ISOL Chapter 16

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“Ok.” Ran Fei Ze replied without any hesitation.

Su Xiao Pei frowned when Ran Fei Ze answered without hesitation.

She is currently in regret, she had used the wrong technique, if she knew that he does not care much about the money, she would have said three to seven. He would get the three percent and she get the seven.

“If Miss thinks that it is too much, I do not mind getting more.” Ran Fei Ze said it in a very polite tone, it made Su Xiao Pei almost fainted. Who was thinking that she is getting too much? How is it possible!

Su Xiao Pei ignore his question, and continues flipping through the booklet, if there is paper and pen at this moment that would be the best, as she had wanted to write down her thoughts.

“Soldier, would Constable Bai give some paper and pen if we’d asked?”


Ran Fei Fei was stunned by the question, but he controlled his expression.

Su Xiao Pei added “It doesn’t matter as the paper and pen belongs to the government, so why not just take it and use, he will give it right? He respects you so much, I think he will give.”

Ran Fei Ze did not look at her, just said “If you really want it, you can try to ask Brother Bai.”

“If I ask, he will definitely not give me any, it must be you who asked.”

“I am afraid that I will not be able to do this.”

“Why?” [<為什麽, Wèi shé mó>] “Why, why?” [<為何,何故, Wèihé, hégù>]

“I am asking you, why are you asking me back?”

“I am teaching Miss how to speak in a proper manner, If Miss wants to spend time here, the way Miss’s speak must be corrected. If I am not around, other people will not accept you the way I did.

This statement hit Su Xiao Pei where it hurts, she immediately deflated.

“I am trying my best to learn. I mean, I am focusing on learning”

“Ok.” Ran Fei Ze nodded his head

Su Xiao Pei sigh, letting out a deep breath.

After a while, she realized that Ran Fei had change the topic, and she had fallen for it.



“Why is it not a good idea for Solider to ask pen and paper from Constable Bai?” she felt that ask long as Ran Fei Ze open his mouth to ask, Bai Yu Lang will even give him a box of it.

“I have thin-skin.” Ran Fei Ze replied calmly.

Su Xiao Pei took a while to respond, what the ****, he really has the face to say that he is thin-skin.

Forget it, she understands that Soldier also wants to have face.

Su Xiao Pei did not continue the topic, she started to clear the table. This time Mr Song came in, brought Ran Fei Ze out, most likely curious about Bai Yu Lang.

Mr song had always dislike Su Xiao Pei, not wanting to even talk to her. Su Xiao Pei was the same and ignore him, happy that she was not being called. She went back to the house and started reading the booklet again.

After a while, Ran Fei Ze came back. Su Xiao Pei had almost read through the whole booklet, she was certain about the theory she had in her mind, though she had a concern.

“Soldier, do you think that Bai Yu Lang is reliable? After he heard what we have said, will his colleague really listen to his arrangement, going to the Cities to check on the identity of the murderer? He just started working for three months, will he be ignored as he has less experience?”

“Rest assure, he can complete things”

“Why do you think so?” See, she is also able to say such words

“Because he is not just a normal constable, he is the sixth son of Bai family”

“Bai family’s six son, what is it about?”

“Bai family is in the top 10 in Wulin, everyone knows about it. Bai Yu Lang is the youngest son and he is being doted on the most. If he does not have this identity, how is he even able to be working with constable Qin once he started working? He brought back the news about going back to Kang city, even if there is any concern by the others they will not stop him too. Even if they don’t want to go, Bai Yu Lang is able to investigate by himself, of course, for him, he has a way to deal with public relations, you can be relieved.

Oh, is it so, it sounds so much better than Ran Fei Ze’s martial arts, more powerful as well.

“Soldier believed him when he said that he is the sixth son of Bai family?”

Ran Fei Ze laughed “I am not him, of course I will not believe so easily”

Hey, in that case, he knew that when he bragged to people, those people would not believe it so easily

“How did Soldier confirm it then?”

“I remembered him.”

“Ah?” Then why did Bai Yu Lang act like he just met Ran Fei Ze?

“Six years ago, I went to Bai family before, he is just twelve years old at that time, still a kid, it’s natural that he does not remember me.”

“What was Soldier doing at the Bai family? Erm, I mean why?”

“There to deliver some weapons to his father, and to see if any of the master in the Bai Family is capable of being my apprentice

Ohh, there just look for apprentice.

“His father called all six of them out to meet me, I remember his face. That day when I went to investigate, I saw him standing outside listening to an old man making up stories, and I knew that he is able to accept our request. Bai Yu Lang is very straight forward and kind, but just that he is a very impatient person, not suitable to be an apprentice.”

Su Xiao Pei got more curious “Soldier’s intentions of getting an apprentice is to teach them martial arts?

“No, my martial arts is second, my reputation for my hand craft is more famous than marital arts.”

“Ok.” It sounded very cool, but paired with Ran Fei Ze’s serious face, the effects seem to have lessen. As she is not interested in hand crafts, she felt nothing, but since the topic has started she should at least ask something more.

“What handcraft skills does Soldier have?”


“Oh” If making weapons is so cool, it should have made him a lot of money, but he is still poor.

Su Xiao Pei wanted to sigh again, he is really special, she believed in him for what he had said, but looking at his current situation, it made others doubt him.

“Is Soldier willing to accept a female apprentice?” She asked casually, not asking for herself.

Ran Fei Ze glanced at her and replied, “If she is able to use the hammer, I will accept”.


Forget it, she will take it as she never asks anything.

This night, Su Xiao Pei lying on the bed, thinking of Ran Fei Ze saying that he wanted to get an apprentice, thinking of a lady wearing a bikini and doing work, it made her laugh out in the dark.

Ran Fei Ze’s apprentice, take care of yourself.

Su Xiao Pei shook her head, telling herself not to think much, just praying that Bai Yu Lang could really follow what she had said and find out the identity of the murderer.

Even though thinking like this is not appropriate, she really hoped that she can get to the truth faster than the Constables.

She really need that reward from this case, really needed the boost of confidence that she is able to get from this case, she’d have to try her best to live here.


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