ISOL Chapter 15

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Ran Fei Ze did not explain, he just smile and gave Su Xiao Pei another glance.

Bai Yu Lang asked, “Big brother, from your perspective, how do we start?”

Ran Fei Ze stayed calm, turn and looked at Su Xiao Pei, “Miss, since you have been listening, do you have any idea on how we can start?”

Su Xiao Pei praised Ran Fei Ze for asking her the question, she took the chance and said “Inspired by soldier, I felt that what you have suggested is right.

The first murder that was committed by the murderer will be the closest to the truth. For example, the crime scene is not that far from his place and he is also familiar with the surroundings, this will make the murderer feel safer and be more confident to commit a crime. So, the most likely place that he would chose to commit would be a place that is near home.

The local authority can try to walk around that area to see if anybody had seen him before. Maybe someone could have known who he is.

If the crime that he had committed at Kang City was not the first, then we would have to investigate further. we will have to see if there is any Cities near Kang City have the similar murder case that has not been reported.”

Bai Yu Lang was not happy when Ran Fei Ze allowed Su Xiao Pei to speak, but what she had said was logical. He replied “Naturally, we did ask, we had taken the portrait of him to ask around, no one can recognize him, including the home servants as well. And we have inferred that the man would have some martial arts skill, that was why he was able to get into the victim’s home and commit crimes easily.

Su Xiao Pei nodded and continued, “From the way he committed the crime, the murderer has a bad temper, he used force when cutting the hair of the victims. This is an extremely humiliating act to the victim. The victims all have some points alike. All of them were from a good family environment, single. The servants were not important to him and was not his target and that was why he used a vase to hurt the servant, letting her bleed to death without seeing if she was dead. Do not forget that the servant was the only witness left, and she was the only one able to identify him, and this was going cause trouble for him.

He had the time to stab her to make sure that she was dead, but he did not do so. He just hit her on the head and left her aside, this shows that the servant was not important to him at all.”

“He committed six murders and all the victims are from rich families” Bai Yu Lang added.

“So, this identity has a special meaning to him.” Su Xiao Pei continued. “Murderers with a bad temper have the psychology of revenge, he might have received unfair treatment before. This type of personality usually would have a history of violence. For example, he is easy to get angry and gets into quarrels with the neighbors a lot, hitting people, abuse of animals and others. If he is not living alone in the woods, it will be easy for others to have identify him.”

Su Xiao Pei stopped for a moment, thinking about all the observing she had done since she came to this world, once Tang Lian came back, all the villages came around to see if she is ok, all the villagers here have great relationships as compared to the world she is from.

“Those actions will all go through the eyes of the villages, if he has the history for violence, there should a record with the constables.”

She stopped and look at Bai Yu Lang, his eyebrows were pulled together, there was a slight tilt of this head, giving a confused expression. Su Xiao Pei frowned as well, did she used the wrong words? She turned to look at Ran Fei Ze instead, He is also looking at Bai Yu Lang. He coughed when he noticed that Su Xiao Pei is looking at him saying ‘Miss, please continue.’

Continue? Their expression is not serious at all, this made Su Xiao Pei a little depressed.

Bai Yu Lang said: ‘Big sister said that the criminal is a very abusive person, loves to fight and has been also arrested before?’

‘Yes, yes.’Su Xiao Pei nodded her head

“I understand.” Bai Yu Lang gave an expression that he finally got an idea, and asked “Big Sister, where are you from?”

Su Xiao Pei bit her lips not knowing what to reply. Even though they will judge her for being weird, but it is obvious that Ran Fei Ze is better to talk to as compared to Bai Yu Lang.

This time Ran Fei Ze help her out again, he said, “Brother Bai, let her continue, the main thing now is to solve this crime.”

“Yes, yes.” Bai Yu Lang felt that no matter what Ran Fei Ze said is all reasonable. This time he totally forgotten that the one that is giving suggestions and thoughts was given by a lady that he does not think highly off.

Su Xiao Pei gave Ran Fei Ze a ‘thank you’ expression and continued talking, “After confirming the type the criminal is, it will be more useful as it makes investigation easier.

If kang City does not have any relevant case, it is also possible to go to the other Cities to see if anyone knew anything. By the way, was all the victims killed by a knife?’


“Knife has a meaning of absolute control, it could also mean sex. The action of stabbing has many meanings, for this case, some murderers that has disability will use a knife to kill to obtain sexual pleasure.’

As Su Xiao Pei is explaining, she saw Bai Yu Lang being shocked and she changed the topic by turning around asking Ran Fei Ze, “What about hair? What does it mean to the ladies if they do not have any hair?’

This time round both guys gave her a very weird look, Su Xiao Pei thought of her question again and said, “My short hair does not count.”

Bai Yu Lang was lost again, Ran Fei Ze looked down and coughed softly.

Su Xiao Pei ignored their reaction and said: “At what situation will a lady cut her hair?”

