ISOL Chapter 48

There were only three words.

However, other than her, only Cheng Jiang Yi will be able to write these three words.

Su Xiao Pei was holding onto the letter, standing on the street, dazing off.

Where was he?

He asked a question, but he did not wait for her to answer.

What did he meant by leaving the letter behind?

How did he find her? If he had saw her letter that she had left in the temple, then, he would not know where she stayed, but he would’ve taken the letter to the address left by Ran Fei Ze. He did not know who she was, but knew that she could read English. He must have seen her before and knew that she was the same as him.

Su Xiao Pei would only relax in front of Ran Fei Ze, she would only speak the modern way in front of him. With other people, she tried her best to fit in. Now, with a few months of experienced, she is decent with conversing with other people, there were only a few times where they would frown while listening to her. But when this letter came to her, it indicates that he knew where she come from.

Cheng Jiang Yi, what did you mean by doing this?

Su Xiao Pei suddenly ran towards the Yamen. The Yamen was close by, only a few steps away. There will always be a guard on night duty. With just a glance, Su Xiao Pei knew that Liu Xiang was the one on duty tonight.

Head Constable Liu.

“Hey, Miss Su, why are you here?” Liu Xiang was talking to another constable when he was surprised to see Su Xiao Pei running towards the Yamen.

“I would like to ask if Sir has seen any strange person walking around?”

Liu Xiang shook his head and turned to look at the constable beside him. The man shook his head as well.

“In that case…” Su Xiao Pei thought for a moment, “Is there anyone that was looking for me?”

“Not that I know of.” Liu Xiang and the other Constable all shook their heads.

“Miss, what happened? Did something bad happened?” Liu Xiang asked.

Su Xiao Pei thought for a while before shaking her head. “Nothing.” She was the only person that can the letter in the Yamen, and she received it in the middle of the night. It is better that she did not let it spread.

“Right…” She wanted to ask where Bai Yu Lang lived and wanted Liu Xiang to help her find Bai Yu Lang. But after a while, she thought that it was improper for her to find a young man in the middle of the night. It is not appropriate to ask, especially in front of so many young men. “It is pretty cold tonight, please take care, thank you for your hard work, I will go back home now.”

Su Xiao Pei said goodbye to Liu Xiang and others, they greeted each other and went their own ways.

She put the letter on the table and stared at English words. Then she folded the letter and put it aside. Spread out another sheet of paper, grind some ink to write another letter to Ran Fei Ze.

“Soldier, there is a clue regarding the person I am looking for, he had written a letter to me, but he did not show up…”

Su Xiao Pei stopped writing after one sentence, what is the use of telling Ran Fei Ze about this? He is so far away he can’t do anything about it. she obviously needs to learn how to not rely on Ran Fei Ze, need to learn to now give him trouble. If she told him about this in a letter, wouldn’t it trouble him?

Su Xiao Pei put the paper aside, this letter should be the same as the previous letter, unable to send it out.

She thought about it and decided to rewrite her letter.

She spread out a new piece of paper, Su Xiao Pei bit her lips, the hand that was holding onto the brush was a bit stiff.

Cheng Jiang Yi has appeared, he actually appeared.

He asked her who was she? Was it because he found out that she was a person who was similar to him? Was that why he was so careful? How was she supposed to reply to him, was she supposed to write a letter and give it to him at the doorstep like him? what if it was taken away by someone else?

Su Xiao Pei frowned and wrote the first few characters: Soldier

Cheng Jiang Yi appeared, maybe she would suddenly go back home. In this world, she can ignore everyone, but she cannot ignore Ran Fei Ze, she does not even want to miss the chance to say goodbye to him.

So, she should write, “Soldier, I am going home, goodbye.”

But this has no meaning, should she explain more? She was upset, she kept looking at the word ‘Soldier’ and was unable to write.

She thought for a while and for a split moment she thought of asking Bai Yu Lang the way to find Ran Fei Ze. But when she thought that if she leaves, would Cheng Jiang Yi be able to find her. Cheng Jiang Yi asked a question today, maybe tomorrow he would find her. She cannot leave.

Su Xiao Pei sigh and wrote ‘Ah Ze’ behind the ‘Soldier’. She kept thinking what she should write while scribbling ‘Ah Ze’ and ‘Soldier’ at random.

Finally, she threw the brush one side and decided to seriously think about it.

Thinking about how she should find the hidden Cheng Jiang Yi, he should be in the city, not too far away. She will talk to Bai Yu Lang and Head Constable Qin tomorrow. This person knows that she transmigrated, he must have paid attention to her mannerism, he must have observed her around the Yamen, he will come back.

