ISOL Chapter 39

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“What happened?” Ran Fei Ze asked.

Su Xiao Pei shook her head, “Nothing, it is just that I did not use my skills.”

“It’s nothing, I just did not use one of my skills”

“Oh.” Su Xiao Pei licked her mouth and was downcast, even at this time, he still remembers to correct her way of talking.

“Miss is brilliant, don’t put so much thought into the mistakes.” Ran Fei Ze console her even though he does not know what was going on.

“Well, Soldier’s reaction was very fast.” Su Xiao Pei complimented him.

“Soldier is still okay, but Ah Ze’s reaction was indeed good. Did not disappoint Miss.” Ran Fei Ze teased her.

Su Xiao Pei glanced at him, then she couldn’t help but laugh, “Did Ah Ze bought the roast chicken?”

Ran Fei Ze laughed as well, “Ah Ze only has fifteen copper coins, waiting for Miss to solve the case, receive the reward, then buy the roast chicken.”

The two of them looked at each other and started laughing again.

“Is it him?”

“It looks like the silvers are not far from us.”

“What if it still doesn’t work?”

“Then, Miss have to take it as we have bad luck.”

Su Xiao Pei’s luck was really not good.

Luo Kui did not confess.

He was unable to deny that he was killer as he was arrested at Sima residence. But he actually dares to say that he just wanted to scare Sima Wan Ru. Because Sima Wan caused so much trouble the other day, his daughter, Luo Ling’er, had to reveal, out in public, that she had accompany Chang Jun while his was drunk. His daughter had lost her face, her reputation, so he was angry and wanted to scare Sima Wan Ru to teach her a lesson. It was just that he did not expect that Su Xiao Pei had come, and he was afraid that he would be recognized, therefore he had an evil thought to kill both of them.

In the end, no one was injured, and Luo Kui did not face execution, so he insist that he was guilty, but he was not scared.

Of course, no one believes his words, Head Constable Qin and the rest hated him. The truth was in front of him, how could the officials be fooled by him, who can be satisfied with this type of justice.

Of course, the magistrate and Head Constable Qin are not fooled by him, they quickly re-adjusted their direction of the investigation. The Chang Residence was questioned again and again. Madame Chang managed to remember something this time, a few years ago, before Chang Jun was engaged, Luo Kui had mentioned that he wanted to join their family together. She asked her son, but Chang Jun was not interested. Madame Chang felt that her son could do better, so she forgot about this matter. After that, they did not hear Luo Kui mentioned this matter again. Luo Ling’er was very disciplined and did not behave improperly, therefore, they did not have any thoughts about this.

Next, Head Constable Qin asked Luo Ling’er some questions. Luo Ling’er was very surprised to find out that her father had barged in the Sima Residence. She did not know why her father was doing this. He had also asked her about her plans for her own marriage, she said her father lived alone, and she was not in a hurry to get married. Every child marriage was decided by their parents, and since she did not see her father arranging it, she did not inquire about it. As for her love for Chang Jun, she said it was only the feelings of brothers and sisters.

When she said these words, she say with such eloquence and her face showed her sincerity. And she had never said anything to Chang Jun about marriage. After the drunken episode, she was quiet and obedient, Chang Jun behaved normally as well, they did not behave suspiciously. However, Head Constable Qin still has some doubt about her. When the Sima’s servants thought about it, Luo Ling’er and Sima Wan Qing had interacted before. The day before Sima Wan Qing had died, Luo Ling’er had passed a box to her.

Head Constable Qin suspected that the box was hiding letters but he did not have any evidence to support his claim. He had asked Luo Ling’er about the box, but she had said that she was sending some rouge to Sima Wan Qing as a congratulatory gift. Head Constable Qin had indeed seen the gift box in Sima Wan Qin’s room but the contents of the box had been taken out, the rouge had been placed on the table, a handkerchief was in the box and there was no letter. The servants had also said they had not opened the box and had just delivered it to their Miss, they do not know what was given to Sima Wan Ru.

But Sima Wan Ru was deceived by a letter. Sima Wan Ru had dismissed her servants for the day, and was left alone in the room. Was her sister murder this easily as well, by being deceived through a letter like Sima Wan Ru? it is not difficult for the murderer to destroy his letter after committing his crime. Moreover, Su Xiao Pei had observed the situation between Luo Ling’er and Chang Jun, she had concluded that Luo Ling’er was not as indifferent to him as she had said. She had also said that Luo Ling’er had concealed some truth when she was talking about her father.

Therefore, Luo Ling’er was lying.

However, even if she had lied, it is reasonable as she was doing it to avoid rumors. This is human nature, and there was no evidence of it. Su Xiao Pei insist that Luo Ling’er had also lied when she was talking about her father, but this is just her observation, it cannot prove anything. However, Qin De Zheng felt that Luo Ling’er and her father is suspicious based on his years of experience, therefore, he had lock onto his investigation on the father and daughter. He intuitively told himself that Luo Ling’er was involved in this matter, but at this time Luo Kui suddenly pleaded guilty.

“I was blinded by money, although my martial arts school is doing well, but there are times where it is not making money. I wanted to help my sister and brother-in-law, help them expand the business. If both families are joined together by marriage, our relationship will be closer. Nothing will be change that. But my sister did not agree to the marriage, Chang Jun was smitten by another lady from another family. I had thought it would be hopeless, but Chang Jun had dragged on the engagement for several years, I felt that there was hope. In the past two years, more and more martial arts schools had opened, even though I know it was not practical, it was best for my daughter to marry. Suddenly, Chang Jun set the marriage date with Sima Wan Qing, and there were those reward notices for the serial killer everywhere. I heard everyone talking about it and came up with an evil plan. That night, I sneaked into the Sima Residence and killed Sima Wan Qing, and making it seem like the serial killer had killed her. I thought that the marriage would’ve fell through, I decided to negotiate with my sister for my daughter to marry Chang Jun. But that day, second Miss of the Sima family had a quareel with Chang Jun in the garden. And I knew that Chang Jun had someone in his heart, and was afraid that it will be hard for him to marry Ling’er, therefore, I had no choice and had to use back my old idea, and kill the second Miss in the same way as the first Miss. And since the government were suspicious of her, and she had tried to commit suicide on the day, everything was just right, so I took the opportunity, who would have known that she would come and now I am here.”

