ISOL Chapter 54

The title of Soldier cannot be more ordinary. Ran Fei Ze has travelled all over Jianghu and does not know how many ladies and children have called him Soldier but it has never made his heart soften like this.

“Come out.” Someone in the crowd yelled out. The crowd surrounded them, trying to force Su Xiao Pei out of the bush.

This scene immediately annoyed Ran Fei Ze’s weak heart.

Su Xiao Pei disappeared from the bloody house and now she was underdressed in this house. He hasn’t settled with these people yet but they have the guts to shout loudly at him.

“Hiding in the dark is my woman, Miss Su, who is asked by the Master. I also would like to ask, why is Miss suffering. Her whereabouts are unknown, why did she appear here? She is not even decent, please give me an explanation…”

Su Xiao Pei heard Ran Fei Ze’s words and quickly lowered her head, hiding herself behind him again.

She is disheveled, even in modern times she would not show up in front of a group of people, let alone in front of a group of ancient man. She knew Ran Fei Ze’s intentions, and she didn’t intend to explain her emergence to everyone. But she was sleeping very well before she had transmigrated over, even if there was a time lag, it was a good sleep. Maybe she should pretend to be weak in order to help the situation?


Without Su Xiao Pei appearance, the Xuan Qing Sect in the crowd had shouted, “I am from Xuan Qing Sect, and I will never do this sneaky evil deeds.”

“Zhong Lin.” The Master, Jiang Wei Ying stopped Jiang Zhong Lin’s words and prevented him from speaking anymore.

It’s impossible for Xuan Qing Sect to seize a person without an evidence, but they have seen too many strange things. There are too many jianghu residents in this courtyard. although they can’t see the lady’s face but they can vaguely see her form and bare feet, it was clear that the lady was not dressed like a spy who had just sneaked into the courtyard. Even though they don’t know what is going on, their words can’t be too harsh otherwise they would be framed again.

“This matter is strange. Brother Fei Ze knows that I am from Xuan Qing Sect. I do not have to explain more. Right now, we should settle the matter with this lady, we have to slowly investigate.” Jiang Wei Ying said this to Jiang Zhong Lin, but this was supposed to be directed to everyone, especially Ran Fei Ze. He continued, “There is no need to hurry, Fei Ze, as you are my friend, you are naturally a guest in Xuan Qing Sect. Jia Wen, find Yue’er and get a robe here, get the servants to prepare two rooms for our guest as well.”

Cao He Dong frowned, he was a little dissatisfied with Jiang Wei Ying’s offer of goodwill, but he knew that it was said due to the public and because of Xuan Qing Sect’s current condition, he let it go. Although he was anxious and wanted to know who is after his life, he could only hold his temper and wait until that weird lady is stabilized and is well rested, he is not afraid that Ran Fei Ze will play any tricks.

Ran Fei Ze listened to Jiang Wei Ying’s words, didn’t speak and move, but he continued to stand in front of Su Xiao Pei. Jiang Wei Ying waved, and everyone dispersed.

Not long, Ji Jia Wen led Jiang Xin Yue, who was ranked 24th, over to them. Jiang Xin Yue gave a woman’s robe to Ran Fei Ze, who had passed it to Su Xiao Pei. Su Xiao Pei shank back and shuffled around to wear the robe.

“This whole situation is weird and there are many doubts, someone must have mastermind all of these. Fei Ze, it is best that you and this lady stay here, everyone can take care of each other.” Jiang Wei Ying said out of politeness.

Cao He Dong was anxious and couldn’t help but ask, “Where did Miss come from? Who had kidnapped you? How did you escape? Miss, please explain. If it happened recently, the criminal should still be around. We’ll conduct a quick search to find him.” As Cao He Dong point of view, no one can say bad things about his decision. Such a coincidence, when he had asked Ran Fei Ze about his friend, his friend emerged, this causes everyone attention to be distracted. Although many people are staying here, everyone is very vigilant now, how was it possible to imprison a living being without anyone knowing about it.

