ISOL Chapter 26

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Su Xiao Pei slept very well, she was not fully awake when she opened her eyes, staring at the dirty ceiling. After a while, she got her bearings and knew that she was still in the past.

She heard someone knocking on the door, then Ran Fei Ze’s voice travelled through, “Miss, it’s time to get up.”

Su Xiao Pei only replied with a sound and knew that the sun was up. The people in the wine shop should be working. Although the backyard was secluded, the staff would still come over to pick up the firewood or some other things. It was not convenient for her to wash up. Su Xiao Pei got off her bed, got dressed, and took her washing items, opened the door and there was a bucket of water placed outside the house. Whereas, Ran Fei Ze was chopping firewood, not far away.

There was still some coolness in the morning of March, though the sun was shining into the yard, it was not too hot.

Su Xiao Pei washed her hands and feet, brushed her teeth in the corner and sneaked a peak at Ran Fei Ze. She could see that there was thin coat of sweat on him, meaning that he had been chopping up firewood for a while. He saw that Su Xiao Pei was staring at him, so he looked over.

Su Xiao Pei was a little embarrassed and immediately looked sideways and turned around, using her back to block his view of her, as well as speeding up her brushing actions. What’s so nice about watching her brush her teeth. Why didn’t Mr. Soldier said that brushing teeth is indecent, that it could not be seen?

Once Su Xiao Pei had brushed her teeth and washed up, she went to the lavatory, holding in her breath, rush in and out as fast as possible. The most uncomfortable place to go after crossing world was the toilet, she was not able to enjoy the comforts modern toilets. Su Xiao Pei had a bitter face when she suddenly had a thought, ‘what was she going to do when her great aunt came?’ she counted the dates, if it was in modern times, her period would be coming, but she does not know if time is the same as modern world.

[Great aunt – period]

After washing her hands, she went back to the house and found Ran Fei Ze standing there, holding onto a bowl of breakfast. There was only one chair in the house, and on the chair, there was two bowls. One of it was filled with porridge and there were four mantou and some salted vegetables in the other. These two bowls are both of their breakfast.

Su Xiao Pei sighed, and she could not deny that she was not hungry as always, she sat on her bed board and ate the porridge with some salted vegetables, then she ate one mantou.

Ran Fei Ze ruthlessly ate all the remaining mantou, not only was he eating at a fast pace, but he was also enjoying his meal. Su Xiao Pei felt that if she was able to survive in this world could be because of Ran Fei Ze optimism, he has never shown a defeated look. That has a positive impact on her.

Once both have eaten their fill, Su Xiao Pei told Ran Fei Ze that she wanted to visit the Yamen, that she wanted to talk with the mountain bandit, Luo Ping. She also had an answer ready if Ran Fei Ze had asked what they were going to converse about.

But Ran Fei Ze did not ask her, but said, “It is not appropriate for Miss to go out alone. Rumors will start if they knew Miss went to find the criminal.”

Just as Su Xiao Pei was about to say something to convince him, Ran Fei Ze continued to say, “Once I have finished my work, I will accompany Miss.”

Once Su Xiao Pei heard what he had said, she quickly nods her head. It was good that Ran Fei Ze is accompanying her. He will be able to get her message across, as people are not able to understand her words.

This morning, while Ran Fei Ze was working, Su Xiao Pei looked at her logbook, and sorted out her thoughts. But she was not able to look at those few pages for long, she kept her logbook properly. It was boring, so she decided to go out to the yard and watch Ran Fei Ze.

Today, Ran Fei Ze was cleaning the wine jars.

The courtyard was full of wine jars, each jar had reached Su Xiao Pei waist, and they were quite heavy. Ran Fei Ze placed them in the middle of the courtyard, scooping some water, pouring it over the jar and brushing them one by one. Su Xiao Pei looked at him for a while and felt that she could do it too, so she went up and planned to help him.

Ran Fei Ze saw that she was walking over, thought that she had something to say. Therefore, he stopped what he was doing and looked at her.

Su Xiao Pei saw that Ran Fei was looking at her, froze and wanted to retreat. Then, she thought about it, the past few days he had been taking care of their meals, but she had never helped to contribute any labor, it was really embarrassing. Just as she thought this, she quickly rolled up her sleeves and said loudly, “Soldier, I came to help you.”

Ran Fei Ze looked at her, a little embarrassed, “Miss, Miss’s skin should not….”

The last half of the sentence was not said, Su Xiao Pei’s chin was about to drop. I…I can’t even roll up my sleeves?

