ISOL Chapter 59

Su Xiao Pei’s ugly poster was quite useful. At least no one had disturb them for a few days. They were only watching the house, guarding the main entry.

But guarding the house or not is worthless as Ran Fei Ze had no intention of hiding at all. He confidently took Su Xiao Pei to a nearby market to buy food supplies, brought her to see the sights but for most of the time, they stayed at home. Everyone noticed that Ran Fei Ze did not go out alone. He would take that weird woman wearing a man’s clothes and a hat everywhere.

In the past few days, Ran Fei Ze met with some people who are his clients. He confirm the plans with them and then fixed the delivery date. Some people who had heard the news, ran and wanted to make a reservation. Ran Fei Ze just listened to their request and wrote I down. Although those people did not feel happy about the reservation, they dare not rush him, they was willing to wait till Ran Fei Ze had the mood to make their weapons, they just had to be ready to send the money over.

Su Xiao Pei noticed that Ran Fei Ze was quite strict in this regard. Each guest was seen individually, and whenever someone had inquired about the weapons that others requested, he never leaked out any information. People who came to order from him were thieves and other Jianghu members, they seemed to be afraid to be discovered by others. Ran Fei Ze told her that in the Jianghu, people valued unique weapons, they are treated as treasures and it symbolize a status. Su Xiao Pei finds that she is able to understand it.

Su Xiao Pei didn’t care about Ran Fei Ze’s weapon, she couldn’t help him at all, and didn’t have any heart in her to serve his guest tea nor greet them. In fact, she had to worry about Ran Fei Ze cooking dinner. He had to cook otherwise both of them would be hungry. In these days, Su Xiao Pei asked Ran Fei Ze to do something for her, that is, to write a letter to Head Constable Qin and Bai Yu Lang, telling them that she was safe and sound, so that they would not worry about her, or they would keep her case as an open case. On the other hand, she also wanted to ask if anyone had gone to the Yamen and seek her. Since Cheng jiang Yi had left her a letter, he should have gone to find her again. It would be easier for her if she had left some other clues. So this letter was necessary, but she was also worried that Head Constable Qin had arrested them and pursued her whereabouts for the past two months.

Ran Fei Ze was not worried. He wrote a letter to Head Constable Qin and reiterated Su Xiao Pei’s remarks in the letter. She was taken away unconscious, and then she did not know where she was trapped. When she came over, she found herself at Xuan Qing Sect and when she had found an opportunity to run away, she was found by Ran Fei Ze. In the end, Ran Fei Ze told them that Su Xiao Pei was with him and they were fine. So they didn’t have to worry about them and the matters regarding Jianghu, that he would find a way to solve it.

“Is that an explanation?”

“It’s good enough, if it involves Jianghu and there is no civilian was murder, the government can ignore it, it has always been this way.”

Su Xiao Pei nodded and thinking that the ancient underworld was so powerful that the government can let them settle their matters on their own.

The letter was sent out, and Su Xiao Pei felt relieved. These days, she sorted out all the clues and posted them on a wall. But her knowledge is limited. She and Ran Fei Ze said that it would be best if she could see these people or someone who is related to them, so that she could understand them more. Ran Fei Ze promised to arrange for her.

“Let’s start with Soldier.” Su Xiao Pei was very serious about helping Ran Fei Ze solving the problem.

“Okay.” Ran Fei Ze agreed, sitting upright and actively explaining, “Next year I will be 29 on the thirteenth of the first month of the year, no married, still have my innocence, do not play around, do not gamble, and I am honest. I have some craftsmanship skill, able to earn money and have no problem with supporting a family. I am also strong and fit, happy and clean, have good looks, a good match.”

“Could it be a past relationship that is finding trouble? Has Soldier even been hated for this?”

Ran Fei Ze pouted, “Miss must be making fun of me.”

“No, I’m asking you seriously.” Su Xiao Pei was serious.

Ran Fei Ze propped his chin on his hand and sighed, she was so careful when she asked him questions seriously. Every time he tried to tease her, she would take it seriously which was frustrating.

“Soldier.” Su Xiao Pei reminded him to answer the question.

“There is no love interest, doesn’t Miss know the trouble that comes with saving people? Didn’t we solved it together? Besides, didn’t Miss infer that it would be not a woman who did the dirty work?”

“If it attracts a woman’s fancy and provokes a love rival to frame people, such things are possible too.”

“Love rival?”

“It’s that two people who like the same girl at the same time, those two men are called love rivals.”

Well, Ran Fei Ze nodded. He had asked this before, and he seemed to have no love rivals.

“Soldier, could anyone benefit from anything from this situation?”

