ISOL Chapter 46

The place Ran Fei Ze is going is called Ping Zhou City.

Actually, he had an appointment with someone, it was not urgent. He had originally planned to take Su Xiao Pei with him. he had calculated that if both of them were to walk slowly, they would take about half a month to reached. But since it was only him, it took him only eight days.

Along the way, Ran Fei Ze kept thinking about Su Xiao Pei, and all he can do is kept wondering how she was doing without him.

He remembered, when they were in Stone Town, Su Xiao Pei’s pitiful expression when she wanted to follow him. He also remembered the time in Ning’an City, when Su Xiao Pei was crying. Thinking about these memories made his heart feel a little empty.

Him being like this, was like him being infatuated with her, like he was influenced.

Once, he had asked Su Xiao Pei about her skills, she said that it was hypnosis. Instead of letting people fall asleep, it let people be in a highly suggestive state and they would respond accordingly.

Ran Fei Ze had never heard of the words that Su Xiao Pei had spoken, what consciousness, subconscious… but Su Xiao Pei gave some examples and he understood. For example, a thief saw a Magistrate carrying a bag of money, he subconsciously he would want the money, but his consciousness told him that he could not afford to anger the Magistrate. The subconscious mind is instinct, when the consciousness if the rational part of the brain. His consciousness would override the subconscious. Therefore, when he saw the Magistrate carrying a bag of money, his consciousness knew that he could not afford to pay the price of stealing the money, and this consciousness was at the forefront of his brain, thus, able to filter out the idea of stealing the money. This decision would happen in a few seconds and there is a possibility that he might not even know that he has this notion once.

She said that hypnosis was like going deep into people’s mind and letting their subconscious being active. This can help the person remember what they have forgotten. It is able to let the other person fall asleep, and even obey the hypnotist orders. She said that experienced hypnotist does not need to use complicated methods to get the person under the spell. And with enough hints, and under the most focused and relaxed state, they are able to get them under the spell. With that, the hypnotist is able to enter the person subconscious and give orders.

Su Xiao Pei said that she was not that experienced, said that her skills were limited. In her hometown, there were many more that were masters.

But Ran Fei Ze thinks she was too modest. He thinks that she is very smart, she does not need any complicated methods, and does need to talk much and he is listening to every word she says.

He does think that she is mysterious and interesting, but he does not have any romantic feelings towards her. He rescued her, take care of her, just like how he would to any woman in a tough spot. He just did what any ordinary man would do.

Until that day, in the Sima residence.

She was half hidden behind the door of Sima Wan Ru’s room, and she called out ‘Ah Ze”.

A hint, like opening a lock in him, he suddenly seems to wake up.

He felt that this should be what she called the subconscious.

“Ah Ze”, he understood that she was asking him for help. He was a little flustered and his heart started beating faster. He was afraid that she would have an accident, but her way of addressing at that time was too intimate, and it was to his liking.

That was why, he couldn’t help but tease her once she was safe. But after teasing, he would remind himself that he shouldn’t tease her, though, the next time they meet, he can’t help himself but to tease her again.

He began to pay attention to everything about her, then he noticed that he had already paid attention to her all the while. She said that she was looking for someone, once she had found that person, she would go back home. He began to think who she was looking for. She said that she was unmarried, so why was an unmarried woman, out alone, finding a young man? He felt that he should’ve have approached her and question her thoroughly, but he just did not ask. He just felt that she should’ve been with him, but he knew that staying in Ning’an City was a better choice for her than to wander around the world with him.

He had always been a free spirit person, but he has no qualms to lecture her about her behavior.

Finally, he decided to do his own thing first. He needs to think about what to do without her.  he knows what he wants, the question is how? He is not young. Before he met her, he never thought much about his age. It is fortunate that she was not young as well, he does not need to worry about being too old. It’s just that he has no place to live. How was it possible to stay together with her?


Ping Zhou City is a very beautiful place. There is a government place, many people that are bustling around. It is a peaceful area, but there is a Ping Zhou mountain nearby. In the mountains, there is a martial arts competition held every five years. This year, it will be held on the tenth month, during autumn. During this time, the weather in Ping Zhou is cold.

Because he did not bring Su Xiao Pei, Ran Fei Ze went directly to the foot of Ping Zhou Mountain. Although it is not far from the city, it is another sight to see. There is no government, only the martial artist sects.