Qin De Zheng was caught off guard by Luo Kui’s confession, he felt that things were not so simple. There are so many courtyards at the Sima Residence, Luo Kui had never been to any of the Sima daughter’s courtyard, how was it possible that he knew they way to the courtyard without anyone directing him? Luo Kui said he had prepared and had planned out for a long time. He even told Qin De Zheng every little detail of him killing Sima Wan Qing. The appearance of the body, the layout of the murder scene is consistent with the facts.

Head Constable Qin was not able to point out any mistakes, Su Xiao Pei had observed at the side, when Luo Kui was narrating about the time he was killing Sima Wan Qing, he was indeed recalling the moment, but not his surrounding, the movements of the eye was consistent with him recalling the moments.

When they had left Luo Kui, Su Xiao Pei told Qin De Zheng her observations.

Although Qin De Zheng did not know how she was so certain, he was willing to believe her, “So what you are saying, Luo Kui did kill Sima Wan Qing?”

“What I can say was that he was at the scene at the time of the murder, the way he was describing were not based on his imagination.”

Qin De Zheng frowned; the criminal had confessed was a good thing but he still felt that there is something wrong. Su Xiao Pei also felt that things were not so simple, but she couldn’t find out anything from Luo Ling’er. She only knew that Luo Ling’er was lying but Su Xiao Pei could not find out anything more, therefore, SU Xiao Pei could not help but let it go for a while. Since Luo Kui had pleaded guilty, the Magistrate had finally ordered that the case was closed since this case had dragged on for a longer period of time than normal.

After the case was closed, Luo Ling’er came to visit Luo Kui. The father and daughter pair had spoke a lot and had cried together.

The next day, Luo Ling’er left and disappeared.

On the day that Luo Ling’er had disappeared, the Yamen had received letters from Ji City, Ma Zheng Yuan had arrived! The officials had arrested him and are on their way back to Ning’an City.

This news made the officials in the Ning’an City Yamen ecstatic, the Magistrate was very happy, they had break two cases one after the other, he was so happy that he did not wait to see Ma Zheng Yuan and had ordered to give Su Xiao Pei and Ran Fei Ze their 50 tales.

50 tales were placed in a small box.

Su Xiao Pei blinked her eyes and couldn’t look away.

“Soldier, you say, if once Ma Zheng Yuan had come over, the Magistrate feels that something is wrong, will he take back the money?”

Ran Fei Ze laughed out loud.

“Soldier, you say, if Luo Kui suddenly repented and shouted that he did not kill Sima Wan Qing, will the Magistrate be able to take back the money?”

Ran Fei Ze continued to laugh.

“Soldier.” Su Xiao Pei’s eyes shined, and she jumped up. “Soldier, I have a way…”


“Yes, I have an idea to solve my current anxiety.”

“What is it?”

“We have to go to the market to spend the money!”

This time, Ran Fei Ze laughed till he fell off the chair.

Later on, Ran Fei Ze accompanied Su Xiao Pei to the market. The first stop, the shop that sold the toiletries items. Toothbrush, buy three. Su Xiao Pei felt that a toothbrush made of bone was a little disgusting, so she bought a wood toothbrush. Toothpaste, she bought two boxes of powdered type, she made sure that it was grass flavored. She did not let the shop keeper explain in detail, she was afraid that if she knew more of the item, she would not dare to use it. Soft cloth towel, buy ten. This has no risk of any disgusting products being used, she picks the color that she likes, in fact, there is not much color choice but she was willing to spend half a day to choose a color she likes.

There was also a shampoo, even though it was expensive, but she still bit her lips and bought it. After using it, Su Xiao Pei still felt uncomfortable.

Ran Fei Ze was laughing at one corner, Su Xiao Pei saw him and she could not help but curse in her heart.

Ran Fei Ze said, “You looked like you wanted to rob the store the moment we arrived. Didn’t you see the storekeeper’s face?”

“I only saw him paying attention to me when I paid the money.

Ran Fei Ze laughed out loudly again.

“Where is the funny part?”

“The ladies that I have seen likes to go shopping for clothes, rouge, incense, jewelry, or something new.”

“Soldier has seen a lot of ladies.”

“It’s okay.”

Su Xiao Pei glared at him, and felt that his face was really annoying.

Holding her toiletries, swaying back and forth, she suddenly asked, “Does Soldier have a marriage match?” Seeing the Chang family and the Sima family, seeing both families causing such a big drama, ancient times are really troublesome. Like means like, don’t like means don’t like. When it comes to matters of the heart, how is it possible to let people have it? Even if Sima Wan Qing had not died, will Sima Wan Ru be sure that three of them will be fine in the future after Chang Jun, her love, be her brother-in-law?

What do the people in this society thinks marriage is?

“No, is Miss interested in me?

Su Xiao Pei almost fell, this person…so shameless…

“Soldier, this is indent, please don’t do this again.”

Haha, Ran Fei Ze was laughing non-stop. this time, it was Ran Fei Ze who was lectured.

Ran Fei Ze said, “This was not said by Ran Fei Ze, but by Ah Ze.”


Su Xiao Pei twisted her leg…

Soldier, the day is still bright, can you don’t mock people, especially woman? Where is your dignity.


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