ISOL Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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Ran Fei Ze did not answer her.

He raised his eyebrows after looking at Su Xiao Pei, he then drank his tea, not taking Su Xiao Pei seriously.

Su Xiao Pei was also indifferent, she did not pester him, nor did she explain, she also drank her tea.

At this moment, there was someone shouting outside, “Boss Tang is back.”. Another person shouted, “Wu Jia Chang is here.”

The original group of people that was outside just now did not dispersed, they were embarrassed to enter the house, so they just waited outside at the entrance to see the situation. Tang Lian, who was in the room, came out, found someone to open the door of their Tang family’s house.

When the door was pushed open, Su Xiao Pei looked up and saw a forty-year-old man and a teenager came in, followed by a white-bearded old man.

Tang Lian’s mother, Tang Li Shi, heard some noise outside and quickly came out. When she came out, her eyes were red, it was obvious that she was crying just now. When she saw the man, she shouted “Official” and started to cry again.

Tang Lian’s father is called Tang Zhong, when he came in, his face was very ugly.

Two months ago, his daughter was kidnapped by mountain bandits, he was anxious and his heart ache for the loss, so he gather a lot of people to find his daughter but as time goes by, her shadow was not seen. Tang Zhong’s reputation was very good, he is unable to stand seeing his daughter gone without a trace. And she has been gone for such a long time, she probably met with an unfortunate incident, so he just assumed that she had died.

Finally, after a while, the gossip died down, and his heart was less anxious, less tight. Occasionally, he would think about his daughter’s encounter, though he was sad, but he was also looking forward to this matter being passed. It would be better if no one mentioned it. Unexpectedly, after lunch, he went to the shop with his son no more than a moment, he had heard neighbors said that Tang Lian is alive and back.

Tang Zhong heart jumped a beat, not to mention that he did not like it. But He knew that the neighbors will start to gossip that his daughter had lost her innocence. This scene causes him to fell heavy in his heart, he quickly closes his shop and rush home with his son.

Tang Li Shi and Tang Zhong stood aside to announced that their daughter had returned and invite those people by the door to come inside their house. Seeing people coming in, Ran Fei Ze stood up, Su Xiao Pei followed what Ran Fei Ze did and stood up as well. But her legs were in too much pain, that she was unable to stand properly. She had been sitting down for a while, so when she stood up again, she felt that her legs had been run over by a car, it was so painful that she thought her legs were broken.

Ran Fei Ze took hold of her arm, and straighten her.

Tang Zhong heard the situation from Tang Li Shi, came to say thanks to Ran Fei Ze. Tang Zhong cupped his fist and shouted, “Soldier Ran,” said thanks, and he introduced himself.

It was the same conversation again, Su Xiao Pei listened on one side, pondering, is half of the people in ancient times used to these so-called polite and etiquette mannerisms? That everyone keeps on doing the same thing?

Turning around, Tang Zhong turned to face her, cupped his fist and asked, “Miss is?”

Su Xiao Pei while nervous, learnt the look from Ran Fei Ze, cupped a fist, gave a small bow, “Boss Tang”. Then, the whole room was staring at her, Ran Fei Ze did not looked at her, but she took a quick look at him, and saw that his lips curled up.

Opps, her etiquette was wrong again. How did they show it on TV? Su Xiao Pei’s mind was empty, anyway, she could not say out the word, ‘Nu Jia’. Considering, she was unable to squat down she decided to forgo it. Since no matter what she did will be wrong, she might as well just do it. TV also said that Jianghu doesn’t care about this etiquette!

[Jianghu is referred to the ‘dark side’ of the country at that time. In towns or countries, the citizen would prioritize more on able to study, able to become a scholar. But for the people in Jianghu, they would prefer to stay away for towns or country, they would rather be learning martial arts or some sort of craftsman. People who are living in Jianghu would have their own moral code, which viewed as superior to laws mandate by the government, which many saw as corrupt and incompetent]

Ran Fei Ze observed enough, and finally saved Su Xiao Pei, “This Miss is also a chance encounter, met with an unfortunate illness, she is a bit weird. Please don’t blame her.”

Everyone reveals the expression of realization, even if there is any displeasure in her heart, she is polite. Su Xiao Pei learned, long ago, to be good, if there is a chance to not speak she will not speak, if there is a chance to not move, she will not move.

