ISOL Chapter 13

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The constable was not interested in Su Xiao Pei, he was sure that she was just a “Big sister”, that she wasn’t in a close relationship with Ran Fei Ze and so, he turned his attention back to Ran Fei Ze.

Mr Song followed the constable in, when he saw this scenario he was shocked, but he was also filled with doubt. He took Ran Fei Ze for granted, as a cheap labour, easy to convince and able to get things done fast without saying anything.

The only reason why he dares to do this was because he saw that Ran Fei Ze had brought a weird lady with him, they are without any relatives, without anyone helping them. They were so poor that they could not afford a meal. But Mr Song didn’t expect that in just a few days, there would be a constable coming in looking for him.

“Boss, send some wine and dish over to this yard, I want to have a good talk with my big brother.”

Mr song started to get to work, how could he not listen to the words of a constable? Sending up the food and wine, he wanted to stand aside, to try and maybe get some information on how they got to know each other, but he was chased away by the constable.

Mr song walked away, but occasionally, he glanced towards their direction having doubts about who Ran Fei Ze and Su Xiao Pei was.

Soon, the yard was only left with the three of them, the constable, being generous poured wine into their cups and asked them to start eating.

He started to talk about all the other things but not about the main subject which had brought him here.

From the chats they had, Su Xiao Pei manage to know the name of the constable. He is called “Bai Yu Lang”, eighteen this year and only started being a constable for just three months.

Just as Su Xiao Pei heard about what he had said, she had given up the thoughts of getting the five taels. He was a young constable with the least experience, how could he have chance to talk to the head of constable?

But for Ran Fei Ze, he praised him instead: “Brother Bai you are so capable, just started in work and you are able to work with Constable Qin.”

Isn’t it over the top to say these words of flattery? Su Xiao Pei listen quietly at the side.

“Hehe, of course” Ran Fei Ze’s words are useful when it comes to Bai Yu Lang. “If I am not able to work with the best constable doing big cases and solving crimes, what is the meaning of being a constable.”

The way how Bai Yu Lang’s talk is the same as Ran Fei Ze.

“But I am still far from big brother.” This time it was Bai Yu Lang who was flattering Ran Fei Ze. “Big brother is a real hero that everybody knows about since the Camel Ridge incident.”

Is it proper to exaggerate till this much? Su Xiao Pei was sitting at one side, eating the first proper meal since she came to this world, and keeping herself calm listening to them.

“The incident regarding big brother, I heard from my friends who are in the jianghu talking about you more than ten times. I really do admire you from the bottom of my heart, big brother please tell me what exactly happened on Camel Ridge?”

Su Xiao Pei glanced at Ran Fei Ze, thinking that the young brother really regards him as a god. Is he really going to be so shameless and tell him that he had placed diarrhea medicine for all those other people?

In the end, Ran Fei Ze did not talk about that, instead it started with him going up the mountain. Stating that he followed traces that was left in the forest to track the directions leading to Zhao Sheng Zhi, how he got attacked, how he had taken his revenge and run after Zhao Sheng Zhi over two small mountains. It took him one days’ time and he won.

He did not say the story to make it too exciting, as Ran Fei Ze was always with a serious face, telling the story without adding anything else. But he did make the story smooth, slowing down the speed when needed to, making it more realistic.

Su Xiao Pei took this chance to observe Ran Fei Ze, she felt that he was not lying. But since it is just a story of them fighting each other, she could not find any interest from it.

Bai Yu Lang was the other way around, he was into the story, he hoped that he was there when it had happened. His reaction caused Su Xiao Pei to feel that the reason why this whole incident is so famous is because Zhao Sheng Zhi was an infamous person.

“How wicked was that guy?” she was curious.

Bai Yu Lang look at Su Xiao Pei giving her a weird look, that it was so rare for someone to not know about him.

“As long as you can think of a crime, this guy had committed them all.” compared to Bai Yu Lang, Ran Fei Ze did not show any judgement.

“The most important thing is,” Bai Yu Lang spoked in a serious expression to Su Xiao Pei “He has all the fighting techniques you can imagine of.”

“Ohh.” Su Xiao Pei did not dare to say that she could imagine it. She glanced at Ran Fei Ze, from what Bai Yu Lang had said does this mean that Ran Fei Ze is a better fighting technique than Zhao Sheng Zhi.

