ISOL Chapter 14

Chapter 14

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“Many thanks brother”. Ran Fei Ze politely take the book and look through.

Su Xiao Pei could only see Ran Fei Ze read the book, as a woman in this time, she is not supposed to be snatching things from others. She told herself to be patient and to control to her temper.

Fortunately, Bai Yu Lang is not going to wait till Ran Fei Ze finish reading, he did get some information beforehand, and while Ran Fei Ze was reading, he started talking more details on the information he has gotten from the book.

This serial murder case started a year ago, Kang City had a family with the first name, Chen. They had a daughter that was killed. But not only was she killed, she was raped as well, she was bald when she was found, all of her hair had been shaved off. Her servant that was with her was found unconscious, her head was bleeding.

The next morning, another servant girl had arrived to send in water, and she found out that the murder has occurred. Mr. Chen was in shock, he reported to the constables immediately, he had also sealed the front door, checking through those who had pass through. But there was nothing to be found, the injured servant did not manage to live as well, she died two days later as her condition went from bad to worse.

This case is a mystery and has yet to be solved.

“How did that young lady die?” Su Xiao Pei suddenly spoked and asked.

Ah? Bai Yu Lang vividly spoke. He was stunned, not only was Su Xiao Pei listening intently, she was also asking questions

“She was stabbed consecutively five times on her chest and belly with a dagger.” Ran Fei Ze had finish reading the book and answered for Bai Yu Lang.

“What about that servant maid?” Su Xiao Pei asked again.

“It was the large flower vase in the room that was used to hit her head” Bai Yu Lang replied this time.

“Did the dagger belong to the young lady’s room or was brought by the murderer?”

“Naturally, it is the murderer’s item. How could a young lady have that kind of thing in her boudoir” Bai Yu Lang answered vainly, looking at Su Xiao Pei, thinking that those womenfolk were really ignorant.

“Then, in other words, the murderer killed two people. First, he used the flower vase in the room to knock out the servant girl and then used the dagger to intimidate the young lady, to ensure that she would not struggle. Then she was raped and murdered?” Su Xiao Pei frowned. “He did not kill both victims with a dagger, instead he went from the easy way to the difficult way.”

Bai Yu Lang was stunned again after listening, “About this, we were not sure what the murderer is thinking at that time, maybe he was nervous, that was why he did not use the dagger rather he attacked the maiden with the vase ”

Su Xiao Pei not reply to his words, and yet asked “It is not easy to enter the Young lady’s boudoir, right?

“Of course!” Bai Yu Lang almost wanted to scratch his head. What is wrong with this big sister, asking such questions? The young lady’s room was at the backyard of the house, only people who are close to her can enter her room, not to even say a man. It is a common sense; does she have to even ask this?

“He only knocked out the servant girl, he did not violate her, did he?” Su Xiao Pei ask again.

“Yes” Bai Yu Lang remembers that it happened this way.

“How was the state of the young lady when she was found? Was she in her clothes? Did he commit the crime on the bed or at other places? Was the corpse of the young lady placed at a side, or the murderer did something to the lady? And what about the servant maid as well.”

Su Xiao Pei asked so many questions in a row, it made Bai Yu Lang speechless, this lady is bold and easy going, she was not embarrassed for asking such questions, the things that she is curious about is also very weird.

He felt embarrassed for her. He moved his head to the side, coughed 2 times and started to change the topic. “Those who are investigating, thought that it might have been those male servants or the delivery man that had committed the crime as they had chance to do so. After checking through, there were nothing found. For the next few months, the same type of cases happened again, the murderer killed those young ladies and shaved their head. For these two cases, the only people who were hurt were the victims that were killed, no one else were murdered. When the families had found the dead body, it was already too late as the murderer has fled long ago.”

This time round Su Xiao Pei did not say anything, she just frowned.

Ran Fei Ze continue to look through the booklet for information while listening.

Bai Yu Lang continued to speak “These two mysteries has not been solved, one of them with the Surname Ye could not take it anymore and went to find higher authority, hoping that they would be able to help his daughter, to solve the case.

After this happened, the authorities found out that were many other cases who also have similar points to the first two. After investigations, there was a total of five cases, adding up the two new ones. This is not a small matter, and so constable Qin has been asked to go investigate these cases.

There was nothing found at first, but at Yun Sha City the victim with the surname Liu manage to run from the murderer, and she was able to identify the him, this helped the case to get into the next step. But this guy is really very arrogant, with all the people wanting to catch him, he still dares to commit murder at Ning An City”

“Since his face is known, what about his identity?” Su Xiao Pei asked suddenly, she remembered that when she saw the drawing of the notice, she had not seen any name written below.”

