ISOL Chapter 58

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Ran Fei Ze and his party have been in Ling Long town for four days.

As soon as they crossed the cable bridge, they split up. Liu Yan Xiang, the sixth disciple of God’s Gate Sect and Dong Sheng from the Xuan Qing Sect and two others from Qi Sha Sect, the four of them followed the map that Jiu Ling Sect gave them. The remaining eleven people abandoned the group, they chose a small path on the edge of the mountain and explored the possibility of leaving Ling Long Mountain.

Ran Fei Ze didn’t make much progress because of the troubles and difficulty exploring the road. In four days, he did not travel far. Ling Long Mountain is extremely dangerous. The closer you are to the cliff, the more toxic the environment is. Moreover, because of the environment, less people explored the areas, thus, not much is known about it. It is quite difficult to explore. Occasionally they would find some bones and they didn’t know whose it belongs to, as many Jianghu members would enter and disappear without a trace.

This is their fourth day, they had been walking for a long time, winding around several times, passing a few checkpoints, but they gain nothing. Ran Fei Ze kept walking for another day, if they really could not gain anything from this trip, they would turn back. According to calculations, Jiu Ling Sect is under closed cultivation and they would only leave on the second day. Now their distance between them should be far. Ran Fei Ze remarks were immediately met with strong opposition from Zhuang Fang Ping and Fu Yan, they are from Qi Sha Sect. They thinks that the Jiu Ling Sect is well-prepared, and their journey must have been much faster than theirs. They should’ve explored the road earlier before setting off, then they would be able to avoid whatever troubles they had occurred.

Ran Fei Ze didn’t argue with them, he just said, “Since Sir Fang and Sir Fu understand the road much better, please take over the lead.”

One sentence immediately shut whatever words that they wanted to say.

Cao He Dong, the head of Cui Shan Sect, is the oldest in the team. He brought a disciple into this trip, but they had encounter a booby trap yesterday and his disciple was injured. Of out the eleven, only his disciple was injured. His face has been dark since then. Now that the two side disagree, they took this opportunity to lose their temper, “We’ve only been here for a few days, and we’ve been finding all excuses to reject. If it is so easy to find, doesn’t this mean that the Jiu Ling Sect has no brains?”

Ran Fei Ze didn’t answer, he jumped over two stumps and rummage in the bushes. He touched one place and pulled it hard, suddenly, a net came up from the ground. The net flew to the top of the tree, not too sure if there is any booby traps in the trees. Suddenly, some black mud was sprayed from the traps, it was dirty and smelly.

Everyone faces was green. Fortunately, they did not walk too fast. Xiao Qi roughly guessed that these few days the booby traps that they had encounters were not threatening, they were merely disgusting, in all likelihood, Ran Fei Ze was the one who had set up the traps.

Ran Fei Ze went all the way in front of the him and pulled the net along with him, pulling out more than 10 nets. Xiao Qi couldn’t help but say out loud, “How boring is this trapper?”

Ran Fei Ze said, “He had a little free time.” Xiao Qi didn’t know how to reply so he didn’t say anything.

Ran Fei Ze waved his hands, “Right in front is the edge of the mountain, if anyone of you wants to go exploring, you can just go. I can’t do anything to please you, since you’re so suspicious, I will stay behind and wait for you.” He was telling the truth. Indeed, her had explored the road and said that this road was not feasible for them to walk, but there were still some doubts and wanted him to walk again. It was a fat, and it was even more unpleasant for them to say it in such a tone. Several people gave him a hard look.

Afterwards, Chen Xiao Shan from God’s Gate, Ding Ming from Lou Yi Sect and a few other people went to the edge to explore the road, and Fu Yan followed them. When he left, he gave Fang Ping a look, telling him to pay attention to Ran Fei Ze. Zhuang Fang Pink nodded, indicating that he understood. Ran Fei Ze pretended not to see them, he found a clean place and sat down crossed legged. The others circled around, waiting carefully.

Ran Fei Ze was lazy and was about to take out his water pouch to drink some water, but he suddenly heard something, “Did you hear any sounds?”

Fang Ping suddenly looked strange, “Is it ringing?”

Ran Fei Ze glanced at him, raised his hand to tell him to stop talking, and listen carefully. Everyone around him was nervous, and they were listening carefully.

“Looks like someone is talking.”


Ji Jia Wen could not hear it at all and whispered, “What are they talking about?”

Cao He Dong said, “It’s not talking, it’s yelling, but the voice seems to be drifting, it seems to come from a long distance.”

Cao He Dong’s disciple, Guo En, stroke his neck to smooth his hairs down, “Isn’t there a ghost in the mountains?”

Ran Fei Ze jumped violently and hurried towards the direction of the voice.

“Where are you going?” Xiao Qi was taken aback.

“What are we going to do?” The others were surprised. After a moment hesitation, Luo Hua, Fang Ping, Xiao Qi and Cao He Dong chased after him, leaving behind Ji Jia Wen and Guo En.

