ISOL Chapter 44

Luo Kui committed a crime, it does not matter if he is dead.

He is a prisoner who was sentenced to death, the day of his sentenced is the next morning, so it does not matter if he died in prison or the next morning. They have seen many cases like this. What’s more, Luo Kui is also a somewhat famous person in Ning’an City. Since Luo Kui knew many people in the city and many people knew of him, he would rather kill himself than be killed in public.

This thought is quite common in ancient times. Everyone said, ‘even Luo Ling’er is unable to stand her own father being executed in public, better for him to die in the prison on his own terms.’. And since, Luo Kui is a rich person, he would not be able to bear the shame of wearing prisoner clothes and being parade around the village to be killed.

This matter quickly went away. The Chang family came over to the Yamen and took the body away to settle the funeral. Su Xiao Pei had heard that Luo Ling’er had somehow returned, she cried during the funeral and used her hands to make a tombstone for him. The officials did the paperwork for Luo Kui and sent the paperwork to their superior and this case is close.

In the end, the Magistrate did not help to solve the case nor use any new method to solve it. However, everyone knew that Su Xiao Pei has the ability to solve the case. The Magistrate allow Su Xiao Pei to listen in and observe the interrogation, and he would ask her what she thinks about the case. Deliberately pretending to be angry, whether they are arogrant, whether they any ambitions… Su Xiao Pei is able to see many details that others can’t. There was an occasion where Su Xiao Pei had judged that it was not done by a man but rather a woman. After a series of investigation, the culprit was really a woman!

Soon, Su Xiao Pei became famous in the Yamen, why only in the Yamen? It was because the Magistrate and Head Constable Qin had made the order to let it know that there is a female advisor in the Yamen.

Su Xiao Pei knew about this is because Bai Yu Lang told her about it, and she also heard from him that this was decided by Ran Fei Ze. He was the one that told the Magistrate and Head Constable Qin to release the order. ‘If you want to keep Su Xiao Pei working for you, you can’t release the news that she is working for you.’. The Magistrate and Head Constable Qin are understanding people, they knew that Su Xiao Pei’s ability is strange but useful, if news about her is not handled well, it will bring trouble to her. They are unable to hide a person but as long as the officials do not specifically spread about her ability, that the citizen only knew that she is working in the Yamen, it should be alright.

On that day, when Su Xiao Pei heard about it, she was very happy, she bought a roast chicken and a jar of wine and asked Bai Yu Lang to send it to Ran Fei Ze. She had stayed at her house for quite a while, and Ran Fei Ze was visiting her less frequently, she also knew what he was doing and did not go and find him.

Bai Yu Lang also felt that this was a good thing. He also praised Su Xiao Pei, saying that she was getting more and more sensible. Su Xiao Pei ignored him.

Bai Yu Lang took the wine and chicken and went to the inn to find Ran Fei Ze.

When Ran Fei Ze saw the items, he smiled, “Miss Su is really kind.”

“Heh, how does Uncle Ran know that she was the one who bought it?”

Ran Fei Ze just smiled.

‘This question was not that diffictult to answer, why is Uncle Ran being so mysterious?’ Bai Yu Lang scratched his head.

Bai Yu Lang turned his head and saw Ran Fei Ze’s big backpack, “Uncle Ran, the last time you said you wanted to leave, why haven’t you left yet?”

“Soon.” Ran Fei Ze looked at his backpack.

“If Uncle Ran have any difficulties, you can just come straight to me.” Bai Yu Lang feels that Ran Fei Ze have some problem that was why he has not left.

“Well, Difficulties…” Ran Fei Ze whispered, his eye just stayed on the roast chicken on the table.

“Does Uncle Ran have enough money?” Bai Yu Lang suspected that it was regarding money, he had already prepared some money for Ran Fei Ze, just waiting for him to open his mouth and ask.

Ran Fei Ze laughed, shook his head and laughed.

“Is Uncle Ran worried about Big Sister?” Bai Yu Lang thinks that this reason is incorrect. As far as he saw, Big Sister is as stubbon as a bull. He had never seen a advisor that can’t write a letter. Never seen an advisor that can’t read a case file. Woman’s literacy is rare but they had never seen such ugly handwriting… These words are being spread around the Yamen, if it was other people, they would be hiding and never come out, but Big Sister has such thick skin that she is ignoring it.

