ISOL Chapter 61

When Su Xiao Pei woke up, she found that she was resting on Ran Fei Ze’s lap. He pulled a piece of thin clothing and covered her body till her head, blocking the morning sun. No wonder she didn’t bright sun didn’t pierce the eyes

Su Xiao Pei was a little embarrassed. Was her posture bad? Did she do anything ugly? She got up and saw Ran Fei Ze smiling at her.

“Hi.” She rubbed her eyes and smiled at him, saying hello to him.

“Harm?” Ran Fei Ze was puzzled, “What’s wrong?”

[Su Xiao Pei said Hi in English, which sounded like 害 <Hài> which means harm in Chinese.]

Su Xiao Pei opened her mouth and reacted after a while, “Nothing’s wrong, I’m greeting you.”

“Is this Miss’s culture of saying hello?” Ran Fei Ze raised his eyebrows, surprised.

“Yes.” Su Xiao Pei nodded.

“Then, when do you say harm?” When do you say it or is there a special time?”

“You can say it whenever you want.” In fact, Su Xiao Pei also knew that this topic was boring but she saw Ran Fei Ze was puzzle and she found it interesting.

“Harm, Miss?” Ran Fei Ze tentatively said. He wanted to learn something from Miss’s culture, he made up his mind to live with her, such as going home with her.

His tone made Su Xiao Pei laugh.

Ran Fei Ze frowned, “It’s a weird habit to greet you while saying harm.”

Su Xiao Pei laughed again, she laughed so hard that Ran Fei Ze couldn’t help but laugh again, “Isn’t it, what’s good about greeting a victim?”

Su Xiao Pei almost smiled, but she seemed to rely on him a lot. She quickly stabilized her shoulders and couldn’t help shaking. Turning her head to see his smiling eyes and clean face, it didn’t look like he had just woken up. Suddenly, she realized that she hadn’t brush her teeth, wash her face nor comb her hair, but she just talked to a man and laughed out loud. It’s over, it’s over, her face must have look like sh*t

Su Xiao Pei jumped up and found her thick socks had been taken off, she sat back down and awkwardly put the socks back on. Ran Fei Ze watched with interest, and Su Xiao Pei glared at him, “Soldier, don’t look.”

Ran Fei Ze touched his nose, muttered a few words but Su Xiao Pei could not hear what he said. She got dressed and looked back at him again, and saw that he wasn’t laughing. Ran Fei Ze didn’t say anything, he decided not to tell her that he had woke up early, cleaned and tidied himself before taking her in his arms again. Thinking about her seeing him cleaned and refresh made him feel proud.

Su Xiao Pei felt that she was too sloppy. She wished that time could go back. If it did, she must wake herself up and clean up before him waking up. Ah, but if time really could be turn back, she would’ve sleep in a better posture, now her neck has a kink. She mumbled and took a cloth towel hanging from a branch to the stream. Without a toothbursh, she used her fingers to clean her teeth. After washing, she hung the cloth towel and turned her head, to back to the place. Ran Fei Ze sat unmoved and said lazily to Su Xiao Pei, “Miss, please at ease, I will guard Miss properly.

Su Xiao Pei was a little embarrassed and wanted to frown. It would be nice to know this kind of thing, why did he need to say it. She pursed her lips and went back to the stream to wash her hands. Seeing Ran Fei Ze smiling, she was suspicious, “What did Soldier do?”

“I watch how Miss loves to be clean, just like me, I am quite happy.”

Su Xiao Pei couldn’t back this time, and smiled, “Many thanks, Soldier.”

“No need to be polite.”

“Soldier have to do it properly.”

“No need to say it, I will do my best on praising Miss.”

“I’m talking about cleanliness.”

“I love cleanliness and love praising Miss.”

Su Xiao Pei took a look at Ran fei Ze and really wanted to tell him that he should not be so stupid. She thought about it and held back. She was eating his food, using his stuff, she also needs him to survive but she was going just ignore his weird hobbies.

Soldier just kept laughing, and Su Xiao Pei did not know why he was so happy. He smiled and roasted some meat for her, smiled and handed her some water to drink then said that he would look at the surroundings again so that nothing unexpected would happen. Su Xiao Pei agreed.

After Ran Fei Ze left, Su Xiao Pei was still reminiscing about his smile. What’s wrong? Was there a difference?

Ran Fei Ze jumped to the top of a tree and patrolled the place he saw yesterday. This time, he ran a little further and scouted higher, but he didn’t go far. He didn’t dare to get too far from Su Xiao Pei. He didn’t know if the person who sent her in here was still around, he didn’t dare to let down his guard. When Ran Fei Ze returned to the mountain stream, Su Xiao Pei was sorting out his bag, helping him fold his clothes that was washed yesterday and hung. He looked at her and felt warm in his heart.