There is another name for Ping Zhou Mountain, Martial Town(武鎮, Wǔ zhèn), but in fact, the writing is different, it is actually called, No Town(無鎮, wú zhèn), as there is nothing in the mountain. however, because of the martial arts competition every five years, a lot of Sect and their members met up and exchange news at the foot of the mountain.

Ran Fei Ze had never participated in any martial arts competition because his Master did not like it. The old man felt that things in the limelight were tiring and boring, therefore, he led Ran Fei Ze to other sects and fight their members there. This type of big competition, there would be a lot of competitors, he has no interest in it.

Ran Fei Ze was being influenced by his Master, therefore, his behavior was not upright as well. This year, Ran Fei Ze went to the martial arts conference was originally to sell weapons to earn some money. Going to house to house to sell was tiring. But now he changed his mind. He wants to see those youngsters who come to watch the competition, to see if there are any suitable disciples.

In fact, this idea of his not ideal. Because those teenagers that are here are because of Sect that they admire, and they want to join those Sect. Those Sects will also seize the opportunity to recruit new people and collect money, this will allow them to make a name for themselves. Ran Fei Ze want to find an apprentice here. To put it bluntly, he intends to poach them.

Once he had arrived, he rented a vacant house in the city. He left the small carriage at the side of the house, the untied the horse and tied it to the side where all the grass grew, then he took his luggage and went into the house.

Two days later, in the middle of the night, a suspicious figure enters his house.

As soon as he entered, “Why are you late?”

Ran Fei Ze did not open his eyes, “I am not that keen to see you.”

“Oi.” The person who entered scolded him, then he looked around, looking down on this house that Ran Fei Ze had rented. Ran Fei Ze had finally opened his eyes, and sat up, looking very disgusted with the person who had entered his house.

The two men were too disgusted with each other, finally the man finally sat down on a chair.

“Why are you looking for me?” The two men asked in unison.

“Obviously, you are the one who is looking for me.” Ran Fei Ze answered first.

“Hey, I received your letter just as I sent out mine. According to this, you are the one who is looking for me first.” Xiao Qi couldn’t help but scorned Ran Fei Ze.

Xiao Qi is the eldest disciple of another Sect called Xuan Qing. He is famous firstly due to his sword, then his looks and skills. In the eyes of others, he is the best that no one could rival, Ran Fei Ze is the only one who is able to order him around. Xiao Qi was not happy, his sword was given by Ran Fei Ze, because of this, he was inferior to Ran Fei Ze. Although it was not forced, he could not help but go along with Ran Fei Ze.

Xiao Qi often comfort himself, anyway, this is not the first time. Their sect name originated from a sword named ‘Xuan Qing Sword’ from their ancestors. Unfortunately, it is also Ran Fei Ze’s ancestors. Coincidentally, Ran Fei Ze’s Master had also created a sword named ‘Ming Ying Sword’.

Therefore, as this story is being passed around, he will not be shamed.

“So, what are you going to do?” Xiao Qi rudely asked, he can’t give any face to Ran Fei Ze as Ran Fei Ze will let it go to his head.

Ran Fei Ze did not answer him and asked a question, “There is still six months before the Martial Arts competition, are all the sects so free that they can come here so early?”

“You are then the one who is free.”

“I am indeed very free.” Ran Fei Ze did not hide anything. He was so free that he was able to consider a relationship, so free till it could’ve destroyed everything that he had planned.

“You do not have to care about our Sect matters, you just have to tell me what you want to do.”

“Whatever your big Sect is about to do is related to what I have to do.”

Xiao Qi frowned and felt that something bad is going to happen, “I will leave first.”

“You can leave. I will not send you off. I will go and look for your Master to talk about old times, I will mention you in our conversation.”

Xiao Qi sneered, “Master is happy with me, why do you have to talk about me?”

Ran Fei Ze slowly poured a cup of water, “What about junior sister? Does she like you? Why don’t I help you?”

Xiao Qi froze, he almost smacks the table. “How did you know?”


Bastard! Xiao Qi really wanted to stab Ran Fei Ze with his sword. His junior sister is cute and adorable, he like her very much. But after thinking a long time, he doesn’t dare to talk to her about it.

“Speak, why did you come here so early.”

Xiao Qi glared at Ran Fei Ze, but Ran Fei Ze did not care about it. Xiao Qi reluctantly said, Qi Sha Residence’s Master was killed. The evidence points the Jiu Ling Sect, but on the day of the murder, Jiu Ling Sect was not in the vicinity, a lot of the Jianghu members were the witness. But there are a lot of loopholes, thus, a lot of Sects are spinning their story on this and disrupting the Wulin. The case has been suppressed; therefore, each Sect have been doing their own investigation secretly. Since, this year is the competition, you have to be careful.”

