ISOL Chapter 49

Yue Lao frowned, it was difficult for him as well…

“I am willing to let you complain if I am able to get an answer regarding the future but you humans have misunderstood. You guys always think that it is Yue Lao’s fault when your marriages doesn’t work, that it is the work of God, but how is it related to me? If others do not know, would you know? You studied psychology, you have more knowledge, you’ve seen more than anybody. If you say that Yue Lao have to learn the people’s heart, then what is the use of psychology? The dissatisfied will still complain, the fussy will still be picky, that is how humans are. Even if Gods can interfere, we can guide you to the solution, but ultimately, isn’t the final result caused by them?”

Yue Lao paused and looked at Su Xiao Pei, “Till now, you haven’t had a boyfriend, from my perspective, it’s because of the Red String of Fate, and it’s tied to your marriage. You are waiting for the person you are destined for, to meet each other and fall in love. But from your perspective, isn’t this your fault? When you were in high school, there were multiple boys that sent you love letters, how did you respond to them? When you were in University, those men that pursue you, what attitude did you face them with? Not to mention, after graduating, when you were working, those blind dates you were force to go to. Ah, I mean the attitude you had towards people…

Su Xiao Pei glared at him.

Yue Lao shrinks his shoulders, “It’s…It’s not use to glare at me.” Unfortunately, his words were not as imposing as he would like them to be.

He stopped and watch Su Xiao Pei staring at nothing, he continued to speak, “Su Xiao Pei, when people get along with one another, they have mutual feelings with each other. When you are picky about others, others will take note of it, you should know this better than me. Don’t you psychologist have experiments, when you look at photos, and show out those good feelings, you have a good impression on each other?”

Su Xiao Pei frowned, knowing that he was correct. The experiment was that two men were shown two photos of the same lady, the only difference was that in one of the photos, the lady’s eye had been made bigger. After seeing the two photos, the men were asked which one did they liked, as a result, the photo that had a bigger eye was always their first choice. That is to say, under the same conditions, people will always be attracted to those who have a good impression of themselves.

Yue Lao went on to say, “We, Yue Lao, are always working hard, whether you believe it or not, we are more willing than you to make your love and marriage a success. It only needs you to have the correct attitude and to meet the setbacks and failures properly. Face them head-on instead of blaming it on us. What we, Yue Lao, can do is to find the other end of the Red String of Fate, let both of you to come together with the most suitable person, but people and destiny are constantly changing, what will happen in the future, what your own life will be, it all depends on yourself. It is just like your relationship with your mother, the both of you actually can get along with each other very well, after all, there is no other person in both of your life, but your personality is bad, you only care about your emotions, you do not understand her. While her overprotectiveness is too strong, she used the wrong method, every time she sees you, she can’t help but scold you, nag at you…”

“Hey, don’t say that my mother is not good.” Su Xiao Pei can’t help but scold him, he is allowed to talk bad about her but he is not allowed to criticize her mother.

“Ok, ok. I am just giving you an example. In fact, you and your mother knows what each other wants but both are not willing to give up what you want, so the both of you hope that the other party will be first one to give up, therefore, your relationship with your mother will continue to be tense. You, of course, are more clear about this than me, but no matter how clear you are about it, you did not handled it well. Do you know how bad you are?”

“Is it as bad as you when you are dealing with work?”

“I have no problem with my work. I strictly followed the instructions on the log. I will inform you every time I have a new message. The system won’t be able to know how long you can stay there, this is because everything is handled by you, and you won’t know what will happen in the future, right? Every move that you make over there, the things you said will have different consequence, and those consequences will lead to a different outcome in the Red String of fate. We, Yue Lao, are always putting the right person together, but we can’t do anything regarding the result of their relationship. The matchmaker packages doesn’t include marrying and having children, this logic everyone knows. But why doesn’t everyone blame the matchmaker but rather blame Yue Lao?”

“Because you are a God.”

“We are not Gods.” The man is obviously very depressed today, he is talking much more today and he is giving a pitiful look. “We are once humans that had committed wrongs, and now we are being punished.”

Su Xiao Pei was surprised.

“What did you do?”

Yue Lao was a little embarrassed, his kept biting his lips, but at the end, he still said, “I made a mistake in my relationship, I disappointed my loved one, so I am being punished by being Yue Lao.”

Su Xiao Pei daze a little, then she laughed a little, “You mean to say, you were a playboy when you were human, so now you are being punished?”

“It is a special education. We must solve a hundred cases and help a hundred lovers to get married, to make them realize the preciousness of each other, to understand the importance of sincerity and loyalty, to understand their problem of getting along with each other, then we can go back.”

“Go back?”

“Go back to the person I love and start over again.”

“You still can restart?” That poor woman didn’t remarried?”

