ISOL Chapter 20

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Su Xiao Pei went to see Professor Wang

But how was she going to talk to Professor Wang? She was hesitant about this. Originally, she intended to just talk things through, talk about the dream that does not seem like a dream, along with her hallucination of Yue Lao.

But now it seems that Yue Lao was speaking the truth and she really did transmigrate.

When Su Xiao Pei parked her car in the institute’s carpark, she finally made a decision. Dream or not, she was here to sought for some positive power.

Professor Wang was very happy to see Xiao Pei and asked her about her current working and living conditions. Xiao Pei said that everything was fine, only that her mom and aunt collaborate together to arrange blind dates for her, and if they supervised her work she would have a headache.

Professor Wang laughed happily, “Being a low-rank editor is a waste of your talents, when are you coming back, you will always have a place here.

Two of them talked about their family, Professor Wang’s wife sent him a meal. She heard that Xiao Pei was visiting him, so she made a portion for her as well. Xiao Pei saw a pile of files on Professor Wang’s table and she can’t help but be envious, knowing that he had to work overtime. This is a place where she can shine, and once she is outside, she feels restless.

The atmosphere was very relaxing for both the teacher and the student as they chat and eat.

Su Xiao Pei told her professor about her dream, her lifelike dream. In that dream, she went to a strange ancient world, she had no money, she had a strange way of speaking, she was an old woman, and her hair was different from any of the women there. Everyone around her kept looking at her with a strange look.

“What happens next?” Professor Wang asked

“I can’t do anything properly, always making mistakes, I don’t have any confidence, I don’t feel like myself. I don’t know what to do. I can’t do anything, only able to do psychological diagnosis, and I can’t even do that well. Although there is a reason for that, I was really too abnormal.

“It sounds like you are completely useless there.”

Su Xiao Pei nodded, “I don’t remember being hit so hard before.”

“So, are you disappointed?

Su Xiao Pei thought about it and shook her head, “Not disappointed. Although it is difficult, I still thought about how to make money to survive. I learnt their way of speech and want to use my knowledge to help them.”

“Then, what’s the problem?” The professor smiled. “Even if it’s a dream, you adapted very well. Xiao Pei, you have a positive side, your low confidence is normal in such an environment.”

“I was trying to adapt, but my responsibility was quite high as well.”

“Then you just look in another direction, to see in different light.”

“Different light?”

Professor smiled, got up to make tea. Su Xiao Pei quickly got up to help.

“Xiao Pei, the word pride is very subtle. Sometimes, you can understand self-confidence, sometimes, you can understand self-conceited. When things are going well, people will say that it is because of them that’s why it is going well. But when things are not done well, they will blame on their own conceited. However, the source and the process are the same. The same person will have the same judgement. So, why do people use result to analyze whether this person is self-confident or conceited?

Professor soaked the tea well, and Xiao Pei helped to carry the tray to the table.

Xiao Pei, you must know this logic. In fact, all of us know this, everyone know logic, or common sense. But there are times, logic and common sense are buried in the depths of consciousness, and there are times, people need to be guided. This is called opening. The thing I like about you the most is that you never used theory. I remember that when you were studying, Mr Li commented on your messy application.”

Su Xiao Pei remembered that Professor Li, who likes to stare at her and stroked his beard angrily, when she remembered him, she couldn’t help but laugh.

“Xiao Pei, psychology is a very special science, like art, there is no absolute right or wrong, but intriguing and interesting, you use it very well, you don’t follow procedure and that is a good way to solve the problem. So, this dream puts you in a difficult position, but you can also look at it at a different way. People will have many prejudices, and some are very narrow-minded, this is because of their environment. You went to a place where you had nothing, unload all burdens and start all over again, your mentality, your understanding, your communication situation, this is a new world for you. Or it could be another way around, but you will be able to understand more things.”

Su Xiao Pei was stunned and nodded her head. That’s right,

“Xiao Pei, whether or not it is a dream, you don’t have to doubt yourself.”

Professor Wang has a profound meaning. Su Xiao Pei, who suddenly had solved her problems, went back home.

She drove her car to her apartment carpark, she sat in her car, thinking. She took out her notebook in her bag and looked at it. A while later, she kept her book and drove out of the carpark, towards First Hospital.

