ISOL Chapter 65

Su Xiao Pei was surprised. She refrained from showing too much of an expression, nor did she look in the direction of Fu Yan.

Ran Fei Ze turned his back to the side and didn’t look back. He just whispered to Su Xiao Pei, “I have thought it through, but I haven’t mentioned this matter to anyone either. Ning’an City has nothing to do with them. Moreover, there are very few government that would get Miss to join, not to mention a job like yours.”

Su Xiao Pei didn’t speak. Although this matter was strange, she had nothing to do with Qi Sha Sect or anything. She never had any involvement with the Jianghu or Qi Sha Sect. she couldn’t think of anything.

“Maybe he guessed it?”

“In short, be careful. Although this may not be any relevance, it is always good to be careful.” Ran Fei Ze didn’t forget that scene with all her blood.

Su Xiao Pei somehow thought of the time when she had died inexplicably, she blinked and nodded at Ran Fei Ze.

After that, there is nothing special that had happened. Ran Fei Ze never left Su Xiao Pei, and Su Xiao Pei continued to daydream. Fu Yan and Fang Ping were far away from them, talking. And it seems that Fang Ping’s energy was back. Not long afterwards, Chen Xiao Shan and Xiao Qi finally retrieved the team of Liu Yan Xiang. Everyone came back unharmed.

The camp was very lively. The two disciples of Qi Sha Sect were very excited to see Fang Ping and Fu Yan. It turned out that the Tian Si Ying Sect led all the battles and the other Sect followed them. Their team suffered the most but they had managed to escape unharmed, they were just tired.

On the road Xiao Qi had already talked to Tian Si Ying Sect and as a result, everyone got together and talked endlessly, and discussed many of the arrangements plans for the withdrawal of Ling Long Mountain. Su Xiao Pei couldn’t join the topic as she didn’t understand it, she just curled up at Ran Fei Ze’s sword. For her, the entire mountain is unsafe, the array has changed and there are many traps everywhere.

Everyone all bid each other a good night rest, to nourish the spirit and to leave quickly tomorrow. Only Su Xiao Pei was a little worried. It sounded that the situation outside was quite serious. How could she keep up with them with her footwork tomorrow? And she didn’t have shoes. Although Ran Fei Ze helped her to make a straw sole, it was indeed not suitable to walk on the mountain road.

Su Xiao Pei sighed secretly and suddenly heard Cao He Dong said, “What will Miss Su do tomorrow?”

Su Xiao Pei heard him talking about her, and looked up and saw that everyone was looking at her. Ran Fei Ze responded quickly, “She is my responsibility.”

Other said nothing and Cao He Dong said again, “That’s fine.”

Xiao Qi gave Ran Fei Ze a worried look. Just now every single person said that the mountain road was very dangerous, that Ling Long Mountain is not an ordinary mountain. Ran Fei Ze had to carry a big sword, his luggage and had to take care of Miss Su, and she doesn’t know any martial arts skill nor how to protect herself. Cao He Dong said in this way to make it clear that if anything happen to Miss Su, it would be Ran Fei Ze’s problem. He wanted to clear the situation first, to prevent any misunderstandings.

Xiao Qi coughed and said, “Miss Su has no martial arts skills, the road is indeed not easy to walk. We have many people, it is better to look after each other.”

No one wants to appear as a bad person and they all willing to work together, indicating that they would see the situation day by day. At first glance, Cao He Dong seemed to be indifferent and ruthless, his face was rather unsightly. He said, “I didn’t say that the people around me didn’t need to care about Miss Su. If there are any difficulties, everyone has to help.”

Su Xiao Pei knew she was a burden, and that was why she couldn’t sleep well that night. Later, when she felt that she had just fell asleep, she was woken up by Ran Fei Ze. When she opened her eyes, the sky was already bright.

