ISOL Chapter 57

Ran Fei Ze and Su Xiao Pei lived in the small courtyard of Lou Li Dong for three days.

In the past three days, Lou Li Dong tended to their request, he even stole Ran Fei Ze’s big luggage back. He whispered and complained, “It’s so damn heavy, and your bag is too heavy. It’s roughly the same weight as three ladies.”

Su Xiao Pei blinked and whispered to Ran Fei Ze, “It sounded like he had carried three ladies before.”

“Who said I didn’t carried his bag before? Didn’t I just carried it back? I carried his bag in the past, but it wasn’t as heavy as now.”

“I meant the three ladies.” Su Xiao Pei opened another bag that Lou Li Dong had brought over, which contained the stationary set that she wanted.

She responded casually, but Lou Li Dong couldn’t bear it. Is this Miss’s house? Does this house belong to this Miss? Unfortunately, Su Xiao Pei ignored his distressed expression. She took the stationary and rushed to the study room. Lou Li Dong turned to Ran Fei Ze, “Brother Ran, please teach her properly.”

“Who needs to be taught?” Ran Fei Ze gave Lou Li Dong an expression that said: You have no right to butt into my woman’s business. When Lou Li Dong saw his expression, his turn even worse and he just kept quiet.

Ran Fei Ze ignored him and organized his big bag. Lou Li Dong’s eyes brightened, Ran Fei Ze did not chase him away? Was he allowing him to stay and watch? He was really curious about this heavy bag. He had suffered a lot because of this bag, in the present and in the past. But Ran Fei Ze moved slowly and didn’t pull out any good things for a long time, he only pulled out clothes, some small toys, He didn’t care for these things.

“Miss, come and help clean up.” Ran Fei Ze treated as if Lou Li Dong didn’t exist, he didn’t look at him but called Su Xiao Pei, who was in another room, separated by a wall. It was a good thing that Ran Fei Ze didn’t want Lou Li Dong to do any work but Lou Li Dong doesn’t know why he feels a little humiliated. But he is going to ignore this feeling, he is not going to argue with this shameless Ran Fei Ze. This is his ability, his ‘kindness’ can annoyed you. Lou Li Dong simply pulled a chair and sat down, indicating that he was staying to see what was in the bag.

Su Xiao Pei responded, “I’m busy.” She just grinded the ink and was preparing to sort out her thoughts.

Lou Li Dong was amused and couldn’t stop grinning. Heh heh, embarrassed right, wanted to show off your woman, wanted to show affection in front of him, but she did not care. Lou Li Dong was laughing in his heart.

“Quick come, there are valuable things that I require Miss’s help to safeguard.” Lou Li Dong’s expression was obvious but Ran Fei Ze ignored him and only called out to Su Xiao Pei again.

It work. As soon as Su Xiao Pei heard that something was valuable, she hurried over.

Lou Li Dong was disappointed, Miss, you should have a bit of a backbone. If you were busy, how could you come?

As soon as Su Xiao Pei entered the house, she saw Lou Li Dong was still around, she looked at him a little strangely and then looked at Ran Fei Ze. The meaning was obvious: Soldier was here organizing his belongings, why was this guy here watching?

She didn’t say anything, but Ran Fei Ze answered, “It doesn’t matter.”

Su Xiao Pei nodded and said nothing.

Lou Li Dong’s eyes twitch, they shouldn’t treat him as if he was dead. They were discussing his existence right in front of him. Did they treat him as someone who is dumb? Su Xiao Pei didn’t really care about Lou Li Dong, she just came over and asked Ran Fei Ze, “What do you need to me to safeguard?”

Ran Fei Ze pointed to the clothes and wallet, “These were bought with money and they can be used on normal days. I won’t put them together with my other things, in case of emergency, it is more convenient to take these with us. Together with Miss’s small bag, the troubled girl took it. He patted the still heavy big bag, “This leftovers bag is too heavy, I will carry them.”

“Okay.” Su Xiao Pei has no objection at all, she knew that it meant, that is, when the heavy burden was dropped, he would fled by himself, so it was more convenient.

Su Xiao Pei started to pack those clothes and opened Ran Fei Ze’s wallet, and said happily, “Soldier, you haven’t spent any money since we have gotten it?” She is now penniless, but this time, Soldier is no longer the Soldier with fifteen copper coins.

