ISOL Chapter 64

Su Xiao Pei woke up the next day and found that everyone was not at the same place as before.

Ji Jia Wen was obviously more respectful and courteous to her. He had a good time yesterday night and thought she was talented and knowledgeable. Luo Hua and Cao He Dong was not so estranged after playing games doing team building activities is useful indeed. Then, there was Fu Yan, he was more cautious than before, maybe he was concerned. It could also be that he felt that she attracted other people and this would have an unfair impact on the Qi Sha’s Master case, which was worrying.

Looking at Fang Ping’s expression, Su Xiao Pei felt that he believed her method, thus, he has a lot of doubts about himself. Su Xiao Pei observed him silently and did not approach him deliberately. She knew that now there was a chance to him to take the initiative to come to her for help.

As long as he had this thought, then after leaving Ling Long Mountain and returning back to town, she will also have the opportunity to help him.

But to say that it is not the same as before, Ran Fei Ze was the one who has changed a lot. He was a bit irritable this day, and he didn’t seem to be pleasing anyone. He also guarded her like a well-kept food. Well, this description was not accurate but she has this feeling.

“Soldier.” Su Xiao Pei could bear it anymore.

“Yes?” Ran Fei Ze stopped his work and looked back at her.

“Can you move elsewhere?”


“You’re blocking me.”

“Blocking you from doing what?”

Su Xiao Pei choked, what can she do? She can’t do anything, “Daydream.” He was blocking her from daydreaming.

Ran Fei Ze looked around, looked at her again and looked at the place where he squatted. He replied, “Miss needs a lot of space to daydream.”

“En, so can you move.”

Not moving, can’t borrow other men’s clothes for her to wear. Only he can work harder and block other people sight of her. Ran Fei Ze turned back around and continued working.

Su Xiao Pei stared at his back, didn’t move?



“You’re blocking me from seeing the scenery.”

“Point me a direction where there is a good scenery.”

Everywhere but your back. Su Xiao Pei choked silently and had to continue to stare at him. As a result, Ran Fei Ze said, “Miss, I am strong and fit, and my back is wide and shoulders are broad. I am quite pleasant, what does Miss’s think?”

“What do you think?” Su Xiao Pei really wanted to show him how thick his face can get, there should be a limit on how shameless a person can get.

“Miss should say, what do you think I’m thinking?” Ran Fei Ze smile, finally under Su Xiao Pei’s angry eyes, he collected his things and sat beside her.

“Soldier, what’s wrong?”


“Why are you in a bad mood?”


“Why are you not tell me the reason for your bad mood?”

Ran Fei Ze didn’t speak but touched his nose instead. Sometimes, it is not good for a woman to be so observant. At this time, Ji Jia Wen ran over and said respectfully, “Senior Brother, I kept them.” Ran Fei Ze nodded and Ji Jia Wen moved the rattan that he had made aside and put it together with the others.

Su Xiao Pei couldn’t help but whisper, “He calls you senior.”

“I am indeed his senior.”

“Oh.” Su Xiao Pei nodded, “I thought seniors were referring to those who were older, like Master Cao.”

Ran Fei ze gave her a glance, all he did was blocked her, did she have to call him old? His was indeed not young, if he had married earlier, he would have been a grandfather at this age but he had wandered around. He was just older than her a few years, he indeed is a perfect match for her.

“Miss is just like me.” He can’t help but remind her.

Su Xiao Pei was stunned for a while before realizing what he was saying, then she blushed. For the first time, hse was embarrassed by her age and argued, “In my hometown, it is normal.” Looking at Ran Fei Ze’s expression, she continued “It’s not that its normal to not marry but it’s common. Many of the Ladies are as old as me and they haven’t married.”

Ran Fei Ze nodded seriously, “The ladies in the Miss’s hometown are really calm.”

Su Xiao Pei suddenly shut up, breathless, everyone was calm? Anyway, she was not in a hurry.

“So we are good together, what does Miss think?”

“Go, go.” All he know is to tease her.

Ran Fei Ze touched his nose, still waiting for further encouragement when Cao He Dong called him to the side. They were talking what to do with the things that they had prepared, and Cao He Dong quickly order Ran Fei Ze to work. Ran Fei Ze felt uneasy in his heart, murmured a few times, asked Su Xiao Pei to not run around, then he quickly went to work. Su Xiao Pei made a face at his back and saw his figure getting smaller and smaller.

After a while, someone whispered, “Miss Su.”

Su Xiao Pei turned her head and saw it was Fu Yan, “Sir Fu.”

Fu Yan approached Su Xiaopei, glanced at Ran Fei Ze and saw that he was looking at them, Fu Yan quickly asked in a small voice, “Miss Su, the method that you’d shown yesterday was indeed wonderful, yesterday night, I saw Uncle Fang using your needle thread method and today he was in a mad mood.”

“What did he ask?”