Ran Fei Ze ran all the way but he didn’t hear a sound. His heart was beating fast, and he was a little skeptical, he was afraid that he had hallucinations, because he felt that inaudible voice calling out ‘Soldier” or “Ah Ze”.

He didn’t know what happened to him, he just couldn’t understand it clearly, but he just felt that the voice was saying these two words.

He suddenly remembered what the Jiu Ling Master said, “Seeking help in danger” and suddenly he remembered his first encounter with Su Xiao Pei on a strange old tree. These seem to be unconnected, and such things should never be possible, but he suddenly had a strange thought. He stopped and listened carefully, hoping to hear something more. But there was no sound. Expect for the tiny branches and leaves, insects and birds in the forest, nothing else was heard.

Xiao Qi and the others were caught up and he asked loudly, “What’s wrong?”

Ran Fei Ze didn’t answer him, and continued to run upwards, everyone was confuse but they ran together with him. In the end, Ran Fei Ze suddenly jumped up into a super tall tree and stood on top of the tree and looked around.

Everyone followed him and jumped up, they stood on the tree and looked down. After watching their surrounding for several moments, nothing happened.

Cao He Dong couldn’t help but reprimand, “Ran Fei Ze, what exactly are you doing, making us run for nothing.” He could not finish his words before they heard an erratic voice, this time, they all heard it.

It was a female voice, was it a demon or something?”

Xiao Qi frowned, looking at Ran Fei Ze and asked, “Ah Ze?”

Ran Fei Ze raised his arms sharply, stepped down and rushed out like an eagle, rushed to the top of another tree and leapt again, rushing to the top of another. The crowd cursed and followed him all the way. Fang Ping and Luo Hua performed slightly worse that the others but they managed to follow. Cao He Dong and Xiao Qi followed closely behind. And after a while, they heard it again, “Soldier, help!!”

Xiao Qi pointed in a direction, “It seems to be over there.”

Ran Fei Ze changed his direction before Xiao Qi had spoken. Everyone ran for a while and turned around. The sound was clear for a while, it was erratic, intermittent, and a little husky. Cao He Dong warned loudly, “This strange array in the mountains has everyone in a loop, everyone must be careful.” The whole mountain was an array. Now they are jumping on top of the tree, but they are also affected by the formation and seemed to have entered a loop, the sounds was strange and suspicious.

Ran Fei Ze ignored them, there was only one voice in his mind, that was Su Xiao Pei calling him, and he must have heard it correctly. She called only called Ah Ze when she is calling for help. The voice was tired, tense and a little numb, it was distressing.

Ran Fei Ze took the lead first, he was disturbed by the method at first but then he managed to find a flaw and broke through the array, he rushed out, then he heard a clear cry, “AH ZE!”

He looked up and towards the direction of the voice and saw a figure that was familiar in his heart.

She was sitting on a very tall tree, which was twice as tall as the one he was standing on, he didn’t have time to think how she had gotten up there. He couldn’t think about how she would just appear in Ling Long Mountain. He only knew that she was right here, alive, and right in front of him.

She was looking in his direction. She looked at him just as he had saw her.

Su Xiao Pei’s position was high, and Ran Fei Ze saw it as she jumped up and down on the top of the tree. The top of the tree was lush, dense green leaves, there are high and low branches. Ran Fei Ze jumped in it, she could see him for a moment before she lost him. She saw him the next moment on a different branch, a higher one, then she lost him again. Su Xiao Pei popped a sentence in her head, Carp jumps over the dragon gate, Soldier jumped the sea of leaves.

At this time, it would be unreasonable to say that there is no depth, no connotation, no practical meaning, but she saw Ran Fei Ze running towards her, although he seemed to turned the wrong direction several times, although he never kept his eyes on her, he came and he came for her. She felt relieved and when people relax, it was normal to for them to think of random thoughts.

“Soldier!” She had tears in her eyes, and she screamed desperately, afraid that he couldn’t hear here, afraid that he was too far away, she waved at him and smiled.

“Miss!” He didn’t open his mouth much, but his voice was steady, as if it was right beside her. He said, “Don’t be scared, I’m here.”

Su Xiao Pei came without a word, just bit her lips and nodded desperately. That’s right, Soldier is here. She is safe.

Ran Fei Ze carefully looked around where Su Xiao Pei was. A dense forest surrounded the strangely high tree. Although, he couldn’t see any doorway, he was alert that something was wrong. He jumped down, ran for a while in a certain direction and looked closer, yet there seems to be a different point of view in this direction.

Su Xiao Pei watched Ran Fei Ze approaching her, then stopped after a distance. She looked at him and understood what was going on, she couldn’t help but shout, “Be careful!”

Ran Fei Ze listened and smiled at her.

At this time, Cao He Dong, Xiao Qi and others had rushed over and saw a woman on the tree, barefooted in short clothes, short hair, strange looks, all of them were surprised. Cao He dong asked loudly, “Who are you?”

Ran Fei Ze answered, “Su Xiao Pei, Miss Su.” The tone was quite solemn, as if she was a high ranked official.

Cao he Dong felt that he had been ridiculed by Ran Fei Ze again. Although the question was asked by him, Ran Fei Ze’s tone made him very unhappy.

