ISOL Chapter 51

Shouldn’t have killed her?

Is it Miss Su?

Qin De Zheng looked at Ran Fei Ze, but he saw his cold expression.

Qin De Zheng sigh and den looked carefully at Luo Ling’er’s corpse. There was a short sword embedded in her back, it went straight through her chest. This was the fatal blow which cost her life. What about the dagger on the table? Was it to show that this was the weapon that killed Miss Su? But what about Miss Su’s body?

Someone killed Luo Ling’er but he allowed her to write the message, what does it mean?

If the murderer wants to frame someone else, they could’ve just place the flower at the crime scene and the official would trace it back to the person. But the murderer wants us to see Luo Ling’er’s corpse, just what does he wants?

It is like he is playing with them.

Qin De Zheng has a bad feeling in his heart.

Ran Fei Ze did not speak, did not look back at the frightened nun, he just carefully searched the house. Qin De Zheng looked at his actions before facing the nun. “How many people are in the nunnery, please ask Abbess to call everyone, I have something I would like to ask.”

The nun went out running. Qin De Zheng went out to explore the environment to search for clues while Ran Fei Ze stayed in the house to search. He looked though Luo Ling’er’s house carefully and found nothing useful. The room was too clean and there was nothing extra.

Qin De Zheng did not find anything outside, but he manage to found out something when he was questioning the nun. One of them said that she saw Luo Ling’er secretly went out in the night and returned a few hours later.

But this can only shows that Luo Ling’er was not sincere in her practice. Perhaps she is here as a cover to do something.

But now that she is dead, they can’t question her.

Ran Fei Ze and Qin De Zheng were busy, they had to rush back to Ning’an City overnight. Ran Fei Ze did not speak during their journey but once he had reached the City, he secretly went to find Bai Yu Lang.

Bai Yu Lang went to Su Xiao Pei’s house that was now where Ran Fei Ze is staying. The blood in the house was not cleaned, he had only slept in the study room. When Bai Yu Lang entered the house, he felt there was something ghostly about the place, that this was a place where the dead people are. Although he heard Ran Fei Ze said ‘my woman’ in No Town, he does not understand how big sister Su managed to get into someone’s heart?

“Uncle Ran, what’s wrong?”

“Number six.” Ran Fei Ze sat down, he screamed then he listened, “I suspect that there are some moles in the Yamen.” [Number six is Bai Yu Lang’s nickname as he is the sixth child of the family]

Bai Yu lang was stunned then he immediately got serious, “Why do you say this?”

“Before Miss Su’s disappearance she received a weird letter. She left behind a letter for me and said that the person she was looking for came for her, but he did not show up.” Bai Yu Lang nodded, he had read those letters in the house, but he did not see any problems thus he placed them back to the original place.

“I used to help Miss Su find the person by helping her send the letter to the temple. Before I went to Ning’an City, the address I put in the letter was a place in the Jianghu. After I left Ning’an City, the address I placed was the Yamen and asked him to look for you.”

Bai Yu Lang nodded again, Ran Fei Ze had told him of this matter before. Ran Fei Ze was afraid that these letters would attract people who did not know the details, so he had asked him to help investigate anyone who came to find Su Xiao Pei through the letter. It was more secure for Su Xiao Pei to have Bai Yu Lang as a guard.

“Therefore, the letter sent by me did not reveal Miss Su’s residence. Whereas, letters that were sent out by the Yamen would have the address as theirs.” Ran Fei Ze continue to speak.

“Uncle Ran meant that this letter was sent directly to Miss Su. How is this strange?” Bai Yu Lang thought for a while, “Big brother Liu once told me that Miss Su had ran out in the middle of the night and asked if he had saw any strange person around. But it was peaceful that night.”

Ran Fei Ze did not process Bai Yu Lang’s word and he continued to speak, “Miss Su is missing, the government is investigating, the house is sealed, and only officials are allowed to enter and exit, so how is it possible that someone can still tamper with the crime scene? It would be suspicious if it was an outsider but what if it was an official, no one would notice the person going in and out.”

Bai Yu Lang opened his mouth and wanted to argue but Ran Fei Ze did not give him a chance. “Though it may looked like Luo Kui and Luo Ling’er’s matter to be settled, but now that I think about it, if Luo Ling’er had indeed killed Miss Su, why did she do it? Because of revenge for putting her father in jail? That time when Miss Su had identified that the murderer of the eldest Miss of the Sima Residence was Ma Zheng Yuan, there was only officials and the Sima Family. Though the Sima Family and the Change Family are good, they know how to keep sercrets. In the end, Luo Kui was caught but nothing happened, he was just waiting for the judge to give out his punishment. While the Magistrate was getting the confession and case report of where Miss Su had solved the case of missing jewelry of a mother-in-law, Luo Kui had committed suicide in prison. Why? Was he afraid of what Miss Su would ask?”

Bai Yu Lang frowned and thought that things seemed a bit too coincidental.

“If Luo Ling’er was indeed Miss Su’s killer, the only purpose was revenge for her father. But was caught by me, he was caught by the government and Luo Kui committed suicide. If Luo Kui does people inside the prison, how is it related to Miss Su? If Luo Kui wanted to protect his daughter and was worried about his involvement, how does he know that Miss Su has the ability to interrogate? And that the Magistrate intends to use her to question him? Also, although the flower is with us, but when I went to the nunnery with Head Constable Qin to check on Luo Ling’er, how does the murderer knows that we are going to there? Looking at Luo Ling’er’s body, she died one day before we had arrived, there are just too much coincidence.”

Ran Fei Ze pause for a while speaking again, “It is too much of a coincidence that it is suspicious.”