As for Soldier, it is better if she said her goodbye as soon as possible.

She thought about it for a long time.


In No Town, Ran Fei Ze is also thinking.

He was staring at the letter in front of him, the letter was already half-written, the main contents of the letter were saying that he had given out all the letters that Su Xiao Pei had given to him. The temple along the way, the temple near Ping Zhou City, he went to all of them. He had also inquired for her but there is no such person as she had described. He told her all this, he also wanted to tell her that if she had any progress on her side, she must tell him. He wanted to make sure that the guy was trustworthy, he had planned to send her back home, he wanted to ask her was it alright for him to do this.

Ran Fei Ze was stuck here. ‘Ask her if it was okay?’, should he ask? What if she said no, does that mean that they would have nothing to do with each other anymore?

Once he left her, he would be alone. He finally understood, he got it bad for her.

He was sure of it.

Although she was the one who said that she wanted to go back, although she was weird, but he had fallen for her, nothing can change that, he has no intention to struggle about it. He was hesitant when they were about to separate in Ning’an City. At that time, he was struggling with himself when she called him ‘Ah Ze’. But ultimately, they had to say goodbye. Before leaving, his mind was a mess, but after leaving, his mind was clear. He kept thinking about her, worried about her, therefore, he should quickly finish up his matters, so that he can have a chance to talk to her.

He can’t ask her if it was alright, he just have to say that he wanted to send her back home. He also wanted to tell her when he found a good disciple and found a place to settle down, he would bring her over. With a fixed address, if there was any news about finding her person, the government would be about to pass the news to her, there was no need to worry about it.

He just have to write it out. Su Xiao Pei may not care about their social norms, but an unmarried man with his disciple, staying with an unmarried woman, it was indeed something different. He does not want to scare her away. He thought about it, after a while he laugh, she wouldn’t be scared, she would complain to him like how she complained to him about Bai Yu Lang’s nagging about their letters. This made him smile for a long time and he could even imagine her expression and tone.

Ran Fei Ze was pondering what she said in her letter when he heard someone knocking on the door.

He frowned, ignoring the man but the man outside was persistent. Ran Fei Ze stood up and walked to the door, pulling it open.

Outside stood Xiao Qi and another disciple from Xuan Qing, both were wearing light green clothes with white belt around the waist, the belt was embroidered with the emblem of Xuan Qing Sect. They wore a serious expression, carrying their swords.

“Swordsman Ran?” The Xuan Qing Disciple did not recognize Ran Fei Ze had asked politely.

“I am Ran Fei Ze.” Ran Fei Ze looked at Xiao Qi and turned to answer the question that the disciple had asked. Compared to how the disciple addressed him, he finds the word ‘Soldier’ is more pleasing.

Xiao Qi and Ran Fei Ze acted as if they were unfamiliar with each other. In front of his juniors, Xiao Qi has always been serious and strict. He always has the temperament of a senior in the Sect. But Ran Fei Ze does not find that Xiao Qi is that kind of person, Ran Fei Ze with their other friends, would make fun of Xiao Qi. Now that they had met up with each other again, Xiao Qi gave Ran Fei Ze a look to not overdo it.

Ran Fei Ze did not look at him again. He leaned on the door frame and asked, “What?”

Ji Jia Wen looked at his Senior before reporting his name, “I am from Xuan Qing Sect, Ji Jia Wen. This is my Senior…”

Ran Fei Ze cup his hands together, not allowing Ji Jia Wen to speak anymore, asked, “Why are you here?”

Xiao Qi answered, “I am here to ask Swordsman Ran, the Ming Yin Sword that Master holds, does Swordsman Ran or your Master created another Ming Yin Sword?”

“No.” Ran Fei Ze did not enough think creating another one for them. “A sword and a sheath, should never have duplicates, if not how I dare to ask for a high price? If I did two of the same swords, I will be ruining my reputation.”

Xiao Qi frowned. Ji Jia Wen was confused. This was his first time meeting Ran Fei Ze, he had only heard of his stories, but today was the first he heard that Ran Fei Ze is a blacksmith. However, he did not expect Ran Fei Ze to be so shameless, he did not place them, who are from the Xuan Qing Sect, in his eyes. He even talked about high prices and his reputation.

Ran Fei Ze didn’t bother talking to them. He remembered that he needed to write a letter, so he said, “I will not send you, I will close the door now.”

Xiao Qi raised his hand and stopped the door from closing, “There is a weird matter, it is regarding Ming Yin Sword, I invite Swordsman Ran to Xuan Qing Sect.”

The atmosphere was a little tense and Ji Jia Wen gripped his sword and stood straight.

