ISOL Chapter 53

Ran Fei Ze was waiting for Lou Li Dong and Xiao Qi to give him some news. One was a junior that continued to follow the young lady that received the letter and find out her identity. The other was to talk to his Master, to see what role the Cui Shan Sect has to play in this matter. And check if there are any other suspicious character among the visitors who visited.

Based on how the two would deal with the matter, Ran Fei Ze thought that Lou Li Dong would come back with the news first. Who would have thought that half a day later, Ran Fei Ze saw Xiao Qi, two Xuan Qing Sect members and another two Cui Shan Sect members at his front door.

There is some kind of tacit understanding between Ran Fei Ze and Xiao Qi. If Xiao Qi had come alone, it would mean that Xiao Qi had some secret that he wanted to tell Ran Fei Ze. But if he came with his Sect members, it means that something serious had happened. What’s more, not only the disciples of Xuan Qing Sect was here, but also Cui Shan Sect, therefore, Ran Fei Ze was prepared to receive the news.

“Swordsman Ran.” Sure enough, Xiao Qi spoke with pretense. “I, Xiao Qi, a member of the Xuan Qing Sect, invite Swordsman Ran to visit Xuan Qing Sect.”

“What’s the reason?” Ran Fei Ze’s faced the situation with sincere and seriousness.

“For the recent cases in the Jianghu, we invite Swordsman Ran to discuss.”

Why is it this again? Can’t they say something new? Ran Fei Ze frowned, but he saw Xiao Qi winked at him.

The disciples from Cui Shan Sect were rather irritable, “Ran Fei Ze, you must face the consequence of your actions. You colluded with other people to cause harm to my Sect, shouldn’t you explain your actions?”

“Ah?” Ran Fei Ze raised his eyebrows and suddenly realized that the letter that was sent to Cui Shan Sect was the evidence that he had scheme with other people. The wicked sure like to complain first, he can be compared with Xiao Qi, who sure like to follow the rules, he can go with Xiao Qi to the Xuan Qing Sect and discuss. They may find out more from him than from Ran Fei Ze.

“Okay, I will go back with you.” Since they were already here, he of course will join them. The question he left at Ling Gui Temple, Ran Fei Ze had dispatch someone to get the answers from them.

Where was she? Was she alive or dead?

Ran Fei Ze and Xiao Qi stepped into the gate of the Xuan Qing Sect.

Some people have been waiting there for a long time. Because there was some trouble with Xuan Qing Sect recently, many people have just come to watch the show. Therefore, in addition to the disciples of the Xuan Qing Sect, and the Cui Shan Sect, there were some other Sects as well. The hall of Xuan Qing Sect could not fit everyone, therefore they make themselves comfortable in the training grounds by mock fighting there.

Ran Fei Ze was led to the training grounds when he saw a bunch of people but he was not afraid. After watching the fight, he asked directly, “The letter that Master Cao received, what did it say?”

Cao He Dong did not recognize Ran Fei Ze. Before today, he had only heard of Ran Fei Ze, but he was not the same as the Master of Xuan Qing Sect, Jiang Wei Ying. After being called out by this young man, he looked coldly at Ran Fei Ze. Jiang Wei Ying took over the discussion and said, “Fei Ze, Master Cao received a letter today, warning that he should be careful because you are going to take his life because you are threatened with the safety of your friend. And you have not decline this mission.”

Ran Fei Ze smiled, “Although it is a cautionary statement, the evidence must be credible. Do you have any evidence that the letter was written by me?”

“Of course there is.” Cao He Dong said, he did not forget the words, ‘Everything can be discussed’ written by Ran Fei Ze.

“Even after reading my reply, does two Master know who the ‘she’ that I have asked in the letter? Besides, if I do not say ‘Everything can be discussed’, should I have said ‘non-negotiable’? I did not decline it but did I accept it? Am I really prepared to murder Master Cao? Where is the evidence?”

Cao He Dong narrowed his eyes, he was unhappy. Of course, when he received the letter, he could not convict Ran Fei Ze based on this. In addition, Jiang Wei Ying also said that he knew Ran Fei Ze. He was a person who wanted to be free and willful, he could not be manipulated easily. Furthermore, the case is unsolved at this time, and more weird things have been happening. It is better to invite people to ask carefully, if anything happen, we are able to unite and take precautions.

But in addition to this, there are other doubts. Cao He Dong feels that no matter how well everyone talks, Ran Fei Ze is aggressive and is really annoying. He was displeased, and his tone was even worse and he simply spoke out.

“Swordsman Ran, I heard that your woman is capable, her knowledge cannot be compared with me. My subordinated sent a few letters for her, and we contacted many people.”

“Why does this matter?”

“There is a weird symbol at the place of the murder, and the letter was written by your woman, coincidentally, the letter has the symbol on the letter.”

Ran Fei Ze smiled, “Was this also the letter that warned the Master today? Do the birds in the world look similar, am I supposed to call all the birds the same name?”

