ISOL Chapter 18

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The feeling of nausea, the discomfort of her stomach and abdomen forced Su Xiao Pei to wake up.

In her confusion, she found that she was being carried by someone like a sack of potatoes. A person’s shoulders were digging into her stomach, and her upper body was upside down.

She was kidnapped

This was the first thought that came across her mind.

The nausea feeling was getting stronger and stronger, Su Xiao Pei tried to keep her eyes open, but she is unable to see anything. There was a sack over her head.

She is able to hear the footsteps of her kidnapper, stepping on fallen leaves and broken branches, the rustling sounds and she is also able hear water sounds.

Was she kidnapped to the mountains?

She is able to feel her heart beating, she remembered that when Ran Fei Ze brought her down the mountains, they passed by a river. They had rest near the riverbank. The river was quite deep, and the flow of the water was rapid, Ran Fei Ze had retrieved some water for Tang Lian and Su Xiao Pei to wash their hands and face so that they are able to feel more energetic.

While she was thinking, the water sounds were getting closer, the kidnapper stopped and threw her on the ground.

Su Xiao Pei clench her teeth, although it hurts, she did not utter a sound. She did not want her kidnapper to know that she had woken up.

The person had left her on the ground and had not made a move. Su Xiao Pei listened carefully, and it seems that there was no one else. There was only one person, she listened to his footsteps and it seems that he was walking in the direction of the river.

Su Xiao Pei knew that she could only count on herself to survive.

If she really was taken to the mountains, she knew that she will be unable to escape. She does not expect to be found and save by a good-hearted person every time.

She moved her feet, the sack on her feet was not tied, it was only being placed on. Both her hands and feet were able to move, so she sat up carefully, making sure to not make too much movement. Slowly, taking off the sack from her body. She took off!


No one was stopping her.

She took off the sack and ran, though she did not see where the kidnapper was, but she did hear a curse. She was not able to hear what was said, but she figured that it would vulgar.

It was her kidnapper.

A clear running sound came from behind her, he was rushing towards her.

Every inch he was getting nearer.

In a moment of desperation, Su Xiao Pei can only act on her instinct. She turned and took the sack that was still in her hands and threw it towards the kidnapper’s face. Then, she ran away and shouted “Help!”

Not long, she felt a force pulling her hair back.

Su Xiao Pei screamed “AH!”. But she managed to turn around and used this momentum to give her kidnapper a kick to his stomach.

This kick was full of strength, and it cause so much pain to the other party that he let go of Su Xiao Pei’s hair and wrapped his arms around his middle and fell to his knees. Clutching his stomach.

Su Xiao Pei was hopping mad and used gave a big swing with both her arms towards his ears, clapping his ears, causing him to fall to the ground.

Su Xiao Pei did not look at him and turned around and continued running hard. She heard a sound from behind and the man climbed back up and didn’t give up, continue chasing her.

Su Xiao Pei didn’t dare to look back, she was so scared coupled with the fact that she was running, her heart was beating rapidly. She ran in the direction of a row of bushes and shrubs, hoping that she would be able to get rid of the kidnapper and gain more time before he caught her.

The footsteps were getting closer and closer, accompanied by his vulgar curses. But the kidnapper’s speed start to decrease due to his injury but it was unable to stop him from chasing her.

Su Xiao Pei’s cold sweat start to drip down from her forehead, she tried to wink her eyes to get rid of it and tried to concentrate on running. Her goal was up ahead. She ran towards a field of weeds that were half of her height. Just as she was about to run in, the man behind her finally caught up, he grabbed her shoulders and pulled back. Su Xiao Pei reacted and turned around and slapped him with all her strength, she didn’t even see his appearance before he angrily pushed her.

Su Xiao Pei lost her balance due to this push, walked back a few steps and went into the field of weeds. The terrain was uneven, and it was a steep slope. She still had not regain her balance when she stepped onto a stone where she lost her balance again and fell to the floor and rolled all the way down.

Su Xiao Pei felt that her body was very light when she fell, she screamed, and her head hurt, suddenly she splashed into the water.

The cold water of the river rushed into her mouth, the darkness enveloped her. Her body was pushed forward by the flowing river, her heart was drowned by fear, she wanted to struggle, she knew how to swim but the multiple impacts on her head since the kidnapping made her dizzy. She was not even able to move her limbs no matter how hard she tried.

She couldn’t breathe, the river dragged her deeper into the darkness, her lungs expanded, trying to get air but it only caused her pain, and finally, the darkness swallowed her completely.

She does not know how long it has been.

She suddenly heard a ringing sound

She was confused, unable to respond to the what it was.

Then, she suddenly woke up.

She immediately sat up, and found herself **, her **.

Su Xiao Pei was shocked.

In a familiar room, comfortable bed, soft quilt.

Her alarm clock was still ringing. She reached out and stopped it, seeing the photo of her parents on her bedside table, smiling at her.

Impossible? Su Xiao Pei touched her face. How is it possible? It was actually a dream?

Su Xiao Pei jumped out of bed, took a bath to ensure that she is fully awake. Her dream was still very clear in her mine, everyone’s appearance, the voices, her experiences, even her emotions and thoughts. She remembered all of it.

After showering, Su Xiao Pei came out and looked at the date, August 27th, Monday.

Su Xiao Pei pursed her lips. She fell asleep on Sunday night and she woke up on Monday. There was nothing wrong with it. The date was correct as well. But… why did she have this surreal feeling? Was it really a dream?

