ISOL Chapter 50

This was the first time Su Xiao Pei was so busy after entering the publishing company. She prepared a lot of information as well as a completed and detailed question in her questionnaire. In addition to interviewing the entrepreneur, she also came up with a large number of topics for employees, friends, family members to answer. In order to ensure that the main objective is obtained, the questions that she created for the people to do will be anonymous, thus, she will be able to analyze the question with any biasness. Although her workload is large, but Cheng Jiang Yi is still in a coma, therefore, she can only start from this angle.

Fortunately, because this novel is something different, her plan was approved by the Editor-in-Chief, and he was also happy with her speed and efficiency. Therefore, he gave her his support and let her do as she had planned.

She needs this type of support because Cheng Jiang Yi’s company and family rejected her interview.

No.C Network Technology’s public relations manager replied to her, saying, “Mr. Cheng has always been low-key and does not like to be interviewed. Although his is unable to personally refuse you, our company and Mr.Cheng’s family all agree that with Mr.Cheng’s personality that he will not agree with the interview no matter what. So, we have to respect Mr.Cheng and reject your interview. We are sorry.”

Of course, Su Xiao Pei was not easily discouraged. She bypassed the manager and went to find the company’s CEO, that is, Cheng Jiang Yi’s partner and she managed to find Cheng Jiang Yi’s mother. Su Xiao Pei said that her book is not all about Cheng Jiang Yi, it is about entrepreneurship and the company, No.C Network Technology. Cheng Jiang Yi will look forward to create such a book which will give a positive impact to the young people and he will be an inspiration to them. But unfortunately, Su Xiao Pei was straightforward and honest regarding her book, but the two people only replied her with a “We are sorry.”

Sorry? Su Xiao Pei looked at the information on her desk and said in her heart that she was also very sorry. She has never once admitted defeat.

Su Xiao Pei found some friends and asked for their help, since they had worked in this line for a few years, they are able to help her. Soon, at an IT conference, No.C biggest competitor company’s CEO was questioned by reporters about No.C. the CEO had just grabbed a big business from No.C, therefore, he was very smug, he laughed out loud with a glass in his hands, “They really know how to name their company, No.C, they are only ranked C.”

In such an environment, it may sound like a mocking remark but it is also a form of advertisement for No.C. This was not reported in the newspaper, but it was spread on the internet. The name No.C was mock by numerous people on the internet and some took the opportunity to enlarge pictures of the company’s question on the internet. There were also comments that Cheng Jiang Yi has not appeared in the company for a long time. What was the problem? Without Cheng Jiang Yi, No.C is no longer as good, will it be ranked C, and will it even continue to be ranked C in the future?

Cheng Jiang Yi was unconscious and this gave the company a big blow. He lost the biggest contract of the year and now they suffered heavy losses. They are now being swept away by the overwhelming doubts on the internet. They atmosphere in No.C was very heavy. Although the company’s emergency public relations, CEO Cheng Fei, accepted an interview with a business magazine explaining the company name, that the C in the No.C in addition to his and Cheng Jiang Yi’s surname, it also has the meaning of ‘create’ in English.

In the interview, Chen Fei used the words in Su Xiao Pei’s persuasion tactics, them having entrepreneurial spirit and being an inspiration to the young people. Chen Fei had to admit that the editor surnamed Su had done a good job, she managed to sell their corporate work place into a more likeable and positive environment than their public relations department. After the interview, Chen Fei and the public relations department opened a meeting, and finally the public relations manager called Su Xiao Pei, hoping to cooperate on the project that Su Xiao Pei is doing with.

At that time, Su Xiao Pei was sorting out her logbook, she didn’t know when she would transmigrate over again. The different in the timeline would easily confuse her mind. So she took t time to write down all the things that had happened every day to ensure that she would be able to keep her mind intact. She was very happy when she received the call. Although, it took some effort, the good news came faster than she had thought. Although the time taken for her to transmigrate over would be longer than before, she was psychologically prepared for it. But after more than a month of nothing happen, she couldn’t describe what she was feeling, but she occasionally remembered Ran Fei Ze, hoping that he was well.

After consultation with No.C Company, Su Xiao Pei finally settled the interview content. She quickly asked the public relations manager to arrange employees to cooperate with her to complete the anonymous questionnaire, which had their impressions of the company, the work situation and their opinions on the boss. Among the question are what Su Xiao Pei needs. She also interviewed Chen Fei and learned a lot about what happened to him and Cheng Jiang Yi’s business process.

Finally, all the information was sorted and they had said that Cheng Jiang Yi has his own ideas for the business, he does not follow the conservative methods to start his business, that he was a genius. Some say that Cheng Jiang Yi loves the limelight and likes to do things different from others. Some also say that Cheng Jiang Yi is a low-key person, so he rarely promotes himself. Some also say that he is kind, caring and contributes to the poor children who does not go to school, while other say that he is cold and inhuman, and he will dismiss the employees without any reason. It is said that he has not willing to cooperate and is too arrogant. Will say that he is a good leader and will lead the team to achieve to win. Some say that he is a workaholic, only loves to work, does not have a girlfriend, some even say that he is gay.

The evaluation of outsides have added a lot of subjective, because it is anonymous, they will write a lot of things that have no basis. Although the questionnaire is not very accurate, they also have some reference value.

Su Xiao Pei read the information regarding Cheng Jiang Yi, about his achievements, notes and his comments on his staff. She also looked at his photos, family photos and company photos. He is a very confident person.