“Hey, Hey, don’t curse me.” Yue Lao glanced at her and looked down at his own fingers, “I also have a Red String of Fate protecting me. The Red String is tied tightly, I am seriously repenting, and I will definitely have a chance to start again. There are so many people who make mistakes. Only people like us who are remorseful and who want to come back can become Yue Lao. Because we have experienced this, we know what must be cherish and have a desire and motivation to help you.” He thought for a moment and sighed, “I don’t even know if she is well or not.”

Su Xiao Pei was sympathetic, “Who is she? Can’t you just go and see her?”

“I don’t remember.”

“Ah?” Su Xiao Pei was surprised again, it turned out that he was not reliable regarding his own case.

“God’s punishment is strict, letting me know that I love someone, letting me remember the mistake that I made but doesn’t allow me to know or even remember who she is. This feeling is really uncomfortable.” He suddenly glanced over and said with great momentum, “I told you that my time is more precious than yours, you will fight for it and hurry to find him.”

“How long do you have?”

“Why. You want to cause trouble?”

Yue Lao thinks about it too before sighing, “I don’t know how much time I have left, the Red String of fate is maintained by two people. I am working hard, but I don’t know what happened to her. Some Red Strings are tied tightly regardless of what happened. Some Red String were still good one day but it could break the next day. Hopelessness and disappointment are very sudden.

Su Xiao Pei wanted to speak but Yue Lao interrupted her, “You don’t have to solve me, you just have to manage your case and find Cheng Jiang Yi back. Otherwise, when your Red String break, you will be miserable. I am also very troublesome, your case takes too long and it will delay me.”

“Don’t plant it on me. You said that there are one hundred case for you to solve. How can I count as only one percent? How can I delay you?”

“What one percent, my fastest case took three days to make a positive result. Yours, I don’t even know if the Red String can be saved, you still dare to compare.”

“Why can’t I compare, don’t take three days to compare. I don’t believe that you have no other troubles in your hands. Speak, is there another problem today? Otherwise, why are you so emotional like this? You are here, talking so much nonsense with me, still say don’t have to explain, aren’t you explaining a little too much?”

Yue Lao was stunned, and then he was angered by the fact that he was seen through. Indeed, today there was a case where a Red String of Fate was broken, that was why he was in a bad mood. As a result, Su Xiao Pei died and came back, which made him depressed, “That was why I said you are problematic, you are not likable. How many people have you angered to death by being a psychiatrist?”

“Okay, look at your mood now, see how good it is, not possible for you to die. I say…” Su Xiao Pei hit him with her elbow, “No. 2238, since we have talked so much, are we counted as friends?”

“For what?” Yue Lao was alert. It stands to reason that they can’t be friends. In fact, Su Xiao Pei is a special case, most other people does not know the existence of Yue Lao. They arrange encounters for clients, create events for them to discover their deepest feelings, and find opportunities to solve their problems when they are in a bind, and that is it.  Yue Lao can’t change the development of things, but they can make people change their minds and choose the path that they are on. And as for Su Xiao Pei’s case that needs them to appear, they will forget the existence of Yue Lao once the case is solved.

Therefore, it is too unrealistic for them to be friends.

Yue Lao frowned and found that it is lonely to be him.

“Since I am a friend, I want to ask you, can you help me with my mother’s marriage? She is still young, she should be able to live for another 20 to 30 years, isn’t it lonely for her to be alone?

“That was why I say you are not likeable, you obviously care for your mother, so why do you keep arguing with her? Whenever she scolds you, you act as if you did not hear it…” Yue Lao wanted to continue nagging but he shut his mouth due to Su Xiao Pei’s glare. “Ok ok, she is not under my jurisdiction. But I can help you check, I just have to find who is in charge of her and make sure he prioritize her case, is this ok?”


“Then, this is consider as me opening a back door for you, you should start bucking up, understand?”

“I didn’t laze around, when I was over there, I was doing my best to find Cheng Jiang Yi. I even used the government, I also asked my friend to pass around letters. And I even made progress, Cheng Jiang Yi came to find me, but in the end, I was met with an accident and I missed the opportunity.”

Yue Lao sighed and frowned, he looked at his log and saw that there wasn’t any additional news available and sigh again, “Anyway, please make sure to work hard, jia you (fighting).”

He sat next to her and sighed once more. It really was a blow to morale. He even asked her to work hard, how can she work hard? She doesn’t even know when she will go back.

Su Xiao Pei went back home.

On the weekends, other than writing down what had happened in her logbook, she only went out once. And that was to her mother’s house to visit her mother.

Li Fei’s did not showed her displeasure when she saw her daughter came back, Li Fei immediately asked Su Xiao Pei if she had done something bad or what was Su Xiao Pei going to asked for this time?