“The identity is still unknown.”

“Then, what about the shaving of head, was it before or after the rape?”

“Ahh?” Bai Yu Lang’s mind went blank when he was being asked this question.

“Did you not say that the Miss Liu manage to escape from the murderer? If it is the same case that is committed by the same murderer, she must have been shaved bald. And being bald is a special point of this case, isn’t it? Then was it before or after she was raped?”

The combination of Su Xiao Pei’s weird way of speaking and being so open made Bai Yu Lang speechless again, after he came back to his senses, his face turned red. He did not reply, just continues to eat. Discussing raped or not with the women, he could not open his mouth to say that.

He looked at Ran Fei Ze, he really wanted to ask his big brother, is he able to make her leave? He came with full confidence of catching the murderer with the help from big brother, he really did not want this great opportunity to be destroyed by this weird woman.

But when Bai Yu Lang looked at Ran Fei Ze, Su Xiao Pei was also looking at him too. This constable easily gets embarrassed, she really preferred the way Ran Fei Ze acted. So, she turned to Ran Fei Ze for answer since Bai Yu Lang did not want to answer her.

Ran Fei Ze looked at the booklet and said, “The lady in Yun Sha City said that nothing had happened to her?”

“So, the shaving was before things happened to her? Miss Liu took the opportunity when he is shaving to run and seek for help and so she had managed to run away” Su Xiao Pei asked again.

“According to the booklet, it was like this” He replied

Bai Yu Lang coughed hard, he was shouting in his heart. ‘Big brother, it is not a good thing to have a woman who is curious about these things’ instead he said, “Big Brother, the food here is so normal, why not we change to another place?”

Su Xiao Pei stared at him: “Are you here to solve the case or are you here to eat and drink?” Want to get rid of her, impossible.

This made Bai Yu Lang speechless, but with Ran Fei Ze here, he only dared to say, women are really women.

Ran Fei Ze placed the booklet down, and started to pour wine for him, asking “Little brother, regarding catching the murderer, do you have any ideas.”

Bai Yu Lang was being agitated by Su Xiao Pei, but after Ran Fei Ze started talking he felt much calmer, his big brother poured wine for him and was asking for his opinion, indeed he is a big brother.

He thought again of his reaction just now, it was indeed his fault, he should learn from big brother instead.

Bai Yu Lang coughed and said: “I have looked in depth and found out that the murderer only targets young ladies that are from rich family, not all of them are good looking, most likely he was just looking on the family environment. Maybe he had some hatred towards those rich family.”

“Why doesn’t he rob instead if he really hated rich people?”

Bai Yu Lang’s words was being choked again, not feeling too good in his heart, indeed she is a woman, did not have any manners and had not seen much.

Su Xiao Pei was currently reading through the booklet, it is all in ancient chinese words, so it was difficult for her to read, trying to guess and see if her words are correct, she automatically replied when she heard Bai Yu Lang. After she replied, she lifted her head and looked at him and she felt that she might had said the wrong words.

This is not the 21st century, Bai Yu Lang was not here to listen to the details from a mental psychologist, the words that she just said was inappropriate to him. When he saw Bai Yu Lang pretending nothing had happened, but she is able to see his anger in his eyes, she started to scold herself in her heart.

“Losing of money is small but being raped matters more. What the murderer did was way worse than robbing money.” Ran Fei Ze spoked at this timing to get rid of the awkwardness here.

Bai Yu Lang replied, “What big brother said is right, it is the same as what I have thought of․” He glanced at Su Xiao Pei while Su Xiao Pei can only smile bitterly.

“Now the murderer has run away, but we have already sent his drawn picture to all the City nearby, he is not going to get away from justice anymore. Since he has been committing murder, he should know Kungfu and is not afraid of the constable. But now with the help of big brother, this case seems to be easier, so I’m here to discuss with big brother on how we are going to catch him.”

Ran Fei Ze replied: “This murderer does not have a fixed location when he had carry out the crimes, seems like he just committed the crime while he is just walking around. He would have to do it again otherwise we would have no way to trace him”

“What big brother said is right.” Bai Yu Lang smacked his own thigh, “Constable Qin said the same as well.”

This time Su Xiao Pei coughed and said, “This few days Ran Fei Ze has been telling me about the crime, what he said was indeed true.”

Bai Yu Lang actually does not want to listen to what Su Xiao Pei said, but after hearing her praising Ran Fei Ze, he got interested and asked “Big brother, do you have any ideas? Please tell me.”

Ran Fei Ze looked at Su Xiao Pei.

Su Xiao Pei straighten her back, as this place they are very sexist, if she did not said that, she is afraid that she will not be able to have a chance say a word.

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