“Then, does ladies not work before?” She looked down at her arms and sleeves, frowned and rolled her sleeves back down.

Look, the sleeves are a little wide, it is not convenient to work like this.

Ran Fei Ze did not speak, turned his head and went back to the house. After a while, he came back out with two strands of rope. He signaled to Su Xiao Pei to raise her arms, then, he helped her tied her sleeves at her wrist.

“If Miss wants to work, even if there is strangers outside or not, Miss has to tie up your sleeves. There will always be people coming in and out of this backyard, it is not proper for to Miss show your skin.”

“Oh.” Su Xiao Pei sighed in her heart, even if her sleeves are tied up at her wrist, it is also not very convenient for her to work. Disregarding it, in Rome do as the Romans do, she does not want to be called crazy if she was caught being improper.

Su Xiao Pei took a piece of cloth towel, watching Ran Fei Ze, she learned how to clean the wine jar. The inside of the wine jar must be cleaned, and the stains on the outside must be wiped off. Ran Fei Ze has a lot of strength, using one had, he picked up the wine jar and emptied the water inside and scrubbed the outside and placed it on side of the backyard. Su Xiao Pei was not able to carry it, she could only push it down and pour the water, therefore, staining the outside of the wine jar with mud. She could only brush and wiped the outside again.

Ran Fei Ze did not care about her, he took it as she was playing. Su Xiao Pei wiped her sweat, thinking that it was not easy to earn enough money just for one mantou.

She started to clean the second one. She poured some water into the wine jar, cleaned the inside, poured the dirty water out, then poured some clean water back in to washed it, then poured it back out, then, she prepared to brush the outside. It was quite smooth, but when she was pouring the water the second time, she tilted the wine jar but she did not have a good grip, a loud ‘DONG’ sound was heard, the wine jar was pushed over. Coincidently, there was a big stone where the jar landed, Su Xiao Pei heard the sound, and her heart stopped.

Quickly and using all her strength, she pulled the wine jar upright. Dead, she’s dead. It seems that there was a crack line, it cracked! Just like that, it broke! The quality is so bad!

Su Xiao Pei wanted to cry, but no tears came out, “Would they ask us to pay them back?”

Ran Fei Ze raised the wine jar to his eye level and inspect it, without making a sound, he wiped the wine jar clean and placed it together with the cleaned wine jars.

Su Xiao Pei opened her mouth and pointed at mess that she had caused. Ran Fei Ze did not wait for her to speak, blinked and said, “It could have been caused by Boss Song, who knows.”

Su Xiao Pei froze, ‘we can do this?’

She quickly put her hand down, not pointing at anything. Looked left and right, saw that no one was in the courtyard, meaning that no one saw what had happened.

“Soldier is wise.”

She was not a bad person, if she was still in the modern world, she would be responsible for breaking other people’s things. But now, she is penniless and is not able to be responsible. Besides, the boss is stingy, not even giving them a table to use. Ran Fei Ze had to work hard every single day, but he is not even receiving a single cent. Only giving some mantou with porridge and some pickled vegetables. It’s too much.

Well, she could only think this way to make herself feel more comfortable.

“Miss should sit on one side.” Ran Fei Ze confiscated the cloth towel in her hand and began to chase her away. Su Xiao Pei purse her lips and sat on the side of the woodpile, she knew that her efforts were look down upon.

“I really want to help.” She felt that it was necessary to justify herself. She wasn’t her to cause trouble. She succeeded in cleaning one wine jar.

“En, I know that Miss is kind.” His tone sounded insincere.

Su Xiao Pei hugged her knees and sighed.

“Miss, don’t panic. Regarding those wine jar, even if Boss Song found out about the crack, he is not able to do anything.”

“Really?” That’s right, they have no money, so they won’t be able to pay anything. But she is afraid that they would chase them away, or that they will be deprived of their three meals a day.

“Please relax, Miss. The both of us have nothing to give them, even if we have to pay, we could only give Miss to them, but he wouldn’t ask for you.”

Wow. What kind of mentality was that. why was it her that was given away, and he still doesn’t want her.

“Miss has no strength, unable to do work. Boss Song would only be able to sell Miss to earn money, to be a wife. But Miss’s background is unknown, not young, has no hair, eccentric as well, he won’t be able to earn much, why would be still want you?”

What is this?! Do you have to analyze so deep? And what do you mean by no hair? I have hair, it is just short. Short does not mean bald!

Su Xiao Pei touched her head, not convinced.

“Moreover, Miss’s name ‘Xiao Pei’, it means small loss. For merchants, this name is unlucky, who would want?”

