ISOL Chapter 32


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The next day, early in the morning, Qin De Zheng had sent over a new set of soldier uniform after they had eaten their breakfast. Su Xiao Pei changed her clothes and took a look through the mirror.

The mirror that she used was very small, only her face was able to be seen. The soldier hat that she is currently using is too big, making her face look smaller. She sigh, not too sure whether the uniform suits her, and felt uncomfortable.

Su Xiao Pei went out of the room and saw that Ran Fei Ze was waiting for her. When Ran Fei Ze saw her, he laughed loudly.

“What are you laughing at?” She stared at him.

“Nothing.” He replied, but the smile on his face did not go away.

Su Xiao Pei blinked and had lost her confidence, she asked, “Is this ok? Or should I change back to my old clothes?”

Ran Fei Ze smiled and waved his hands, “Nothing, nothing is wrong. It is better than a nun.”

Su Xiao Pei gave him a look, and caressed the clothes on her body and decided to believe him.

Not long, Bai Yu Lang had arrived and asked them to go to the Yamen. Once he saw Su Xiao Pei, he couldn’t help but laugh, “Not bad, not bad, better than a nun.”

Su Xiao Pei did not feel good; therefore, she did not pay attention to them, only followed behind them.

Once they have arrived at the Yamen, they met the Magistrate, Qin De Zheng and several other officials. And the whole group of them went to the Sima family.

Sima family had received a notice from the magistrate last night saying they would be coming, and this morning, the family was waiting for them. Seeing a whole group of government officials, the Sima family did not bother with the pleasantries, directed them to the hall and started discussing. Qin De Zheng had also brought an embalmer and an old lady, who was the coroner. All the officials were serious, no one talked all the way. Su Xiao Pei did not dare to utter a word, only moved closer to Ran Fei Ze.

The Magistrate and Qin De Zheng had discussed before and talked about the details of the case, and both had come to the same decision that the case require further investigation. And it is necessary to examine the victim’s body, see the house’s situation, as well as asking interrogating the servants.

Master Sima was displeased, but he was willing to cooperate if it was necessary to capture the criminal, but he only paid attention to the Magistrate. After both sides had said their piece, Master Sima ordered the servants to prepare, and he personally escort the government officials to Sima Wan Qing’s courtyard.

Ning’an City is a big city and the Sima family is the riches within. Su Xiao Pei had completed her homework last night, and had a little understanding. But now that she is walking in the house, there was still a long walk between the main hall and the young miss’s courtyard. This just shows how rich they are.

The two sisters, Sima Wan Qing and Sima Wan Ru, their courtyard is just beside each other. Both of the courtyard were exactly the same, the outside is for studying, relaxing and for visitors, the back is their sleeping area. Because Sima Wan Qing like quietness, her attendant, Xiao Bi, was not arranged to stay beside her room, she was arranged to sleep in a small house beside the courtyard. Xiao Bi had rested as per normal on the night before, and did not hear any commotion. The next morning, Xiao Bi did not went to the kitchen to collect hot water for the eldest young miss. Thus, one of the servants had sent the hot water over to the courtyard. the servant knocked on Xiao Bi’s door to wake her up, she called out twice but there was still no answer, she looked around and saw that the young miss’s door was ajar and there was a bloody smell in the air. The servant went forward and opened the door and saw the young miss lying in a pool of her own blood.

Xiao Bi woke up late. It was not a problem if she slept in on a normal day, but on this day, when her mistress had died, she had slept in. This scared Xiao Bi out of her wits. She did not hear any anything during the night. She had surveyed the courtyard before going to bed. But now that something had happened, everyone naturally blames her for neglecting her job and even the young miss’s death.

Su Xiao Pei followed Qin De Zheng to the backyard, to listen to the servants saying their side of the story. A few of them were crying, clearing their noses, screaming. All the servants were talking over each other, they were all over the place, afraid that they would get in trouble.

Sima Wan Qing’s body was temporarily place in one of the rooms in the front yard, the family had set up a funeral altar, and white cloths was hanging all over the place, the atmosphere was heavy. Ran Fei Ze followed the embalmer and the old servant lady to see the corpse. Madam Sima heard that the old lady coroner was going to check her daughter’s body and she felt humiliated for the deceased. At the start, Madam Sima was unwilling, Sima Wan Ru was also angry and resentful, but after the Magistrate and Master Sima said some good words, and stopped his wife and daughter interference, they let the old lady coroner forward to examine the body.

Facing this kind of situation, Ran Fei Ze did not go forward, he only stayed outside the room and looked at the houses. After the old lady coroner came out, she announced that the victim was not raped, the Sima family felt relieved, dignified and comforted. But when they remember that they had lost Sima Wan Qing, both Madam Sima and Sima Wan Ru had cried again for a while.

