ISOL Chapter 8

Chapter 8

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Su Xiao Pei glanced at Ran Fei Ze and thought for a little while. This situation where five Mantou is more worth than a thousand Bao, this is something that she shouldn’t learn. She called out, “Soldier” intending to convince Ran Fei Ze to not give up the reward.

Ran Fei Ze looked at her expression and he knew what she wanted to say, so he patiently explained to her.

Firstly, the government is not sure if this criminal had reached Stone Town, it is only according to his previous whereabouts that they had guess that he may be here. It is only a possibility, of course, he may also go somewhere else, the government is not confident of this. Therefore, they have sent this notice so that the people can pay attention to the surroundings and immediately report the suspicious person. If we did help the government on catching this criminal, then we would be able to get the five tales.

If it is according to the notice, then five tales is not little. But the criminal’s whereabouts are uncertain, and the government have no clue at all. This signified that not only Stone Town but rather all other towns that are nearby also have this notice. In such cases, winning the lottery have a higher chance than catching the criminal.

These five tales are just a number that they put on the notice, able to see but unable to touch[1], in contrast, catching a criminal that know martial arts would be better as the government is unable to catch those criminals.

[Able to see but unable to touch <看得到摸不著, kàn dédào mō bùzháo> is just saying that the five tales are there just to see but they won’t have a chance to even get those five tales.]

Su Xiao Pei frowned, “Is that good? If you know where the criminal is, won’t everyone also go and catch the criminal?”

“Even if a lot of people went to catch the criminal, they might not be able to catch them.” Ran Fei Ze still had the same confident expression.

“Soldier encountered such a thing before?”

“Of course.”

“A lot of people went to catch the criminal but at the end Soldier was the one who caught it?”

“Of course.”

“Soldier’s martial arts is superb?”

“It is pretty good.”

Ran Fei Ze said these arrogant words with a straight face, he even excludes the temperament that made people want to beat him up.

Su Xiao Pei did not mind what temperament he excludes, with her current situation, she is unable to be picky.

“What type of thief did Soldier capture before, can you tell me some stories?” Maybe letting her hear some of his experience, she would be able to increase her common sense of this world

“Even if I tell you, would you be able to understand it?” Suddenly, the room is filled with his temperament that deserves a beating.


Su Xiao Pei was speechless for a long time, “If I do not understand, I would consult with Soldier.”

“That’s tiring, there are many parts that cannot be elaborated.”

Su Xiao Pei was not discouraged, asked, “Soldier is looking forward to the competition of catching the thieves as you find that only will it be interesting.”

“En, you could say that.” Ran Fei Ze cleared his throat, and began to say, “I was in Camel Ridge, I was about to catch the head of the evil organization, Zhao Sheng Zhi, but at the end, a group of Jianghu people wanted to join in the fun.”

“En, En.” Su Xiao Pei nodded her head and asked, “Then what did you do?”

“I dealt with it.”

“Ok, ok. How did you deal with it?” Did they fought the head of the organization together, and when they were going to win a new trick is being used to kill the monster? And someone took the **oss from the others and it showed the hero side of the person?

“I gave them laxatives, left them at the bottom of the mountain and went up by myself, and capture the head.”


Su Xiao Pei was stunned for a moment, took a while to confirm that she did not heard wrongly, “Laxative?”

“Yes.” Soldier did not change his expression, “After the medicine was used, it was quiet again.”


Su Xiao Pei had to think carefully, had to analyze what kind of personality the Soldier had, he was so deadly and calm, he really is not an average person.

Wait, Ran Fei Ze did not continue to explain, Su Xiao Pei had to ask again, “Then what happened next?”

“No more.”

“No more? Didn’t you say that you, yourself, went up the mountain to capture the head of the evil organization?”

“Correct. But there is nothing much to say there, you want to know the interesting thing, that is, I used laxatives to deal with those Jianghu people. That is effective and simple, it is also a very good move.”

Su Xiao Pei was speechless, well, they clearly are talking about two different things.

She thought for a moment, and said, “If we can try our luck to find the culprit and get five tales. What if we can catch them? If we have those five tales, it is better than us begging people.”

Ran Fei Ze did not answer her and threw the bag that he brought back on the floor, “I have no money to buy clothes for Miss, so I went to beg Miss Tang for two sets, Miss should change your clothes. It will be better than your current male attire. In the future if Miss have some money, remember to give Miss Tang some.”

To put it this way, it is to calculate the debt properly and cleanly, the reason is principle, if not it is rude.

Su Xiao Pei opened the bag to look, there are clothes and shoes in it. It seems like there is a dudou in it as well, she touches the material on it and it was clean, like it was brand new. She looked up and saw that Ran Fei Ze had step out and closed the door.

Su Xiao Pei believed that he was a gentleman. Even though he had just destroyed his image by using laxatives on his enemies, but regarding the matters of men and women, he had always been cautious and had kept his distance from her.