Su Xiao Pei ignored her attitude and only said ‘Must there be a reason for me to see my mother?’ As a result, Li Fei was quite suspicious. Li Fei pointed at Su Xiao Pei and warned her to not to do something bad, otherwise she will get it from her.

If it were the past, Su Xiao Pei would start quarrelling with her but since she had experienced a lot during these past few months in ancient times, Su Xiao Pei did not want to argue with her. Su Xiao Pei had missed her mother when she was in that time, she was afraid that her mother would be sad if she had found out that she had died

Su Xiao Pei hugged a cushion, leaning on the sofa and she suddenly thought about Ran Fei Ze. She does not know what Yue Lao’s lousy system would do to her corpse in ancient times. Will someone find her body? Will Ran Fei Ze be sad if he found out that she had died? If she transmigrate back and meets him again, how can she explain her resurrection?


Ran Fei Ze did not believe that Su Xiao Pei had died, or rather her refuse to believe it.

When he heard what Bai Yu Lang had said, he suddenly felt his brain shutting down and thought he had heard wrongly. But he did not clarify because he does not want to hear it a second time.

He rushed into the room, stuffed his half-written letter into his coat, took his big bag and rushed out of the room.

“I will go back with you.” He said to Bai Yu Lang. He did even allowed Bai Yu Lang a sip of water. He only knew that his heart was beating very fast and that he had to return to Ning’an City right away. He had to look for her.

Xiai Qi did not expect that Ran Fei Ze would suddenly say that he was leaving. He grabbed Ran Fei Ze’s arm and said, “There had been two consecutive bloody body and it is of great importance. Everyone is waiting for you to discuss about it. It is best that you stay.”

It could be said that the previous case did not leave any clues behind, but in this case, the appearance of another Ming Yin Sword is a good clue that they can investigate. Only Ran Fei Ze and his Master can craft such a sword, though not to be suspicious of them, but rather to hunt down the murderer. If Ran Fei Ze had leave, how was he going to explain it to his Master?

Ran Fei Ze turned his head and yelled at Xiao Qi, “There is indeed an important case. My woman had been harmed by another person, there is no trace of her. How is your case more important than her?”

My woman?

Xiao Qi was shocked and he unconsciously loosened his hold on Ran Fei Ze.

Ran Fei Ze tied his bag properly on the horse, mounted, and said, “You said that you’ve heard the Ming Yin sword but has anyone seen the sword? How does it look like? Ask the person to draw out the sword. If you’ve only heard the sound then he is just talking rubbish, you just understand it first.” He squeeze the horse’s stomach with his legs and rushed towards Bai Yu Lang, “Go.”

Two horse and two humans quickly galloped away.

Xiao Qi and Ji Jia Wen stood there for a while. Xiao Qi licked his mouth and decided to pass Ran Fei Ze’s message to his Master. The words that came from the witness indeed could be false. He was just afraid that all the big Master was unable to come up with a conclusion.

Ji Jia Wen looked around and whispered, “Senior, should we help him close the door?”

Xiao Qi stood still, eighteen ah, you really am a good boy ah.

Xiao Qi was worried about his Master’s involvement in the murder but Ran Fei Ze was worried about Su Xiao Pei and he left in a hurry.


Ran Fei Ze took five days to rush back to Ning’an City and he even changed two horses during his journey. Bai Yu Land told Ran Fei Ze the details during their journey. In face there is nothing to say about Su Xiao Pei disappearance. It was just that in the morning, the house was full of blood and her body had disappeared. The Magistrate and Head Constable Qin took their subordinates to look for her but they did not find any clues.

While Ran Fei Ze was rushing back, he mind managed to calm down. He asked about Su Xiao Pei’s cases after he had left, the people that she had contacted and so on. Bai Yu Lang told Ran Fei Ze everything that he knew. In those cases, there were no suspicious people found yet. After that, Ran Fei Ze did not speak anymore.

Back in the city, he went straight to Su Xiao Pei’s house. Bai Yu Lang went to Head Constable Qin and asked if there was any progress in finding Su Xiao Pei?

The only answer that Qin De Zheng gave was: no.

Head Constable Qin and Bai Yu Lang went to Su Xiao Pei’s house. As soon as they entered the house, they saw Ran Fei Ze was just standing still, staring at the large bloody print that had dried up and darkened.

Head Constable Qin also felt sad, and was embarrassed to face Ran Fei Ze. When Ran Fei Ze had left, he had entrusted him to take care of Su Xiao Pei. He did not expect them to meet under these circumstances.

Ran Fei Ze finally turned around. Head Constable Qin was caught surprised and coughs. It was still embarrassing that he had not found Su Xiao Pei’s person or corpse, not had he found any clues.

