation back. Ran Fei Ze have a sense of justice, in this regard, she must encourage him to participate in this matter.

“En, Miss is a kind-hearted person.”

“That is indeed.”

“If there weren’t the five tales, would Miss care about this matter?”


Su Xiao Pei lost, she finally manages to say, “Silvers and justice, they are equally important.

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