ISOL Chapter 29

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Ten days, it is not long nor short.

Su Xiao Pei knew that Ran Fei Ze is shrewd, he does not make decisions quickly, he likes to observe and think about it. That was why he found such a reason to drag it out. This so-called gambling luck, in fact, this situation is still being controlled by Ran Fei Ze. With Bai Yu Lang’s trust and admiration for him, money is a trivial matter. At the end, they have no say in the case, no matter what, what Ran Fei says, goes.

Su Xiao Pei analyzed Ran Fei Ze before. He is not as simple he looks. He has confidence, maybe that was why he knows how troublesome certain things are. But he will still act according to his principles, such as helping women. Ran Fei Ze is a person who plans, not a person who go where he feels like it, he knows what he should do, knows how much time he has, how much money. Those 15 copper coins may be pitiful, but Ran Fei Ze is not troubled by this. He has survival experience. Su Xiao Pei is able to guess that with him around, he will be able to earn money easily that she won’t have a hard time surviving.

Ran Fei Ze is not picky, very optimistic, even though Boss Song ill-treat him, he has no grievances and is open-minded. This indicate that he is tolerant and from Su Xiao Pei observations of his conversation and reactions, she knows that he is knowledgeable. Till this day, she has not even seen a surprised expression on his face. Most importantly, he is a kind person, kind and dependable person. To her, the best choice is to depend on Ran Fei Ze.

Therefore, the following ten days, Su Xiao Pei still have to try hard to make Ran Fei Ze accept her.

Under the sunlight, Ran Fei Ze is chatting with Boss Song and his waiter, to observe their pupil’s reaction in regard with topics that they find boring and interesting. She waited for a long time, and she saw that Ran Fei Ze had spoken with a lot of people, but Ran Fei Ze did not report back to her with his results. She also does not know if he saw the connection between the psychological reactions and the pupil size difference. Su Xiao Pei just saw him leisurely working in the yard, as if nothing had happened.

Su Xiao Pei was anxious, so she walked towards Ran Fei Ze. As a result, Ran Fei Ze said that Boss Song complained that the price of pork had rise today. The waiter said that he was scolded by his wife and did not eat finished his breakfast.

Finally, he turned his head and said that he had carefully observed their eyes. Su Xiao Pei held her breath and looked at his face, she immediately knew that he had observed the changes. Even though he didn’t admit it, she knew that he must have thought that it was very interesting, and she was going to expose him.

But Ran Fei Ze had stopped talking, he just stared at Su Xiao Pei and laughed.

Su Xiao Pei got a shock and knew what was happening.

Sure enough, Ran Fei Ze said, “Miss, the changes in your eyes is really interesting.”

Su Xiao Pei was angered, she asked him to experiment on other people, but he teased her! This Soldier really has nothing to do!

Su Xiao Pei did not hide her annoyed expressions, knowing that Ran Fei Ze knew what she was feeling. The reason he teased her was because he wanted to get a rise out of her. she was angry and that made him very happy.

Ran Fei Ze is really very happy, and Su Xiao Pei can’t help but be angry at him, causing him to be even happier.


Su Xiao Pei was still writing in her log book every day. She had to record how much time she had spent in this world as well as her observation. Whenever she writes, she lies on her stomach, lying in an indecent position. Ran Fei Ze will hide out in the yard and she finds that she is not doing anything wrong anyway.

‘Miss should not do this anymore.’ Ran Fei Ze said this, she heard it, that’s it.

She went to talk to the mountain bandit, Luo Ping, once more. She had recorded a separate log book for Luo Ping. She thought that some of Luo Ping’s methods were taught, but Luo Ping did not say a word. The government officials said that Stone Town have always been peaceful. Perhaps, Luo Ping has mixed with bandit in other places and learned of those methods, but who knows?

Luo Ping was taken away by the officials at the City, Stone Town has been celebrating for two days.

Su Xiao Pei had also met Tang Lian twice, and Tang Lian situation has been getting better. Su Xiao Pei had also met with Tang Lian’s mother. Tang Lian’s mother had suffered a big blow after her daughter’s two unfortunate events. But now, the town had changed their views on Tang Lian and everyone is praising her. On the day of Luo Ping’s departure, the people in Stone Town gave chickens and food to the Tang family and thanked them. The atmosphere at the Tang family had also got better. Tang Lian told Su Xiao Pei that her father had finally stopped trying to get Tang Lian to get married. He was afraid that the neighbors would say bad things about him. However, Tang Lian had thought of moving a neighboring town to start her over her life.

This is not considered bad. Instead of complaining about oneself and others, it is better to plan for the future. Su Xiao Pei encouraged Tang Lian, she needs to clear all of the uneasiness and sadness in her heart by herself. Tang Lian was grateful when she received some methods that Su Xiao Pei had taught her.

Ran Fei Ze saw that Su Xiao Pei was talking to Tang Lian, he could even hear their conversation, but he did not say anything. Su Xiao Pei admired Tang Lian and know that she can overcome this hurdle.


Therefore, in order to attract Ran Fei Ze attention, she played a trick on him.

