ISOL Chapter 12

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Su Xiao Pei waited for three days.

In fact, it should have said that three days have passed. It doesn’t matter if she was waiting or not because Su Xiao Pei had nothing to do.

Her legs had partially recovered, she is unable to start running around but she also won’t look like a grandmother with a hunched back trying to walk. She still does not have enough money to buy a toothbrush, but she had adapted to using the willow brush every morning and night.

Ran Fei Ze wrote “Toothsticks” <”揩齒, kāi chǐ>  on the floor to show her, she finally knew that it is not being read as “open tooth” <開齒, kāi chǐ>

Her schedule every day has been too healthy, waking up once the sun is up and start preparing to sleep not long after dinner has been consumed. Even though Mr song owns a liquor store, she notices that there is only a small crowd of people coming in for drinks, the night life is real boring.

Su Xiao Pei has no concept of what time is it in the day, as there isn’t a clock in this dimension. Ran Fei Ze is able to differentiate the timing, she does not understand how does time work here, she is only able to stare at the changes happening in the sky.

She once asked how Ran Fei Ze knew the time, he answered that there will be someone walking around in the midnight when you hear it, you will be aware of the time. Su Xiao Pei concentrate on trying to look out for any noise, but as she is in a more hidden house, it could not be heard.

There is once when she almost fell asleep, she could slightly hear a little of the voice, for a moment, she was excited.

In those three days, Su Xiao Pei learnt how to use saponin and eucalyptus leaves for her bath as it is useful.

Ran Fei Ze have both items in the bag, Su Xiao Pei was really curious about it, so she shamelessly asked for it. Changing one type every day.

It was really troublesome to take a bath, she will have to either rub the saponin or the eucalyptus leave in the water, and once there is bubbles coming out she would have to wait until it became smooth then she is able to start bathing. Once done, she will still have to rinse herself once more with water.

It really was a huge project for her to take a bath, not only does it take up two big tubs, it also takes up time as well.

Once again, she felt grateful towards Ran Fei Ze, because he was able to find her two big tubs as well as water for her. Luckily the weather is warm, if it is in the winter, she has no idea how to ask him for help.

But back to the topic, it was not that she was lazy to not retrieve water to bathe. She does feel better about her legs, she also wanted to retrieve water for herself, but getting water in this world is not purely just labour but it also requires some techniques as well

She stood on one side of the well while Ran Fei Ze was getting the water, observing him. He just threw the bucket into the well then with a pull a bucket full of water was his. He will then have to just pour it into another bucket that is being prepared beforehand and it is done.

She tried the same method as was done by Ran Fei Ze, she threw the bucket into the well, after hearing it touched the water, she pulled it up. While she was pulling the bucket up, she thought that it was easy, she is also able to show that she was not useless, and she is able to help Ran Fei Ze to get water next time.

But when she saw the bucket, it was empty.

What happen?

Su Xiao Pei could not get over it, she threw the bucket in again and again, when she heard the sound of the bucket touching the water she tried pulling up again, but it was still empty.

‘You only threw the bucket in and it only float on the surface of the water, how is it going to get water?’ Ran Fei Ze stood one side thinking that he really could not stand this fool anymore.

He walked over and demonstrated once again. While throwing in the bucket, he adjusted the handle of the bucket, making sure that when the bucket entered the well, the mouth of the bucket was slanted and facing downwards. When the bucket had reached the water, the water will then enter the bucket and the weight will then push the bucket down and it will be full of water, then it is ready to be pulled up.

Su Xiao Pei thought it through again and she tried it once more. Finally, she felt the bucket sink into the water. She is overjoyed, after she wait for the bucket to be filled with water, she found out that she is not able to pull it up.

**! How could a bucket of water be so heavy?!

She clenched her teeth and tried to pull it up again, but the bucket still fell back into the well. Su Xiao Pei could feel the pain in her hands as the rope were released from her hands she also felt too embarrassed to face Ran Fei Ze.

She then took a deep breath and decided to try it another time. This round she used her stomach to hold on the edge of the well and tried to use the energy from her waist to pull it up. While she is trying her best to pull it up, suddenly the rope is being held by another big hands.

Ran Fei Ze gave her a sincere look and said “Miss, retrieving water from the well is easy butif I have to save a person up from the well, that will be difficult. For Miss’s safety, please stand aside.”

WHAT? Su Xiao Pei blinked her eyes trying to digest it.

This is too humiliating, she is not able to get a bucket from the well, but will she be that dumb to fall in? How can he say such words full of sarcasm with a sincere expression?