They also had never seen a woman who wasn’t married at her age. Never seen a woman’s hair so short. It’s ugly. Never seen a woman wearing woman’s clothes comfortably, never seen a woman wearing men’s clothes…. Even though Big sister has heard about these gossip, if it was other people, they would be grieving. Those people that were gossiping were caught by Big sister, they were embarrassed but Big Sister just coldly nod her head. Even though those servant were caught gossiping by Big Sister, they still continued. At that time, Bai Yu Lang thought that advisor Su would go over, tap their shoulder and agreed to what they were saying. He learnt Big Sister weird accent, and when he imitated it, he made everyone laughed.

Bai Yu Lang said, seriously, to Ran Fei Ze, ‘There is no need to worry about a woman lilke Big sister. She can frighten and embarrassed a lot of people, and she will still be okay.’

Therefore, instead of worrying about Big Sister, it is better to worry about money and your travels.

Ran Fei Ze grinned and patted Bai Yu Lang’s shoulder, “Kid, you are right.” He imitated Su Xiao Pei’s tone and accent. Bai Yu Lang heard it and gave it a 10, he wanted to laugh, but looking at Ran Fei Ze, he does not know why but he wasn’t able to even smile.

Ran Fei Ze does not know if Bai Yu Lang words had affected him, but he knows that he has to leave soon.

On that day, Su Xiao Pei was bored. Bai Yu Lang said that Ran Fei Ze was about to leave, SU Xiao Pei thinks that she should find something for her to do, to take her mind of it, or should she go out and buy some practical gifts for him? She went to the market and walked around multiple times, she walked around the placed that Ran Fei Ze had brought her to. After walking for a while, she saw another alleyway, and she remembered that she had saw several blacksmith shops in this street when she had read a case file. Though, she had seen the shop, she had not entered it, she was curious as she had never seen such a shop before, wanting to know what it looked like, Su Xiao Pei had the urge to enter the shop.

In the future, would Ran Fei Ze open a shop with his disciple? After he left, what if she managed to find Cheng Jiang Yi and she suddenly went back, would she still have time to say goodbye to him?

Su Xiao Pei walked towards the store, there were winds and turns, there were no shops and all the houses door were closed. She continued walking, after two turns, she still did not see the blacksmith shop. She remembered that on the case file, the number for the shop was 100, easy to remember. She looked up and find the house number, but after looking around, she realized that the houses do not have a number. She was confused, how was it possible that there was no number? she hadn’t noticed it before, now that she was looking for it, she was not able to find it. She continued to walk down and still could not find the house number, but after a few more turns, she found a blacksmith shop.

There was a flag hanging on the front of the shop, indicating what the shop was selling, a long wooden table in front of the shop. There was some iron equipment on the table. The shop was small and deserted. The shop differs a lot from what she had thought, she thought there would be a big forge and the place would be very hot due to the fire. She was staring at shop, dazing. Suddenly, Su Xiao Pei felt water hitting onto her head, it was suddenly raining.

Su Xiao Pei looked around and quickly ran back, after running in a circle she realized that all the houses and shops looked the same. The rain was getting bigger, it was look late for her to find a way out. She turned back to the blacksmith shop. There was a man in the shop, in his hands were the equipment on the table, just as Su Xiao Pei wanted to talk to him, he closed the door.

She went over and hid under the eaves of the house, watching the rain getting bigger and bigger, and the sky getting darker.

Is she doing something stupid again? Su Xiao Pei looked at the sky and laughed at herself. why out of the sudden want to find a blacksmith? Crazy. The house number is not properly placed, crazy. Why did it suddenly rain? Crazy.
Ok, the house number is innocent, it is also normal to rain, the only one with a problem is her.

The rain was getting heavier, the eaves were very narrow, she was getting wet. She felt cold and she doesn’t see anyone on the street. She doesn’t dare to knock on the door behind her. She knows that men and woman can’t be close together, the only person inside the house is a man, and she is a woman, she can’t go in.