Su Xiao Pei stood up, feeling very heavy, seeing that everyone was already busy preparing, either their luggage or breakfast. Su Xiao Pei went to the stream to wash her face, after washing she felt more energetic. She took advantage of no one around and move her arm and legs. Determined to not pull everyone down. But she was determination seemed to be easy to be put down. When she walked back to camp, seeing that everyone was busy again, her legs went soft. She did not forget the painful experience of walking down the mountain with Ran Fei Ze and Tang Lian. When she first experienced it, it was torturous. And now, this mountain was much harder than Tian Lian Mountain, and it was also more dangerous.

Su Xiao Pei exhaled, trying to comfort herself.

After eating breakfast, the sun had just risen. Everyone checked their luggage and prepared their water and weapons. It seemed that they were leaving. Su Xiao Pei stood aside without knowing where to go. She has nothing to check, she has no luggage. Just as she was thinking about this, a huge bag appear in her arms. Ran Fei Ze said, “This is for you to carry.”

Can’t be?

Su Xiao Pei’s face collapsed. Does this person think her footwork is light? That she can help him carry a bag without being a burden?

“You carry the bag, I will carry you.”

Ah? Su Xiao Pei looked up at him in surprised, then turned around and looked down at the sword he placed on the ground. The sword had been retracted and the box was wiped clean. “What about this?”

Ran Fei Ze was giving the box a look, “No other choice, on this journey back, I can only carry one thing.”

Su Xiao Pei felt her heart warmed, he really treated her too good.

But when he looked up and found that everyone was surprised, Xiao Qi even shouted, “You don’t want your weapons?” it seemed to them that Ran Fei Ze was the type to throw away his wife instead of his treasures.

“People are more important that knives.” Ran Fei Ze replied lightly, but Su Xiao Pei already saw the expression on everyone’s face that the Jianghu members regard their weapons very seriously. This would never happen on TV. Knowing this, Su Xiao Pei felt even guiltier, “I’m sorry, I dragged you down.”

No one spoke, most of them were injured and the road was dangerous, it was really hard and even more dangerous to carry a person and trek through the mountains. Those that were unharmed were going to carry those heavier weapons or they must guard those that were injured or lead the team. They were carrying a heavy responsibility and it is not easy for them. Since other than Su Xiao Pei, the rest of the people here were men, they were not willing to interact with her as it is not socially acceptable for men and woman to have any physical interactions thus, no one wanted to help nor willing to carry her around. Moreover, she was very close to Ran Fei Ze. Xiao Qi was unwilling to carry her and his weapon was very heavy, he wasn’t able to carry Ran Fei Ze’s big weapon box. At this time, Ran Fei Ze was also not willing to ask others to help him.

Everyone looked at each other, Ran Fei Ze asked everyone to get moving, “Let’s go, there’s no point delaying matters, if we are not able to get a safe place for tonight, are we going to wait for death together?”

“Really not going to take your weapon box?” Luo Hua couldn’t believe Ran Fei Ze

At this time, Ji Jia Wen stood up, embarrassingly whispered, “Senior Ran, why don’t I carry Miss Su.” He was young and didn’t have any valuables on his body, and since he doesn’t have much experience, he didn’t have to bear any heavy responsibilities nor carry any heavy weapons.

Want to carry his girl? Ran Fei Ze glanced at him unhappily. His girl’s clothes are thin, how can he anyhow let another man touch her.

Ji Jia Wen saw Ran Fei Ze’s glared and stopped talking. He wanted to help. A hand-made weapon was hard to find. Ran Fei Ze’s weapon and his weapon box was good qualities. They must have been created with a lot of effort. It’s a waste to leave it behind. If anyone have his weapons, they would have used up all their good luck. Now, Ran Fei Ze was forced to give up on his weapons, and he may not be able to get them again in the future. Ji Jia Wen felt sad for Ran Fei Ze.

“If you are energetic, you can carry my knife.”

“Ah?” Ji Jia Wen’s eyes widened in surprise, willing to let him carry his knife?

“Well?” Ran Fei Ze asked politely.

“Okay, okay. I will do it.” Ji Jia Wen was overjoyed. He was the sword was very majestic and wanted to have a feel of it, but he felt disrespectful, but now he was able to carry it. JI Jia Wen was very happy. He hurried over to carry the weapon and touched it a few times. The weight was really good, it was a really good sword.

