ISOL Chapter 62

Nothing special happened on this day, Chen Xiao Shan and Cao Heo Dong went out to explore the road. Another team went to explore the route that Jiu Ling’s Master had taken. Liu Yan Xiang and his team had sent out smoke bombs, the color of the smoke bombs indicated that the road they were travelling on had some trouble. Everyone guess what happened to them, it was because the array had changed, so Chen Xiao Shan also sent out a signal with a smoke bomb to tell them to return and gather at the mountain stream. Now only one person went out and came back, they were to mark the area that they went, they were to send the signal twice, using this method to exchange messages which Su Xiao Pei could not participate.

She just watched everyone quietly and then figured out a way to talk to Fang Ping

Fang Ping was injured and kept mediating, sometimes he would get up and walked around. Su Xiao Pei observed for a while and felt that he was still quite cautious and vigilant. It was not wise to take the initiative approach. She changed her way and talked to Ji Jia Wen instead. Ji Jia Wen was polite and answered every question. Su Xiao Pei chatted with him and talked about her investigation with Head Constable Qin in Ning’an City. She also mentioned serveral methods of Head Constable Qin’s investigations. After listening to her with interest, he also asked questions. Luo Hua also asked some question while he was cutting wood sticks that was intended for fishing. Fang Ping sat a little further but he was able to hear what their conversation. He listened for a while before getting up and walking around. When he sat back down, he sat closer to Su Xiao Pei and her group.

Su Xiao Pei ignored him and answered questions that was from Ji Jia Wen and Luo Hua. Su Xiao Pei’ time with Head Constable Qin was not long and there were not many cases. After a while, she saw Fang Ping came over and she began to talk about the case that her father had while he was alive. She talked about a homicide case. Some witnesses witnessed the process but because of the shock and strong stimulation, their memory was quite messy. At this time, the suspect used their messy memory and made the case more difficult, causing confusion to the detectives. However, those detective was able to rule out those false alibis and through the detailed testimony from the witness, they managed to find concrete evidence and arrested the murderer.


“The testimony of the witness is very important.” Su Xiao Pei said seriously, Fang Ping nodded.

Fu Yan sat a little further, then sneered at Ran Fei Ze, “Miss Su is well-informed, the female scholar from Ning’an City really deserves a good reputation.”

Su Xiao Pei glanced at him without a word. She paused then continue sharing her story. Ran Fei Ze was also cutting wood when he heard Fu Yan. He smiled back, knowing what he meant. In the case of Su Xiao Pei, some people used messy memory of witnesses to interfere with the investigation, Ran Fei Ze did not cater to Qi Sha Sect when he was checking for marks. But Fu Yan made a statement that he was interfering with the investigations. The example that Su Xiao Pei cited was like hinting at Ran Fei Ze.

Ran Fei Ze looked at Su Xiao Pei and Su Xiao Pei was able to feel his gaze and looked back at him. He smiled at her and continue cutting his wood.

Su Xiao Pei talked about a number of investigations in one breath. The audience changed from Ji Jia Wen to Luo Hua, Fang Ping, Fu Yan, etc. Later when everyone was busy, her audience became Fang Ping and Fu Yan. Of course, Ran Fei Ze was still around as he had never once left her alone, when they saw that only Fang Ping and Fu Yan was the audience, she gave Ran Fei Ze a look. Ran Fei Ze suddenly became busy and started to build a fire a little further away.

The three of them talked a lot, and tried to adjust their accent and words to integrate them. She observed their expression and posture of them. Fu Yan asked several sharp question, the conflicts and doubts were quite obvious. Fang Ping bowed his head in silence. Su Xiao Pei feels that her temptation is enough today, and she also had the opportunity to continue next time.

She looked at Ran Fei Ze. He was concerned about her from time to time, when she saw him, she would blinked at him and he threw a water pouch over, calling her to fill it up at the river. Su Xiao Pei listened reluctantly, excused herself from Fang Ping and Fu Yan and walked away.

On that day, Chen Xiao Shan, Xiao Qi and the others explored the road that Liu Yan Xiang and his team was going to take. They picked the team up and walked about to the mountain stream. After they had set off, it was Cao He Dong and Ran Fei Ze who was in charge of the camp. It was decided before and they agreed to it, but Cao He Dong and Ran Fei Ze didn’t match but everyone ignored them. Ran Fei Ze also did not talk much to others. He only cares about Su Xiao Pei and occasionally teases the young boy, Ji Jia Wen, from Xuan Qing Sect. Everyone was safe, only waiting for Chen Xiao Shan to come back to the camp, intending to leave Ling Long Mountain together.

This night, as usual, there was a campfire going on, Su Xiao Pei sat on Ran Fei Ze’s knife box, resting next to Ran Fei Ze. He took out a robe to protect her from the cold. Under the cover of the robe, she was secretly observing the crowd.