Ran Fei Ze thought for a while before replying, “There should not be any. I just make the weapon, this should not have an effect on it.”

“Is there anyone going to suffer from this?”

Ran Fei Ze shook his head.

Su Xiao Pei remembered it. Then she asked, “What harm does this matter bring to Soldier?”

“Trouble, very big trouble.” Ran Fei Ze frowned. Look at now, he wants to cultivate and deepen his relationship with his love interest. As a result, a group of rough men and woman are staring at his house or when he tried taking his girl out for a walk, they can’t even have a proper conversation to get closer.

“Are you worried for your life?”

“No time to be worried.” His life and his two hands are very valuable

Su Xiao Pei remember it again. She stared at the paper for a long time and found no clue from Ran Fei Ze. She dried the ink, picked up the paper and prepared to paste it on the wall. Ran Fei Ze looked at her movements and the piece of paper full of characters that he could not understand, he said lazily, “Miss, I have a bad relationship with Miss. My relationship with you is not normal. But I am an important person in your life, how can I be compared with any normal person? And you paste me on the edge of the bedside.

“It’s funny.” Su Xiao Pei laughed out loud. Does he think he is some poster? Paste on the bedside.

Su Xiao Pei posted Ran Fei Ze’s report on the wall and around him were Lou Li Dongs’ and Cao He Dongs’. One of them helped Ran Fei Ze while the other only knew that Ran Fei Ze wanted to kill him, but nothing had happened so far.

“Soldier, was it your decision to let Sir Lou get his weapon first or did your settled the order in the past?”

“It was random.” Ran Fei Ze laughed. “Miss doesn’t miss any small details. Brother Lou is not a suspect, Miss and rest assured.”

Su Xiao Pei nodded but still held a skeptical attitude. She has no friendship with these people and is not affected by any subjective impressions.

Su Xiao Pei stared at the information on the wall and Ran Fei Ze was staring at her. He was really happy seeing her wholeheartedly helping him.

The next day, Ran Fei Ze took Su Xiao Pei to God’s Gate (Shen Suan Men), he would start the furnace on a good day. Ran Fei Ze said before that this God’s Gate belongs to Jiu Ling Sect, it belongs to his ancestors, they have seniority, but they do not care about martial arts. They only like to explore strange things.

As the name suggest, God’s Gate is a school of divination, fortune-telling and predicting disasters, which is the largest intelligence network in the Jianghu that Ran Fei Ze told Su Xiao Pei.

It was at the door that Su Xiao Pei remember what Ran Fei Ze told her that day, but it was actually a fortune-teller’s organization. Su Xiao Pei understood that every city must have a fortune teller, and most people are also willing to know their own future. Of course, it is very easy to get information from their clients as they are more willing to tell them what the fortune-teller needed to know. Those who come to fortune-telling knows that they only needed to say what is necessary.

Su Xiao Pei laughed, the ancient underworld was really talented. “What about the Beggar Sect?” She asked, “There are beggars here too, there should have some beggars in every town and even in the countryside. Their information network is not as good as the fortune teller?”

“There is, but they are not willing to do this type of things, secondly, their reputation is not as good as God’s Gate. But their information is as good as God’s Gate. Well, they can be counted as third best.”

“Who is the second?”

“A thief, Brother Lou’s Sect.”

“A thief?” Su Xiao Pei was surprised. “What’s the name?”

“Brother Lou doesn’t call it that, but everyone calls them a gang of thieves, they don’t care what their name is.”

Su Xiao Pei was stunned, Jianghu really disrespected these people. In this respect, Lou Li Dong deserves her sympathy.

They have arrived at God’s Gate. When the door was opened and they saw Ran Fei Ze, they allowed him and Su Xiao Pei to enter without speaking to them. Ran Fei Ze led Su Xiao Pei in.

The door of God’s Gate was small and old, the house in the backyard is not large. The servant led them into a room and left without even saying a word. Su Xiao Pei looked around at the environment.

“Scared?” Ran Fei Ze asked.

Su Xiao Pei shook her head, and Ran Fei Ze smiled, “It’s a pity that Miss didn’t cry, if you did, I would’ve comfort you. Such a pity.” Ran Fei Ze’s expression looked really regrettable. Su Xiao Pei just gave him a glance.

Before they could speak again, a middle-aged man in a green robe came in, he walked into the room and stepped towards Ran Fei Ze, cupped his fist and said, “Sir Ran.”

Ran Fei Ze returned the gesture, “Head Gu”

Gu Kang did not continue to be polite, said to Ran Fei Ze, “Uncle Shit has been troubled recently. He is not here. He knows that Sir Ran will come today, he left you a message.”

“Head Gu, please speak.”

