ISOL Chapter 41

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In Su Xiao Pei’s heart, Ran Fei Ze is a broad-minded person.

The reason he has the courage to help is not only because he does not follow most of the noble ethics but also because of his experiences and has a wide range of knowledge, therefore he was not phase by strange things.

But now, Ran Fei Ze’s heart is too broad-minded, he even laughs at her. Was he not afraid that this eccentric woman would harassed him and not let go, with the reason that he had ruin her reputation?

If she was as ‘broad-minded’ as him, she would use this method to frighten him, but she was too lazy.

In fact, Su Xiao Pei felt that Ran Fei Ze is to mischievous, even when he is serious, he is naughty. Even when she was eccentric or showed her weird ways, he was not phase but rather he was comfortable with it.

She and Ran Fei Ze were quite comfortable with each other.

However, their comfortable days were dependent on a set of conditions. Speaking about the conditions, Su Xiao Pei was very smug, she had just earned money after crossing over for so long. Even though, after dividing, the amount was not much, but she was very happy after thinking about it.

Su Xiao Pei has some necessities that she needs to buy, it is regarding women’s personal items –oiled paper, soft and thin cloth and cotton.

She asked Ran Fei Ze, where were these items sold in Ning’an City. Ran Fei Ze thought that she wanted to buy a thick cotton clothes, so he told her that even if she went further north, the days will get warmer, those thick cotton clothes will only be used in September or October onwards, it is not in a hurry to buy them now. Whereas for the oiled paper, he was confused, he thought that she wanted to pack some food.

Su Xiao Pei said no and asked him to leave it alone.

So, he did not ask anymore, but only led the way. He took Su Xiao Pei back to the market to buy what she wanted.

Su Xiao Pei didn’t feel good about the inn, with what she had experienced before, she did not feel safe leaving her belongings there. So, she asked Ran Fei Ze for a small backpack, she slant the bag over her shoulder and put all the money inside, sliding the bag down to her waist, next she wore her cloak, making a bulge at her stomach area.

“Not heavy?” Ran Fei Ze had nothing to say about her uncomfortable dress.

“A little bit.” Although Su Xiao Pei felt a little uncomfortable, but this place is different that the modern world, there is no credit cards, no…

“Ah?!” She suddenly thought, shouldn’t there be a place where she can keep her money? But is it safe for the money to be kept there? But once she put her money inside, will she be able to take out her money once she leaves Ning’an city? Is the local bank a private company or a government company?


Su Xiao Pei was frowning and thinking, but she did not ask her question, thus, Ran Fei Ze spoke up.

Su Xiao Pei looked up at him.

“Sometimes, Miss is very intelligent but there are moments when I doubt Miss is smart.”

Su Xiao Pei frowned, Solider, you are not any better.

Ultimately, they went to the bank, but not bank in the money but rather to change her silvers to bank notes. Along the way, Ran Fei Ze told Su Xiao Pei that the bank is rather famous. On the bank note, there would be the official seal of the bank, she must pay attention to it and check if the seal is broken, and that sometimes, the staff at the bank are not honest.

Su Xiao Pei nodded fiercely, but she did not know how to differentiate an authentic seal from a fake seal. If a bank note could be forged, she would have to pay attention when she is shopping in another town. Su Xiao Pei understood most of what was said, but in the end, she was not that good in managing her money. What’s more, she had to learn the ancient world’s currency.

She had forgotten what was taught in her history class, her knowledge that she had gained back then, had returned back to her teacher.

Ran Fei Ze did not tell Su Xiao Pei everything that he wanted to because he saw the expression on Su Xiao Pei and knew that it would be a waste of his saliva.

Su Xiao Pei, accompanied by Ran Fei Ze, changed her silvers to bank notes and copper coins, after changing them, her bag had felt lighter. Ran Fei Ze had changed his share. After exchanging, Su Xiao Pei walked with more confidence and security.

After walking a few streets, going to some of the shops, bought the things that she needs, she had also bought a lot of nightwear, which made the lady boss judge her.

After that, they returned to the inn, Su Xiao Pei took a sewing needle and thread and made the menstrual period pants that she needed. Although the needle work was not that good, she was still able to make it. Even though it is ugly, she was able to use it. She was able to complete it in one night. It was good that she made it, as the next day, her aunt had arrived.

[aunt is her period]

Su Xiao Pei felt that God was treating her fairly, although she had been thrown into such a place, even though she had met with dangers, she was still safe.

Su Xiao Pei thought it through, she bought her toiletries, towel for her period. It should be able to last through her period. But these are just consumables, especially the towel, the only way to stick to her pants was to sew it on and then to remove it to remove the stitches. And it is not easy to remove, the it was not easy to wash the pants, she has no other choice but to throw them away after she used it. She had counted her expenses; she would have to use 2-3 silvers.

She had asked before, a person’s monthly income was 3 silvers and here she is, thinking to spent it every month.