Ran Fei Ze chatted with her and introduced the martial arts skills of various schools. All the schools praised each other and vigorously praised themselves. Su Xiao Pei saw the other’s faces twitching and she understood the reason for Ran Fei Ze’s nonsense. As expected, Ran Fei Ze said another sentence, “Like me who have very good skills, my ears are sharp, I am able to hear Miss’s cry for help so far away.”

Su Xiao Pei realized that Ran Fei Ze that even though they were whispering, the others was able to hear them. Su Xiao Pei tried testing and said she was envious of people who have good martial arts skill. Seeing a few people smile at the corner of her eyes, she seemed to find her compliment very interesting. It looks like no matter how soft she spoke, these Jianghu members are able to hear her.

So Su Xiao Pei whispered and asked, “Soldier, once we leave this mountain and settled down, I will use my method in Ning’an City to remember, I should be able to remember some stuffs.”

“That is where you help the daughter-in-law find her mother-in-law’s jade pendant that method?”

“Yes. It’s just that I can use it on others but it’s that effective to use it on myself.”

“It’s okay if it’s not effective. At least it is not harmful. It’s okay to take your time to remember.”

“NO, some memories are buried deep inside my brain. If there is no guidance, it is difficult to remember. By the way, you said that the case of Jiu Ling’s Master, I was able to help with this method?”

“You think you are still at Ning’an City? No one asked for your help. What’s the use of making yourself busy for nothing?”

“But if Sir Fang still remembers what he saw? Sometimes, the subtle things in the brain will be able to change the whole direction of the case. For example, in addition to the ringing sound, was he able to hear anything else? In the previous cases, if you hint at something, someone will be able to suddenly remember it, what if this was the case with Master Fang. Su Xiao Pei said this quietly, seeing Fang Ping’s eyes closed and he looked thoughtful. At this time, his eyes opened and most of Fu Yan’s back was faced towards her and she could see his reaction. Cao He Dong didn’t have any much expression on his face, instead, he glanced at Fang Ping as well as the others. But Fang Ping quickly closed his eyes again, turned over and didn’t move anymore.

Ran Fei Ze took Su Xiao Pei’s words and said to her, “Quickly go to sleep, don’t think too much. Jianghu is not like the Yamen, even if you have great skills, others may not believe it. This matter has nothing to do with you. Ignore it.”

Su Xiao Pei waited for a while before sighing and pretend to say reluctantly, “Okay.”

Afterwards, nothing happened overnight. Su Xiao Pei supported everyone but pondering and observing everyone. Some people thought she was sleeping, secretly looking at her. There was no movement, there was nothing really good about it. Soon, Su Xiao Pei fell asleep under Ran Fei Ze’s robe.

The next morning, Su Xiao Pei found herself resting on Ran Fei Ze’s lap again. He tuck his clothes on his shoulders, supporting his head, the other arm was around her. Su Xiao Pei looked outward and found that everyone was either awake or absent. Su Xiao Pei blinked and found that both Fang Ping and Fu Yan was missing.

“Awake?” Ran Fei Ze sensed that she was moving and asked, looking down.

“En.” Su Xiao Pei turned to look up and saw Ran Fei Ze’s face. Moving like this, she suddenly felt something was wrong, she felt empty and carefully touched her body, she was still wearing the robe that Ran Fei Ze had gave her, but beneath that, her inner wear was gone.

It’s over, it’s over, was Yue Lao joking with her? Her clothes had disappeared. What should she do? She was in the wilderness, staying with a group of men, without her clothes. She felt really awkward and completely insecure.

“What’s wrong?” Ran Fei Ze saw the panic on her face.

“Nothing, nothing.” Su Xiao Pei wrapped herself in his robe and looked down carefully, as if nothing was wrong, she sat up wanting to confirm what she thought as soon as possible.

Ran Fei Ze accompanied her and stood nearby to help her block the wind. Su Xiao Pei confirmed it and quickly saw that she really didn’t have any clothes that she was wearing when she transmigratede. She was stunned for a while before walking over to Ran Fei Ze with her head down. “Soldier, can you lend me this robe too?”

Ran Fei Ze was surprised, “The sun is so strong, are you sure you want to wear set layers?”

“Cough, cough. I’m feeling a little cold.”

Ran Fei Ze frowned slightly, probed her forehead, looked at her again, and agreed.

Ran Fei Ze and Su Xiao Pei at one side of the camp. Fu Yan and Fang Ping looked at each other on the other side, Fu Yan said, “Uncle Fang, look at the two of them, Miss Su looks like she’s afraid, keeps shrinking away. Not too sure what’s her relationship with Ran Fei Ze, what he did to her, could there be something indecent happening? She talked weirdly, Uncle Fang, you can’t get confuse by her.