Cao He Dong was stunned, how could he discuss with Ran Fei Ze seriously?

He paused and said nothing, but Ran Fei Ze said immediately, “Will Master Cao received the letter, can you let me have a look? Master knows that my friend is in trouble, is there any clues in the letter? Did they mention her name? Can you tell me how you got the letter? Did it mention where she is?”

There was silence all around, no one spoke. He used to ask him the question, but now he asked them back and he wants to show him the letter? Cao He Dong was certainly unwilling.

“Fei Ze.” Jiang Wei Ying had to come out to ease the situation, relying on the Xuan Qing Sect to associate with Ran Fei Ze. “The Ming Ying sword and the Jiu Ling sword all made by the hands of your Master. And now, you were at Ling Gui Temple with the intention of harming Master Cao, you friend is also connected with the murders. Please think about this, any clues? Did you ever find your friend suspicious? Why did she disappear when the murder happened?”

Master Jiang, you have already investigated my friend, so you must know that Miss Su is not capable of any martial arts. Master Cao suspect me as a bad person, but did you ever think of investigating the person who had sent the letter? Who is so eager to report to Master Cao? Also, who is the one who instructed me to murder you? Does Master Cao have any enemies? Is there someone in mind? If there are any clues, please tell them as well.”

He really dislike this young man. Cao He Dong sternly said, “It is under investigation. Inviting you here is also an investigation step…” He was about to continue but a woman screamed not far away interrupted him.

Su Xiao Pei went to bed normally. But when she woke up she found that something was wrong.

She was in an old-fashioned room.

She hadn’t seen it before, she does not recognize where she is. But she suddenly realized that she had transmigrated back again.

Looking at her body, she saw that she was still in her pajamas, bare feet and had no underwear.

She looked out quietly, there was no one outside. The yard was quite large, it was quiet all around her, and she was nervous and scared. She thought she should find some decent clothing to wear, anything is better than what she is wearing now. She went out, and she walked against the wall, not wanting to be found. While she walked, she saw a group of people far away. Opposite the crowd, there was a figure that she immediately recognize – Ran Fei Ze.

Su Xiao Pei was overjoyed, she carefully hid herself between the trees at the side, covering herself with the bushes. If it weren’t for her clothes, she would have yelled ‘Soldier’, but now she could only hide and think of a way to let Ran Fei Ze see her without alarming others.

When he saw her, how could she explain how she appeared here? How can he get her out of this situation? And what are they doing now? Triad negotiations?

Su Xiao Pei couldn’t hear what they were talking about. She felt that she couldn’t care what they were talking about as well, all she can think is how to get out of this situation. Suddenly, two Xuan Qing disciples was doing their guard duties and they saw her.

“Who are you?” They lowered their voices and asked, making sure that they aren’t disturbing the crowd in the training grounds.

Su Xiao Pei was stunned and didn’t know how to answer.

Her response was slow, thus causing the other party to be impatient. In this sensitive period, everyone was careful, there was a suspicious figure squatting in the bush, sneaking around. Naturally, they would take her down.

When Su Xiao Pei turned her head, she saw the other party swung their sword towards her. Subconsciously, she screamed out.

At her scream, Ran Fei Ze didn’t move. What happened to Xuan Qing’s female disciple? Since there were many skilled martial artist here, he doesn’t care about it. He didn’t move, he didn’t even turn his head to look at the direction.

Su Xiao Pei shrank into the bush while screaming. The disciple did not use his full strength, this he missed. At first glance, the intruder was a woman, and it seemed that she could not fight. Another disciple took two steps and reached out, trying to catch Su Xiao Pei.

This time Su Xiao Pei yelled out, “Ah Ze!”

There were a lot of ‘Soldier’ here, she was afraid that Ran Fei Ze would not response when she called him.

Ah Ze!

Ran Fei Ze was shocked by the familiar voice.

He responses quickly. He turned his head to take a look and immediately saw the situation. In a blink of an eye, he took the scabbard on Xiao Qi’s waist, took out a dagger and with a waved, the dagger and aim it near the two Xuan Qing disciple’s head. They were surprised by the attack and let go of Su Xiao Pei. Ran Fei Ze took this chance when everyone had not reacted and rushed towards Su Xiao Pei.


Ran Fei Ze looked back and saw Su Xiao Pei’s face and her bright eyes in the bush, and, uh, her dress when he first saw her.

At this time the crowed rushed over and asked loudly. Ran Fei Ze quickly hit the trees beside him and protected Su Xiao Pei behind him.

“Who is behind you? Why is the person hiding in the dark?” Several people asked openly.

Ran Fei Ze didn’t answer. He blocked the crowd and asked Su Xiao Pei, “You… how have you been?”

Su Xiao Pei blinked her eyes, feeling that her eyes were hot and her heart was full of emotions. She hid behind Ran Fei Ze, squatting in the bushes, wondering what she could say. And finally pulled his hem and whispered, “Soldier.”


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