ISOL Chapter 55

“En, you’re back.”

Su Xiao Pei listened to Ran Fei Ze’s words and felt him tightening his hold on her. she couldn’t help but blush. Fortunately, he couldn’t see her face but she felt there was something wrong, that something was different. She patted his shoulder again, hesitating to say something, suddenly someone coughed outside the yard.

Su Xiao Pei was shocked and immediately pushed Ran Fei Ze away, “Someone is here.”

“Don’t worry, it’s my friend.” Ran Fei Ze stared at her face.

Su Xiao Pei’s face turned redder by his staring, turning her face away from his sight, she pointed to the door, “Go, aren’t you going to greet your friend?” That friend wouldn’t be the owner of the house right?

“Okay, you sit, I’ll come back quickly.

Walking through the broken door to greet the owner, these two people sure do not feel embarrassed.

Ran Fei Ze was not embarrassed. He was quite arrogant. When he went out, he quickly placed the door back with his bare hands and said to Lou Li Dong, “Lend me this courtyard for a few days.”

Lou Li Dong smiled and said, “No.”

Ran Fei Ze said, “Your sword, I’m not going to do it, you have to buy a sword and make do with it. I have to change my place, someone will definitely lend one of their courtyard to me.”

“Hey, hey.” Lou Li Dong immediately changed his tune, putting on a cunning smile, “Brother Ran, it is not appropriate for yo u to stay with me. I will give you this courtyard or some other courtyard, Brother Ran, you can choose anyone you want. I just heard that you cause some problems in Xuan Qing Sect. Now that all the Sects are going towards Brother Ran’s residence, I thought that I would be able to help Brother Ran out. Brother Ran truly knows me, ever knows which one of my courtyard is the best. Brother Ran, you can stay here as long as you like.”


Ran Fei Ze was not surprised at Lou Li Dong being so well-informed, so he nodded and replied, “Then, I will stay. You help me find a few sets of female clothing, shoes and socks. Add two more scholar clothes. Being some food and drinks as well. Oh, buy two sets of toothsticks, toothpates, bath beans and balm and some soft cloth towels.”

Lou Li Dong’s face was a little stiff, “Big Brother really doesn’t treat me as an outsider.” He is the best thief in Jianghu, was it really appropriate for him to buy woman’s clothing?

Ran Fei Ze smirked, “I’ve troubled my brother.” He is also reluctant to ask a man to this ‘heavy duty’. But it was only during this period that he didn’t dare to be too far away from Su Xiao Pei. In case of any accident, he was afraid that she would get taken away from him again.

“Then will you let me have a glance at the lady? So that I know what to buy?” Lou Li Dong put on his cunning smile again.

Ran Fei Ze continued on his serious face, reported the size and style, “A light color is good, no vulgar colors. The material should be soft, not rough cloth. The soles should be on the thicker side, do not choose those soles that is for wearing at home, those are too soft. The hats need to be on the bigger side, those that cover the hair.

That was quite a lot of requirement. Lou Li Dong could not laugh anymore, his face turned serious. “Then, I would like to say hello to Sister-in-law, otherwise I would be deem as impolite.”

“It’s not convenient, next time.”

Lou Li Dong touched his chin, could it be that he was unpresentable?”

“She’s blushing.” Ran Fei Ze seemed to know what he was thinking and explained.

Blushing? Is she ashamed to see someone or Ran Fei Ze does not allowed people to see her blushing? How was he supposed to interpret this? As soon as Lou Li Dong thought about it, Ran Fei Ze rushed him, “Hurry up and go.”

Go then go. Lou Li Dong left with a disdainful expression.



“When it’s convenient, go get my big bag here when you are on your way back.”

Convenient? On my way back? Lou Li Dong had already said that all the Sect would be surrounding his house, how can it be convenient? But if he can’t get it, it would be an insult to his reputation. Fine, he would go and take it.

Lou Li Dong turned and left again.


“I know, I know. Be careful, I won’t get caught. I know.” Lou Li Dong was impatient, Brother Ran, you are becoming a mother-in-law.

No, you don’t know. The toothsticks can’t be made of bones, she doesn’t like it. Even the toothpaste can’t have nay taste she also doesn’t like it. The bath beans should be added with pig’s pancreas.”

[In ancient times, pig’s pancreas is added as a washing compound along with plant ash. The bath beans is equivalent to modern time soap.]

Even before Ran Fei Ze could finished speaking, Lou Li Dong turned back around and quickly strode away. It was too much.

He walked to the gate and turned back, biting his lips, “This year first craft must be my sword.” Without waiting for Ran Fei Ze to reply, he opened this courtyard door and closed the door forcefully behind him.

Ran Fei Ze slowly went over and bolted the courtyard door. That fellow did it intentionally, he could have jumped over the wall but he went to the door. He deliberately made Ran Fei Ze walked to the door to manually bolt it. Sigh… really didn’t want to trust Lou Li Dong with the purchase.