She looked up at him and smiled, “You’re back, what’s the situation? Can we leave now? Are we going to join the other group?”

Ran Fei Ze nodded, “I sent them a signal, the array had indeed changed, and it’s more appropriate for them to come here.” Compared with letting Su Xiao Pei walking around, of course it is more suitable for them to be coming here.

Ran Fei Ze sent out another smoke bomb, then he found a flat area, using a stick to draw a map on the ground. Su Xiao Pei couldn’t understand what he was doing so she sat beside him and just watched him.

Yue Lao must have intentionally thrown her here. Is Cheng Jiang Yi here or Ran Fei Ze? What clue does the Red String of Fate wanted to tell her? Ran Fei Ze went into array to investigate the case. Will this case have anything to do with finding Cheng Jiang Yi?

They waited till noon, when Ran Fei Ze began to cook lunch when the others finally appear.

Ran Fei Ze cooked roasted fish, the fragrance was overflowing, Su Xiao Pei was drooling when she saw a few men that was similar to the those martial arts movies that she watched, they came with big and small bag. Su Xiao Pei thought, if she had the opportunity to tell everyone, the burden that these martial artist carry is not small. Those shows only show a small part of it.

Ran Fei Ze raised his eyes and looked at them, he said, “The fish is only enough for two of us, if you want to catch more, you can catch them over there.” He pointed in the direction of the river.

The faces of the people who had just arrived turned angry, no one wanted to catch fish, everyone walked to the fire and stopped. Su Xiao Pei was squatting in front of the fire waiting for the fish to be cooked. When she saw someone coming, she stood up, she saw everyone looking at her. That’s right, only one of them was unknown, and she was currently wearing Ran Fei Ze’s clothing. She can’t help but sigh, when can she be respected in this world?

“Greeting Soldiers and Sirs.” Su Xiao Pei greeted them.

A few of them didn’t have expressions, some nodded and only one cleaned person replied, “Greetings Miss.”

Ran Fei Ze smiled, “Brother Ji is still polite, your family teaches you well.”

Xiao Qi stared at him, does that mean his Xuan Qing Sect teaching was no good? The others were too lazy to stare at Ran Fei Ze, they only looked up and down at Su Xiao Pei. She sighed again but she could only stand with her hands behind her back and let them examine her.

“How did Miss enter the array?” The question was from second Master from God’s Gate, “Chen Xiao Shan. Yesterday, he went down the cliff, did not participate the in the battle that day. After meeting with Xiao Qi and the rest in the morning, his heart was full of doubts after hearing of this matter. How could a girl who was not capable of any martial arts be able to enter the array? And still be able to go up the tree in the array? The person who sent her up must be a capable person. It’s just that everyone knows that the array was set up by their ancestors decades ago, and they were no longer around. So this Miss’s appearance was too strange. He thought about it while they were walking here, and now when he saw Su Xiao Pei, he couldn’t wait and ask.

Su Xiao Pei still shook her head and said she couldn’t remember. Chen Xiao Shan also asked how she climb the tree. Su Xiao Pei said she couldn’t remember again. Did you see anyone? I can’t remember. The more question Chen Xiao Shan asked, the uglier his face got.

“If Miss was not away, how was it possible that you did not fall from the tree? If Miss was conscious, how can you not know who placed you there? Even if Miss doesn’t know who it was, it has been days since you’ve disappeared, how did you get your food or water? How did Miss go to the lavatory. You would’ve a time where you would be conscious, didn’t you see anyone, what about what happened to your surroundings?”

“Yeah.” Su Xiao Pei nodded vigorously, thought for a while before replying, “I can’t remember anything, when I woke up I was already on the tree top. I can’t remember what happened before, I also do not know where exactly I was. I also do not know how I got up that tree, I wasn’t able to climb down so I can only look out and shout, and then only Soldier came and save me.”

Everyone looked at each other in silence and it was true that Ran Fei Ze didn’t find her until she called out for help, but if she wasn’t weird then it wouldn’t happen. But they didn’t know what to say to her. Everyone stared at Su Xiao Pei and Su Xiao Pei looked back at them without any emotion, ready to meet the next round of question.

At this time, Ran Fei Ze handed the fish to SU Xiao Pei, instructing, “Watched it, don’t overcooked it.”

“Ah? Oh.” Su Xiao Pei took it, but she was still answering the question, she was at the confrontation stage, Soldier, what’s with you coming here?

Ran Fei Ze didn’t look at everyone’s expressions, he just took two steps, walked to his where he placed his big knife, kicked his feet, and didn’t know which switch was kicked, the knife’s sheath snapped open, a small black knife bounce out of it. Ran Fei Ze grabbed the knife by the handle with his hand and twirl it around carelessly, the knife danced on his fingers and with a flicked of his wrist, it was inserted into the ground.