Su Xiao Pei was a little scared to hear Cao He Dong’s words. She couldn’t explain the way she appeared. She could not think of any reasonable solution. She didn’t dare to speak, only to whisper to Ran Fei Ze again.

“Anyway, many thanks to Master Jiang.” Ran Fei Ze politely respond to Jiang Wei Ying, but he placed his hand behind his back and waved to Su Xiao Pei.

Su Xiao Pei was reassured, waiting to see him act.

“What Master Cao said is right and it should be checked carefully.” Ran Fei Ze pointed to a row of houses, “Miss Su escaped from that house over there. I wonder what is that house used for and who lives there?”

Everyone subconsciously turned their heads in the direction of his fingers, but Ran Fei Ze suddenly squatted. Su Xiao Pei understood what he meant and quickly stood up, hugging onto his neck tightly. Ran Fei Ze risen up, carrying Su Xiao Pei and jumped several feet into the air and out of the courtyard.

Everyone did not expect the same man who was talking to escape without any warning. Everyone was surprised by Ran Fei Ze. Two people yelled out and chased after Ran Fei Ze. Xiao Qi also walked over, shouting to not let Ran Fei Ze run away. With a wave of his hand, his sword, Xuan Qing broke the air, with a loud sound fly towards the chasers. The three man subconsciously avoided the sword. Xiao Qi stretch out his hand and caught the flying sword and protected the two men behind him. When Xiao Qi looked up, Ran Fei Ze was out of sight.

Su Xiao Pei laid on Ran Fei Ze’s back and could only hear the sounds of wind in her ears. She just jumped onto his back, and felt that he had jumped up, tighening her hold on him. she almost screamed out but she remembered that there were a lot of people around and should not hinder his plan, so she swallowed back her scream.

“Soldier.” She said to him.

“Miss.” He replied back.

He ran very fast, jumped very high and she was soon dizzy.

“Will they catch up to us?”

“Don’t worry.” Ran Fei Ze supported her with both hands, feeling her head leaning against his neck and he was also able to feel her breathe so close to his skin, her voice so close to his ears, she sounded so sweet, he was able to feel her heart beating like a drum. He missed her so much.

“En, not worrying.” She didn’t worry not panic since he was around, but she was afraid of falling. Subconsciously, she tighten her hold on him.

Her soft body was against him, her thin arms around his neck. Ran Fei Ze heart was beating very fast, he quickly jumped to the top of a big tree, down to another small tree, up to another tree and then to a roof.

Su Xiao Pei was dizzy with the ups and down motion, and she didn’t dare to move her face from his neck to look up. But she didn’t seem to hear anyone catching up, but why didn’t the Soldier run on a flat ground and also why didn’t he run in a straight line? He wouldn’t let her fall, right? She tightened her arms again, closed her eyes and buried her head deeper into his neck.

Her face was against the skin of his neck. He felt her warm breath, and secretly, the corners of his mouth bent upwards. He couldn’t help but jump around the outside of the town several times, when he had enough, he brought Su Xiao Pei to a house.

Without having to open the door, he jumped straight into the yard. Su Xiao Pei breathed out a sigh of relief on his back, and said, “Finally landed.” Ran Fei Ze heard what she said and smiled.

He walked to the house in the courtyard, with her on his back, “Knock on the door.” His hands were full.

Su Xiao Pei obediently raised her hands, and was about to knock on the door when she remembered where she was, she asked him in a low voice, “I should go down first, right?” This was a place where men and woman can’t touch each other. Wasn’t it improper for people to see her being carried by him. Just now they were running for their life so it was okay, but now, they were out of danger, wasn’t it bad for people to see them now?

“You are not wearing shoes.” Ran Fei Ze said seriously, while he talk, he shook her foot, “It’s cold.”

His big palm was warm. With this grip, a warm current rushed into Su Xiao Pei’s heart from the bottom of her feet. Her face flushed red immediately, and her feet shrank subconsciously, she quickly knocked on the door.

No one answered in the room, Su Xiao Pei knocked again to make sure there was nobody inside. Ran Fei Ze nodded and with his foot, he lightly kicked the door open. He carried Su Xiao Pei in and put her down on a chair.

