ISOL Chapter 11

Chapter 11

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“That does not seem like a false statement.” Ran Fei Ze said in a calm tone

Su Xiao Pei said ‘of course’ in her heart, this is a man who can put down a few good men with laxatives and then them rob of their credit. In terms of reality, he is not any worse than her. It was only a small sum of money of five tales, it does not attract him at all. She had no choice but to change her way to persuade him.

“It’s just that Miss knows that the reward is to provide clues of the whereabouts of the crime. I didn’t have any clue to report. But if I asked the local authorities to tell us related news regarding the crime, would the local authorities agree?”

Su Xiao Pei was surprised and struck-still for a moment. Oh yeah, why did she not think of such a simple logic.

“Anyway, since your leg has not healed yet, it will not be suitable to send you off now. Since I am idle, I’ll go and investigate.”

He is indeed idle, but Su Xiao Pei did not have the mood to remind him of the cruel fact that he currently only has fifteen copper coins. She was surprised that she had actually made such a low-level simple mistake.

Ran Fei Ze left, leaving Su Xiao Pei in the room. The quietness of the room managed to calm her down. But once she calms down she began to get depressed.

It was not easy to inquire about the facts of this case. Although Su Xiao Pei is not aware of the rules and regulations for handling cases in the local authorities in this dimension, but in the modern times, the case’s details will not be disclosed to be public. Not to mention ordinary people, there are also reservations to tell the media news to publish.

An arrest warrant is indeed an arrest warrant. If someone goes to the police station saying ‘Police officer, I saw an arrest warrant. I am interested in this case and want to participate. Tell me the details of the case, otherwise, it will be difficult for me to catch the criminal.’ It will be too polite for the officers to just kick this guy out of the door, right?

Suddenly, Su Xiao Pei started to worry, what was wrong with her? How could she think of letting Ran Fei Ze out to investigate the case? He already left, what if the authorities thought that he is one of the criminal’s associate?

Su Xiao Pei took a deep breath and she knew that she had a problem.

In the modern world where she had lived, though she is not being considered as the one of the best, though her academic career was indeed very smooth. The hardship she endured when her father had died cause her to strive towards success even harder than normal. She was the proud protege under the professor and is also the young expert whose skill is being recognized. Therefore, it is undeniable that she is arrogant, hard-headed, and picky causing her to have bad love life even though she has an average look and a monthly salary that was not low.

But over here, she has a poor appearance and is old. She has no money and no ability. If she is being thrown onto the streets crying hugging onto people’s leg, no one will give a damn about her. And of course, with her bad temper it seems that it will be difficult for her to cry out in tears. How is she able to survive her without any skills?

Be a hard labourer? She has no strength to even go up a mountain path, she was not as strong as Tang Lian. Don’t even need to think about chopping firewood. Sewing? She knew herself the best and knew that she could not count on it. Cooking? She knew how to use a microwave oven, a gas stove, and she could fry an egg and cook instant noodles or something. Open a shop? She knew how to use a calculator, but she had never touch an abacus in her life, she also doesn’t know balance the ledger.

Just find a marry a man for all three meals? She counted, how old does the woman in this decade get married? Thirteen? Fourteen? Fifteen? Sixteen? If she got married at fourteen and gave birth, she is nearly twenty-seven now, then, her daughter would be able to get married…

So, she can be a grandmother already.

This is too terrifying. She is an old and ugly waste ah, not only is she a waste but she is a female waste.

She thinks… that Ran Fei Ze knew that. To send her to the nunnery is really the easiest and the most convenient solution.

Also, she has been here for two days. In the normal world, she would also be missing two days of work. Would someone call her? If they are unable to find her, Editor would call her Aunt and then her mother would know, they will be anxious, they will look for her. Did everyone call the police? She suddenly went missing without any reason, what about her mother?

Su Xiao Pei is very sad. Mother had lost her husband, now, she had to lose her too?

Su Xiao Pei thought that she should not think about these questions, she knew very well that when people are under distress and dilemma, they need to maintain a good state of mind. She has dealt with such cases before and had provided psychological counseling for post-disaster workers.

Well, the situation she is in, can it be considered a disaster?

The important point is in the face of a catastrophic dilemmas, the first principle of psychological self-protection is… to no think too much.

There is data that shows that the higher the level of knowledge, the worse the psychological endurance of the person has. The reason is that the people with rich thoughts will think too much when they encounter difficulties. The more they consider, the more likely they are to become desperate, but those ‘simple-minded’ people will have no idea. This would make things easier, will make it easier to stay alive.

Su Xiao Pei understood this logic, she thinks that her self-adjustment is very good. But just now she realized that she had lost the common sense of the simplest judgement on things. What does this mean?