On that day, the weather was very good, the sky was blue, and the sun was shining brightly. This southern town was quite warm in March. Ran Fei Ze went to send goods for Boss Song, he came back, sweating. Su Xiao Pei swiftly gave him a handkerchief to wipe his sweat, and she talked about the weather, and the toys that were being sold at the roadside stalls next to this wine shop, she said that it was interesting and had asked if Ran Fei Ze had seen it before. In the end, she said to Ran Fei Ze, “It is so hot, Soldier must be thirsty.”

Ran Fei Ze nodded.

“I asked a kettle of water from Boss Song, and it has been cooled. Soldier, please drink.”

Ran Fei Ze didn’t know what her motive was, but since he is indeed thirsty, he reached for the cup.

As usual, the cups were placed on a tray near the window. The only difference was that there were three different color cups, black, red and blue. The previous earthen cup was gone. He was stunned but he took the blue cup.

A piece of paper was stuck under the cup, and Ran Fei Ze raised his eyebrows and looked at Su Xiao Pei but Su Xiao Pei just smiled at him.

Ran Fei Ze opened the note and on the note, it says ‘I knew you would take this cup’.

Ran Fei Ze was surprised, looking back at Su Xiao Pei. But Su Xiao Pei just laughed at him.

Ran Fei Ze took the notes under the two cups and opened them, he saw that the notes were the same, saying ‘I know you won’t take this cup’.

Ran Fei Ze was really surprised. He looked at the notes for a long time and then he looked at the cups. Su Xiao Pei was a little proud and her expression was showing it.

Ran Fei Ze turned to look at her and said, “Miss’s handwriting is very ugly.”

Su Xiao Pei’s expression immediately turned. “HEY!”

Annoying! He can be even more annoying than usual

“What’s the meaning?” He asked.

Feigning ignorance, Su Xiao Pei looked away, “Nothing, I was just annoyed.”

Ran Fei Ze’s eyes was smiling, “Why are you annoyed?”

“Soldier is clearly curious, but deliberately insult my handwriting, I am not happy.”

Ran Fei Ze laughed again, “I am indeed curious, and your handwriting is also ugly.”

Su Xiao Pei did not speak.

Ran Fei Ze clenched his fist in front of his face and coughed twice, feigning ignorance like Su Xiao Pei and said, “Okay, Miss, please tell me, how did you guess that I would chose the blue cup?”

“I did not guess.”

“Maybe I would take a different cup.”

“No, you won’t.”

“How would Miss know?”

“Soldier still had not promised to take me in. I cannot say.” Su Xiao Pei gave a bored expression and a dry tone.

Ran Fei Ze smiled, pour a cup of water and drank it, said, “Counting the days, we still have two days left.”

Su Xiao Pei licked her lips and didn’t say anything. She knew that they have two days left, that was why she was in a hurry.

“I do not know if Brother Bai will have come back with the news in two days.” Ran Fei Ze was talking to himself, Su Xiao Pei heard him and suddenly, her heart felt stuffy. This Soldier, was he getting more familiar with her or does he like to tease people so much? But she felt that he would take her in, but he does not say it. She is not a hundred percent confident, that’s why she is still worried. Not right, she should say she is only ten percent confident.

Su Xiao Pei sighed in her heart, she must think of another method to gain his curiosity so that he will make that promise.

But without waiting for Su Xiao Pei to make a new move, things finally turned around.

The next day, Liu Xiang ran to the wine shop, happily. His face was red, shouting loudly that Bai Yu Lang had found the criminal home and his identity. The man was called Ma Zheng Yuan. His original surname was Wu, but when he was younger, he had lost his father. His mother had remarried and changed his surname. He had a bad step-father and had suffered a lot of bullying in that household. Moreover, it was a such a coincidence that his step-father’s youngest daughter, that is his step-sister, had become a nun a year ago. This matter was a big problem. Ma Zheng Yuan made trouble at home and at the nunnery multiple times. In the end, he ran away from the household, and there was no news about him. The Ma family had considered this step-son and youngest daughter as a disgrace, so they no longer acknowledge Ma Zheng Yuan as a member of the family. Everyone in the household had sealed their mouths regarding Ma Zheng Yuan, all of them had regard him as dead, therefore, no one went out to find him.

Su Xiao Pei listened to the story till her blood rushed to her face, she was so happy that she almost pulled off the arm of Ran Fei Ze. However, she saw the glances of Ran Fei Ze and Liu Xiang, and suddenly remembered that men and women in this time should not have any contact. ‘Miss must not be like this.’ This sentence has been ingrained in her mind by Ran Fei Ze. She immediately let go of Ran Fei Ze and held her hand, she couldn’t help but laughed, her mood was soaring.

“Is there a clue to catching the criminal?” Su Xiao Pei asked, thinking of her money, thinking that she was able to follow Ran Fei Ze, the smile on her face was extremely bright.

“There was news from Constable Qin that there had been some arrangement to deploy some officials.”

“Good, good.” Su Xiao Pei nodded and couldn’t help but confirm, “Constable Liu, when will you be able to send the five tales?”

When she said this sentence, she saw, from the corner of her eyes, that Ran Fei Ze was snickering, she gave him a look, ‘what’s wrong with being shameless, money is a big thing for survival’, of course she had to ask.

But Liu Xiang scratched his head, “Constable Qin and Constable Bai didn’t say anything about the tales, but Constable Qin gave a command to ask Soldier and Miss to go to Ning’an City.


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