“When they wanted to be a nun.” Bai Yu Lang stared at the short hair of Su Xiao Pei and started to realize something

Su Xiao Pei thought, she is not a nun!!!

She looked at Ran Fei Ze and he added “Widows will also cut a short part of their hair, as to show the loyalty to their late husband.’


Su Xiao Pei thought about it and could not be sure.

Bai Yu Lang started talking after seeing that no one talked for the last few minutes, “So, now what we have to do is to go back to Kang City and investigate on the identity of the criminal?”

Su Xiao Pei nodded, she continued talking about her thoughts, helping him to cut down on the useless information.

“That’s right, finding out his identity will be useful when trying to catch him. In the book, it shows that he is 20 years old this year, we can set the target on people that is around the age of 20, have history of abuse. I mean he often fight and he is aggressive. I could not be sure of the professions that you have here, but his family might not be in a good situation, his mother might be a widow that got into another marriage.

His father meant a lot to him, so when his mother married another man this affected him during his childhood. An example would be that his stepfather is not treating him well, like he was being abused, laughed at or judge by the others. This happened to cause his psychological problems.

His family might be doing well, so he has no trouble going into rich houses, money is not important to him, what he is looking for is on the psychological happiness. He hates women. If we investigate with these information, we might be able to find something.

“Rich family, remarried widow, stepson that was being judge?”

“Of course, this is still a guess. Additionally, it might also be a possibility that his abusive character might have been hidden, what he showed to the others is another character that is totally different from abusive. But something might have happened to him that caused him to explode.’

Bai Yu Lang started to guess on the unfamiliar words that is being used by Su Xiao Pei

Su Xiao Pei continues, “he hates women, from his procedure of cutting off the hair of the victims to murdering. He first rape them and then tortured them mentally and physically, and then push them to the death side. Cutting off the hair meant something important to him.

Something must be the cause of his action, then there is a possibility of a remarried widow or a nun. Or maybe he is in love with one of a lady, he had a bad childhood of not being loved, and only the lady showed him care and he wanted to be her Mr. right. It might have made him to act like the person that the lady liked, this might cause him to be depressed as he has to hide his real character. He always wanted to be approved of and being loved, but he gets nothing in the end and he might have exploded because of this.”

“You meant that the lady that he is in love with became a nun?”

“Yes, and she choose to be a nun to run away from him, as she has nothing to repay him, and so she became a nun. This is a big attack to him, thus, has also led to his abusive character to be shown.”

“Then why can’t it be that the lady he loved married another man, and he could not give up and so hoped that she become a widow?’

“In that case, he will then have to kill men instead. From the crimes that he had committed, he can do so, but he did not. All the victims are women, this shown that his targets are all on ladies.

So, it shows that the lady that he is waiting for became a nun, to him that lady’s heart and body is being given to a person that he is not able to kill, she will never be his.

He could only express his hatred and revenge on the victims. He wanted to prove that he is able to control, he is able get it.”

Bai Yu Lang is at a totally lost, being shocked and suspecting, but what was said by Su Xiao Pei was plausible. He took down points and discussed with Ran Fei Ze, deciding to use those to investigate.

When Bai Yu Lang is leaving, he pulled Ran Fei Ze and asked in a low voice: “Big brother, where did that big sister came from?”

“Found her in the woods”

“AH!!!” Bai Yu Lang was shocked

“So, how did you two get together?”

“Helping people when they are in need, it’s what a man should do.”

“Big brother is really heroic.” The little constable seemed to gain a newfound respect for Ran Fei Ze. “But are you not afraid of her being weird?”

“Scared of her being weird? Is she not being weird now?” Ran Fei Ze smiled when replying.

Bai Yu Lang nodded, “Yes, she is weird but big brother, why are you not cautious of her?”

“That lady has clear eyes, does not look bad, why do I have to be cautious? I had been around the world, and have met a lot of people, and also I had gain a sense of reason.”

“What reason?”

“Everything in the world is weird.”

Bai Yu Lang thought of that and said: “Big brother is right.”

After sending Bai Yu Lang out, Ran Fei Ze went back to the house, Su Xiao Pei walked over with an unstable heart, she asked “do you believe in what I have said?”

“No harm in trusting you”

True, it is not a matter to him if he trusts what she had said.

“What about the little constable?”

“He will do as what Miss has said to look for the murderer.”

“That is great.” Su Xiao Pei seems to calm down

Ran Fei Ze saw and thought that this lady is confident on the thoughts that she has said.

Su Xiao Pei asked again, “Soldier, if the constable manage to capture the murderer with the details I gave, will I get the five tales as a reward?’’

Ran Fei Ze nodded his head

“That’s great.” Su Xiao Pei was happy “Soldier, soldier, even though I can only just talk, but that five tales reward has my effort in it as well. So, I thought that we should split it into two. It will be fair to each to get half of the reward.”


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