She is willing to save on food and clothes, but she still hopes that she will be able to spurge on her health products, at least to ensure that she is comfortable on the days she has her period. We are able to ill-treat ourselves, but we are not able to ill-treat our period, we cannot be embarrassed it.

On this day, Ma Zheng Yuan finally arrived at Ning’an City. The magistrate and Head Constable Qin paid considerable attention it his arrival and immediately interrogated him. Su Xiao Pei had finally seen his serial criminal who had disrupt the peace in the cities. However, Ma Zheng Yuan was resistant to the interrogation. He was even more disdainful to woman and did not talk at all. Su Xiao Pei also did not have a chance to speak with him. moreover, her initiative to approach him had cause many disapproving responses.

This is a world of men, even the door is a man’s territory. Even if she did help in arresting the offender, they will ignore it. In their eyes, she is a woman, a weird woman. A woman that is actively approaching a criminal, a woman that wants to hear about the case and talk about it. That is not decent.

This made Su Xiao Pei unhappy especially when she saw the dirty servant who was guarding the prison was look at her with contempt, she was very annoyed. These people, in front of others they will behave but behind their backs they will start to gossip.

Su Xiao Pei asked Ran Fei Ze, “I heard that people in the Jianghu is very open minded, why are they looking down on me? If today, instead of me, it was a Jianghu lady, will they look down on her?”

“Probably not.”


“The lady will have a sword in her hand.”

Su Xiao Pei went silent. Okay. She understands.

Even if they are open-minded, everything is dependent on ability.

In retrospect, Head Constable Gu caught Ma Zheng Yuan in Ji City made great contributions. He was full of energy and was very happy. He kept talking about his encounter with Ma Zheng Yuan over and over again. He was very proud. On one occasion, Su Xiao Pei was present when he was telling his story. He praised Su Xiao Pei and said that Su Xiao Pei advice had work.

To survive, they can’t be afraid of him.

Head Constable said that Ma Zheng Yuan was very cunning, he was patiently hiding. He took his chance to sneak into the nunnery when he noticed one of the low-ranked Constable was not paying attention. He noticed something was wrong and quickly rushed in. before they had arrived. Ma Zheng Yuan had dragged Ma Yao into the meditation room to kill her. Fortunately, they had found his whereabouts and quickly rushed in and capture Ma Zheng Yuan before he killed Ma Yao.

He was beating and yelling at her, “Why aren’t you afraid of me?! WHY?!”

The officials rushed in, they saw that one of Ma Zheng Yuan’s hands was at her neck, the other was holding a dagger, pointing at her stomach, but he did not kill her at the end, only asking, ‘why?”

Head Constable Qin said, “It was lucky that I gave her your advice, otherwise, she would be gone once we arrived.”

Su Xiao Pei couldn’t help but correct him, “It was not that she was not afraid, she was afraid. Although, she received this advice, how was she able to control her emotions? She was afraid but maybe because of her faith in Buddhism, she knew that Ma Zheng Yuan would come, therefore she did not let her fear show.”

After Su Xiao Pei said this, the people around them were embarrassed. Ran Fei Ze coughed, didn’t say anything, Head Constable Gu’s face was not happy.

She was the one who gave the advice, the usefulness of the advice was also said by her, while Head Constable Gu was boasting about his successful capture, she took the opportunity to knock him down, doesn’t this mean that she was trying to look down on him?

Su Xiao Pei was slowed and reacted in front of everyone and he was embarrassed. She subconsciously said the truth. The advice must be passed, but when in front of a knife, was ordinary people able to pretend that they were not scared. She also wants to tell them what had actually happen, why Ma Zheng Yuan reacted the way he did.

But Su Xiao Pei felt the pressure of being accepted.

Ignoring Head Constable Qin, low-ranked constables and the officials, the only person who treat her normal or wants to interact with her is Bai Yu Lang. Only Bai Yu Lang did not alienate her.

Su Xiao Pei let out a sigh and did not intend to bother about things. Anyway, she is with Ran Fei Ze, he was able to understand her words and intension, so it’s fine.

The case of Sima family and Ma Zheng Yuan are now closed. Ran Fei Ze is going to pack his bags and continue on his journey. Su Xiao Pei is, of course, going to follow. Ran Fei Ze ha decided to go to Ping Zhou City next. The two of them sat down and discuss what they needed on the road. Su Xiao Pei seriously calculated their expenses and made a list of items to buy, once done, she and Ran Fei Ze went to the market to buy them.

The first stop Ran Fei Ze wanted to go was the grocery store. The store opposite was a shop for woman that Su Xiao Pei wanted to go. So, while Ran Fei Ze went to buy the items he wanted, Su Xiao Pei went across the street.

Su Xiao Pei looked down at her list while walking. She lacks a lot of things. She wanted to buy her own water bag, two set of clothes, a blanket and some personal items. She plans to buy more pants for her period and to sew it for future uses. What if they had to go to a small town where she was not able to buy it. She also had to buy a larger bah and bathing supplies. She had also forgot to write shoes.