At this time, Ran Fei Ze and the embalmer entered the hall, looked at the deceased face, and the bloody clothing. After inspecting, they spoke to the old lady coroner and then, went to find Su Xiao Pei.

In the backyard, Qin De Zheng was not around. Su Xiao Pei was kneeling on the ground and chatting with a servant at one corner. Ran Fei Ze saw that they were talking very seriously, thus, he did not interrupt them. He then went to Sima Wan Qing’s room, Head Constable Qin and Bai Yu Lang was inside, they were talking to a maid. Asking the maid to tell them about what had happened yesterday once more.

Bai Yu Lang was serious and handled the case thoroughly. As he talked to the maid, he explains that if there was any missing evidence, more question would be asked, and it would be more troublesome. The maid was scared and did not dare to cause more trouble, willing to tell the story again.

After the matter was over, Qin De Zheng sent the maid off and stood in the house and bowed his head. Bai Yu Lang saw Ran Fei Ze was looking at the door frame, he walked over and told Ran Fei Ze that the criminal had probably entered through the door, and had left the same way.

While they were talking, Ran Fei Ze saw the second young miss of the Sima family. she had went straight to Su Xiao Pei. Ran Fei Ze started to panic a little and hurried towards them.

Su Xiao Pei had just finished talking with the servant, and the servant introduced the lady who had just entered the room as the second young miss of the Sima family, Sima Wan Ru, that is standing in front of them, to Su Xiao Pei.

“Are you that nun?”

“I am not a nun.” Su Xiao Pei did not understand what she meant, so she had to carefully answer her.

But Sima Wan Ru ignored Su Xiao Pei, and asked, “Do you know the murderer?”

Su Xiao Pei frowned, “I do not know any murderer.”

“Liar.” Sima Wan Ru stepped forward and wanted to ask another question, but suddenly, a shadow of a person had flashed for a moment and there was a person in between Sima Wan Ru and Su Xiao Pei, “Is Miss okay?”

“Solider.” Su Xiao Pei breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed, “The second young miss suspects that I know the murderer.”

“It’s good to explain clearly.” Ran Fei Ze said softly, but his figure did not move.

Sima Wan Ru glared at him. He was taller than her and had managed to block her line of sight. He did not wear the official uniform, thus, was unidentifiable. Sima Wan Ru pursed her lips and turned away. But she did not forget about her goal. She went to find Master Sima to tell him what had happened.

Su Xiao Pei watched her leave and suddenly understood something, “So, that how it is.”

Ran Fei Ze sent a questioning look, Su Xiao Pei said, “I guessed Ma Zheng Yuan’s origins, so everyone suspected that I am his accomplice. I thought what happened yesterday with Constable Qin was because they were doubtful of my abilities. But I was wrong, it was because I was suspected of being an accomplice.

Ran Fei Ze pursed his lips, “You did not know? Aren’t you smart?”

Su Xiao Pei was amazed, “I have never been suspected like this before.” She used to be suspected the most, that is because she was too young, and she was questioned many times if her abilities were good. But no one had suspected that the psychologist who had solved the crime would be involved with the criminal.

Su Xiao Pei sighed and felt that more trouble would be blowing her way.

The trouble indeed came. Everyone had done their job and had gathered in the main hall. Master Sima wanted to hear what the officials had investigated.

The Magistrate and Constable Qin whispered a few words and then spoke to Master Sima. Once they are done here, they will immediately go back to the Yamen to analyze the evidence and solve the case as soon as possible.

Master Sima nodded and looked at Sima Wan Ru, and said, “There’s a rumor that a woman is revealing facts about the murderer to the government, could it be that lady wearing the official uniform?”

The Magistrate did not expect Master Sima to mention this matter, he took a look at Constable Qin and Su Xiao Pei, then nod his head, “Exactly.”

“Since you know the murderer, I hope you will elaborate on how you are going to catch the murderer.

Constable Qin clenches his fist and said, “Miss Su and Solider Ran are capable people who I’ve hired to come help solve the case, they are unrelated to the murderer. Rumors are not credible. I will try my best to chase the murderer and bring him to justice.”

Master Sima frowned, “If they aren’t related, how are they able to know so much about him. How are they so capable? Are they so smart? Now, what did Miss found out after coming to my residence and investigating?

Constable Qin answered the question again, “Master Sima, the case is still open, I have to go back to the Yamen and discuss it. If there is any progress, I will make a report.”

Master Sima refused to let it go, “It is not that I do not believe in the government. It is just that this criminal has been on the run for a long time. The reward notice has been posted in many cities but there is still no news. The criminal still managed to continue committing crimes and the superiors are not able to give me an answer. Now that there are people who are helping, why don’t you just give me some answer, let me have a peace of mind?”