“It is a good day to start fire at noon on the first day of the next month, strange encounters will arrive, so take care. You have to accept win, lose or even danger, good and evil is all around.”

Ran Fei Ze heard it and remained calm, but nodded his head. Gu Kang looked at him with an unpredictable look. He was hostile to Ran Fei Ze, which made Su Xiao Pei very uncomfortable, and she intuitively didn’t like this Gu Kang. She looked at him, wondering if she should ask him a question.

At this time, Gu kang said, “Miss is allowed to ask what she wanted.” That tone made Su Xiao Pei unhappy.”

“Your Sect is so powerful. Have you figured out who killed Qi Sha’s Master? Or do you have any clues? Did Master Jiu Ling said anything about that?”

Gu Kang sneered, “Miss doesn’t believe our God’s Gate ability.” The scorn in his voice made Su Xiao Pei very uncomfortable

Gu Kang continued, “Uncle Shi calculated that he had a calamity, and he would have to break the array to solve it. So, he went to Xiping to break the array. On that day, Qi Sha’s Master was killed. There are people that are able to testify that my Uncle had broken the array, there were many witnesses present.”

“So, is your Sect able to figure out who the real murderer is or have any clues?” Su Xiao Pei still continued to ask.

Gu Kang narrowed his eyes, and his voice remained cold, “Miss came from very far, carrying a heavy task, her future is unknown, but she has been helped by noble people everywhere. Miss has a mystery in her heart, but she can’t start and she can’t escape. It is very dangerous, if you wish to solve the mystery, you can come back again.”

What does he want to prove? These words can’t frighten her. Su Xiao Pei sigh and pursed her lips. Ran Fei Ze saw Su Xiao Pei’s action and knew that she didn’t want to speak anymore, so they took their leave.

Once they left the house, Su Xiao Pei was unhappy, Ran Fei Ze asked, “Did you gain anything?”

“Did Soldier gain anything?”

“Can consider a yes.”

“With just those sentences?” Su Xiao Pei disapproved. “I can even come up with those sentences as much as I want.”

Ran Fei Ze smiled, “When I was a boy, I met the Master with my mine. He said to me at that time my marriage will not be smooth and I needed to wait for an encounter, an encounter that will likely not happen and I will be born alive.” He paused and said, “Just now he said, my encounter will come.”

Su Xiao Pei said, “Have your Master ever taken you around without ever marrying?”


“Isn’t that it. Your Master is not married, and he brought you with him. Naturally, your marriage will also be bumpy. Things like assumption can be applied to anyone.” Su Xiao Pei didn’t like Gu Kang that much. “The things they said can be all right or wrong things. When people listen, they will lean on their situation. I mean, they are almost the same on everyone, and the people who listen will take the initiative to analyze and explain and think of the situation that it applies to and they will feel that it is accurate.”

Ran Fei Ze continued to laugh, “I don’t like Head Gu either.”

“See, Soldier can read the mind too, you also knows what I’m thinking.”

“I also know that Miss has a real ability but you have been holding it in.” She was unhappy and unconvinced, he really understood her.

“That’s it.” Su Xiao Pei waved her fist. “I can count on it. It is not easy for Head Gu to be in his rank, he is very anxious and afraid that others will not accept him in his position. Suspicious, he is happy that he is in his position, he is respectful and afraid of the Master of Jiu Ling Sect. I think he now relies on the Master but maybe it is because of the attitude, but I don’t want to care about it. He can be anyhow be the Head with that attitude, will make others unhappy. He felt that he was truly capable, he could not accept any questioning and disrespect, and was suppressed everywhere in the martial arts, and God’s gate don’t care about martial arts, fearing that there will be a disagreement. No matter what the Jiu Ling Sect discover, they didn’t tell him. According to their status as the first intelligence organization, nothing was found. His suspicious personality felt that he was suspected by the Jiu Ling Sect, so he is very angry.”

Ran Fei Ze stopped, he was surprised at Su Xiao Pei’s confidence, “Miss…”

“I’m correct, right?”

“How does Miss know?” Is he suspected by the Master of Jiu Ling Sect? Did they find out something that Ran Fei Ze did not know? But everything else that Su Xiao Pei said was correct.

“Evidence-based inference.” Su Xiao Pei placed her hands behind her bank, “The atmosphere of the place, the feeling between the head and the disciples, the tone and content of his speech, his reaction to you, to me. This Head Gu is a typical kind of person, it is easy to infer. So, Soldier cannot be deceived by their name.”

Ran Fei Ze was silent for a while and said, “Not deceived. Some of the words are right.” His encounter really did come, her confident look, her vivid expression and even the small movements of her hands and face make his heart beat, made him feel alive.”


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