ISOL Chapter 28

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Fortunately, Ran Fei Ze had some patience when dealing with Su Xiao Pei otherwise, he would be angered to death by her.


“What’s wrong?” Su Xiao Pei learned his manner of speaking. If this way was unable to work, what if she missed her chance, there were so many temples, it is not possible to search every single one of them.

“Please mind your words!”

“I did.” Su Xiao Pei thought about it, she wanted to leave a letter, even if they did not meet, if she had left a message for Cheng Jiang Yi to read, he would be able to find her. but she doesn’t have a fixed address, how could he find her?

Su Xiao Pei frowned and thought again, she looked up and saw that Ran Fei Ze angrily staring at her.

She waved both hands in front of her, proving her innocence, “I really did mind my words, I listened to you! I will mind my words. Just now at the Yamen, I did not speak any nonsense, and used the way Soldier had taught me to speak.”

Not waiting for Ran Fei Ze to open his mouth, she anxiously asked, “Soldier, where is the nearest temple?”

“Miss!” Ran Fei Ze decided to make things clear, “There are a lot of temples, you can go there and pray, you can go there to eat vegetarian food, you can go there to stay for a few nights, but they do not accept woman to stay permanently…” Ran Fei Ze realized something after saying this, “What Miss meant was that the person you are finding would go to the temple to seek refuge?”

“Yes.” Su Xiao Pei nodded. “If I am unable to find him in a temple, I still want to leave a letter for him. Soldier, you have travelled a lot, what would someone do if they are looking for you?”

Ran Fei Ze raised his eyebrows, understood what Su Xiao Pei had said. “Naturally, the person would leave a letter if there is an urgent matter. I know some Jianghu martial artist, the news will be passed from one person to another. Once, they have news that I am around, it would be passed on to me.”

Su Xiao Pei took the chance to continue, “Soldier, can you lend me your information network? If I am not able to find a person, I would leave a letter. If he is able to read it, he can tell your information network, that way, he would be able to find me.”

Ran Fei Ze did not answer her, only walked towards the wine shop.

Su Xiao Pei followed him, the more she thought, the more she felt that this plan was feasible. It was better than her staying at a nunnery.

Not to mention, it was not possible for Cheng Jiang Yi to go to a nunnery. To find information, it is best to be outside, talking to people, it is better than being cooped up in a nunnery. But Su Xiao Pei knew, that if she wants to do this, she must first convince Ran Fei Ze.

Su Xiao Pei thought of ways to convince Ran Fei Ze, all the way back to the wine shop.

When they had reached the courtyard, those wine jar that Ran Fei Ze had washed in the morning was still at the corner. Su Xiao Pei was reminded of Miss Chen that had came to find Ran Fei Ze when she saw those wine jar. Suddenly, Su Xiao Pei had an idea.


Ran Fei Ze was in the house, pouring a cup of water when he heard Su Xiao Pei calling for him.

“Soldier, I understand why you are travelling around, I know that it is not convenient for you to bring me along. But you know that I am having a hard time. The person I am looking for is very important. Once I have found him, I am able to go home. Soldier also know that in order to find a person, you would have to ask around, not wait at a certain place. So, if I go to a nunnery, I may able to adapt but the hopes of me finding a person is very low. Soldier, I am helpless here, I don’t know who to trust. I was lucky to meet Soldier when I got here. Solider is kind, please take me with you. I will not trouble you. I am not picky and have a small appetite. Although, I can’t work, but I am able to wash clothes…”

Ran Fei Ze interrupt her, “The clothes that Miss washed…is not clean.”

Su Xiao Pei was stunned. Indeed, washing her own clothes was the only thing she did when she transmigrated over, but since she had relied on washing machines and washing powder… the clothes she washed by hand… well, it’s not as clean as Ran Fei Ze’s.

Su Xiao Pei cleared her throat, she wasn’t that stupid to use her poor housework skills to persuade Ran Fei Ze. In fact, the point that she wanted to talk about is next.

Soldier, I have the ability to read people, I am willing to teach Soldier. In exchange, I want to follow Soldier, what does Soldier think?”

Ran Fei Ze touched his chin, was quite surprised that she had made this move.

“Able to read people? It does sounds good, Miss, please explain.”

Su Xiao Pei took a deep breath and said, “Let’s take Miss Chen who came today as an example, her love for Soldier is true.”

Ran Fei Ze chuckled, “Miss has no need to tell me this, regarding love matters, I am able to see the truth.”

Su Xiao Pei nodded, “It is not bad that Soldier is able to see it. Miss Chen’s expression, tone and posture was obvious. Soldier is good at using instinct and observations. It is not difficult to deduce.”

Ran Fei Ze laughed again, “Does that mean Miss should change to a more difficult example?”

“Not changing. We will still talk about Miss Chen. Soldier, please think about it, what if she is pretending? If she came with a purpose, deliberately pretend to love Soldier. Her expression, tone of speech, her posture, it is not difficult to hide it. If Soldier has the mood to pretend to be affectionate to get information from her, it will not be difficult for you.”

Ran Fei Ze seriously thought about it and opened his mouth to reply, “That is true.”

He is really not humble, not even saying ‘How can I do such a thing?’.

Su Xiao Pei continued on saying, “So, relying on what Solider had said, based on your feeling or on instinct, it is not 100% accurate.”

“What Miss is saying it is not 100% correct?”