“Hello.” Cao He Dong’s face sank even further was the eccentric woman on the tree was still talking.

Su Xiao Pei looked at Cao He Dong and shrugged at Ran Fei Ze, saying that she was polite but this person wasn’t. Ran Fei Ze smiled at her and the two of them agreed. The two of them laughed at the same time.

What are they laughing at? The people around Ran Fei Ze had the same expression.

Ran Fei Ze waved his hands, “Do not approached, this is a battle.” If it wasn’t for the sound that caused him to jumped on the tree to find his way. He couldn’t have seen the array here.

Everyone listened and couldn’t help studying Su Xiao Pei. They hurriedly looked around but found nothing special.

Su Xiao Pei didn’t looked at anyone, but stared at Ran Fei Ze, Ran Fei Ze walked around and seemed to feel her gaze, raised his head and smiled at her again, “Don’t worry.”

“You as well.” She replied.

The two of them smiled in encouragement.

Xiao Qi knew who this girl was without asking. He couldn’t help but glance at Ran Fei Ze, do they have to be so sweet? Ran Fei Ze glared at him, feeling disturbed and unhappy.

Several people looked around and saw nothing, Ran Fei Ze tentatively walked a few steps, Su Xiao Pei looked at him, a little nervous.

Those steps did not cause any problems, Ran Fei Ze took another step and suddenly heard a scream behind him, a burst of sound came. Ran Fei Ze shook his shoulder, a long black sword spun around him and blocked the hidden weapon that was targeting him. He took two steps back, returned to a safe place, turned around and saw a huge spike on the ground. Cao He Dong, Xiao Qi and the others managed to dodge it, it was shot from the trees in all direction. Triangular spoked weapons, randomly attacking them. All the attacks were done in an instant, and the surrounding quickly calmed down.

Ran Fei Ze hurriedly looked up at the tree. Su Xiao Pei’s eyes were opened big, panicked showed on her face, her hands were covering her mouth, as if she was afraid that her exclamation would disturb them. She saw him looked up and immediately shouted, “I’m fine.”

He nodded and said, “I’ll be careful.” Just as she had said, “Be careful.”

The two of them spoke in unison, nodded at each other when their eyes locked onto each others’.

Fang Ping’s shoulder was injured, and Luo Hua was healing him. Cao He Dong’s arm was scratch and angrily yelled at Su Xiao Pei, “What is going on?”

This emotion did nothing to resolve the immediately difficulties, Su Xiao Pei looked at him and said, “Don’t panic, stay calm.”

Cao He Dong shouted at Su Xiao Pei loudly. Ran Fei Ze was very upset. Didn’t he see that his girl was trapped in the tree? If she knew what was going on, she would have told him. She didn’t say anything, meaning that she does not know what is going on. He frowned and said, “Don’t panic, stay calm.”

This remark came out together with Su Xiao Pei’s answer and the tacit understanding was really outrageous. No, Xiao Qi corrected his thoughts in time. As if he couldn’t help but glance at them both. Cao He Dong’s face turned black and the group was speechless.

Cao He Dong turned to one side and gave himself medicine, looking coldly at what Ran Fei Ze was going to do.

Ran Fei Ze couldn’t do anything about it. He couldn’t think of a way. If it was him in the past, he would explore every way and try to break the array with force, but what scared him now was that Su Xiao Pei was in the battle. What if his method would hurt her?

He walked one round and looked up and asked Su Xiao Pei, “Did you find anything?”

Su Xiao Pei shook her head, “I didn’t see anyone and there was nothing moving around.”

He asked another question, “When did you come here?”

“When I opened my eyes, I saw the sunrise.”

That was at least half a day.

“How did Miss get up there?” Xiao Qi couldn’t help but ask.

“When I was conscious, I was already up on this tree. I do not know how I got up here.” Su Xiao Pei answered calmly, she was telling the truth.

“Who was the one who kidnapped Miss? Do you know what he looks like?” Xiao Qi felt that it was the key to reach other to the people behind him. If it was the hands and feet of the gods, then putting this girl here would be a picture.

“I don’t know, I don’t remember.”

“Don’t remember?” Cao He Dong jumped up, clearly not convinced.

“Are you hungry?” Ran Fei Ze asked. It’s really distressing that she had been trapped for so long.

“I’m still okay.” She was too nervous to feel hunger.


Su Xiao Pei nodded, the feeling of thirst was obvious.

Ran Fei Ze thought for a while and took his water pouch, “You take a sit and properly support yourself. I will throw my water pouch to you, you drink first. Don’t worry, I will save you.”

Su Xiao Pei nodded and sat firmly. Ran Fei Ze threw the water pouch up. The water pouch was not close to Su Xiao Pei’d body. Suddenly, either side of the trees shot two rows of arrow. The tree that Su Xiao Pei was sitting on moved, Su Xiao Pei screamed in shock.

In a panic, she stretched out her hands and hugged the branch diagonally ahead of her.

Ran Fei Ze was shocked and was about to fly forward, desperately shooting the dark arrows behind the tree.

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