Su Xiao Pei looked at her list while checking if she had missed anything, she was not paying attention to the road and had accidentally bump into a person. She hurriedly bowed her head and apologized. The man did not blame her and quickly left.

Su Xiao Pei entered the shop and found the items that she wanted. She took them and placed on the counter, when she was going to take her money from her bag, her hand did not touch anything, her money bag! It was gone!

Her bank notes, her silvers, her copper coins are all gone!

While the sky was blue, Su Xiao pei’s face was while. She touched it again and again, looked around. But of course, Su Xiao Pei could not find her money. She refused to look at the shop owner staring at her with horror. She immediately went to the grocery store, pulling the sleeves of Ran Fei Ze.

Her pale face scared Ran Fei Ze, he quickly pulled her out of the shop and asked her what happened.

Su Xiao Pei opened her mouth and squeezed out one sentence after a long time, “Soldier, my money, it’s all gone.”

Ran Fei Ze was quite calm, let her slowly say what had happened. Su Xiao Pei was flustered and recalled what had happened when she was walking across the street. After repeating it once, she realized who had stolen her money, she swore, “I had knocked into someone, it was definitely him who stole my money!”

Su Xiao Pei looked up and watched the streets, looking for a sneaky and suspicious figure.

“Is Miss able to remember his looks?”

Su Xiao Pei shook her head.

“What kind of clothes does he wear? The color?”

Su Xiao Pei shook her head again. She had looked down and apologized and didn’t pay attention at all.

Ran Fei Ze comforted her and led her to the shop and asked around, but no one noticed that someone had knocked into her.

Everyone looked at Su Xiao Pei, their eyes showed their surprised. Su Xiao Pei was in a bad mood. Normally, she will ignore their glaze, but today she lost her money, and felt the people glaze, her heart had fallen to the bottom of the valley, she felt like crying.

Ran Fei Ze has no magical way to help Su Xiao Pei find her money back. He does not know if the thief is tall and thin or short and fat, he does not even know what clothes he wore. How was he able to find them?

Ran Fei Ze did not put Su Xiao Pei’s sad appearance to mind, he led her back to the inn.

“Miss, don’t be sad, we are able to survive with 15 copper coins, why are you worrying about 25 copper coins?” The silvers that was allocated to him had not been spent yet, and he said that he would not leave her alone. He intent on keeping his promises.

Su Xiao Pei was grateful, but she still felt sad. Anyone who has all of their property snatch within a day would be feeling sad.

Ran Fei Ze still has more to say but there was a knock on the door.

Ran Fei Ze opened the door and saw Bai Yu Lang, while he entered the house, he spoke, “Uncle Ran, Head Constable Qin said he wants to see big sister.” After he spoke, he looked around the room and saw Su Xiao Pei, “Hey, big sister is here.”

Head Constable Qin wants to see her, why did he report to Ran Fei Ze? Su Xiao Pei was really powerless but at the same time she was in a bad mood and didn’t have the energy to dislike him.

“Alright, stop with the sad face, Head Constable Qin must have another case, we can ask him for a reward, Miss can stop being sad.”

The words that Ran Fei Ze spoke let Bai Yu Lang squint at them, blatantly extorting money from his superior in front of his subordinates, was this appropriate?

Unfortunately, his expression did not faze his uncle and big sister.

They left the inn and went to visit Head Constable Qin, but what Head Constable wanted to give Su Xiao Pei was silvers not a case.

“The magistrate is very appreciative of Miss’s ability, Ning’an City is a big city. It is surrounded by other small towns. The crime rate is not very high but yet is it not low. The magistrate is occupied with work every day. They would need some help like Miss. The magistrate is interested in asking Miss to stay in the city and provide a job. Just like this case, go to the crime scene and offer advice.

Su Xiao Pei was a little embarrassed and turned to look at Ran Fei Ze.

Head Constable Qin continue to speak, “There is an empty house behind the Yamen. It is not big but the place is clean and neat. There are two rooms, enough for Miss to live, there will be a head servant to take care of the house and expenses. Every month will give Miss five tales, which is the same as an advisor’s salary. What is Miss decision?”

Su Xiao Pei was even more surprised. she has a salary every month, a house and even a nanny was given to her.

Is this a good thing? She turned her head and looked at Ran Fei Ze again.

Ran Fei Ze didn’t have much expression, he was thinking about it.

Head Constable Qin continued to speak, “I heard that Miss is looking for someone, we are government servants, we do not have much skills, we are only good at catching, searching people. These are common. Who is Miss looking for? You just have to tell the advisor his body build, facial marks and we will paste in every town. Once there is news, we can tell Miss. It is better than Miss going around to find him.”

This ** is more reliable than anything.

Su Xiao Pei looked at Ran Fei Ze again.

This time Ran Fei Ze looked back at her. Su Xiao Pei felt happy. She could even say she was a little excited. She looked at Ran Fei Ze with anticipation, but Ran Fei Ze only smiled at her.

What does his smile mean?

Su Xiao Pei turned her head back and said to Head Constable Qin, “Is it possible for Soldier and me to discuss before I give my decision?”

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