Tang Zhong told his wife to get some food for their family benefactor, and yet, brought his son and that old man further inside the house. Su Xiao Pei took a glance, guessed that they are going to talk to Tang Lian. Suddenly, she had some concerns, most victim of kidnapping will have stress reaction, poor psychological conditions, etc. she does not know how Tang Lian will fare.

She whispered to Ran Fei Ze, “Soldier, just now when they were talking, did you hear who was that old man?”

Ran Fei Ze looked at her, answered, “He’s the senior”


“Ten household will have one senior; the senior oversees these 10 household. Miss even forget about these?”

Ten household will have one, one senior? Su Xiao Pei ponder a bit, guess that this is like a street community director and the like. At this moment, Tang Lian’s voice cried out, “Father.” Then, the vague voice of a man spoke but it was not clear.

[Just a bit more explanation. Every ten household there will be one senior, that senior will oversees everything that happen. So, anything that happen, that senior will have to be present and he makes the decisions. For example, in our modern time, it would be like one government member that is in charge of an area of your country, another government member will be in charge of another area of your country.]

Tang Li Shi listened to Tang Zhong instructions and went to the kitchen to prepare some food for Ran Fei Ze and Su Xiao Pei to eat. So, Tang Li Shi did not accompany Tang Lian, causing Su Xiao Pei to be a little worried.

They waited for quite a while, the crying sounds from inside was broken, Tang Li Shi came out with two bowls of noodles, Ran Fei Ze very politely said thanks, Su Xiao Pei followed what he did, and said thanks. Tang Li Shi hastily carried another bowl into the house, Tang Lian was the same as them, did not eat anything yet.

Su Xiao Pei was very hungry, while she was eating she was also trying to listen what was happening inside the house. Ran Fei Ze ate his noodles politely and elegantly. Not in a rush, unlike Su Xiao Pei.

His demeanor really matched his tall stature and his oversized bag. Su Xiao Pei thought while eating, she even finished the soup.

A short while later, Tang Li Shi came out, and whispered, “Thank you for your help but our family have some business, we don’t dare to ask you to stay any longer, we are not able to greet you properly, please don’t blame us.”

Su Xiao Pei sighed in her heart, fortunately, she had shamelessly opened her mouth, otherwise, she would not have had a meal to eat.

Ran Fei Ze was polite, gave thanks to the Tang family for their hospitality and then leave. Su Xiao Pei was afraid of being thrown away, quickly grabbed hold onto an edge of his clothing and followed him out.

The two of them walked to the streets, one was behind the other. Ran Fei Ze did not say a word, Su Xiao Pei also did not speak, her leg was in so much pain that she could not stand it. Every step that she took she felt like she was being stabbed by a knife. But compared to this pain, she was more afraid of being left behind by Ran Fei Ze.

Ran Fei Ze suddenly stopped, Su Xiao Pei did not pay attention and almost hit crash into him. He turned around and pulled out a purse from his arms and shook it, pouring the money in the purse onto his palm for Su Xiao Pei to see.

More than a dozen copper, Su Xiao Pei glanced, was not aware of the exact number.

Ran Fei Ze still did not speak, his face had a mocking look, Su Xiao Pei frowned and asked, seriously, “This is all of Soldier’s property?”

Property? Ran Fei Ze moved his brow, replied, “This is indeed all the money on me.” He waited to see, to see what this weird Miss will say.

Su Xiao Pei stared at those copper, suddenly asked, “How do you count the money?”

“What?” He did not understand what she was saying this time.

“Ah.” How do I explain? Su Xiao Pei turned around and saw some steamed buns, asked, “That is, these coppers can buy how many Bao?”

Ran Fei Ze gave her a look, laughed, “I have not bought anything in this town, but it should be the same in other towns, three copper coins for one Mantou, five copper coins for one Bao

[Mantou is just steamed buns with no fillings, Bao is steamed buns with fillings inside]

Su Xiao Pei carefully count the number of copper coins in Ran Fei Ze’s palm. According to Ran Fei Ze, three copper coins for a Mantou, he has fifteen copper coins that means 5 mantou. If she eats less, one Mantou per meal, he would grieve a little. If two Mantou per meal, then it will not be enough for two meals.

Ran Fei Ze laughed, he never saw anyone count money like this. She should know now that he is unable to take care of her.

“Miss.” He called out and intends to tell her that there is a temple near Stone Town. If she does not know where to go, he can send her to the temple. But he has not finished his words, Su Xiao Pei looked up at him and interrupted, “How does Soldier intends to make money?”