Originally, Su Xiao Pei could not get over the fact that she could not get the water, but when Ran Fei Ze said those words she felt even worse.

But afterwards, Ran Fei Ze helped her get the water. When she was hiding in the room taking a bath she wasn’t angry anymore. She started to think about her actions today, she is currently in a different situation than when she was in the 21st century, she should not be feeling too good about herself. Even though she knew her current situation but why is she not able to control herself when things happen?

However, since then Ran Fei Ze never asked her to come along when he was going to get water, and she was not going as well to avoid unhappiness between them.

During this three days, Tang Lian came over to visit her again.

This time round the girls manage to talk more but it was still those topics that are more on the surface. Su Xiao Pei knew that she should have more patience, Tang Lian mentioned that her father wanted to send her into a nunnery, she expressed unhappiness while she mentioned it. Su Xiao Pei realized that Tang Lian made an improvement this time round, she managed to share about things and not bottled them up.

But the more they talk, the more Tang Lian stopped talking about her past. She started asking if Su Xiao Pei had remembered anything and what was her future decisions on where she is heading to. Su Xiao Pei has the same life as Tang Lian, she does not have a place to go, Ran Fei Ze had also decided to send her to the nunnery when she has healed from her leg injury.

Tang Lian did not say anything, she just comfort Su Xiao Pei.

Tang Lian’s existence in her life has been a great help to Su Xiao Pei as she was able to find someone to talk about things and not just keeping all of it to herself. She managed to get back some confidence while she was chatting with Tang Lian. She even wanted to create a file for Tang Lian, documenting Tang Lian’s condition and their conversations. This will help Su Xiao Pei’s brain to be more active and allow her to remember the information easier.

But it is a waste that the poor guy, Ran Fei Ze, does not have any paper, ink and brush. Of course, all of that had to bought with money and Mr song is a very cheapskate person that is not willing to give.

But Su Xiao Pei was not discouraged, with Tang Lian’s current situation she still has to something, she has to observe more about the behavior of the social culture in this world, or their relationships, their class, their mentality, and so on. As they are all different from the 21st century.

That is why Su Xiao Pei wanted to walk around, she have decided that when her leg had healed, she is going out for a walk.

Today, Mr Song gave some labour job to Ran Fei Ze, she really despises him as he is always making full use of Ran Fei Ze and not giving him any wages. But Ran Ze Fei did not say anything, he did the work very quickly as if he is eating tofu.

[Tofu, can also be called bean curd]

Mr Song was, of course, very satisfied, he was beaming with joy. Su Xiao Pei thinks that Mr Song is really in love with this soldier, cheap and easy to boss him around, where can he still go to find such cheap labour.

Su Xiao Pei thought in her mind that she is not going fall behind as well. Of course, she was not going to be as shameless as Mr Song, she just wanted to ask a favor from Ran Fei Ze to accompany her out for a walk. She knows that her appearance is very weird over here, bringing Ran Fei Ze along will at least keep their judgmental stares away from her with his sturdy body.

Just when she wanted to convince Ran Fei Ze saying “It is such a good weather today, taking a walk is great for health.” They heard someone speaking loudly from the outside, a while later, a man wearing the constable outfit run in shouting “Brother, I am here!”

Su Xiao Pei’s first reaction when she saw the man, she knew it was the constable that Ran Fei Ze talked about before. The second reaction will be that the constable wore the exact same outfit that they had shown in the television. The third reaction was that the constable here is not that brawny, there is also those that have good looks.

“Big brother!” the good-looking constable got more excited when he saw Ran Fei Ze, it was easy to see from his face that he really looked up to Ran Fei Ze. “Big brother, I have accomplished that favor that you had asked from me, just nice it took three days.”

This is kind of scary right? This was all it took for the constable to call him big brother? Su Xiao Pei stood at a side looking at the reunion of the two “brothers” with doubts in her mind.

She couldn’t not have doubts, is the constable under any drugs given by Ran Fei Ze. She trusts that if Ran Fei Ze can do that, it would really happen. But if there was really a drug, he should have given this to the officer with a higher rank. Is there any use if he had given it to the low rank constable?

“This is…. ?” The constable saw Su Xiao Pei at the side. “Big…..” while saying his eyesight kept looking at Ran Fei Ze and Su Xiao Fei. While dragging the word ‘big’, he finally said “Big sister.”

Su Xiao Pei maintain her expression, and just nodded her head.

She had a thought that originally the constable wanted to call her “Big Sister-in-law”

“Big sister!!”

Even though “Big sister” is ten times better than “Big sister in-law”, but it is still weird.

She is only twenty-seven!! No, it is almost to twenty-seven only.


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