“En, then you guys have to be more careful as well.”

Xiao Qi glared at Ran Fei Ze again as Ran Fei Ze expression said ‘This is why Sects are so annoying’. Isn’t Ran Fei Ze a martial artist himself.

“What about you? Why are you here?”

Ran Fei Ze smiled, “You also know that I have to find a disciple. I want to ask, does your Sect have any good disciple that does not have a Master yet? Of course, if they already have a Master and are willing to quit, I am willing to accept them.”

Xiao Qi was speechless, “I must have heard it wrongly, why is there such a shameless person in this world? Even willing to say out such an idea.”

“Don’t underestimate me.” Ran Fei Ze said with a serious expression.

Xiao Qi also said with a serious expression, “It can’t be help that you are so shameless.”

“Then I will not be polite, let me attend your Disciple-Master ceremony. Let me see which child is suitable for me to accept.”

Xiao Qi can’t listen anymore, “I am leaving.”

“You haven’t said why are you looking for me?” Ran Fei Ze did not force him to stay, he was prepared for the worst.

“There is nothing wrong now.” He once thought of asking Ran Fei Ze to make another sword for his junior sister.

Junior sister is envious of him, and wanted the sword. Xiao Qi had even thought of an excuse to gift her a sword. He would say that he had coincidentally met a blacksmith and he had happened to have a similar sword with him. Because Xiao Qi was from the Jianghu, that blacksmith was willing to give him another sword. The problem was that the sword was too light, not suitable for him, it is more suitable for a female swordswoman. Therefore, Xiao Qi gave it to her.

He had beautifully thought it out, but he knows that Ran Fei Ze will use this information to blackmail him with it. So, it is not worth mentioning it, he will think of another gift for junior sister.

Before Xiao Qi could leave, Ran Fei Ze shouted, “You best remember my request, if your Sect does not have any candidates, help me look out from other sects. I’m not picky.”

Xiao Qi did not bother about him. That time, on Camel Ridge mountain, he had given laxatives to every one of the Jianghu members that wanted to capture Zhao Sheng Zhi. Xuan Qing Sect was one of the victims. Xiao Qi still had not settle this account with Ran Fei Ze, but Ran Fei Ze still dare to request ask him for a favor.

Xiao Qi slammed the door behind him and disappeared into the night.

In another city, ‘Historian Pawn Shop’ was famous in Jianghu. Someone heard a weird buzzing sound and went to investigate. They found the head innkeeper of this pawn shop was lying in his own pool of blood, died recently. Everyone agree that this buzzing sound is a unique sound that is only from the Xuan Qing Sect.

At the same time, Xuan Qing Sect’s Master, Du Chuan Xu, brought his sect together with Kun Lun Wu Dang Sect to discuss about the death of the Qi Sha Residence’s Master. In the Qi Sha residence, the murderer left a serpentine symbol. Kun Lun’s disciples took out the spy’s report, the symbol looks like octagonal shape with a ‘S’ in the middle.

In Ning’an City, Bai Yu Lang followed Ran Fei Ze orders, he would accompany Su Xiao Pei if he was free. His way of accompanying was to teach Su Xiao Pei about his experiences about being a constable.

Bai Yu Lang is a good lad, not bad looking, he’s jovial, rather too jovial. As the sixth son of the Bai Family, Bai Yu Lang’s life is actually very good. He has a righteous heart, upright martial artist. His family is from the Jianghu, but he doesn’t like being a Jianghu member, it is filled with scums, and the martial artists are not disciplined. So, he does not bother with them, he just wants to be a good constable. Not only was he helping the citizen get rid of the scums, he was able to defeat the Jianghu members.

“Some of the constables dare not provoke those Jianghu scums, but I am not afraid.”

Bai Yu Lang proudly declare while patting his chest.

Su Xiao Pei took the case file and looked at it while giving him one worded answer and nodding her head. Finding Bai Yu Lang too noisy.

”Big sister, do you know anyone who come across a murder or almost lost his life but does not want to make report with the government but wants to hire people to solve the situation?”

In Su Xiao Pei thought that this was similar to gangsters that she heard of in the modern world, but she gave face to him and said, “Who?”

“Martial artist.”

Well… they are still gangsters.

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