Su Xiao Pei was surprised, he actually broke the door?

“Where is this?” She asked.

Ran Fei Ze was squatting in front of her to arrange the hem of her robes. Although she didn’t know how to wear the robe, she just draped it over her, but Ran Fei Ze was carefully arranging the robe on her. He heard her question and looked up at her. Su Xiao Pei looked into his eyes, suddenly reacted and quickly changed her way of speaking, “I mean, where are we?”

Ran Fei Ze smiled, showing a neat row of white teeth, his eyes were curved. This smiled was engraved in Su Xiao Pei’s mind.

Su Xiao Pei looked into his eyes and realized just how much she missed him.

Eyes to eyes, they looked at each other for a long time. Ran Fei Ze didn’t smile but his eyes showed so much emotions that made Su Xiao Pei’s heart beat faster. Suddenly, she coughed twice, avoiding his eyes by shaking her head. Then she heard Ran Fei Ze said, “How long have I taught you, you still couldn’t change your way of speaking? Even if someone wanted to impersonate you, it wouldn’t work.”

Su Xiao Pei was ridiculed and blushed, she had practiced her speech so much that it had improved. But it was because she had returned back to modern times that she had forgotten to change her way of speaking.

The two of them were relatively quiet again. Su Xiao Pei felt that there was something different, but she did not want to say anything that could break the silence. When she opened her mouth to speak, she realized that Ran Fei Ze and her words overlapped each other, “How did you appear there?”

After that, they both laughed. So stupid, Su Xiao Pei couldn’t help thinking.

“There have been some murders happening in the Jianghu, it is related to the weapons that were made by my Master. They invited me to ask some questions.”

“Oh…” Su Xiao Pei listened and nodded her head, thinking of a way to explain her appearance out of thin air but she couldn’t think of any good excuse. So, she used her old excuse, “I don’t know how I got there, I couldn’t remember anything, when I opened my eyes I was there.”

“Did you forget the past again?”

Su Xiao Pei opened her mouth, unable to explain her lie, and it was not convincing. If she wasn’t able to remember anything, how was she able to remember him?”

She was embarrassed and didn’t know what to say.

“Just like when you appeared on the tree?”

She nodded, this was the truth.

He went silent, Su Xiao Pei pursed her lips, she was not a monster or a witch, and she didn’t want him to look at her with a different look.

“I…” She wanted to explain, but she wasn’t able to think of any words.

He kept staring at her and suddenly he reached out and brushed her hair that was on her cheek. Does she know that her hair is getting longer?

“Are you okay?” He asked.

Su Xiao Pei nodded, feeling her eyes getting warm. She disappeared inexplicably, appeared inexplicably, dressed strangely, talked nonsense, people avoided her, but he cared whether she was well.

“Soldier.” She could not help but hold his hands, “I’m not a monster, not a witch. I just have some unexplainable situations.”

Ran Fei Ze nodded and asked, “The room is full of blood, are you injured?”

Su Xiao Pei shook her head, her eyes were filling up with tears.

“It’s good that you are unharmed.” He said again.

“Soldier.” Su Xiao Pei was moved.

He held her hand in his pam, “If you can tell it to me, then I will listen.” Su Xiao Pei vigorously nodded her head.

“It’s all my fault. If I didn’t leave you behind, maybe you wouldn’t have experienced that. Have you suffered?”

Su Xiao Pei shook her head, her eyes were wet. She could not help but leaned forward, almost hugging him but thinking that the move was too inappropriate, she couldn’t do it. But after hesitating for a moment, she found herself in his arms, hugging his shoulders. She blinked, had she acted so fast?

“If you didn’t suffer, it’s good that you’ve come back.” His palm stroked her back and his voice was in her ears.

Su Xiao Pei buried her head in his shoulders and secretly wiped the tears in her eyes on his clothes. It would be okay to hug for a while. He didn’t seem to mind. She clumsily clapped his shoulder, “Soldier, I’m back.”

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