“She’s not dead.” Ran Fei Ze opened his mouth, his voice was a little hoarse

Head Constable Qin opened and closed his mouth, unable to say a word. There was so much blood, if it didn’t belong to Su Xiao Pei then whose did it belong to? Even if she were fine, how long can she survive? Why didn’t we manage to find her? If that was the case, she was in more danger than her being dead.

Ran Fei Ze no longer speak, he turned to Su Xiao Pei’s study room, the things in the room were neatly arranged, and the officials did not move anything. Ran Fei Ze look around while Head Constable Qin and Bai Yu Lang waited at the door. Ran Fei Ze suddenly said, “Head Constable, let me rest here for a while, I will look for Head Constable at the Yamen for you later.”

Head Constable Qin took the lead and led Bai Yu Lang away.

Ran Fei Ze watched them leave, he turned around and sat down on the chair. He looked at the table, his mind was empty.

There was the stationary set on the table, Ran Fei Ze took hold of her brush. She used this brush to write to him. He remembered her letter. He was so happy when he received it. Now…

Ran Fei Ze’s throat felt stuffy, he turned his head and saw a few folded papers at the corner of the table. He took it and opened it.

There was one sentence written on the first piece of paper that he could not read. He knew that it was the language of Su Xiao Pei’s hometown. He looked at it and felt that it wasn’t Su Xiao Pei’s handwriting. The words has more force and more stability than Su Xiao Pei’s.

Ran Fei Ze frowned and opened a few more of the papers.

Those paper were the letters that she was writing to him.

There were three sentences written

The first sentence was quite long. She wrote a lot of words and said that she had solved the case and said that she missed her mother and she had missed him.

She didn’t write it down but he was able to see it. She even asked how far Ping Zhou City was.

Ran Fei Ze rubbed his eyes.

The Miss that he likes missed him. He was very happy.

He was happy but also sad.

Ran Fei Ze squeeze the paper tightly but suddenly threw it aside, dare not look at it again.

He gasped hard and felt a sharp pain in his chest.

He struggled for a while before reading the second letter.

There was only one sentence on the second letter. It said that the person she was looking for had found her, but he did not show up.

Ran Fei Ze stared at the sentence and thought about the meaning of this sentence. Was the first letter written by the person she was finding? What was written on it?

Why did he not show up? Those blood, her disappearance, was it related to this matter?

Ran Fei Ze quickly opened the third letter.

The third letter had no content but yet it was filled with content.

Her ugly words filled the piece of paper.


Ah Ze.

Ran Fei Ze couldn’t hold back his tears any longer, drop after drop dripping down his face.

He tapped the work ‘Ah Ze’ with his fingertips and said to her, “It’s all my fault, I should not have left you alone.”


Su Xiao Pei was unable to feel Ran Fei Ze’s grief in modern times, although she was be worried she could not do anything about her ‘not saying goodbye’. She doesn’t know when she will go back, so she can only work and live as usual.

The Editor-in-Chief and Su Xiao Pei finally started their meeting on the book. He proposed an idea to Su Xiao Pei, he wants Su Xiao Pei to write a psychological autobiography of a successful entrepreneur. The packaging must be attractive so that it is easy to sell. It’s just planning, it is different from any book that they had sold before. The Editor-in-Chief hopes to talk about the psychological state of the entrepreneurs their self-adjustment and events from the psychology perspective.

Su Xiao Pei would like to say that such a book would have very little effect, but she understood what the editor wants, so she nods and agreed.

Su Xiao Pei has to think hard about the book contents as well as how to crack the case. How was she going to explain to Ran Fei Ze? How was she supposed to find Cheng Jiang Yi? Which successful entrepreneur should she be writing on?

Suddenly, she thought of someone.

Su Xiao Pei rushed out to find the editor.

“Editor, let’s do a psychological biography of Cheng Jiang Yi!”

“Cheng Jiang Yi?” The Editor-in-chief certainly know shim. The young, mysterious and somewhat legendary entrepreneur, it was not a bad idea. However, not only was he unable to cooperate, he was too young, he could not be compared to the older generations.

“Editor-in-Chief, it is okay that Cheng Jiang Yi Is unconscious. Psychological analysis can be carried out from the impressions of others had on him, the way he handles things, and so on. Cheng Jiang Yi is the idol of the younger generations…” She wanted to gag with what she was saying, “And he is now seriously ill, we should be preparing early, whether he would miraculously awakened or suddenly pass away, there would still be news to hype up on this…”

She said this, and the Editor-in-Chief had already understood what she was saying. He thinks further and more detailed that Su Xiao Pei. Indeed, he should be ready to seize the market opportunity.

The Editor-In-Chief agreed. He ordered to other candidates, a total of three people, to help Su Xiao Pei prepare.

Su Xiao Pei was very energetic. She was ready to spend time and energy to investigate Cheng Jiang Yi.

To know him, understand him and to find him.


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