Speaking of self-confident, Su Xiao Pei thought of Ran Fei Ze, in fact, regarding that time, the person she was most worried about wasn’t the missing Cheng Jiang Yi but Ran Fei Ze. He’s personality was the worst, and she doesn’t know how he was doing now. Has he seen her body? She has come back for about two months, what about that time? She doesn’t want him to be sad but if she knew that she was dead and he did not feel sad, she would be very disappointed.

But what Ran Fei Ze is feeling wasn’t as simple as just being sad.


That day, he sat in Su Xiao Pei’s study room for a long time, then he stood up and folded her letters and stuffed them into his coat. He must cheer up, she is gone, and it is useless to be sad. He must do something for her.

Ran Fei Ze returned to the blood-stained house and looked at every inch of the place carefully. Although, he knew that Qin De Zheng had searched the place, but he still wanted to look carefully. That strange letter, the person who did not show up, was it related to this matter? But if he was the murderer, why didn’t he take the letter away?

Suddenly, Ran Fei Ze thought of something, at the foot of the bed he saw a flower from a hair accessory. Su Xiao Pei has short hair, she has no need for hair accessory.

Ran Fei Ze picked it up and looked at it carefully before looking around again, but this time, he found nothing new. So, he took the flower and went to see Qin Den Zheng.

Head Constable Qin frowned, he was very surprised. He looked at the flower for a long while and said, “It’s not that I am delaying, but after that incident, I had carefully checked the house and I didn’t find anything suspicious. I went there a few days ago and I didn’t find this hair accessory.

“I also searched the house, there was nothing suspicious in the house.” Bai Yu Lang spoke up.

“It’s not that I do not believe Head Constable Qin, but the proof is right here in my hands.”

Qin De Zheng frowned.

“Could someone have placed this flower after Head Constable searched the place?” This was the only possibility.

“Why?” Bai Yu Lang did not understand. “If you want to frame someone, shouldn’t you have placed it while you are committing the crime? What’s the use of placing it after we have searched the place?”

Qin De Zheng said, “Also, we have sealed the house, and the security nearby has been strengthen. How did the person escape from their eyes and ears?”

The three of them went silent.

After a while, Ran Fei Ze said, “Maybe it is pointing us to that direction.”

“You are saying that this will tell us who the murderer is?”

“Probably telling us who is the one that kidnapped Miss Su.”

Qin De Zheng glanced at Ran Fei Ze and he hoped that Su Xiao Pei was not dead, but how well could she be doing?”

“If that man did killed Miss Su, where is her corpse? Why did he bother to take her corpse away after killing her? If he did that, it was too obvious as the Yamen back door was nearby.” Ran Fei Ze analyzed the situation, however Qin De Zheng felt that he was only trying to convince himself. Otherwise, why didn’t he think that it was equally suspicious and obvious that the person carried an unconscious or a corpse?

It was just that Qin De Zheng was unable to figure out where Su Xiao Pei’s corpse was. What was the use of moving the body after killing her?

But in front of them was a clue, but of course they have to carefully checked it, it could be a trick.

It was not difficult to check the flower, firstly, they thought about Su Xiao Pei’s previous cases and the possible enemy that she could’ve provoke. Both Tong Feng and Luo Kui were the most suspicious. Luo Ling’er knows martial arts, she is the most suspicious. Therefore, Qin De Zheng and Ran Fei Ze went to Chang Residence, and see if they were able to identify the flower, and if it was owned by Luo Ling’er as well as her whereabouts.

The maid that served Luo Ling’er was able to identify that the flower is indeed similar to a hair accessory that Luo Ling’er likes to wear often. The residences said that Luo Ling’er had been away from home for a long time, at the start, they had asked people to send news about her back to them. They said that she was at a nunnery called Fu Yuan nunnery, praying for her father’s sin. It was impossible for her to be in town.

Qin De Zheng and Ran Fei Ze went to the nunnery. There was indeed a woman named Luo Ling’er who was here, they said that she was staying in a room at the back of the temple, she seldom come out, but for the past few days, she did not come out of her room take her food. The head nun intend to ask one of her disciple to visit her today.

“The past few days?” Qin De Zheng frowned. Was it because she had heard that they were looking for her and ran away?

A few of them went to the back of the nunnery, there were a few rooms at the back that had some refugees staying in them. Afterwards, it became a place for punishment of the disciples to copy scriptures. The woman named Luo Ling’er came here for quite a while. She came because her father had made a mistake, she wanted to copy scripture for her father’s atonement and moved to the back of the nunnery. She would go to the main hall to get her food every 2 days. The nuns were sincerely moved by her and did not bother her.

Just as they were nearing the room, they smelled blood near the door. The nun was clueless, but Qin De Zheng and Ran Fei Ze knew what was going on. The two of them pushed the door open but saw that Luo Ling’er was lying on the table, she was covered in blood, it was cleared that she was dead for a few days.

A dagger that was covered in blood was placed on the table. Luo Ling’er wore a hair accessory on it, it was broken, and it was obvious a flower was missing on his hair pin.

Qin De Zheng and Ran Fei Ze looked at each other.

Qin De Zheng turned over Luo Ling’er’s body, and confirmed that it was indeed Luo Ling’er. But Ran Fei Ze saw a piece of paper that was under Luo Ling’er, he read the paper out loud, “I was wrong, I should not have killed her.”

The handwriting was exactly the same as the scripture she had copied.


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