Surprisingly, Ran Fei Ze accepted, “Sure. I will go after I finish writing my letter. You can go back first.”


Xiao Qi raised his hands to block the door again and pursed his lips, looking unhappy. They had told him that it was serious matter. Why does he still want to write a letter?

With one finger, Ran Fei Ze had stopped Xiao Qi’s palm, “Do not make trouble, you go back and wait for me. I know where your Xuan Qing Sect hideout is located.”

Hideout? Does he take Xuan Qing Sect as bandits?

Ji Jia Wen was unhappy and corrected him, “My Sect have another house located in Zhen Nan, located in the mountain, five miles away. It is easy to find.”

Ran Fei Ze smiled, thinking that this little brother is so serious.

“Eighteen, go guard the street, I would like to speak to Swordsman Ran privately.”

Ji Jia Wen, who is ranked 18th in the Sect, listened to his Senior’s orders and went to guard the street. Xiao Qi grabbed Ran Fei Ze and said, “There is another murder case. This time it involves my Master. Witnesses said that they heard the Ming Yin Sword and had decided that was the murder weapon. But at that time, my Master was discussing matters with Kun Lun Master, it is obvious that someone is framing my Master.”

“Since Kun Lun’s Master is the alibi, they cannot arrest your Master, it is not that serious, you just go back and wait for me.”

“Please be more serious, the Jianghu is in trouble.”

“I am serious, my letter is troublesome, I will go after I write finish.” He had dragged it out for a few days and had decided to send it out today.

“What letter is so important.”

“Love letter.”

Xiao Qi could hardly hold back his desire to scold Ran Fei Ze, but he thought of his Junior who was not far away and tolerated it.

“If this letter trick work, I will teach it to you later.” Ran Fei Ze said brazenly.

Xiao Qi pursed his lips and said, “I give you 15 minutes I will wait for you with my Junior.”

“No, I have to think to write this letter, I have to slowly write it, you go back first, do not disturb me.”

Xiao Qi frowned.

Ran Fei Ze gave a calm face, “The longer you disturb me, the longer I am not able to write my letter. I must send it out today. The more you waste my time, the longer your Master have to wait.”

Xiao Qi still has something to say but when he heard the sound of frantic hoof sounds, Ji Jia Wen said at this time, “Who is that?”

Xiao Qi turned back and saw a young boy dressed in a Constable clothing riding a horse. He blinked and said, “Bai Family’s sixth son?”

Bai Family’s sons are all similar in appearance. The sixth son does not love martial arts, a lot of people in the Jianghu knew about this. When Xiao Qi saw Bai Yu Lang, Xiao Qi was able to guess who Bai Yu Lang was. Ran Fei Ze saw Bai YU Lang, his suddenly felt ominous in his heart, Ran Fei Ze pushed Xiao Qi away and greeted Bai Yu Lang, “Lao Liu.”

Bai Yu Lang crossed Ji Jia Wen, he hurriedly jumped off the horse, panting said, “Uncle Ran, big sister…big sister… she….”

Ran Fei Ze looked at Bai Yu Lang’s face and his heart sank.

“Big Sister met into trouble. That day Aunty Liu gave her breakfast, she found that the floor of Big Sister’s room was covered in blood…” Bai Yu Lang spoke and panted.

“Where is she?” Ran Fei Ze asked.

“Missing. Big Sister is missing.”

Only the house was covered in blood.


When Su Xiao Pei woke up, she found herself in a bedroom.

The slight hum of the air conditioner made her think about what it was for a long time. Comfortable mattress, soft quilt, white wall, she took a moment to react, but she came back.

The first thought in Su Xiao Pei’s mind was that she actually missed her goodbye with Ran Fei Ze, and she should’ve written a good letter to him, otherwise he would’ve worry too much about her.

After a while, she had a second thought. How did she come back? Was it because Cheng Jiang Yi found her? Was that why both of them came back together?

Su Xiao Pei sat up on her bed.

Her last memory in the world was that she went to bed.

She shook her head, looked at herself, everything was fine.

Her mind is in a mess, but she knows that she is back, that it is not a hallucination.

Su Xiao Pei got up, took a shower to be more awake. Once she is ready, she looked at the time and called the company, take a sick leave.

In her current situation, it is impossible for her to go to work as usual. She needs to take things slow and adjust to the ‘time difference’.

Once she took her ‘vacation’, she went to the hospital. If Cheng Jiang Yi has come back to modern times, it must mean that he has woken up. She is going to take a look.

However, she was disappointed when she went to visit him.

Cheng Jiang Yi has not woken up.