The visiting hours at the hospital end at 9 p.m., and Su Xiao Pei looked at her watch and it was 5 minutes to 9. She rushed to the 25th floor of building 2, which was said by Yue Lao when they met. Once she had arrived to the 25th floor, she was dumbfounded, the floor she was on was very quiet. Once she stepped out of the elevator door, the nurse station was very luxurious.

Really **.

Su Xiao Pei quickly walked to the nurse’s station, even before she had reached the station, a nurse stood up and asked who she was looking for.

Su Xiao Pei looked at the surrounding environment and said that she was a friend of Cheng Jiang Yi, and that she came to visit him. When she had said this sentence, she realized that she should’ve bought some flowers or gifts to making it more believable.

The nurse did not check her identity but said, “Please wait, we would require Mr. Cheng’s secretary’s approval before we can allow you to visit him, I will inform him.”

Secretary? Do you need to have a secretary to guard a door when you are at a hospital?

Su Xiao Pei’s heart was beating very loudly. This can’t be, her so-called soulmate’s rank is so high in society?

Just as the nurse’s phone was dialing, a 30-year old male, wearing gold glasses, a neat shirt, well-dressed, walked out of the ward. He came out and glanced at the nurse. The nurse pointed to Su Xiao Pei, and he looked at Su Xiao Pei, adjusted his glasses at the bridge of spectacles with his fingers. He walked over to Su Xiao Pei and asked “Miss, may I ask who you are?”

“I am a friend of Mr. Cheng’s friend. My friend is overseas, and he had just heard that Mr. Cheng was in a car accident, he was worried, so he asked me to come over and visit him so that he can have a peace of mind.”

Mr. Glasses did not believe Su Xiao Pei, and asked again “May I asked who your friend is?”

“His surnamed is Yue, I was entrusted by him to check on Mr. Cheng. Therefore, I did not pay attention to his relationship with Mr. Cheng. But he was very worried about his condition, so he asked me to make a trip. Does this gentleman know every friend of Mr. Cheng well?” Su Xiao Pei was angry, but she smiled and showed no signs of lying. She also hinted to him that he might not know this friend that Su Xiao Pei was talking about.

Unfortunately, Mr. Glasses was calm, “Miss’s friend is very kind. Though, I do not know all of Director Cheng’s friends, but the situation is like this, there are some reporters who will come in with various identity to sneak a picture of Director Cheng. We are forced to ask this question and Director Cheng is not in a condition to receive guest, please understand. Please tell your friend that Director Cheng’s condition is stable, so he can feel at ease.

“If that is the case, I was too abrupt, please don’t blame me.” Su Xiao Pei’s phrasing of her words had a hint of Ran Fei Ze’s speech. She acts awkward, then smiled and asked a few questions about Cheng Jiang Yi’s condition. Mr. Glasses politely agree with Su Xiao Pei and answered her questions, because, the questions that Su Xiao Pei asked is the same as her not asking. Su Xiao Pei observed, and figured that she was not going to find out any news from him, so she said, “Then I will not bother you any longer, I will tell my friend, thank you.”

The two of them said their goodbyes and Su Xiao Pei turned around and left. When she was in the elevator, she saw that Mr. Glasses stood at the same position and was watching her. It seems that he was making sure that she had leave the place, to make sure that she was not playing any tricks.

The security is very tight, Mr. Cheng must be someone important.

Su Xiao Pei went back home and turned on her laptop. She searched for the name Cheng Jiang Yi and found out that Mr. Cheng is indeed someone important. If she didn’t search for him, she would be in the dark about his identity.

Mr. Cheng’s car accident had been kept under wraps, the news only reported that he was admitted to the hospital after he was in a car accident. It also said that he has been in a coma and there was no improvement. There was a picture of the broken car bonnet and another picture of the hospital main door, it seems that there is no photo of the actual person.

Su Xiao Pei continued to search and found out that Cheng Jiang Yi was the founder and the largest shareholder of No.C network technology company. Su Xiao Pei had heard of the company name before and she knew that it was famous. When she had first heard it, she thought who would give a company such a strange name, and now when she knew who the founder is Cheng Jiang Yi, she understands. Looking at the company’s situation, Cheng Jiang Yi may not be the CEO, but he is the head of the development department. He has developed more that 100 patents, and the media has named him ‘Genius Golden Boy’’

Su Xiao Pei continued to search and looked at every article one by one. The online report on a Mr. Wei Jin Tong was mostly in the company’s achievements and personal honors. There were also many introductions of new products.