He smiled and said to the crowd, “I haven’t introduce you yet, this Miss is a foreigner with the name Su Xiao Pei, whose hometown is far away on the East. I met her on Tian Lian Mountain in Stone town half a year ago, and since then we have been travelling and living together. More than two months ago, the Miss was injured by someone and I lost trace of her. You must have heard about the fact that I left No Town to go to Ning’an City to find someone that someone was Miss Su. Who harm her, what had happened, I will carefully investigate it. I will never the person who harm Miss Su go off easily. Those people that have impolite or rude thoughts about her, I will also never let you off. Let’s make that clear today, so that we know all the details and can get along well.”

Everyone frowned when they heard what he said, Ran Fei Ze cast a glanced around everyone’s face before continuing to smile, touched the knife handle, “If there is anything, we will follow the rules of the Jianghu.”

No one talked, Su Xiao Pei looked at everyone’s expressions, thinking that maybe people were just like her, and they didn’t know what to say. Ran Fei Ze’s meaning was clear, he was saying that she was under his protection, there’s no point guessing about it, if they have question, they should be asking him instead of her.

Su Xiao Pei thought the same, in the words of the modern world gangster, it should be the same but unfortunately, Soldier aura was not the same as modern gangsters.

At this time, Ran Fei Ze said again, “Okay, since everyone is cleared on what they should say and should not say, those that should rest, please rest. Those that want to drink water, drink water, those that want to wash up, go wash up. Settle your lunch separately, once everyone is well rested, let’s discuss again.”

Su Xiao Pei saw that everyone gave a look again before separating to do their own things. She smiled then turned to Ran Fei Ze and asked, “What are the rules of Jianghu?”

“If you are not convinced, draw it out.”

“Draw it out?”

“It’s a gesture.”

“Oh oh.” Su Xiao Pei understood, it means draw your sword. It’s a way of saying let’s fight. They sure are similar to modern time gangsters.

But they won’t really fight right? Su Xiao Pei also knew that she had been lucky that she hasn’t been deem a monster or a witch since she has transmigrated for so long. Moreover, this case is regarding the Jianghu, now that everyone is trapped in a weird array, it is certainly not good. To doubt her is, of course, understandable, but they will not take Ran Fei Ze’s words as an invitation right?

She looked at Ran Fei Ze’s knife that was still inserted in the ground, and whispered to him, “Everything is okay now, they are just asking only, do you want to put your knife away?”

“Not putting it away. It’s deep into the Earth, it will be hard to get it out.”

“But this seems rude.”

“No need, we can say we will use it to descale the fish.”

Su Xiao Pei kept her mouth shut after that, she wanted to ask what was he going to do with fish scales, was he going to scrap it with his knife but he had just explained it. Stingy.

Su Xiao Pei observed the several faces of the people there. Some people were observing her and Ran Fei Ze then she saw Ran Fei Ze grinning at them deliberately. She sigh in her heart, would such a provocation result in a fight? She looked back at the knife again.

“Please rest assured, Miss. Although they are Jianghu members and martial artist, but everyone is also kind and gentle, they won’t anyhow kill people. So don’t worry.”

Kind? Gentle? Xiao Qi, who was drinking water near him almost spat out his water.

Ran Fei Ze immediately cast a condemned look and said, “Famous Sect! Senior Brother please hold on!”

Xiao Qi glared at him and Su Xiao Pei smiled, “This must be Sir Xiao Qi.”

Xiao Qi cupped his hands in greeting, Su Xiao Pei looked at Ji Jia Wen and said, “Sir Ji Jia Wen.” Ji Jia Wen was a little shy since he was a new disciple, few people addressed him as Sir, he hurried to cupped his hands to greet her back.

“Good, let’s see how many more you can guess.” Ran Fei Ze told her all of the people that was around, today, he can play this guessing game with Su Xiao Pei. So far, Su Xiao Pei guessed right.

Cao He Dong said “Miss said she lost her memory and wasn’t able to remember things but it looks like she is quite smart.”

“My father was a constable, and he taught me the ability to read people, Soldier’s description was very detailed. Everyone has their own characteristics, so it is an easy guess.” Su Xiao Pei used what she learnt from Ran Fei Ze to speak, it’s not good to pretend to be stupid.

“Miss still remembers her name and family.” Chen Xiao Shan was very suspicious of Su Xiao Pei. He is very proficient in Qimen escape technique, naturally he knows how difficult in getting someone up the tree when the array has a lot of traps. The more he thinks about it, the more it was impossible, so this Miss is not ordinary.

“Yeah. Memory is a wonderful thing. Some things are unforgettable forever while some can be forgotten within 1 second.” What Su Xiao Pei said cause Fang Ping to look at her and Su Xiao Pei saw it.