Dreams are extracted material from the brain’s memory. Although those memory will be transformed and changed in dreams, Su Xiao Pei still think that the Stone town, those people, the language, the notices and even the toothbrush and toothpaste are just all too real.

Moreover, the time of her dream was not short, her dreams are connected, there was no jump scene, everything was happening minute by minute. Everyone in the dream had a normal reaction, and she is currently thinking deeply about it. All the things are explainable, reasonable and logical.

Su Xiao Pei turned on her computer and quickly jolt down her dream. She searched and searched and finally found out that toothbrushes and toothpaste exist since ancient times. This was something she never known.

Su Xiao Pei was confused, she was in a daze for quite a good while, and when she reacted, she found out that she was late for work.

Su Xiao Pei was very confused when she went to work. Fortunately, when she does not attract much attention when she was working, therefore she no one noticed her. After half a day’s work, Su Xiao Pei felt what had happened was real and to allow herself to have a peace of mind, she called her mother.

Li Fei worked in a library. When she received her daughter’s phone call, her tone was unhappy. She was still angry at her daughter for ruining her blind dates. And when she heard that her daughter called her during working hours just because she had nothing to do, that she wasn’t thinking about her work, Li Fei could not help it but criticize Su Xiao Pei.

Su Xiao Pei’s relationship with her mother had always been like this. Every time they meet up or talk through the phone they would part on bad terms. But this time, when Su Xiao Pei heard her mother nitpicking on her, she didn’t feel anger but rather she felt that it was real. And that she had had a long dream.

Su Xiao Pei ended the call with her mother and placed her phone on the table. She stared at it and suddenly remember something. She opened the album in her phone, there was a photo, the latest photo that she took, a photo of the guy name ‘Yue’.

Su Xiao Pei clicked on the photo and her heart froze.

The photo that she took only show the sofa that was in the coffee shop, there was no one in the photo.

It was empty, an empty sofa seat.

That day, the person who talked some rubbish that he was Yue Lao, something about her soul mate, something about car accident and he was brutally wounded, and in order for him to survive, she had to transmigrate back and find him and then they would have to transmigrate back to the modern world. All those things did not happen?!

Su Xiao Pei started to panic a little. This type of symptoms are not unfamiliar to her, delusion and hallucinations.

She has seen them in her patients.

It’s just that she didn’t think that she would exhibit them one day.

Does this Yue Lao person not exist?

Su Xiao Pei called a person, “Senior, I am Xiao Pei. I met a person with delusional symptoms on Saturday and I gave him your business card. It was a young man. Did the person call you?”

The other party answered no. Su Xiao Pei answered back two sentences and hung up the phone.

Su Xiao Pei stunned for a moment and dialed another number. This number was her professor. Professor Wang Dan. he was not only her professor but her psychiatrist as well.

Yes, a psychiatrist also needs a psychiatrist.

Normal people would think that psychiatrist would assessed themselves and they, themselves, could solve their own problem. That they could completely control their temper and relieve stress. But this is not true, Psychiatrist tends to have more stress and negative emotions than other professions. When psychiatrist assessed patients with negative effects, they would feel the effects on themselves as well as they are trying to understand what the patient is going through.

When Su Xiao Pei’s father passed away, the police arranged Professor Wang Dan to give her a psychological counseling. Professor Wang Dan and the police have a cooperative relationship. She understood the role of psychology in the field of crime scene since then, so when she was unable to apply to the police academy, her first choice was psychology.

After graduating from her master’s degree, Su Xiao Pei entered Professor Wang’s institute of Psychology, while continuing her doctorate degree in Psychology. Doing part time work while studying. Professor Wang was very familiar with her situation and had given her a lot of help.

Su Xiao Pei gave a call to Professor Wang and asked if he had the time to talk in the evening. She wanted to talk to him.

Professor Wang had agreed.

Su Xiao Pei calmed down a lot. Originally, she wanted to find a time to talk to Professor Wang about the weird dream. He is a lot wiser than her, maybe he would have some ideas. But now, with her illusion, it is better to tell him what had happened.

Su Xiao Pei made use of her afternoon time to sort out the contents of the dream. In the morning, she did a rush job of the recording, thus, it was not very detailed. The editor-in-chief had said that she wanted to hold a meeting with Su Xiao Pei to discuss a topic, but she had gone on a temporary business trip, so Su Xiao Pei was very happy about it. She read her recordings on the computer and she was stunned.

Tang Lian, Stockholm Syndrome, hostage complex. Stockholm Syndrome under certain conditions the victim’s psychological changes, the victim would start to sympathize, trust or even feel affection towards the captor and may even end up helping the perpetrator. How could she have ignored this?

Su Xiao Pei thought about Tang Lian’s reaction and what had happened before and after, and she was more certain. That’s right, but she didn’t think of it at that time. While she was in that dream, her judgement had been eaten by a dog.

[eaten by a dog: means that it was not accurate]

Su Xiao Pei was doing this the whole afternoon. She had typed out what she needed, and she had saved it in a thumb drive. When she got off work, she flew out of the company building and was ready to go meet Professor Wang for their appointment.

But once she was at the lobby of her company building, she was stunned again.

Standing in front of the building, a man was anxiously staring at the entrance of the building, the man is the person who claims to be Yue Lao.

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