She didn’t see him, but she knew that he did not wake up. This time, even without the secretary coming out to stop her, the nurse had stopped her, but the nurse had told her that Mr. Cheng was in stable condition, it was just that he wasn’t awake.

If that was the case, what happened?

Su Xiao Pei went to the hospital garden, she found a bench and sat down.

She tried to link the clues she knows.

She had received Cheng Jiang Yi’s letter, then she fell asleep, the next thing she knows, she had returned. Other than her finding the person successfully, what other explanation could there be? Maybe Cheng Jiang Yi was back, but he needs time to recover. Afterall, he is seriously injured, he was not the same as her.

Su Xiao Pei guessed but then, she saw Yue Lao, who was panting and rushing towards her.

No. 2238 [I am not too sure what does this number represents or mean but I think it is a nickname that Su Xiao Pei came up for Yue Lao]

“Su Xiao Pei, you…you are back.”

“Cheng Jiang Yi has not yet woken up.” Su Xiao Pei took the initiative to tell him.

“I know.” Yue Lao looked symapathetic.

“Then, why am I back?” Su Xiao Pei found that he could discuss this matter very calmly.

“Hey, the way you talk, it is a little weird.” Yue Lao couldn’t help but point it out. But when he saw that her face does not look good, he hurriedly changed back the topic, “What else could it be, you were killed.”

Su Xiao Pei was surprised, “Why don’t I know about it?”

“That is very good, at least you went in your sleep, you did not suffer.”

Are there no words of comfort coming out this person’s mouth?

Su Xiao Pei frowned, “Who killed me?”

Yue Lao spread out his hands, “Who knows?”

“Then what do you know?” Su Xiao Pei was about to explode.

“My job only tells me that you are back. The cause of death was that you were stabbed to death in your sleep. On the report, it did not say anything about the murderer. I am not a God that investigate murder cases but a God that saves marriages.

Su Xiao Pei was speechless. She stayed there for a while. “Can you go save someone else? Leave me alone, you can just treat me as dead.”

Yue Lai was frustrated, “Its been a long time, is there really no progress?”

“There is, I received a letter from Cheng Jiang Yi. He asked me, ‘Who are you.’.”

Yue Lao had revived back his energy, “Then?”

“Then… I was killed.”

Yue Lao jaw dropped, “Close, so close.” He sighed, “It was not time for you to die yet.”

“Thank you for your comment.” Su Xiao Pei did not want to care about him. she didn’t even have the energy to think about who killed her.

After a long time, she asked, “Will I transmigrate back?”

“Of course.”

Yue Lao and Su Xiao Pei sat beside each other, neither of them has any energy in them.

“You said I was stabbed to death?”

“En.” Yue Lao took out a tablet like logbook and looked at it again. “It is indeed written that you were stabbed.”

“If I were to go back, will I wake up in a pool of blood? Will I wake up in a house that were filled with blood? Will I see my murderer staring at my corpse? Will the murderer see me, who is a corpse, suddenly open my eyes, do you think he will be scared to death?”

You have quite the imagination.” Yue Lao grinned. “If that really is the case, there is nothing wrong with it. At least you will know who killed you.”

Su Xiao Pei turned her head and looked at him.

Yue Lao said, “I am comforting you by going along with your ideas.”

“Thanks, you are very comforting.” Su Xiao Pei said coldly, “If I transmigrate back and this really happens, when I come back, I will definitely slap you. This is a promise.”

Yue Lao sighed, “It won’t happen, your body is destroyed, the red string of fate would have to pull you back again. It needs to re-stitch itself. The first time, I do not know when you would transmigrate back, I do not know when the red string of fate would recover. You can rest assured, when you transmigrate back, you will not be lying in your pool of blood, you will not see your murderer.”

“What shape would it re-stitched itself?”

“It would re-stitch the same body that you had when you transmigrate over, otherwise, how do you think you can transmigrate? It is not a fake shell, it is still you, it is exactly as the same you as you are now, it is you. The red string of fate would create a body that is specific to you and only you there, so once it has been re-stitched, you will transmigrate over.”

“Therefore, the last time when I drowned, nothing happened to the body, so I was using the same one. But this time, the body I used was stabbed, you the red string of fate had to create a new one?”

“It seems to be case.” The unreliable Yue Lao had added the word ‘seems’

Su Xiao Pei frowned, “So, when I’m there, I would not grow old, I will not die, my hair will not grow. Aren’t I a monster?

“You wish. There is a limit of how much time you can spend there. If you can’t find him within the time limit, you would have to come back, then the red string of fate would be broken.”

“How much time?”


“You don’t know?”

“This logbook did not say what is the time limit.”

“No. 2238, what is your customer service number? I would like to make a complain.

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