“I don’t know. I asked him but he said that he asked some irrelevant things.” Fu Yan seemed a little hesitant. After thinking for a while, he asked, “Uncle Fan said he heard the bell sound from Jiu Ling Master, and he also said that he saw the clothes from the corner of his eyes. The Jiu Ling Master did indeed had a meal with my Master and the blade marks were consistent with his sword, so we concluded that Jiu Ling Master was the murderer. But on the day of the investigation, Uncle Fang was unable to discern which of the several sounds he heard that day, and his mood was bad. Yesterday his mood turned bad again, I was really worried. Miss is knowledgeable, I wondered if there was a way to help Uncle Fang, just like yesterday, let him discern what kind of sound he had heard.”

Su Xiao Pei looked at him seriously, and Fu Yan was a little embarrassed and bowed his head. “I am a bit reckless, but I saw Master’s bloody body. I, his apprentice, have to seek justice for him. If there is a way to gain iron clad evidence to find his murderer, even if I have to break the rules of Jianghu, I will do it.”

Su Xiao Pei listened and nodded. Fu Yan looked up at her and asked, “Is it possible to use the divine needle thread method that you’d showed us yesterday to identify the sound? Ask him after hearing the sound, asked if this was indeed the sound he had heard.”

Su Xiao Pei smiled and said, “Sir Fu is smart. As you’ve seen yesterday, that method is indeed usable. You just need to concentrate on it and concentrate hard.”

Fu Yan nodded, everyone tried it last night, and sometimes it did work, sometimes the needle stay still for a long time. After Su Xiao Pei said that it require concentration, it worked for everyone. He looked around for a long time and naturally understood. He remember what Su XIao Pei said, “Many thanks Miss, I will speak with Uncle Fang to discuss whether to use this method after we leave the mountain again.”

Su Xiao Pei responded and wished them success. Fu Yan was happier and thanked Su Xiao Pei again. Su Xiao Pei watched him walked over to Fang Ping, and whispered something to him. Fang Ping listened and looked at Su Xiao Pei, then thought hard and nodded. Both of them looked like a burden has lifted off their shoulders and though Fang Ping was further away from Su Xiao Pei, he still cupped his hands and salute Su Xiao Pei, then he turned back to Fu Yang and they continued talking.

Ran Fei Ze came over and asked Su Xiao Pei what happened, and Su Xiao Pei told him the whole conversation. Ran Fei Ze knew that Fu Yan wasn’t what he portrayed, he wasn’t an impulsive and naïve person, but rather he was quite shrewd.

Su Xiao Pei glanced at him, “He is shred but he just ruined my plan.”


“I have made Sir Fang aware of some problems with his memory. If he can’t solve it, he might think of asking me for help. However, Sir Fu has plans to let Sir Fang hear the sounds and figured it out on their own. Now they should be concentrating on how to discern the sound again after they leave the Mountain, and they will not doubt that Sir Fang has not heard it. However, he is not to blame. He only said that the hero did not recognize which sound it was. From this perspective, it is also correct. If I did not hypnotize him at that time, I would not have expected this.”

Ran Fei Ze frowned, “Wouldn’t they trouble me to make another sword that emit sound?”

“Is it that troublesome?”

“It depends on who it, if I’m not happy with them, then it is troublesome.” Ran Fei Ze was very angry and very emotional.

Su Xiao Pei tilted her head and frowned, expressing sympathy.

“Cough, if it’s Miss’s problem then it’s not troublesome.”

Su Xiao Pei laughed, learning from the Jianghu members, “Many thanks for your help.”

Ran Fei Ze’s face stiffened. Wasn’t he hinting enough? Miss, why are you so suffocating, he had kept expressing his feelings, was it really not obvious enough?”

Su Xiao Pei withdrew her cupped fist, adjust her position on the knife box, she lied down and curled up even though it was uncomfortable. Not knowing that this would expose her chest and the thin cloth could not cover her shape. From Ran Fei Ze’s perspective, he could see everything.

Su Xiao Pei adjusted her posture and sat properly again, she was thinking about Fang Ping’s case, “They can’t tell the sounds like this. It won’t be smooth. How can they point out which sound they haven’t heard, unless, he was making the sounds himself. I will just think of a way for me to participate in this plan.”

After speaking, she found that Ran Fei Ze didn’t reply, and she looked up to asked for his opinions but just as she looked up, he turned away and dash off, saying “I just thought of many things to do, I will leave first.”

Su Xiao Pei frowned, what else does he need to do? Before begin so busy, he was pestering her by blocking her view. She was bored, thus, she kept looking around and Ran Fei Ze came back suddenly, with a serious expression, “Miss, did you ever tell them your occupation when you were in Ning’an City?”

Su Xiao Pei thought about it, “No.” She only said that she had helped Head Constable Qin in Ning’an City to handle a case. She did not specifically mentioned that she was a scholar. That’s too suspicious.

“I also do not remember Miss mentioning it.” Ran Fei Ze said, “But Fu Yang said that Miss Su is indeed a female scholar.

Su Xiao Pei, “ah” and opened her eyes in surprised.

Ran Fei Ze narrowed his eyes slightly, “How did he know?”

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