Ran Fei Ze was dumbfounded. Is she asking him what kind of livelihood ability there is? What does she mean?

This Miss is not young, her hair and accents are weird, but that is not the weirdest, her knowledge of the common people’s livelihood are not even clear. It is clear that her tolerance is daring but it is rude to say it out. She intends to hold onto him, he knew, but she did not smile nor was she embarrassed. She was serious and shameless, he had never seen a person like this before.

Ran Fei Ze smile, “What I have is strength, and some craftsmanship, seeking food and clothing is not a problem. But Miss, what do you intend to do?

She would say that she does have no place, no money, no relatives because she cannot remember anything. She would beg him to take her in, and he will tell her the last time that he will not be able to take her in, he only will be able to send her to the temple at the side of the town.

At the end, Su Xiao Pei said, “I intend to make a little effort, when Soldier is making money, I can help Soldier look after his bag.”

Ran Fei Ze was dumbfounded once again. He looked at his bag – This require effort? Her face is really thick, Ran Fei Ze shook his head, “Miss.”. He decided to put it clearly, just as he raised his head, but what he saw behind Su Xiao Pei suddenly made him turned around and left.

Su Xiao Pei was surprised for a moment, subconsciously looked back, did not see anything special. She had only turned around for an instant, when she turned back to face Ran Fei Ze there was no sign of him.

Su Xiao Pei’s face collapsed. This cannot be? Unless, she judged him wrongly, the capable and kind-hearted Soldier will silently throw away a weak woman like her?

He even used such a simple and easy way to discard her.

Su Xiao Pei stood on the spot, her heart turned cold, disappointment and fear start to seep into her heart. Strange streets, people dressed in weird costumes, unable to understand the accent, Su Xiao Pei had her first taste of helplessness and fear.

“You, yes, it’s you, just now you and the Soldier were talking? Who is that Soldier?”

Su Xiao Pei blinked her eyes, turned around and saw a well-dressed lady in red. Flat-brow, thin-lips, looked rather serious. She was holding a green-sheath sword, asked Su Xiao Pei in a menacing voice.

Su Xiao Pei shook her head. The woman frowned, and asked again, “Was he carrying an oversized bag? A gentleman, decent but looks a bit foolish?

Su Xiao Pei continue to shake her head, she did not know this lady, do not know what is her relationship with Soldier, but this lady is too fierce, rude. Su Xiao Pei is currently frustrated, wants to ignore the lady.

“Are you mute?” The woman continued to press for answer.

“Thank you for your concern.” Su Xiao Pei was unhappy, unable to help it, she gave her a stare. Her feet hurt, so she moved to lean against a wall.

Concern? Who cares about her? The woman frowned tighten, looked carefully at Su Xiao Pei. Suspecting that there is something wrong with Su Xiao Pei’s brain. Look, the clothes, the hairstyle, the accent, she doesn’t look like a normal person.

“I asked you some question, why did you not answer?” The lady was too far to clearly see who the guy was, so she wasn’t sure if the guy was Ran Fei Ze, in a blink of an eye, the guy disappears, of course, she should ask.

“Does Miss have any money?”” Su Xiao Pei asked, not caring about her tone or the way she says it. She did not know what to do next, she has no money, no place to go, she is going to beg for help whoever comes to her.

The lady in red was surprised for a moment, what are the words? Unless, she wants money for the information?

“If you have money, lend me some, okay? Or lend me a dress, that’s ok as well. Miss, I have never been here before, I also have lost my memory, my leg also hurts, nobody to depend on, no relatives…”

Su Xiao Pei had not said finished, the woman turned away, “Turned out to be a crazy beggar.”


Su Xiao Pei swallowed back the words for help, watching the woman’s figure disappeared into the crowd.


Su Xiao Pei pat her legs, her legs are still in pain, she is unable to stand it. She thought her face must be twisted, she could not help but sighed, she is unable to stand anymore, she quickly moved to a corner and sat down.

From time to time, some people in the streets would passed by, all of the cast astonishing looks at her, but nobody paid any attention, no one came forward to ask her if she needs any help. Su Xiao Pei looked at herself, wearing a men’s clothing that does not fit her, it covered from her head to her feet, her socks were covered with dry mud, it had become black. Although, she was fully covered, she could imagine what she looked like. She does not know what the law or rules here have, but there shouldn’t be any bandits or thieves that bully women on the streets, right? Will there be officials or police that look at her weird clothes and then interrogate her? Or will they arrest her? Is there a beggar group? Will the beggars take her in?