Bai Yu Lang had admit that it is too much of a coincidence, “Uncle Ran think that there is a mole in the Yamen?”

“Although it is messy, the fact is there. If there was a leak in the Yamen, how was it possible that the murderer is one step ahead of us?”

“But everyone has a motive. If they helped Luo Ling’er and send news to Luo Kui and killed big sister Su, no one will know that it was them as there is no evidence pointing at them, why would he leave the flowers to lead us on? Why would he lead us to Luo Ling’er, also why did he kill Luo Ling’er in the end?

“What if there were more than one people that was involved?” Ran Fei Ze did not think thing so thoroughly, but someone knew where Su Xiao Pei is staying, and they had left a letter to scare her. Then, someone came into her house in the middle of the night and killed her. When he was alive we can’t see him, when he is dead we also can’t see him? Where is the logic? Someone pointed the clue to Luo Ling’er. They had rushed down to find a body and a confession of a crime…

Ran Fei Ze closed his eyes, Luo Ling’er wrote ‘killed her’, she said ‘killed her’, but where was the body? Does this ‘her’ refer to Sima Wan Qing or Su Xiao Pei?

“Anyway, there is a leak in the Yamen.” Ran Fei Ze turned to Bai Yu Lang, “Number six, I have not told this to Head Constable Qin. According to his personality, the mole would be guarded against him. Therefore, it is best that Head Constable Qin does not know about this matter. You should investigate this secretly.”

Bai Yu Lang nodded, “Uncle Ran, please trust me, I understand the gravity of the situation.” There is a mole in the Yamen, no matter the situation, this matter is not small.

“I need to go out to the temple where I left the letters and asked if anyone had taken Miss Su’s letter.”


Ran Fei Ze opened his mouth but he hesitated for a while before saying, “If… If Miss su is back, she will look for you. You can’t let her stay in this house again, find a safer place for her. I will return soon.”

Bai Yu Lang listened and was stunned, he hesitated in his heart but he still said it out, “Uncle Ran, Miss Su… she…I mean…” He wanted to console Ran Fei Ze but he was unable to continue after seeing Ran Fei Ze’s eyes. What happened? Obviously Uncle Ran’s expression was calm but he was unable to bear it.

“If you find a suspicious person, you can’t keep quiet, don’t panic and you must secretly stare at him. If Miss Su is in his hands, he will hide her, so if you follow him maybe you can find Miss Su.” Ran Fei Ze ignore Bai Yu Lang’s word and continue speaking.

Bai Yu Lang sighed in his heart and nodded.

“I will start immediately.” Ran Fei Ze said, he picked up his big bag. “Do not touch anything that belong to Miss Su.”

Bai Yu Lang finally could not help but sighed out loud, and said, “Okay. Uncle Ran, it is not too late to eat something before leaving.”

“I will eat on the road.” Ran Fei Ze walked out of the house with his bag, suddenly he stood still and said, “Lao Liu, I know what you want to talk to me about but I do not know how…”

Bai Yu Lang looked at his back and he understand what Ran Fei Ze is going through, he just didn’t think it would be this way. Bai Yu Lang didn’t dare to tell Ran Fei Ze that he saw Head Constable Qin admiring big sister. He even thought of match them together, with big sister as a concubine. Although Head Constable Qin is on the older side, but with big sister’s condition, no one will like her. And with big sister’s ability, and with Head Constable standing they are like a perfect couple. But later he thought that big sister was too strange and did not dare to match make them. And it is also not suitable for him, a junior, to match make them, so he just gave up.

Now that he saw Ran Fei Ze being like this, Bai Yu Lang thought that he was lucky that he did not match make them. But then again, he thought that with big sister’s temper and age, someone will still like her.

Then again, big sister is quite unfortunate, it is useless to be happy. He looked at Ran Fei Ze’s back and felt sad.

“I do not know how, but if I do not see her corpse with my own eyes, I will not believe that she is dead. If she didn’t die, she would be so helpless now. She has no relatives, no family, and no friends, she only has me. If I do not remember her, who will?” Ran Fei Ze did not turn around and strode away, “I will find her.”


Su Xiao Pei quickly typed out on the computer, while she was typing she was thinking about Ran Fei Ze.

The more she knew about Cheng Jiang Yi, the more she missed Ran Fei Ze. Look, this person is boring, Ran Fei Ze is the same, thus, causing her to think about Ran Fei Ze’s expressions, she can’t help but smile. She also remembered that no matter how weird she was, she was unable to scare him. He was very accepting of something new. If it was modern times, he would be the same as Cheng Jiang Yi. She remembered how Ran Fei Ze’s frowning at her and couldn’t help but laugh.

From the data point of view, Cheng Jiang Yi is quite self-sufficient and stubborn, she was just wondering if Ran Fei Ze was stubborn or not? Su Xiao Pei’s hands stopped typing and she was in a daze. She was shock out of her daydreaming by her cell phone.

She picked up the phone call.

“Xiao Pei, it’s me.”

“Senior brother.”

“I hand a patient, he has paranoia. He committed three killings and I have been following him since he was arrested by the police.”

“En.” Su Xiao Pei listened carefully. If it was not interesting, her senior brother would not call her for just a common serial murder of the mentally ill.

“It took me a long time before I got him to relax. Then, he told me today that someone taught him his tricks and MO.”

“En.” Su Xiao Pei nodded on the phone, there were many such situations.

“His mentor used some cases to agitate him. One of them was to kill the policewoman, challenging the police.”

Su Xiao Pei was unable to speak, her head rang, after a long time, she finally spoke, “Senior…”

“Yes, Xiao Pei. I think it may be related to your father’s case. Would you like to come over and see?”


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