Ran Fei Ze poked Su Xiao Pei and asked her to take her gaze away from Ji Jia Wen, “Okay, the problem is solved, don’t worry about it, stop frowning. Carry the bag, we’re leaving.”

Everyone went their own way, and set off according to the formation that they had planned. Su Xiao Pei was also busy carrying the big bag. This action stretched her clothes across her chest again. Ran Fei Ze glanced at her then quickly turned his head and squatted in front of her, with his back facing her. Su Xiao Pei went up and hugged his neck, Ran Fei Ze felt a softness on his back, feeling blood rushing towards his face. He cleared his throat and distracted himself buy speaking, “All okay?”

“En.” Su Xiao Pei nodded. Ran Fei Ze held her legs and stood up, holding onto her tightly. But with his movement, she leaned more of her weight onto him, making him feel more of her chest, suddenly, he felt that his back was a little itchy.

Ran Fei Ze was a little stiff, Su Xiao Pei felt it and asked, “What’s wrong?”

What’s wrong? Can he say what’s wrong? Can he say that he was a little shy and embarrassed now? He was also a little happy and proud and he never want to let her down? Seeing Ji Jia Wen walking with his big sword in front happily, he glared in his direction. Just now that kid wanted to carry his girl.


“En, no problem, my back just felt a little itchy.”

“Then, I will help you scratch.” Su Xiao Pei scratched his back with one hand, “Is it here? Where do you feel itchy?”

“En.” Her strength was weak, he couldn’t feel anything, but how was it possible that her voice was so pleasing to hear? Her voice was right next to his ear, it was so clear and pleasant to listen to.

“Okay, it’s okay. Lets go.” Then Ran Fei Ze started walking and followed everyone’s footsteps.

Because Ran Fei Ze was a martial artist, his position was at the back. Ji jia Wen carried his sword and followed his position. Unable to hide the excitement all the way, he asked Ran Fei Ze some question about the sword. Su Xiao Pei was unable to understand Ji Jia Wen’s interest and love for these things.

Ran Fei Ze suddenly said to Ji Jia Wen, “If this knife leave the mountain safely, I will give it to you.”

Suddenly, Ji Jia Wen paused, his mouth opened in surprised.

Ran Fei Ze smiled “The length of your arm and your palm is suitable to use that knife, you should know it yourself.”

Ji Jia Wen nodded, he know that he is more suitable to use a knife, but their division is more suitable to use sword, and that most important thing. How can such a good knife be given away, Senior Ran shouldn’t anyhow tease him.

“Really, anyway, I can’t carry it out. If you don’t carry it the knife will be abandoned here and no one will be using it. Since you are willing to take it with you, it is destined to be with you.”

Ji Jia Wen opened his mouth wide, the word, “Thank” jumped out halfway and suddenly he turned around and ran forward, “I…I’ll go ask my Senior Brother first. Senior Brother! Senior Brother!…”

Su Xiao Pei was amused by him and asked Ran Fei Ze, “Aren’t you really generous to give it to him?”

“I’m serious. I have no money to thank him. I promised myself that if someone suitable came, I will give it to him. Since he’s suitable, he can have it.”

Promise yourself? Su Xiao Pei laughed and imagined that Ran Fei Ze told Ji Jia Wen that he wanted give it away and the expression on Ji Jia Wen, she laughed out loud. Ran Fei Ze’s face was getting blacker, how was it funny? He reminded her again that since Ji Jia Wen was carrying a knife so he gave a knife to him, what about himself, he was carrying the girl he like, where’s his girl!

Didn’t she express any gratitude? She had no money and no knife, of course, she had to… cough… promise herself.

While Ran Fei Ze was thinking about how to say it to her again, there was a flower that suddenly appeared in front of him, and the people in front of him was hidden in the fog. A sound of a swinging blade came from behind him. Since Su Xiao Pei was behind him, so he turned away in an instant and avoided it.

“Careful.” He heard someone calling but he couldn’t see clearly.

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