Fang Ping pondered for a while, and asked, “Fu Yan, if once we leave Ling Long Mountain, there is no evidence and the Sects are not willing to own up, what do you think will happen to us?”

“Bloods have deep hatred. If the Sects do not want justice for us, then it is only we and God’s Gate have a blood debt.” Fu Yan looked at Fang Ping, “Uncle Fang, I’m not afraid. Master treated me well, and now he was murdered. It is injustice, I will get some justice for his death!”

Fang Ping nodded, “It’s useless to hate me, but when I hear and see it, it is indeed not clear. Jiu Ling’s Master refuse to plead guilty, I can’t even refute him.”

Fu Yan looked at him and said, “Uncle Fang, you can’t think this way, if you didn’t try and remember, we wouldn’t even know who the murderer is. This is all due to Uncle Fang, Master Ruo Quan will be pleased once he knows about it. It was Jiu Ling’s Master who is too slippery, now he has all these martial artist guarding him. Uncle Fang, you can’t blame yourself, it won’t happen like you think. Jiu Ling’s Master will have to pay with his life!”

Su Xiao Pei didn’t want to be awkward, and she felt like everyone was paying attention to her all day. She didn’t dare to eat and drink much, thus she found it inconvenient. There were fewer people in camp today. Cao He Dong took his disciples and Luo Yi Sect to find the way out, and then we would wait for Xiao Qi to come back. Ran Fei Ze didn’t move, although he has the ability to leave Ling Long Mountain, but since Su Xiao Pei is here, it was not convenient for him to bring Su Xiao Pei around and he doesn’t want to leave her alone, so the result that they came was that he was to guard the camp.

Cao He Dong was quite dissatisfied with this, and felt that Ran Fei Ze was not contributing and was deliberately holding them back. The two made another unpleasant public disturbance and then went their own way. Su Xiao Pei sat back at the knife box, watching everyone’s actions, thinking about what to do next. After leaving this mountain, everyone would separate and do their own things. She also thinks that it would not be easy to get close to Fang Ping or ask him any question.

Thinking about it, Fang Ping passed by Su Xiao Pei and asked, “Is Miss uncomfortable?”

“Ah?” Su Xiao Pei was feeling a little guilty and nodded.

Fang Ping looked around and sat down, asking, “Miss said that she knows a way to help people remember things, what’s the way?”

“In fact, it is to help the person concentrate and let him abandon all other miscellaneous thought and making that person focus on the important details that he wants to remember.”

“It’s like meditating?”


“Then, why don’t Miss try to use this way to remember things?”

“I don’t know how to meditate, but I know how to help others.”

Fang Ping sneered, “Miss is deliberately being mysterious”

Su Xiao Pei gave a smiled and said, “There’s no point, I have no benefit at all.”

She was open, straightforward. Fang Ping was a little embarrassed, he turned his head and became silent. SU Xiao Pei looked around and saw that nobody was paying attention to them, she whispered, “Sir Fang.

Fang Ping turned to look at her, “Can Sir Fang teach me meditating?”

Fang Ping was a little surprised but it was a trival matter. He nodded and began to explain to Su Xiao Pei.

When Fu Yan came back, he saw Fang Ping’s eyes half close, seeming to be dozing off and Su Xiao Pei was sitting opposite of him, whispering, talking about something. Fang Ping would occasionally replied back.

Fu Yan watched and suddenly dropped the things on his hands, rushed forward, “Demoness, what are you doing?”

Just before approaching them, a fist came out of nowhere, Fu Yan was hit and he fell back. Ran Fei Ze flashed over and shouted, “Stay away from her!”

Seeing this, Su Xiao Pei reached out and patted Fang Ping’s shoulder. Fang Ping turned his head and looked a little confuse. Then he saw Fu Yan and said, “You’re back.” He looked at the scene in front of him and asked again, “What happened?”

Fu Yan frowned, approached him and pulled him up, “Uncle Fang, are you well?”

“What happened?” Fang Ping asked again.

“What are you doing with this demoness… Miss Su?”

Fang Ping thought about it and said, “I was teaching Miss Su how to meditate.”

Fu Yan frowned, looking at Fang Ping and Su Xiao Pei. Ran Fei Ze took two steps to the right, blocking his view of Su Xiao Pei.

Fang Ping looked around and didn’t understand what everyone was nervous about. “I just taught Miss Su how to meditate.” He explained again. Fu Yang kept silent and pulled him away.

Ran Fei Ze looked at them walking away, frowned and asked, “What happened?”

Su Xiao Pei looked around, Ran Fei Ze said, “Speak.”

“Just now, for a moment, I used it.”

“En. Then?”

“He didn’t hear anything at all, there was no sound.”


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