Her state of contrast in both worlds had exerted tremendous pressure on her and she is being affected negatively.

It is not a wonder as she was going through a situation that is beyond the scope that normal people can imagine. Any situation that is within Su Xiao Pei’s imagination, crossing world is not one of them.

She wants to help Tang Lian. but she, herself, also needs a lot of help.

The more Su Xiao Pei thought, the more chaotic her heart became, and at this point of time she doesn’t have high hopes to get the five tales. Ran Fei Ze is right, everyone is holding onto the notice and reporting to the government to get the money. It is not easy for him to inquire about the case. Normally, it would be impossible for officials to reveal the details of the case to strangers. The reward is to report about the case if they had seen any suspicious people. This kind of thing can only rely luck that God is willing to give to you.

Su Xiao Pei griefs over it in her heart, disappointed over the five tales, there’s no turning back. Even now, she is depending on other people’s clothes to support her. She can’t even afford a toothbrush. How can she earn money? If she’d went to the nunnery, would she be able to continue living?

Su Xiao Pei daze for quite a while, and then she suddenly realized that she was getting more and more negative.

This is a very bad sign.

She adjusted her breath, straightened her back, raised her chin and moved her head around. Then, she made odd shapes with her mouth and pulled the flesh on her face, forced herself to take on a happy look. This has a healing effect on the body language, activating the certain emotion muscles, activating the autonomic nervous system. These movements will then activate related emotion and spirit activities.

Don’t think too much. She must strengthen her heart and maintain her optimism and judgement. Her life in this world has only just begun. I should be prepared for everything

Feeling that the energy was slowly flowing into the body, the door suddenly opened, and Ran Fei Ze walked in he was startled for a moment when he saw that Su Xiao Pei’s mouth was stunned opened, like a fool.

Su Xiao Pei was also startled, quickly stopped what she was doing and returned back to normal.

Has it been so long?

“Soldier came back.”

“En.” Ran Fei Ze’s surprised expression only flashed for a while before it disappears.

“I am practicing martial arts.” Su Xiao Pei felt that she needs to explain herself.

“En.” The calmness that Ran Fei Ze exuded out made Su Xiao Pei felt that the explanation that she had given was naive and redundant. It’s a bit embarrassing to be seen as a crazy person

“Soldier has worked hard.” It is okay if there is no hope for the five tales, she has already prepared her heart for it.

“Fortunately, I did not disappoint Miss.”

“Ah?” What does this mean?

Su Xiao Pei dared not hope.

“There is a constable who promised to help me find out details about the case. There is no case file in Stone Town. He must go to Ning’an City to find the police constable Qin, that place is where all the criminals committed their last crime. Police constable Qin is still at the Ning’an City chasing after the criminal. The brother said that he was hurrying back to Ning’an City and would be able to give an answer three days later.”

Su Xiao Pei’s eyes widened in surprise, “Why did the constable help you?”

“He saw me as a hero, willing to help each other out naturally.”

Su Xiao Pei’s chin almost fell off. Cannot be? Hero?

But, “Even if the brother is willing to help, if he find the police constable, will they tell him the details?”

“He said that it was no problem at all, he originally a subordinate of police constable Qin. And since the reward notices has been sent around to the cities, he was ordered to visit the cities, it is also possible for him to go back to Ning’an city and examine the case.”

Is it possible? Su Xiao Pei felt that this is a little bit weird.

“Miss, please be relieved. We have nothing to do now anyway, waiting for several days is alright.”

Nothing to do…..

Su Xiao Pei became speechless

“Then, how did Soldier convince the constable to help?” She was curious of how the image of the hero was given.

“I told him, I was the one who was holding the figure of the head of the evil organization in Camel Ridge. There were more than a dozen Jianghu people who knew about the incident, it spread quite far, naturally he would know about it.

Su Xiao Pei’s chin continue to fall.

He successfully captured the bad guy with other people? And he shamelessly told others that he was the sole person who captured him? And that officer, not only did he believe Ran Fei Ze, he also worship him?

Su Xiao Pei was able to imagine how serious Ran Fei Ze’s face was when he was tricking the officer. He always had been a serious man, always have such a serious face.

Su Xiao Pei couldn’t help but take a closer look at him. This Soldier’s looks is actually not that bad. He had a dark eyebrow, big eyes, a straight and high nose, and a moderately thick lip. He looked like an honest and handsome guy.

Handsome guys that have a serious look and being thick-skinned, it was shameless, but it also helps to heal people as well

Su Xiao Pei suddenly felt that all her energy had returned. He was able to trick the constable into helping them. Let’s not care about what will happen to the five taels, the future life seemed to have hope.

The existence of this Soldier is more useful than psychological counseling.


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