“It’s not us who can’t remember things.” Cao He Dong just felt uncomfortable.

“Yes, I can’t remember but I don’t mind, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

Cao He Dong wanted to vomit blood, he was mocked again. This woman was as annoying as Ran Fei Ze.

After the meal, Ran Fei Ze took everyone to study the array that he had drawn on the flood. Chen Xiao Shan added some parts. He explored some parts and found many things. Ran Fei Ze only explored a few times, but it turns out that this mountain had changed a lot.

“The array is really extraordinary.”

“So it is meaningless for us to explore anymore. The array has changed. It was not the array when Jiu Ling’s Master explored it. Even if he found the way out, he could not prove it.” Fang Ping’s face changed after hearing Ran Fei Ze’s words, Fu Yan jumped up and retorted “Ran Fei Ze, what do you mean? From the beginning, you didn’t want to find evidence to prove that Jiu Ling’s Master was the murderer right? So request you to participate in this trip, get you to disturb everything. Why do you care? The array has changed, if you can’t prove it? Ling Long Mountain is so delicate, even if we can’t find the way out, you can’t prove that Jiu Ling’s Master found a way out, it could be that he didn’t even went in. in short, he is the real murderer, my Master Fang Zhong heard the ringing sound with his own ears, and saw the robe with his own eyes, if it wasn’t for him being slow to chase, he would’ve caught Jiu Ling’s Master on that day. You don’t’ have waste your time anymore. If you don’t want to serve justice for our Qi Sha Sect, we will serve it by ourselves. Jianghu has its own rules and regulations.”

“Okay.” Ran Fei Ze nodded happily, “When you are out of the mountain, you can go to God’s Gate and ask them to solve the case.” He also greeted the others, “Come on, we should continue to discuss how we should get out.”

Fu Yan was stunned, he accused Ran Fei Ze of being an accomplice but Ran Fei Ze dared to mock him with a childish tone. Making it seem like he was the one that was making unnecessary trouble.

“Ran Fei Ze!” Fu Yan roared angrily.

“Ah.” Ran Fei Ze responded, turning around, asking, “What’s the matter?”

What’s the matter? Fu Yan’s clenched his fist and he felt that he was being teased, unable to control his anger

Su Xiao Pei was a little nervous, watching Ran Fei Ze’s knife that was far away, and Fu Yan’s sword was on his back, Fu Yan was able to get his sword in a second and his posture looks like he was about to start a fight. Su Xiao Pei’s heart starting beating even faster.

At this time, Fang Ping quickly called out, “Fu Yan.”

Fu Yan stopped, stared at Ran Fei Ze. Ran Fei Ze looked back at him calmly. Both Xiao Qi and Luo Hua stepped in between them and persuaded Fu Yan. Fang Ping was wounded and poisoned, but he still stood by and dragged Fu Yan away.

Ran Fei Ze looked at Su Xiao Pei and then turned back to everyone and continued discuss the array with Chen Xiao Shan. Chen Xiao Shan was a little worried after seeing Fang Ping and Fu Yan, said “I’ll go talk to them.”

Su Xiao Pei saw everyone’s reaction, after thinking for a while, she pulled out Ran Fei Ze’s knife with much difficulty and then walked over to Ran Fei Ze with it. Thus, the weapon was closer to him as if it were more secure.

Ran Fei Ze seemed to have eyes behind him when he heard movement, looking back, he said, “Don’t hurt yourself.”

Su Xiao Pei shook her head and sat behind him with the knife. He talked about his affairs while she observed the others. Fang Ping was weak and anxious, Fu Yan was angry and irritable, Cao He Dong seems to be confident, Xiao Qi was shrewd and mature, Luo Hua was honest and steady, Chen Xiao Shan is strong and in control, and Ji Jia Wen is simple and straightforward…

After a while, they finished their discussion, he walked towards Su Xiao Pei and asked quietly, “Able to observed anything?”

“Did you irritate Fu Yan just to let me see his personality?”

Ran Fei Ze smiled, they really have a tacit understanding of each other, “What does Miss think?”

“I am unable to see anything now, if there is a chance, I would like to chat with Fang Ping alone.”


“His mental state does not seem right.”

“Why not Fu Yan? I think his brain is also not right.”

“He has a low level of coordination, start with the easy one first. The death of a loved one is a common topic. I need time to get know them to observe the problem. Fang Ping seems to be under pressure.”


“When you have the chance, look at his eyes and you will know. His mental state, I don’t know if it was affected by an injury or not, but I will look for the opportunity in the future.

“Maybe he witness the murder and Master Fang and he have a deep connection. But the crime of Jiu Ling’s Master cannot be determined by what he sees and hear.

Su Xiao Pei nodded, “The human memory is very delicate. I have a way.”


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