ISOL Chapter 27

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When Su Xiao Pei thought of this, the lady’s gaze swept back to her.

It turns out that when Ran Fei Ze look at Su Xiao Pei and said ‘We are vegetarian’ made the lady’s heart stop for a beat. She went through the trouble to send him food, and he used other girls to stop her advances, that much should be obvious. And when Su Xiao Pei added another sentence, it made her all the more unhappy.

“This master is?” The girl who sent the pork leg was not willing to admit defeat, and asked Ran Fei Ze. She looked at Ran Fei Ze and inquired about Su Xiao Pei, the lady had heard that in addition to saving Tang Lian, he had saved a vulgar stranger, it seems that it was the case.

Master? Su Xiao Pei did not quite understand the meaning. But after waiting for a long time, Ran Fei Ze didn’t seem to explain to her. she had no choice to but to answer the lady, “My family name is Su.”

Was she supposed to say her family name? The lady thought for a while before saying “Miss Su.” Following that, she turned to Ran Fei Ze, saying in a sweet and gentle voice, “Nu Jia’s family name is Chen.”

Su Xiao Pei felt that it was a little funny and couldn’t help but look at Ran Fei Ze. Ran Fei Ze had also turned his head to look at Su Xiao Pei, but it seems that he was blaming her for something. Su Xiao Pei retuned a look that was saying that she did not ask for her name, that she did not cause trouble and she was innocent.

Turning back, Su Xiao Pei saw that Miss Chen was staring at her, Su Xiao Pei had tried to follow her and bow, but in a very weird position compared to Miss Chen.

When Miss Chen saw Su Xiao Pei’s action, she couldn’t help but laugh, “Where is Miss from?”

Where is she from? Su Xiao Pei froze for a moment, she subconsciously looked at Ran Fei Ze, could she say that she was from far East?

Ran Fei Ze glanced at her and coughed, saying, “Miss Su is just a passerby, her origins are not important.”

Yes, she is innocent, and it is pointless to ask about her. Su Xiao Pei nod her head, cooperating with Ran Fei Ze.

Miss Chen wasn’t interested in Su Xiao Pei’s origins, she just saw that Su Xiao Pei was a little eccentric and wanted to confirm if she was a nun. It was rare seeing a nun to leave her faith and be a normal citizen again.

But seeing that Ran Fei Ze trying help Su Xiao Pei, Miss Chen changed her mind again. When she made inquiry of him around the village, everyone says that Ran Fei Ze was not married, and did not know if he has any relationship with the eccentric lady.

This place was not big, everyone knows each other. When there is a stranger that enter the town, they were wary. Ran Fei Ze is not that bad looking and able-bodied, there were many people trying to make inquiries about him. he is also approachable and friendly, so everyone in this town has a great impression of him.

Miss Chen received some assistance from Ran Fei Ze and fell in love with him. She dares not act recklessly, therefore she waited a few days before making inquiries about him. The reason why she came over with food today was because she was making sure that the information she got was correct, if it was, she would have to make plans for her future.

Unexpectedly, the relationship between this nun and Soldier seems to be different from the information she had received.

“Erm…” Miss Chen bit her lips, and thought of retreating, but not willing to give up.

There was no guy like Ran Fei Ze in this town, Furthermore, they had met coincidentally, he was considerate and helpful, and Miss Chen thought it was fate.

She hesitated for a moment, and said: “I heard that Soldier had saved a nun… I, it was me that did not thought of it, since you are a vegetarian, I will go back and make some vegetarian dishes.”

Still getting the food? Su Xiao Pei can clearly see Ran Fei Ze’s mouthed twitched slightly, and calmly replied “Thank you Miss Chen for being so thoughtful, but we are going to start out journey again in a few days, we do not dare to trouble Miss.”

Su Xiao Pei placed her hands at her back and nodded, she was feeling anxious in her heart. If this lady forced Ran Fei Ze away with her fiery love, then they would not be able to receive information from Bai Yu Lang’s investigation, she will definitely be sent to a nunnery, there will be no hope in getting the five tales. How was she going to survive and look for Cheng Jiang Yi if she is penniless?

Seeing that Miss Chen still wanted to try her luck, Su Xiao Pei grit her teeth and stood up in front of Ran Fei Ze, saying “Miss, forgive me for being rude, but Soldier Ran meant that regardless of it being meat or vegetarian dishes, he will not be accepting it.”