It was just that she had been walking and running around for a while, she was tired. She had walked quite a distance, she had run in the rain a while ago, her body was wet, she was cold. She doesn’t even know if it is easy to cure a cold in this world.

While she stood there thinking, she was staring at the rain.

After a long time, she couldn’t stand any longer, but the rain was still going strong. At this time, she saw a tall figure, holding onto a green paper umbrella and holding something like a coat in his hands. The rain was so big that she couldn’t see it clearly. The man stopped a far, seemed to be watching her and then he quickly walked over.

“Miss.” The man called out.

“Soldier.” Su Xiao Pei was overjoyed.

Ran Fei Ze approached her with a look of helplessness.

Su Xiao Pei pursed her lips, although she was very happy but she was seen like this, she had to hide her happiness.

Ran Fei Ze looked at the flag near the shop in the rain and then looked at Su Xiao Pei.

I…I was just walking around and didn’t expect it to rain.”

Ran Fei Ze did not speak, only looked at her.

Su Xiao Pei felt a little awkward and but she had to find out, “Why is Soldier here?”

“What if I did not come? Until when will Miss be trapped?”

“How can I decide that, this would have to be decided by God.”

Ran Fei Ze did not speak, just stared at her.

“Why did Soldier come?” She pressed on.

“I went to the Yamen to find you. They told me that you have come out for a long time and still had not return.” It was raining and he was worried, therefore, he came out to find her.

Su Xiao Pei nodded. it was hard for her to ask how he had found her.

Ran Fei Ze did not intend to explain. To find her, he would only need to depend on his intuition.

The place that she had been was all led by him. He knows how wide her steps was. There was only one street on the market and the archway was noticeable. When he did not find her at the market, he walked here.

Two people in the rain, you see me, I see you. Ran Fei Ze suddenly sighed, he handed over the coat in his hands.

Su Xiao Pei put it on, but she still felt cold. Ran Fei Ze looked at her, the turned around and squatted down.

Su Xiao Pei looked at his broad back, her heart started to jump, then she carefully looked at around and slowly hook her hands around his neck.

“No one would judge right?” She asked.

“The rain is big, and Miss is wearing such a big coat, no one can see anything, not to mention men or woman.”

Who can’t tell if it is a person? An animal? Or a thing?

Su Xiao Pei was not convinced but she still clung onto him, for the fear of falling.

Ran Fei Ze handed the umbrella to her. she took it and climbed onto his hand, one hand clinging onto him, while the other holding onto the umbrella. He wound his hand back, holding onto her bend leg and lifting her up.

Ran Fei Ze started to walk once he stood up and stabilized himself.

“Soldier, they do not hang the number plate here.”

“Miss is the first person to get lost in the big city.”

“I didn’t get lost, it was raining.”

“Why did Miss go there?”

“Ah?” Su Xiao Pei was silent for a while, “I lost my way.”

“Miss’s intelligence sometimes make people worry.” What worries him was that he was unable to prevent her from being in danger.


The two did not speak again, only the rain hitting onto the paper umbrella was heard.

“Soldier, the sounds of rain are nice to listen to.” She couldn’t help but want to talk to him.


“Soldier, when are you leaving?”

“Tomorrow, today I intend to say my goodbyes to you.”


There was another bout of silence, this time, it was Ran Fei Ze that couldn’t help but speak, “It has been a long two months, too long.”


“It’s not that I want to leave you alone.”

“I understand that Soldier has something to do.”

“Miss must take good care of yourself.”

“I know Soldier, please do not worry.”

Ran Fei Ze suddenly stopped. Su Xiao Pei looked around, no one was around, and it was still raining heavily. Why did he stop?




If? Su Xiao Pei waited for him to continue.

She waited quite a while.

“If Miss does not train her calligraphy well, I will laugh when I read your letter. So, please continue practicing your calligraphy.”

“…” Su Xiao Pei gritted her teeth, “Soldier, you worry too much!”

Ran Fei Ze continued walking, he was indeed worrying too much. This is not good, not good at all.

“Where do you intend to send the letter to?” She whispered after a long time.

Ran Fei Ze footsteps stopped and smiled then continued walking.

“Miss, do not worry, if there is a heart, the letter will reach its destination.”

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