“Yes, it is not 100% correct.”

“In that case, how does Miss deduce?”

“I look at her eyes.” Su Xiao Pei pointed to her own eyes. “The innermost ring of our eye, the darkest circle, is called the pupil. Depending on the amount of light that its receiving, its size will vary. When the surrounding is bright, the pupil will become smaller, when the surrounding is dark, the pupil will become larger. These changes occur naturally and are beyond the person’s control. Does Soldier understand what I am saying? A person will not know when their pupil would become bigger or smaller, they are unable to imitate it. Whenever a person sees something they are interested in, a person that they like, or even feel excited, their pupil would become bigger. If they feel disgust, hate, or rejection, the pupil would become smaller.”

Ran Fei Ze did not speak, only stare at Su Xiao Pei.

“When Miss Chen expressed her affection towards Soldier, and when she talked to me, the size of her pupil changed. Her love for Soldier was real. Looking at her eyes, I am able to know whether or not she was pretending. If someone pretends not to be interested, but their pupil became bigger, Soldier would know that they are pretending.”

Ran Fei Ze thought for a moment and said, “What Miss said is true, but when Miss Chen was here, I wasn’t paying attention. And she isn’t here now, so I am unable to test if it is true. So how will I know what you are saying is real or not?”

“Just now, Soldier have been talking to me for a long time. Your position did not change, and the surrounding light did not change as well. Therefore, the size of Soldier’s pupil will change according to your psychological state.”

Ran Fei Ze laughed loudly, but he said, “I am interested in this matter, but I am unable to see my own eyes, how will I know if Miss is speaking the truth or not?”

Su Xiao Pei frowned, she knew that Ran Fei Ze is just finding faults, but she will not be defeated so easily.

“Just now, Soldier laughed, is Soldier in a good mood?”

“Not bad.” Ran Fei Ze fold his arms, his posture was relaxed and comfortable.

“Then, why don’t I try to make Soldier angry?”

Ran Fei Ze smiled, “How are you going to anger me?”

“No violence.” Su Xiao Pei placed both hands behind her back, carrying an air of confidence.

Ran Fei Ze laughed loudly again, “Please try.”

“Then, Soldier, please do what I say.” Su Xiao Pei gave him a signal, “Soldier, please stand straight.”

Ran Fei Ze did as she said.

“Soldier, please clench your fist with all your strength. Good. Look at the corner of the door, right here. Close your mouth tightly, and frown. Very good. Please keep at it, concentrate, I count to ten.”

Ran Fei Ze does not understand what she is doing, but he did as she said.

Su Xiao Pei started counting, “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.”

At ten, she snapped her fingers.

“Soldier, do you feel angry?”

Ran Fei Ze breath out and relax his body. He turned his head and looked at Su Xiao Pei. His face had a surprised expression.

“There was nothing that made you angry, but you felt that anger, didn’t you?” Su Xiao Pei smiled, “Soldier, do you believe me now?

“How did Miss do it?”

“If Soldier is willing to take me in, willing to bring me along, willing to help me find a person. I will pass this ability to Soldier.”

Ran Fei Ze thought about it, he was indeed curious about this ability, but it was quite troublesome to bring a woman on the road.

“Soldier, although I am clumsy, but I am willing to learn. I can help Soldier to wash your clothes, to cook and to look after your luggage. While Constable Bai is looking into the case, maybe there will be news soon. If we are lucky, we will be able to find the criminal, then I will have two to five silvers. I will be able to afford my own living expenses. Once, I have found the person I am looking for, I will go back to my village. I will not give Soldier anymore trouble.”

Ran Fei Ze still didn’t let go. Su Xiao Pei remembered something, “I do walk slow, but the more I walk, the faster I will get. I will not delay Soldier.” She said it with low confidence. Of course, bringing her along will delay the trip, but Su Xiao Pei does not know that she is shameless.

“Two to five silver?” Ran Fei Ze spoke, but the words he said was this.

“En, did I say anything wrong?” Su Xiao Pei tilted her head, “Then, is it… two and half silver?”

Ran Fei Ze smiled.

“In any case, I will try to earn some silver, will try my best to not drag Soldier down.”

“What if there were no news from Constable Bai?” Ran Fei Ze threw that question out in the open. “I can wait for him, there is not a deadline. But if there is no news, I would leave. Or, they have caught the criminals, and have no need for Miss’s speculation, and you not receive the silvers. What will Miss do next?”

Su Xiao Pei calmed down and sighed. “If Soldier is willing to take me in, I will find a way to earn silvers. If there is anything I don’t know, Soldier can teach me.” To put it bluntly, if Ran Fei is willing, then it won’t become a problem. But if he is not, then everything will become a problem.

Ran Fei Ze touched his chin, “Miss, you are making it hard for me. I really want to know your skills. It is really troublesome to bring you along.”

Su Xiao Pei kept her mouth shut, her heart is starting to fill with hope.

“Let’s do this, let’s leave this decided to God. I will wait for another ten days. If there is no news from Constable Bai after ten days, I will leave. If Constable Bai come back, and we earn those silvers, I will bring Miss along. Does this satisfy you? This is fair.”

In short, it is based on luck. If those criminals was caught by someone else, they will walk their own way. But if the criminals were caught by them, then, she will be joining him on his journey.

Su Xiao Pei knew that at the moment, she does not havAe a better idea, so she nod her head.


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