Su Xiao Pei looked at all the information and suddenly thought of something bad, program development, technology company, hahaha, this bastard suddenly travelled back to the past, would certainly be more of a waste than her.

This night, Su Xiao Pei could not sleep properly, she kept turning and moving. She was afraid that once she fell asleep she would cross over. As a result, this prove that she overthinks too much. This night was calm, when Su Xiao Pei woke up, she was still in her bedroom, **.

Su Xiao Pei went to work as usual, and the editor-in-chief did not return. The team leader arranged for her to assist other editors. Su Xiao Pei had no particular feeling about it, so she just did what the team leader ordered and concentrated on working, just passing time doing her work and when there is free time, she continued searching on Director Cheng and researching on ancient history and their cultures.

Three days has gone pass, on this day, Su Xiao Pei received a notice from her team leader, saying that the editor-in-chief would return the next day and asked if Su Xiao Pei had any new ideas on the topic. The editor-in-chief would hold a discussion with her when he came back to the company.

Su Xiao Pei agreed, she had prepared some ideas, but she was not sure whether her editor-in-chief would like it. She is quite upset with the topic of choice, the book that she find interesting are slow moving in sales, but surprisingly, books that she find that are not sellable are instead best sellers.

Take the editor of the company’s romance department, she likes to give books to let Su Xiao Pei read. When Su Xiao Pei criticize her books, the editor would be very happy, “That’s good, the books that Xiao Pei finds not sellable are usually books that would be the best sellers.”

This type of comments on her taste are not pleasing to the ears, alright?

However, Su Xiao Pei still gave her advice sincerely, “Jia Jia, can you tell your author that there is not much meaning to just keep writing about transmigration, it is nothing new, you can tell them to write about opening a toothbrush shop in ancient times, it will definitely make money.”

Jia Jia was unhappy, “Hey, Xiao Pei, you are really bad. You mean that my author’s draft is not good enough? Come, come, lets go eat barbecue tonight, I will give you knowledge about transmigration.”

Therefore, this evening, Su Xiao Pei and Chen Jia Jia ate barbecue together. Su Xiao Pei listening to Jia Jia’s lecture on a variety of transmigration, survival skills and the inevitable experience of the what every main character will experience and what they should do to be accepted as well as the different characters of handsome male lead and the black hearted male antagonist.

Su Xiao Pei laughed a lot and was very happy. She likes Jia Jia very much, Jia Jia is an innocent and passionate girl, her love for her job makes Su Xiao Pei envious.

However, Su Xiao Pei’s happiness did not last till the next day, because that night, after she slept, Su Xiao Pei transmigrated over.

Su Xiao Pei did not know whether it was because she had heard too many stories of transmigration or was it because it her editor-in-chief wants to have a meeting with her the next day. The last time she crossed over, her editor-in-chief was going to speak with her the next day. This coincidence makes her deem her editor-in-chief as bad omen

This time when Su Xiao Pei cross over, it was worse than the last time.

Su Xiao Pei slept soundly, suddenly, she felt that she could not breathe, felt very cold, cold and wet.

She was in the water!

Su Xiao Pei, subconsciously, opened her eyes, and accidently opened her mouth, and the cold water entered her mouth. She started to struggle and moved around.

She was struggling while trying to stay calm.

Did she cross again? Transmigrated over once more?

She can’t seem to calm down and it appears that she was dying.

It can’t be, I will die just as I cross over, then I will return back to modern world, then cross over, and return back…

Su Xiao Pei has no more air in her lungs and she was about to explode. She began to panic, and her limbs instinctively swarm upwards.

Just up above is the surface, air!

Finally! Su Xiao Pei surface from the water, she took in deep breaths

But things are not over yet.

The speed of the water current was very fast, just as Su Xiao Pei surface, the water pulled her along with the currents, pulling her back into the water.

She struggled and tried to stay afloat. But she had no strength left, so she shouted for help.

Su Xiao Pei saw a blurry figure by the river, she could not see clearly but she shouted louder.

“Miss.” The figure rushed to the shore that was closest to her, Su Xiao Pei heard his voice and was so excitement that someone was saving her.


It is better to rely on Soldier than to rely on the heavens!

If there is a ‘Most reliable and kind-hearted’ vote, she most definitely will give her vote to Ran Fei Ze!

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