Shameless, smile because of money. Lou Li Dong thought so. Then he saw Ran Fei Ze pulled out a few greased paper bag from the so-called leftovers in the big bag, opened it and took out a stack of papers, looking through those few of papers, he took out one piece and handed it to Lou Li Dong, saying, “Once I opened the furnace, I will first cast your ghost hand. Take a look, I will make it according to this. Any more requirements?”

Lou Li Dong was very excited. He took it carefully and took a closer look. There were three drawings drawn on the paper. The first picture was the overall appearance of the Ghost hand. The length of the dagger is average but it is on the thicker side and it is slightly rounder. It can be hidden in the boots. Another picture looks like a pair of pliers, with tiny teeth, a curved buckle on the handle end, which can be used to pick up prying objects, and a thin needle in the middle that can be pulled out. The last one is opened as a whole, double-edged, the handle can be buckled back and forth, which can be used as a single edged knife or a double-edge clip like a scissors. Round and unexpectedly everything works perfectly.

Lou Li Dong’s heart was throbbing, he was very happy and excited. This was exactly what he wanted and even more than he dare to imagine. He kept staring at the picture, his face blooming with laughter, “Is this really possible?”

“Otherwise, would I just draw this picture to make you happy? What good does that do for me?”

Lou Li Dong was overwhelmed, and suppressed his excitement. With the thought that he could not let Ran Fei Ze be too arrogant, he nodded, “Well, that’s about it.”

His expression provoked Su Xiao Pei’s curiosity. She leaned over and wanted to see it. Ran Fei Ze took the drawing back from Lou Li Dong and handed it to her. Su Xiao Pei didn’t understand it. After asking a few question, Ran Fei Ze explained. His explanation was quite exquisite. Lou Li Dong was ecstatic when he heard it. He couldn’t wait for his sword, Ghost Hand to be casted. This opportunity will cause many people to be envious.

But Su Xiao Pei frowned, thinking for a long time, and asked, “You are helping this thief to make a tool? Won’t he use this weapon to kill people?”

Lou Li Dong and Ran Fei Ze’s expression changed at once. Lou Li Dong jumped up immediately and said, “What stealing tool? It’s an insult to the Jianghu’s dignity.”

Ran Fei Ze was calmer than Lou Li Dong. He looked normal and said solemnly, “Miss must broaden her imagination, this weapon is able to clamp onto things, and able to cut threads, it can also cut fruits and make clothes. It is quite practical.”

“I…” His mother-in-law’s isn’t able to pull out so many shameless words. Lou Li Dong forced to swallow whatever words that he wanted to speak. His Ghost Hand has to be insulted like this before he was even created, it hurt his heart, he can’t bear to listen.

Su Xiao Pei returned the drawing and said calmly, “I understand, I mean, I know.” The ancient underworld, the code of conduct and morals are different from those of modern people, so she doesn’t want to care too much about it. But, “if he was arrested by the government for a crime, will they come and arrest you if you are the one who created this thing?”

Lou Li Dong’s face turn green. Was she cursing him or laughing at him? What does she mean by him getting caught by the government?

Ran Fei Ze was still very patient, he calmly explained, “Miss, rest assured, who has heard that the government will arrest those who created the knife that the murderer use? The knife is only sold by means of craftsmanship. At most, the official will come to ask the case. It would be nice to tell anyone who sold this thing.”

“I…” His grandfather’s three grandsons would not even be able to say such words. Lou Li Dong swallowed his words back down again, he hated to say, “The moral of Jianghu!” He is the best thief in the Jianghu, how was it possible that he would steal the goods and leave a clue behind.

The morality of Jianghu attracted Su Xiao Pei’s attention, she turned to continue to discuss with Ran Fei Ze, “You said that the knife was sold for the sake of subsistence, but you see, this time the weapon you casted at home has committed a crime. Isn’t everyone still bothering you about it? Therefore, good weapons are to be casted, and the matter of living cannot be delayed, but to whom do you sell them to? Does Soldier have any contract with them for exemption clause? I mean the does the two parties signed an agreement and stipulated the responsibility of the goods? That means that whatever he did with the weapon has nothing to do with Soldier?”

“I do not signed an agreement with them. I just passed it down, and I am willing to make it for anyone. Of course, the money cannot be less. People in the Jianghu does not do agreements, there is no such documents as the government does. Jianghu has their own justice. Just like this time, Sects join forces to investigate the killers. If they are found, Jianghu will serve them their justice.”