He slowly walked back to the house, raised his eyes and saw a slit in the door. He saw Su Xiao Pei peeping through the silt. When she saw Ran Fei Ze walking back, she hurriedly sat back down on the chair. Ran Fei Ze grinned and opened the door, seeing her sitting there obediently, he could not help but grin.

“I didn’t peek. I just heard the sound of the door slamming and thought I was in trouble.”

“En.” Ran Fei Ze nodded, he didn’t mind her peeking. He had nothing to hide from ther. He pulled a chair over and sat across from her. “It’s cold and your bare feet must be frozen.”

Su Xiao Pei shrunk her feet in and blushed again, remembering that he had just touched her feet a few minutes ago, she could feel his warmth on her feet. She coughed and asked, “Soldier, what shall we do next?” She had been away for a long time, and she didn’t know what happened here. She didn’t dare to ask directly what day it was but she was willing to wait for the opportunity to ask.

“What should we do?” It really made him happy to be able to correct her speech.

“En. What should we do?”

What should we do? He couldn’t think of anything serious now, his brain is filled with thoughts that she was back. Would she know the joy that he had lost in his heart? Would she know that her sudden appearance caught him by surprised? He didn’t take good care for her in the past, he will be more careful in the future, but will her secret be an obstacle?”

“What is Miss’s plan?”

“Ah?” Su Xiao Pei said out loud, he asked her instead? Although, he was the one who asked, Su Xiao Pei felt that he was asking if she would leave again. “Once… Once I’ve found the person, I have to go back.”

Ran Fei Ze looked at her without saying anything, then he asked, “Who are you looking for?”

“I’m looking for Cheng Jiang Yi, the same person that I had asked you to look for me.”

“Who is he to you?”

Didn’t he asked this question before? Su Xiao Pei frowned, and thought about it. “He is from the same village as me, I haven’t seen him before. I was asked to find him.” She couldn’t say anything more about him.

“If you can’t find him?” Su Xiao Pei frowned even more, Yue Lao said she would definitely find him, and she had even swore before she had transmigrate over the last time. She did have a clue, Cheng Jiang Yi had left a letter for her and he had found her first.

“Soldier, before I left I had received a letter that was written by Cheng Jiang Yi. It was written in a text that was only known to us. He knew that I came from the same village as him, so he wrote those words intentionally, but he didn’t come to see me. Maybe he couldn’t figure out what had happened, so he wanted to test it first. I came here because he was nearby. People in my village said that he came here, so he must be nearby.”

Ran Fei Ze went silent. Su Xiao Pei was a little embarrassed. She messed up. Does he understand her?

“How did Miss leave the house?” He suddenly asked.

Su Xiao Pei’s heart started pounding. He said before she could tell him at her own time, she thought she had escaped from explaining, but she was asked so suddenly that she hadn’t thought of a reason.

“I… I also do not know. I didn’t realize at the time. I should have been kidnapped in my sleep.” Yue Lao was the one who kidnapped her.

“Does Miss know that Miss is currently in danger?”

Su Xiao Pei nods her head, Yue Lao said that she was killed, but he didn’t know who was the killer.

“Someone wanted to kill Miss.” In fact, things were too chaotic. Ran Fei Ze didn’t understand what was going on, but he knew that she was in danger. “It is best that Miss is not separated too far from me.”

“Okay.” Su Xiao Pei also felt safe by staying near Ran Fei Ze.

“If Cheng Jiang Yi appears, I want to meet him as well.”

“This…” Is this appropriate?

“Miss doesn’t know him, how would you know that it is him, how would you know his character?”

She knows, she studied him for two months, she knew everything.

“What did he write in the letter that he gave you?”

“He asked who I was.”

Ran Fei Ze frowned, it sounded like the two of them had nothing to do with each other. “The letter is very strange.”
It is quite strange, she didn’t know what Cheng Jiang Yi was doing by sending her a letter and not appearing.

“I also have a lot of trouble on my hands, and I would like Miss’s help.”

Su Xiao Pei was shocked, she didn’t expect that she would be useful to him. He had always taken care of her, she is naturally happy that she would be able to return the debt. “What trouble does Soldier have?”

Ran Fei Ze or his Master had crafted a sword that had murdered someone, and the only person who is able to create it was him and thus, he was the biggest suspect. Su Xiao Pei listened to him attentively, thinking serious when Ran Fei Ze said, “So, Miss will work with me and we will take good care of each other.”

Okay.” Su Xiao Pei nodded.

“Wherever Miss goes, I must be around.”

“Okay.” Of course this was fine.

“If someone leaves a message or Miss wants to deliver a message, Miss must let me know first.”

“Okay.” Su Xiao Pei frowned. Was she a child? Would she willingly follow a stranger to another place?

“Miss.” Ran Fei Ze called her again.

Su Xiao Pei looked up at him, he stared at her. There was something in his eyes that Su Xiao Pei couldn’t perceive.

“Was Miss ever married?”

Didn’t he asked this question before?

Su Xiao Pei shook her head, “No.”

“Do you have someone in mind?”

Ran Fei Ze nodded and smiled suddenly. Su Xiao Pei blushed again. How long was she away? What happened to Soldier?

It seems something happened.


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