Miss Chen’s mouth was opened, she was surprised. She did not expect Su Xiao Pei would speak so direct, it is indeed rude to say thing like this.

Su Xiao Pei frowned, and turned to look at Ran Fei Ze, he obviously did not mind her actions, he was even happy about it. Su Xiao Pei sigh in her heart, feeling that she had just fell into a trap set by him. This Ran Fei Ze… is so shrewd

But she had already opened her mouth, she must continue to say what she wants to. She must make sure that Ran Fei Ze will not turn to get his baggage and leave this place.

Su Xiao Pei cleared her throat, trying to get her speech right “Miss, actually, I… I will honestly say it. Those news about me being a nun…” she looked at Miss Chen’s expression, harden her heart and said, “I am saying, you might be able to guess that the reason I got out of the nunnery was because of Ran Fei Ze.”

Miss Chen opened her mouth, she was really surprised with what she had just heard. She looked at Su Xiao Pei and turned to look at Ran Fei Ze. Ran Fei Ze was natural, not confirming nor denying anything. Realizing what this meant, her face suddenly turned white.

Su Xiao Pei was also not comfortable with what she had just said, disgusted with what she said. But she was unable to take back her words, she will have to say the rest “Soldier Ran and I have agreed on a status. Or else wouldn’t it be weird for a man and a woman walking around? If there is no status given why would a man and a woman share a room?”

Miss Chen stared at her in shock, her face paled.

Su Xiao Pei coughed softly, she felt sorry in her heart.

Miss Chen clenched her food basket tight in her hands, and she looked at Ran Fei Ze, then she was ashamed and annoyed, she quickly turned around and left immediately.

Su Xiao Pei looked at the direction Miss Chen had left in, feeling uncomfortable. It was awkward pretending to be someone’s wife, she was too embarrassed look at Ran Fei Ze.

But, Ran Ze Fei was the one who breach the topic, “Do you know what you have just said?”

Of course, she knew. Su Xiao Pei frowned and glanced at him.

“The first sentence was indeed great. The reason for being rude was to help me, there affection to it.” Ran Ze Fei said in a formal way, Su Xiao Pei started to get goosebumps. Affection? This man does not need to say it such a satisfied and serious tone.

“But the next sentence, ‘living in the same room’ is not a shameless matter. If we went to another city where the laws are stricter, we will be sentenced. Both of us will be put in pig cages and immersed in the river.”

[In ancient china, when a couple is caught having an affair, the adulterers will be placed in a pig cage and drowned in the river.]

“Did I not say that there is a status given?”

“Who is our witness? Even in private, it is not a right thing to get married without any witness, gifts, dowry nor matchmaker. It will be a laughing matter. If you think thoroughly it is an impolite thing, and if the government was willing to investigate it, and it will become a scandal.”

Su Xiao Pei frowned even more, so serious? Even more serious than breaking the wine tank?

So, did she get into trouble again?

“Is the law that strict in Stone Town? That Miss Chen, will she spread this news?” She did not expect things to be more serious than she thought, but it seems that the ancient laws appear to be exaggerated.

Su Xiao Pei feels a little uneasy, she won’t get into trouble just because of lies she had just made, right?

She would vomit blood if Ran Fei Ze was driven away by the trouble she had just caused instead of being smothered by that lady.

“There are feelings between the two of us, no elders around in our life, settling it private should not be a problem, right?”

Su Xiao Pei thought things through, trying to figure out the whole situation, to understand what is going on.

“Even if that was not right, they, who are outsider, are not able to control it, At most, we will be look down on, right?”

Su Xiao Pei thoughts were all jumbled together but Ran Fei Ze did not answer her. she was anxious and went in front of Ran Fei Ze and asked him. but when she saw his expression, she shouted, “You tricked me!?”

Ran Fei Ze couldn’t help it anymore and laughed loudly.

If Su Xiao Pei could breathe out fire, she would. This type of joke is not funny, okay?!

Ran Fei Ze laughed while waving his hand, “I am telling the truth, some places do punish. Miss should be careful.”

She was careless! Su Xiao Pei was stunned for a while before storming back into the house.

In the afternoon, Ran Fei Ze accompanied Su Xiao Pei to the Yamen. Su Xiao Pei learnt her lesson from Ran Fei Ze. She won’t dare to talk too much. She would let Ran Fei Ze do the explaining from now on. Anyway, Ran Fei Ze has a glib tongue. When he is in serious mode, he is more effective than her.