“That is to say, if he uses this weapon you casted to do bad things, the government can’t investigate it but the Jianghu will hunt you down?”

Lou Li Dong couldn’t help but say, “Brother, you tell the story slowly, I have to leave. You don’t need to inform me when you leave. I will appear when the Ghost Hand is casted.” To stay here and listen to them talk is really heartbreaking. Brother Ran, brother Ran, how can you bear it?

Lou Li Dong really left. Su Xiao Pei didn’t mind, Ran Fei Ze didn’t care, the two of them continued to talk about some rules of conduct of Jianghu for a long time, many unwritten rules. Some rules of various Sects, and how Ran Fei Ze’s weapons were picked and how to collect money. At the end, Su Xiao Pei found an important thing. Ran Fei Ze received a lot of money, but he was very spoiled. He would spend a lot of money to buy new toys. He would take apart those toys and figure out how to make it. He would also spend a lot of money to store new materials but not necessarily use them. He just likes it, and where he goes, he would just donate money to build a school, then when leave, he doesn’t care about it anymore. He really consider money as dung, otherwise how can there be only fifteen copper coins on him when they met. If he meets Cheng Jiang Yi, they would definitely be good friends.

Ah, but where is Cheng Jiang Yi hiding? The only time he appeared was when he left her the letter last time, she does not know what happened to him now.

Su Xiao Pei was in a daze. Ran Fei Ze had already sorted out his big bag. There was actually a big wooden box inside the bag. Ran Fei Ze touched the black wood g4ain and pressed a switch on the box. A large black knife appeared, the scabbard and shank seem to be together, and they are one and the same.

“Miss, this is my weapon.” Ran Fei Ze admitted that he sometimes like to flaunt. His weapon was casted by himself. It was more desirable than any other weapon. He had a calm atmosphere and ingenuity. The number of people who had seen it can’t be more than five, but everyone who has seen it was amazed.

Su Xiao Pei came over and couldn’t see the ingenuity of it, but given the Soldier’s serious face, she gave a serious nod, “um.”

Ran Fei Ze saw her expression and felt that she was too innocent. He had tasted what Lou Li Dong was feeling just now.

Su Xiao Pei felt embarrassed by her lack of knowledge, but she really can’t see what’s so great about this knife. “The color is pretty good.”

Ran Fei Ze touched the knife and felt wronged for it, but thinking about Su Xiao Pei’s frowning and trying to find words to praise it, he couldn’t help but laugh. She really was very cute.

“Miss, next time, don’t be like this.”

Su Xiao Pei was at a loss, what did she do?

In the end, Su Xiao Pei didn’t figure out what was so great about this knife, but she suddenly found one thing, “Soldier, you put all your silvers, all you drawings and your exclusive weapons in this bag. And you just casually throw it?”

“In order to not hurt people, didn’t I just get Brother Lou to bring it back to me?”

“Hurt someone?”

“Eh, there is a mechanism in the bag. When I met Brother Lou, he was curious about what was in the bag, after he stole it, he came back to me asking me to save him.”

“…” This is true, whether it was smart or cunning. “But in case, someone succeeded in stealing it, won’t the person be unable to return it?”

“It doesn’t matter. I will inform all buyers that someone stole their weapon. Someone will do justice for me.” The whole Jianghu would chase and kill the person, just for a bag, it was too exciting. Ran Fei Ze thinks that it is quite interesting, he has been bored for too long. But those were all just assumption. No one touched his big bag after Lou Li Dong stole it once. Maybe the guy was injuired by a hidden weapon, then he was entangled and chased by many people. He was tempted by the idea of an exclusive weapon in advance and this made him ashamed for years.

So the people in ancient underworld are really strange. Su Xiao Pei suddenly understood why this outstanding case was so big, why everyone kept an eye on Ran Fei Ze but no one rushed, and why Ran Fei Ze said with confidence that he would open the furnace. Being a blacksmith can have such a status, and really can’t help but say that it is true.

Su Xiao Pei sorted out everything, she wrote down the events, characters, clues and timeline. She placed all her plans on the table. Ran Fei Ze met and asked her whether it was hard to look at it this way. Su Xiao Pei said that she wanted to stick to the wall, but after a while they would have to change house. It was not easy to remove it from the wall, and she would have to rewrite it. She was too lazy, so Ran Fei Ze touched his chin and announced that it was time they move house.

That would be in three days.