Su Xiao Pei turned the bag upside down to shake the clothes out, and was pondering a good way to wear them, she began to change her clothes. Her legs hurt a little less now, but it is still a troublesome. Because, she was unfamiliar with the clothing of the ancient times, coupled with the inconvenience of her legs, she took a long time to change clothes.

There was no mirror in the room, but she also had no intention of seeing what she looked like, at this point she had intended to give up on herself. She folded her Winnie the Pooh pajamas and placed them in the small bag, and shouted, “Done.”

Ran Fei Ze has been in front of the door, once he heard her voice he pushed the door and went inside. Looked at the well-dressed Su Xiao Pei, and sighed, why even after changing to decent woman’s clothes, she still looks weird.

He looked at her feet, and realize that she did not change her shoes, her thick cloth socks are still on her feet. “Have you tried on the shoes?”

“Unable to bend over.” She honesty said.

Ran Fei Ze looked again, did not say anything, hesitated for a long time before saying, “I can help Miss look at her foot injury but….”

“But what?”

“I have some concerns”

“What concerns do Soldier have?”

Ran Fei Ze touched his chin, “Today, on a street Miss asked who the other Miss was, she was a Miss that I had saved before, if they need saving I would save them, I am an upright person, but the Miss found me and thought that she and me should be more intimate. I have no fear of the sword, but I do not like trouble.

Su Xiao Pei understood, “Soldier relax, I will not pester Soldier to take responsibility.”

“En…..” Ran Fei Ze still felt that it was good to say it out loud for everyone to understand. “I save Miss is a last resort, Miss, please do not mind.”

“I understand, I understand, Soldier have a kind heart, and is forced to see something that should not be seen, it is not on purpose, please rest assured, Soldier. I will not cry and beg Soldier to marry me.” This should be straightforward enough, right?

“Asking you to marry me with a smile doesn’t sound good too.” He still can pick on it.

“Soldier, please rest assured, even if I die I will not let Soldier marry me.” This kind of guarantee is enough, right?

It seems enough. Ran Fei Ze nodded, and finally walked over to her, squat down and took Su Xiao Pei’s leg.

Su Xiao Pei’s face rose to a flush, walked for a whole day, she knew how dirty her feet were, even though she was looking forward to being able to get help, but Ran Fei Ze was holding onto her smelly feet, she still felt very embarrassed and awkward.

But soon, a wave of pain came over her. She could not help but shout out and the awkward and embarrassed feeling went away.

Ran Fei Ze stopped his movements, turned and took a pair of scissors. Su Xiao Pei held her tears and watched him cut her cloth socks, her feet were filled with blood blisters, and mud. It was stuck together with the socks.

Ran Fei Ze brought over a bowl of water and helped her wash her feet. Su Xiao Pei was in so much pain that her leg started to cramp, biting her lips till she swallowed back her tears.

Ran Fei Ze digs out two bottles of medicine, a powder and an ointment from his big bag and mixes them together and smear it on Su Xiao Pei. then the cut two clean cloth and wrapped her feet up. Seeing his quick action, it seems that he is very experienced in bandaging.

Su Xiao Pei looked at him, once again feeling very fortunate that she had met him, otherwise she wouldn’t know what to do in a situation like this.

Ran Fei Ze wrapped her feet, then touched her calf, Su Xiao Pei screamed out, holding on to the legs of the bed.

Ran Fei Ze sigh, and then took out a bottle of medicinal wine, “Miss, please use this to smear on your leg, after a while I will massage for circulation, otherwise, the next few days will be very hard for Miss, delaying the illness is also not good.”

He left the medicinal wine and left, closing the door behind him.

Su Xiao Pei painstakingly took off her trousers again, wiped her legs with the medicine and put her trouser back on. By the time it was done, she was panting and in pain. She called Ran Fei Ze in again, she has been embarrassed till the point that she does not care anymore.

The ultimate challenge is still behind

Ran Fei Ze began to massage her calf, the pain was simply torture.

Su Xiao Pei shouted and fell on the bed, subconsciously struggling to push the hands of Ran Fei Ze

Her tears cannot help but flow out of her eyes again. In Su Xiao Pei’s memory, the last time she cried was when her father passed away.

She was howling for a long time, Ran Fei Ze finally stopped, he asked her seriously, “Miss, do you want to bite on a cloth towel or want your acupuncture point to be pressed?”

“Ah?” Su Xiao Pei blinked her tears away, did not know what he was saying.

“Miss crying out is indecent, the door is thin, I fear it will provoke criticism.”

“Ah?” Su Xiao Pei continued to be at a loss.

“Be a mute or bite a cloth towel, Miss, please choose one.” Ran Fei Ze continued with seriousness.

Su Xiao Pei finally came to an understanding, she was angry, in her 26 years she had never been with a man!

“Cloth towel!” Gritting her teeth!

Her leg is in pain, her heart is in worse pain, this world really makes her feel despair!

She is not satisfied! Absolutely not satisfied!

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