Su Xiao Pei strained her ears, listening to Ran Fei Ze smooth talking. Su Xiao Pei was determined to learn Ran Fei Ze’s talent.

A while later, Su Xiao Pei finally saw the mountain bandit, Luo Ping. Luo Ping was cooperative because the government officials and Ran Fei Ze was standing nearby. Most of the question that Su Xiao Pei asked was answered. Luo Ping had confessed his crimes to the officials, what he did not understand was what Su Xiao Pei wants. Su Xiao Pei had some doubts in her heart after speaking with Luo Ping. She felt that Luo Ping was different from her previous analysis.

Su Xiao Pei finally asked if Luo Ping had seen a man with short hair, thirty years old, had an accent and tone was similar to hers. Luo Ping replied that he had not. Su Xiao Pei continued to ask if he heard of such person, Luo Ping replied that he had not.

Su Xiao Pei kept staring at Luo Ping throughout the conversation, making sure that he wasn’t lying.

Su Xiao Pei was disappointed

This a dead end, there is no clues on finding Cheng Jiang Yi.

Su Xiao Pei and Ran Fei Ze slowly walked back to the wine shop. Su Xiao Pei was not in a good mood; therefore, she did not talk on the way back.

“Where is Miss’s family?” Ran Fei Ze spoke as he saw her depressed mood. He was curious about her origins.

“The far east.” Su Xiao Pei did not continue explaining, she lowered her head, resume her depressed state.

“The person Miss is looking for, surnamed Cheng, who is he?”

“An important person, he would have arrived more than a month before me.” Su Xiao Pei counted, “He would’ve arrived in the latter half of January, soldier, have you seen him?”

No. Miss is the first person I saw that is weird.”

“Oh.” Su Xiao Pei sighed, this person is not easy to find, she must be psychologically prepared.

“Why is Miss looking for him?”

“Once I have found him, I will be able to go home.”

“You can’t go home unless you find him?”

“En.” Su Xiao Pei nodded.

“Why?” Ran Fei Ze was stunned, there are still such weird things.

“Erm…” Su Xiao Pei thought about how to answer him, “I also don’t know who set this rule.”

“Rules.” Ran Fei Ze smiled, “Rules are an annoying thing.”

Su Xiao Pei gave him a look. This person still got the gall to say about me. who was the one who kept saying this or that was indecent.

“Where does Soldier intend to go next?” Now it was her turn to ask the question.


“Why does Soldier want to have a disciple?”

“It is the clan’s rules to have a disciple, so that our skills can be carried on.”

“Oh.” Su Xiao Pei has no interest in this matter. She just asked casually, while she was thinking what she should do next.

“How does Miss plan to find someone?”

“Don’t know.”

I will wait for Constable Bai to come back with the information before leaving Stone Town. Is Miss willing to go to the nunnery or have a place in mind?”

Su Xiao Pei bit her lips, she really does not want to go to the nunnery. She also does not know why but she feels safer and more secure when she is with Ran Fei Ze. But he has no reason to keep taking care of her. Listening to what he had just said, he is kind enough to send her to a place.

Miss does not have to worry about it, the nunnery is a good place, no bad will come to you. If Miss does not have a place in mind, do not have a home, you can stay at the nunnery for a while.”

Suddenly, Su Xiao Pei stood still.

“Soldier!” She suddenly felt energetic.


“What Soldier is saying, those who have no place to go, no money, and no survival skills will go to the temple for help.

“That is natural.”

“Soldier!” Su Xiao Pei was a little excited, she though that she had found a direction that she could go. But Cheng Jiang Yi won’t be able to go a nunnery. “Soldier! I want to go to the temple!”


<庵廟, Ān miào> = is a temple or a nunnery where an abbess is the head in charge of everything

<寺廟, sì miào> = is a temple where an abbot is the head in charge of everything.

If you have realized, I used nunnery and temple. I decided to use nunnery and temple is because in this case An miao is a temple or a nunnery where all females who practice Buddhism lived only consisting of an abbess, who is the head, and nuns. Whereas, si miao, a temple, only consist of males who practice Buddhism, where an abbot and monks lived. These two places would usually be at two different locations. It is rare for a female to go to the temple and vice versa. So, I decided to use nunnery and temple so that it would not be confusing.

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