Ran Fei Ze brought Su Xiao Pei back to his house. Su Xiao Pei was carrying a bag that was things they were going to exchange, and Ran Fei Ze was carrying his bag that could not be exchange, so that was how these two people walked back home. Ran Fei Ze introduced the origin of this small town to Su Xiao Pei. That small door is the largest intelligence organization of Jianghu. The one who looks very rich and always loves to eat but doesn’t pay, but Ran Fei Ze can’t remember his name. He only remember everyone called them Credit. There is a bulletin board where people who were targeted had their faces put there, there is a notice wall here, which Sect wants to send a message, and they would post there. Su Xiao Pei took a curious look at the boards, and the latest one above was the message that Ran Fei Ze took a suspicious woman and hid her, so it was asking people to please pay attention.

“There’s no portrait.” Su Xiao Pei was surprised that no portrait that made others pay attention.

“No matter, it must because they can’t draw my handsomeness.”

Su Xiao Pei looked back at the faces of the crowd, instinctively smiling at them. This is just how Solider is like, there is no use being angry at him.

Su Xiao Pei’s smile made everyone angrier. They had never seen such an arrogant man and shameless woman in the Jianghu for a long time. A crazy couple.

“Don’t laugh.” Ran Fei Ze softly rebuked Su Xiao Pei, didn’t she see that it was a group of men? She’s a female, what is she laughing at? Shouldn’t she only smile at him? Su Xiao Pei nodded and realized that she was wrong. It seemed that she made the situation worse after she laughed.

The two of them finally walked back to Ran Fei Ze’s residence, and there were many people loitering outside the house.

“Miss, you have suffered.” Ran Fei Ze said. Following him had to make her suffer, it was something that not anyone can stand.

“It doesn’t matter.” Su Xiao Pei said something quite like Ran Fei Ze’s tone, which made Ran Fei Ze laugh.

There are two rooms inside the house, one on the inside of the house and another on the outside. There are beds in the inside room. Su Xiao Pei spontaneously assumed that she was living there. Ran Fei Ze also tacitly put his things outside, “I’ll find someone to get a new bed.” Su Xiao Pei answered “Okay.”, Ran Fei Ze put his things away and led her out, letting her recognize her daily needs around her. There is a well, a latrine, the back of the house is facing the hill and his foundry was there as well.

Su Xiao Pei walked around and remembered where things are, and followed him back. Outside the house, all eyes were staring at them. Su Xiao Pei stared back at them

“Miss came back, power has risen.” Ran Fei Ze was a little worried, but seeing Su Xiao Pei adapting so well, beyond his expectations, he could not help but rejoice. He could not help but feel that this suits her. No woman can make it look good but her.

Su Xiao Pei nodded, “Soldier rest assured.” As long as she is not disheveled, there is nothing to be afraid of. This is not the first time she transmigrated. Besides she was immortal. Well, this is a pro. Su Xiao Pei sighed, where did Cheng Jiang Yi hide?

Su Xiao Pei returned to the house, cleaned it, opened the window to ventilate the room, and then she saw several people who looked like Jianghu members looking at the house. Are the paparazzi inferior to them? Su Xiao Pei went to look for Ran Fei Ze, who was boiling water and asked him where the stationary set and papers were. Then she grinded the ink, and wrote a few large characters, and asked Ran Fei Ze for some paste. Ran Fei Ze shook his head, but made some for her, and asked her what she wanted to do. Su Xiao Pei said she would like to post some news for everyone to see. Once the paste was done, she took them and went out.

Ran Fei Ze followed with curiosity. Saw Su Xiai Pei pasting on the four walls of the house. One the notice, it said: A lady is here, perverts beware, sty may occur.

Arrogant, really arrogant.

The people watching around immediately hurried away, they retreated so far behind that SU Xiao Pei was no longer able to see them. Su Xiao Pei clapped her hands and returned back to the house with satisfaction. In modern times, people would ignore these words, but in ancient times, it was a serious and solemn thing. The matter of courtesy and shame is really good. Su Xiao Pei walked back to the room with her hands on her back, but saw Ran Fei Ze squatting in the room and squinting with a loud laugh.

“Does Soldier have to laugh so much?” Su Xiao Pei frowned, and this time the old saying was good.

Ran Fei Ze shook his head and still couldn’t help but laugh. Can’t tell her, never tell her. He can’t tell her that her words are too ugly and big.

Miss, good job!


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