“SOLDIER!” He’s still not done?

Su Xiao Pei squared her shoulders, “Soldier does not know, but ‘Xiao Pei’ is a good name. When my mom… When my mother gave birth to me, my father was reading a story called ‘The Flower Fairy’. In that story, there was lady, she was called ‘Xiao Pei’. That Xiao Pei traveled all over the world to find a flower called ‘Seven-color flower’ that gave the founder happiness. She was very brave and very kind, when she found the flower at the end, she found her happiness. That story was for children, but my father loved it very much, he said humans lived for a very long time, and he hope that for that in my life, it can be smooth sailing, that I am healthy and happy, and can be like that Xiao Pei in that story. Not asking for unrealistic smooth sailing life, but no matter what difficulties I encountered, he hoped that I would be able to overcome it and find my happiness, therefore, my parents named me Xiao Pei.”

When Su Xiao Pei talked about her father, she felt a little sad. Her dear father knew that her life wasn’t smooth, but she will try her very best to achieve her dream, face her challenges with all her courage.

She blinked her eyes, blinked away the wetness that was in her eyes. “My mom doesn’t like this name, originally, she wanted to call me Su Ya, saying that it was a good name for a girl, but my father insists on calling me Xiao Pei. They have fought over this many times, and finally it was my dad who had won.”

She took a deep breath and turned her head, saw that Ran Fei Ze was looking straight at her. she turned back around, quickly said, “I mean…my father had won. My hometown, father is called dad, mother is called mom

“I understand.” Ran Fei Ze nodded. “When Miss talks like this, I am still able to guess the meaning. Just that, when in front of strangers, Miss must be more aware.”

“I understand.” Su Xiao Pei kept in mind and will work hard to correct it. She also knew that Ran Fei Ze’s nagging was because he was worried for her. Just as she was about to say something, someone came into the courtyard and said, “Soldier.”

The voice was soft and delicate, sweet and somewhat suspicious. Su Xiao Pei turned around and saw a young lady holding a bamboo basket, standing there, smiling.

There is a situation! Su Xiao Pei is not a person who likes to gossip but gossips regarding Soldier Ran Fei Ze is very interesting.

“Soldier.” That lady walked in and threw herself to Ran Fei Ze.  “Soldier is really here, Nu Jia took a long time to find Soldier.”

Su Xiao Pei finally knew how young lady should curtsy. It is not a wonder why she was being stared at when she was at the Tang’s family house.

The lady didn’t pay attention to Xiao Pei, who was standing at the side. She only concentrated on talking to Ran Fei Ze. “Soldier, Nu Jia have been feeling uneasy for not thanking you for your help the last time. Soldier did not leave your name, Nu Jia did not know where to find you. Fortunately, it is my luck to meet you. Nu Jia really don’t know how to thank you, Nu Jia only know how to cook pork leg for you to eat with your wine.”

While she was talking, she walked into the courtyard, but Ran Fei Ze back two steps, and said, “Miss is polite, it was no big deal, Miss don’t have to worry about it.”

The lady was blushing, and her voice gotten softer, “Soldier, please don’t reject my thanks, other than cooking, Nu Jia do not know what else I can give.” She walked two steps forward again, trying to pass the basket to Ran Fei Ze.

Ran Fei Ze took a big step backwards, “Miss is too polite, Zai Xia only helped you move some firewood, it was no trouble. Zai Xia is currently dirty, therefore, I won’t get close to Miss.”

Ran Fei Ze, who took a big step backwards, nearly collided with Su Xiao Pei. Su Xiao Pei jumped up and was finally seen by that lady.

The lady was surprised and blinked when she saw Su Xiao Pei.

Su Xiao Pei felt that Ran Fei Ze did it on purpose. She was hiding at a corner, watch a drama, and he deliberately walked in her direction and nearly stepped on her. Su Xiao Pei had no choice but to smile at the lady, who had nearly confessed to Ran Fei Ze, showing that she was innocent.

“Miss, Zai Xia is unable to accept your gratitude.” Ran Fei Ze continued to refuse the fragrant pork leg that was delivered to their door. He looked back at Su Xiao Pei and said, “We are vegetarian.”

What?! You and who are vegetarians?

Su Xiao Pei sighed in her heart, knew that Ran Fei Ze was not willing to accept the gift. Look, this is the difference, the lady repaying her gratitude, but he is not willing to accept, if it was her and she had only helped to move some firewood, she would have received his luck. Su Xiao Pei released a small sigh, well, the lady had received help, she should pay it back.


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