Su Xiao Pei was listening to them talk, and she thought that their speech was polite but looking at the faces of everyone here, she thought otherwise. Constable Qin and the Magistrate looked at each other before taking a look at Su Xiao Pei

Su Xiao Pei did not know how to interpret their looks. Is it for her to say something? Or is it for her to not carelessly open her mouth?

At this time, Ran Fei Ze spoke, “Master Sima is too serious, everybody is putting their all to solve the case and did not slack off. I have arrived yesterday, and the rumors had spread so fast. Please think carefully, will the criminal purposely shift your attention this this rumor? If everyone misunderstands Miss Su’s identity, they would only start to guard against her and will neglect their job of hunting the criminal. Allowing him the chance to escape, might this be his plan?”

Constable Qin carried on from here, “Exactly. Now, Ning’an city is in locked down, and the security have tightened. Miss Su will be in the Yamen, she will not have any contact with outsiders. You can rest assured.” Frankly speaking, even if Miss Su behave suspiciously, we will be keeping an eye on her, she won’t be able to play any tricks.

The Sima family listened to them, and looked at each other thinking but they came up with thing. Sima Wan Ru looked at her father and asked, “In that case, what had Constable Qin found?”

The Magistrate gave Constable Qin a look, it seems they must reveal what they had found. Otherwise, with all the people around, the situation would be worse. Constable Qin cleared his throat, “The criminal agilely kidnapped the sleeping young Miss through the front door, that was why the young Miss did not call for help, did not struggle, and her hair was shaved off, her clothes was messy, she was not molested, she was killed with a stabbed through her heart.

Sima family stared at him, these are all information that they knew, they wanted to know what happened next.

Constable Qin continued saying, “I saw a sword in the young Miss’s courtyard. she knows wulin, she did not struggle and did not call for help. There were no trace of an incense being lighted in the house. she looked normal, no discoloration on her face, no odd smell in her mouth, therefore it does not seem like she was being drugged. The biggest possibility was that her acupuncture point was pressed, therefore she was unable to move…” Constable Qin said till here when he suddenly remembered what Su Xiao Pei had said. Which was the inconsistent methods from the previous case. He thought about it before saying, “The criminal was vicious when he was committing crimes previously, he threatened to stop the victim’s movements, but this time, the lady knew martial arts but was unable to move…” Constable Qin thought about what to say, this means that criminal changed his ways, what will be his next move?

“What is the use of saying all of this?” Master Sima was furious. “My daughter was killed. There are traces of that criminal left. You should think about how to catch him and not wonder what my daughter had suffered!”

Constable Qin was stunned, there were no trace of evidence. No one saw the criminal coming in and leaving. They of course have no idea where to catch the criminal. Constable Qin was unable to answer him.

Su Xiao Pei and Ran Fei was whispering quietly for a while, before Ran Fei Ze stepped out and said, “Master Sima, please keep calm, what Constable Qin said was the key to solving the case. I saw eldest young miss’s hands, not only does she know how to use a sword, but she also knows how to fight. She was learning seriously and there was calluses on her hands. Whether she was highly skilled or not, if she was met with trouble, she would know how to protect herself. She did not struggle because she was restrained. The method of him killing the eldest young miss was different from the previous case and this is an important clue. There is a hole in the eldest young miss coat, the murderer stabbed the young miss through the clothes, and she was still innocent. That is to say that the murderer did not rape her, and this is something different from the previous cases. In addition, the stab wound penetrated the body. A dagger would not be able to do that. The coroner checked the wound and said that the stabbed had went through the body in one move, that is to say that the murder weapon is a sword not a dagger. This is another thing that is different from the previous case…”

Ran Fei Ze said everything, but Master Sima raised his hand and interrupted Ran Fei Ze, “What is the point of saying what was different from the criminal previous murders, what is the use of this clue? All he did was changed his weapon, where is he now?”

Su Xiao Pei came over and talked a few words to Ran Fei Ze, and just as Ran Fei Ze was about to speak, Sima Wan Ru coldly spoke, “Does Miss Su not know how to speak?”

Su Xiao Pei was pressured, seeing so many people around, she wanted to rely on Ran Fei Ze. Moreover, she realized that he was good at narrating the facts. He was observant and careful. He managed to absorb the points that she said yesterday, and found many key evidences. If Master Sima hadn’t interrupted, he would have said her part next.

But now she was targeted by Sima Wan Ru, Su Xiao Pei became the focused of everyone. She was nervous, and stood straighter and looked at Ran Fei Ze.

Ran Fei Ze said, “Since the second young miss asked, you should speak, best to explain clearly.”

Once again, why did she find these words so familiar? Constable Qin glanced at her, and wondered what Miss Su would say. The question that Master Sima asked is not a question that is easy to answer.


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