ISOL Chapter 40

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Ran Fei Ze quickly proved that he still had his dignity

He saw Su Xiao Pei moving her ankle and said, “Miss is really careless, you see, there are many people coming and going on this street, I would like to help but I can’t stop people mouth, it is not proper for men and woman to touch, I am just thinking about Miss’s reputation…”

“You win.” Su Xiao Pei waved him off and interrupted him, “Ah Ze can retreat, please return soldier.”

Ran Fei Ze laughed out again. This Miss’s reaction is really interesting.

He coughed twice, “Is Miss hurt?”

“No.” Su Xiao Pei moved her ankle, but there was no pain. Therefore, both of them went back home.

She hugged her treasures in front of her, walking ahead of Ran Fei Ze, with him following behind.

“Miss, what about your marriage?” Ran Fei Ze suddenly threw back the question she had asked him.

“Don’t have one.”

Su Xiao Pei answered smoothly.

“How old is Miss?”

Su Xiao Pei is about to answer him but she suddenly thought, she is currently 27 years old, in modern times that is still okay to not be married but what about here? Not married at 27 should be a serious thing, right? But the other party is Ran Fei Ze, will he make a big fuss about it?

“I’m about to be 27 soon.”

As what she thought, Ran Fei Ze did not have much reaction, he was just curious, “Why?”

Su Xiao Pei understood his question, “If a lady here is not married, what will be her reason?”

“It is usually the death of the parents, no one cared, or their reputation is damaged, no one was willing to marry them, or the family is poor and was not able to afford a dowry, some of the girls will be sold. Those who are not married, they will feel that they are sought after, and are quite picky and will delay the time of marriage. but no matter the reason, once you are older and not married, you will be criticized and scorned.”

“Oh.” Su Xiao Pei nodded. She was used to the people talking bad about her, she is quite experienced here.

“In my case, I am one of them. I am one of the girls that feel that I am highly sought after, and am picky about my choice.” Su Xiao Pei replied, seriously thinking about it. She really was, after going on so many blind dates, she finds that every single one of them have some sort of problems that she was not able to stand.

Su Xiao Pei recalled that she was now in another world, looking at her blind date at a different angle, well… she still does not like them. Well, don’t like means don’t like, do not have to worry her head off about it.

“Miss.” Ran Fei Ze saw Su Xiao Pei face was thoughtful for a moment, frowning the next, he could not help but call out to her.

“What about Soldier? How old are you? Why didn’t you marry?” Su Xiao Pei shook her head and cast away thoughts about the other world. She was a different person in this world, penniless and inept, she has no choice but to accept it, she just hopes to quickly find Cheng jiang Yi and everything will return back to normal.

“Me?” Ran Fei Ze smiled, “It makes me very happy that Miss is worried about me.”

Again… Su Xiao Pei quickly said, “Ah Ze, please retreats and let Soldier speak.”

Ran Fei Ze laughed out again and then said, “Just passed 29, it is an excellent age.”

Su Xiao Pei grinned, he never forget to praise himself. Is there a man in this world that will always give himself praise? He is the one at the age that could be a grandfather, really old.

“Why didn’t you marry?”

“I have very high conditions, and was quite picky and I missed the chance to marry.”

Su Xiao Pei was too lazy to even look at him, just looked straight ahead and continued walking.

Ran Fei Ze quickly caught up, smiled and asked, “Miss is no longer asking questions?”

Su Xiao Pei deliberately grinned at him and did not asked a question.

Ran Fei Ze said, “I want to talk to Miss.”

He was born in a small village; his parents were farmers and the lives they lead were fairly smooth. When he was a child, he was very naughty and curious about everything. His father makes farming tools, his mother makes clothes, he had learnt some of their skills, even the house stoves were touched by him.

Whenever his father scolds him, hit him, he would always run. Even when he run out of the house, he loved to fight with other kids. Not only did he fight, there was nothing in the house that was worth dismantling. He aimed at other people’s house. he had never seen their items, didn’t know how they were made or how were they used, thus, he really wanted to dismantle them. Of course, the result was a big scolding by his father, but he was not the type to change after being hit.

At that time, he was famous in his village. Everyone was afraid of him, they were more afraid of him than the village chief.

When he was seven years old, there was a weird person in the village. The man was clean and well-mannered, but the way he spoke was very rude. The man stayed in the village for a few days, not doing anything but strolling. Suddenly, one day, the man asked if Ran Fei Ze would want to worship him as a master. Ran Fei Ze was certainly not willing, he was very happy to be deem as the mischievous boy in the village. How would a child know what it means to worship someone as a master? The man felt that it was a pity and he left.

Not long later, Ran Fei Ze’s village was flooded. No one survived, Ran Fei Ze became an orphan. An orphan without any guardian was not able to survive. He was able to escape death a few times. He escaped the flood, the epidemic and from bandits… but he felt that he would die in the end.