Ran Fei Ze bit his lips and replied him with an expression that is telling her “Yes, I am that strong”

Su Xiao Pei looked away, only he has the capability of making people not believe in him by being so confident. Actually, she believed it but he has such a cocky and serious face that she really doesn’t like, causing her to not want to admit that she trusted him.

“Oh ya, big brother, I heard that that time more than ten of the members of KunLun and E’mei guild are all there, all fighting to catch that devil, how did it end up that you were the one who caught him?”

Here it comes, this is a good question.

Couldn’t blame Su Xiao Pei for gloating, it is normal to have this mentality.

“They kept fighting non-stop, dozens of people at the bottom of the mountain not doing anything, so I placed laxatives into their food and drinks. When they finally settle down, I went up the mountain to catch the guy.”

Su Xiao Pei nodded her head, looking at Bai Yu Lang. Heard it? Has his illusion been shattered?

Bai Yu Lang did not expect things to be like this, he was surprised for a moment, and then he slapped his leg “Big brother, what a great technique!”

Su Xiao Pei almost choked on a vegetable.

This person, how could have this type of reaction?

Really wanted to tell him that not only did Soldier put laxative, he also knew how to give people drugs. Little brother, are you sure that you are not under his influence now?

Su Xiao Pei did not have any comment for what happened at camel ridge, Wulin or Kungfu is all just like television shows to her, it is not realistic, so when she heard those things, she does not have any feelings for it.

But Bai Yu Lang was the other way around, he was so passionate for the Wulin that it got him curious for all the big things that happened and respected those legendary hero. So, when he heard about Ran Fei Ze giving laxatives to those at the camel ridge, he was so shocked about it.

Those Wulin guilds only know how to argue and give ideas but don’t know how to fight, all they knew was just how powerful Zhao Sheng Zhi was. All their thoughts were to let the others die instead of themselves, and they get to do was just stand at the back to get the credits.

In conclusion, when everything is not clear, all is for grabs. Therefore, they took the easier way and not want to be in danger and yet, still want the credit.

But this Ran Fei Ze drugged all of them and went up the mountain alone, that is really daring of him.

Bai Yu Lang suddenly got blood pumping after hearing the story, he stood up with his cup “Big brother, I toast to you.”

Su Xiao Pei could not sense the hot blood from Bai Yu Lang, instead she thought of a more important matter: “Is there any rewards for catching Zhao Sheng Zhi that devil?”

Ran Fei Ze nodded.

“How much?”

“Not much, one thousand taels.”

Su Xiao Pei took a deep breath and repeated, “One thousand taels?” that is two hundred times more than five taels!

Ran Fei Ze nodded

“You spent all of it?” he was only left with 15 copper coins, who could have expected him to once have had one thousand taels.

Ran Fei Ze nodded his head again

Once again Su Xiao Pei took another deep breath, this prodigality. Looking at his face showing a look that says ‘I’m innocent’, like one thousand taels is nothing to him.

“Big sister, you are so tacky” Bai Yu Lang started talking again. “Money is not that important, it is just an extravagance.”

Waving his hands, he showed his generosity. “What we are looking for is to get rid of devils for the people. The value of Zhao Sheng Zhi is higher than what the local authority is capable. For those who can catch him does not want that low amount of rewards. But for those that wanted might not have that ability to do so. Previously when Zhao Sheng Zhi knew that his head was for one thousand taels, he was not happy with it and he killed some of the workers there. ”

Ran Fei Ze drank his wine without a word, Su Xiao Pei also kept quiet eating the dishes.

Bai Yu Lang continued “Let’s not continue with those matter.” He took out a small book from his clothing and smacked it on the table. “Big brother, this is what I got from Constable Qin. If I go with you, we will be able to catch the devil that rape and kill ladies. I have been a constable for three months, this time round I could finally get into a big case.”

Finally getting into the main point?

Su Xiao Pei started to serve him “Come, little brother you continue to eat the dishes and let me see.” she stretched out her hand wanting to get the book from him.

In the end, Bai Yu Lang said “Miss, don’t create trouble. Big brother, you take a look!” he gave the book to Ran Fei Ze when talking.

Su Xiao Pei’s hand was left half way in the air, vulgarities just popped out in her mind. **!


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