Su Xiao Pei started to think crazy thoughts, she lowered her head and started to daydream. What should she do? Otherwise, can she go back to Tang Lian’s house to ask for help? Although, that family is not very good at speaking, and they have no concern for outsiders, but whatever the outcome, she and Tang Lian are the same. They are both women in trouble, should she bite the bullet and ask her for help? It is better than sleeping on the streets, right?

Su Xiao Pei tried to recall where Tang family’s house is, but she realized that she did not notice where they were walking when she was holding onto the clothes of Ran Fei Ze. she did not know if she can find the house. She gritted her teeth, anyway, she should at least try. She sat there for too long already, sitting here and doing nothing is not a solution, if it becomes dark, then there would be even more problems.

No matter what Su Xiao Pei thinks of, she needs to get up, but once she starts to move, she found herself unable to do so. She sucks in her breathe, in pain, slowly propped up, and turned around. Using the wall to support her to stand up. Just as long as she is able to stand, it’s ok. No matter what the posture is, it doesn’t matter, now that she is in this type of situation, she does not need to worry about embarrassment or shame.

In her teeth grinding process, a big hand stretched over her elbow and held her up. Suddenly, a pair of dark blue coarse cloth shoes came into her view, Su Xiao Pei slowly looked up and saw a light gray trousers, further up is a light blue men’s robes hem. These clothes seem a little familiar. She continues to look up and saw a kind-hearted and familiar face of Ran Fei Ze

He came back, he actually came back?!

“Soldier.” Su Xiao Pei did not care about anything at all, quickly say, “Soldier, I got lost, I do not remember anything, my leg hurts, I have no money, no relatives, I do not know anyone. I had never come here before, do not have a place to stay, no one to depend on, I’m so lonely…”

Ran Fei Ze just wanted to open his mouth to say a few words but was interrupted by her long list of words, he choked and even cough several times. He even wanted to laugh but felt that the situation wasn’t too good to be laughing. However, these pitiful words, shouldn’t it be said with a gentle and miserable tone? Her way of straightforward and direct way of speaking was really funny.

Su Xiao Pei’s words were interrupted by his cough, in fact, she could not make up any more words. Weakness and patience is not her strengths, watching Ran Fei Ze’s expression, she knew that she is unable to walk this path.

She cleared her throat, after thinking again, she said, “Soldier, if you throw me away, I will only be dead no matter what.”

Ran Fei Ze change his expression and nods his head, “I do not intend to leave Miss, just now met with some trouble, so I went to hide for a while.”

Su Xiao Pei nodded her head, expressed her understanding, but could not help but ask, “Love problems?” She wants to know the situation of this person to determine whether could she temporarily rely on him.

Ran Fei Ze was stunned for a while, it took him awhile to guess what she meant, he coughed again. Does this Miss really know what she’s talking about? If a lonely woman said these words, they will be criticized. This “Miss” is facing him with such innocent and clear eyes. He took a long time to figured out how to answer her, but he is unable to find the right words. Finally, he said, “Miss, please do not do that the next time.”

Su Xiao Pei frown, do not do that? What that? —- pull him? Sit on the street? Act pitiful? Ask question? What should she not do?

Ran Fei Ze frowned at her serious face, does she understand what he meant?

One stared at the other, both had serious expression on their face.

At this moment, two people ran side by side, “Quickly go and see, there is a reward of 5 tales to catch the criminal.

Rewards? Tales?

Su Xiao Pei suddenly became energetic, her line of sight went to the two people who were talking just now, her mind was turning, thinking, she turned to Ran Fei Ze and asked, “Soldier, you have no money, unable to take care of me, right?”

“It is so.” That was why he intends to send her to the temple, just as he was about to say, Su Xiao Pei interrupted, “If you have money, you would be able to take care of me for a period of time, right?

Ran Fei Ze, “……..”

This question, if he answers it or not, it is also wrong. Not having any money is really not a reason to not take care of a woman, does she not know this? The important point is that male and female should not be so close, they are strangers, she depends so much on him, is she not afraid?

Ran Fei Ze looked at Su Xiao Pei’s serious face, still nods his head.

Su Xiao Pei continued to ask him, seriously, “Soldier, do you know martial arts?”


“Caught criminals before?”

“Caught before”

“What is the amount of five tales? I mean, is that able to buy a few Mantou?”

Ran Fei Ze, “……..”

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