Later, he was depressed, no one in the world was willing to take him in, he was going to find the weird man. He had a good idea. if someone wanted to take him in as a disciple or he found a way to live, he would be happy. But if not, he would continue to look for the man and ask if he still want a disciple. This way, he inquired and survived, in the end, he had found the weird man.

With his malnourished body that was full of dirt, he stood in front of the man and shouted at him, “I am Ran Fei Ze from Xing Hua Village, you said that you would accept me as a disciple. Can I still count on your words?!”

That man was surprised and stunned for a long while before he laughed, “Yes, what I am looking for is you.”

At that time, Ran Fei Ze did not understand what he was talking about, obviously, Ran Fei Ze was looking for him, why would the weird man said that he was looking for him? Now Ran Fei Ze knew what he meant because he was looking for the same thing as the weird man once did. He really wanted to have a child who rushed over to tell him to worship him as a teacher.

Su Xiao Pei was entranced by his story. While she was listening to the story, they were walking back home, once Ran Fei Ze finished the story, they had arrived, “Wasn’t Soldier good at martial arts? Why weren’t you able to receive a disciple?”

“Martial arts skills cannot be travelled by word of the mouth. My name is not famous in Jianghu, they may know what I have done but they may not know who exactly I am. How embarrassing would I be if I announced it everywhere I go.”

Su Xiao Pei automatically ignored the second half of the sentence, she would not be able to understand that this man would know the feeling of embarrassment.

Ran Fei Ze continued, “Some admired me and want me to teach them martial arts but after knowing what they have to learn forging, they backed out.”

Suddenly, Su Xiao Pei laughed.

Indeed, learning martial arts is very elegant and stylish, which hero in those martial arts films is not handsome, strong, but once they know what they have to go through to get to that extent, they were disappointed.

“When Soldier started learning did you learn forging as well?”

“Yes, my master took me to find an empty shop, bought it and opened it as a blacksmith shop and taught me how to forge. He called me to work every day and if I do not obey, he would scold me. The way that he would reprimand me was different that my father.”

“Different? He would hit you?”

“No. He was not as fierce as my father, but I was not able to run. Just think about it, I was not able to outrun him, so I was angry. I was bad-tempered at that time, so, I tried hard to improve my skills, the more my skills grow, the harsher he would be, but I was still not able to outrun him.”

Su Xiao Pei was entranced and laughed happily.

“Later on, my forging skills had improved. I had a lot of fame with the nearby area. They liked to come to the shop to buy sword, knife and even farmer’s tools. I was able to make money everyday and would have a lot of money. As a result, my master did not reprimand me anymore, at that time, when he would hit me, I was able to run away. Therefore, he closed the shop, and brought me around.”

“Where did you go?”

“Everywhere, the major sect of each martial arts family, there were some famous places that he brought me to.

“Why did he bring you there?”

“To fight. He would compete me with some other disciples of the sect. Some of the matches were long, if that were the case, I would find a place in the vicinity and opened up a blacksmith shop to continue to hone my forging skill. He kept on challenging me rather than pointing out my mistake and what I should do. During that time, he would let me forge a sword and sell it those disciples in the sect. While I was giving my blood and sweat, I would also be helping him earn money.”

Su Xiao Pei laughed, “Your master is interesting.”

“Interesting? Those sect members found him irritating.”

“Why? Everyone is learning from each other, how is that a bad thing?”

“It is not a matter of good or bad. They are saying that my master is lazy. He does not teach his own disciple but brought him to another place to take advantage of them. It does not matter if they are my opponent or not, they will not show any face, and since my master is not vocal, it causes more dispute.”

“They are not happy but yet they still accompany you to practice?”

“My master has his way.”

“If that is the case, what happens if you are killed? A sword has no eyes.”

“At that time, there were ground rules and those schools have their honor. Since it was a test, everyone will follow the rules.”

“What happened next?”

“When master felt that I had learnt everything, he left me.”

“Where did he go?”

“Don’t know. He only said that after he had completed his teaching, he can live happily and freely. When he left me, he said there is no requirement to be a teacher, I only had to passed on the art and that no matter what the reason is, I should not let it be lost.”

“Then, Soldier belongs to which sect?”

“Don’t know. Master never told me.”

Ah? Su Xiao Pei was amazed: “But when you receive a disciple, their family will ask the master what sect they are in.”

“I asked the same question when I was a disciple, my master said that I should not asked such useless things.” Ran Fei Ze touched his chin, “Both sides have their logic, but if my disciple asked, I will answer the same way as my master.”

Really… Su Xiao Pei is speechless.

“Actually, I think that master was too lazy, and he didn’t want to think of a name.”

That is also possible?

“Okay. So, you are now like your master, looking for someone to be your disciple.”

“Actually, what I wanted to say throughout this conversation was that I am not married was not because I had an illness.”

Su Xiao Pei was disappointed, Soldier, you are making fun of me again.

Ran Fei Ze laughed when he saw her face. Su Xiao Pei slapped his arm, but she was also happy to see him laughing.

Su Xiao Pei can fully understand the grievances of the martial artist in the past.


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