ISOL Chapter 9

Chapter 9

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There is still a lot of things in this world that make her unhappy.

Such as going to the toilet, bathing, and brushing of teeth……

That night, instead of taking a shower, Ran Fei Ze took water from the well and just wiped his body. Those sounds were heard by an envious Su Xiao Pei. She walked for the whole day, there was mud and sweat on her body, she really needed either a shower, or just washing her hair, she just need to wash something.

But now, both of her legs are useless, she is sitting on the bed, completely afraid to move. Concurrently, she does not have the strength to go out and draw water from the well and bring it to the house.

It is better off not thinking about things like bathing, the more you think about it the more you feel that the body is so dirty that you are unable to take it, unable to bathe is a situation that she is unable to take it.

Su Xiao Pei did a diagnosis on herself, anyway, since she is already like this, there is no difference if she thickens her skin once again.

So, when Ran Fei Ze walked back into the house, fresh and clean, she spoke up, “Soldier, can you help me bring a bucket of water back?”

“What is it?”


It is not appropriate for a woman to say this kind of thing to a man in this world, right?

‘It does not matter, Soldier should be accustomed to her’ Su Xiao Pei said this to herself.

Ran Fei Ze did not show any big reaction, he only looked at Su Xiao Pei’s leg and did not say anything.

“Soldier, you see, my legs are really an inconvenience, once my legs are better, I will repay Soldier. At that time, it will be me who will be working.”

When she says this type of words, isn’t she embarrassed? Ran Fei Ze mouth was twitching, that expression obviously did not believe her. Base on her ability to sew a pair of socks, how could he expect her to do any work?

Su Xiao Pei did not continue to boast, words are just words, just as long as the meaning had gotten across, it’s fine.

Ran Fei Ze finally went out, and soon came back with a bucket of water for Su Xiao Pei, and threw a piece of cloth towards her, and then he turned around and went out of the room, shutting the door behind him smoothly.

Su Xiao Pei moved a little by little, till she read the side of the bucket, while sitting on the chair, she wiped her body using the cloth.

The water was cold, but Su Xiao Pei happily wiped her body. She was unable to wash her head, but she make do with wiping. When she had finished wiping, she was so tired that it seems like she was fighting with someone.

Calling Ran Fei Ze to come in, he did not say anything and help her clean up, Su Xiao Pei was grateful and kept saying thanks.

Ran Fei Ze did not have any special reaction, only ransacked his bag for a while before going out and coming back in again, Su Xiao Pei was puzzled and asked him, “Soldier, what are you busy with?”

“Washing mouth.”

Su Xiao Pei narrowed her eyes, saw that in his hand he was holding onto something like a toothbrush, suddenly excited, “Toothbrush!”

Ran Fei Ze was confused, standing still, he looked at the items that was in his hand, doubtful.

“Soldier have toothbrush?”

“Everybody used toothsticks, does Miss not use this?”

Su Xiao Pei’s jaw dropped, stunned for a long time, she heard ‘toothbrush’ <”揩齒, kāi chǐ> as ‘start’ <開始, kāi shǐ>, but she could have also heard it as ‘open mouth’ <開齒, kāi chǐ>. At the end, she finally said in a small voice, “I also want to wash my mouth.”

Ran Fei Ze calmly kept his items that was in his hands and the paste, calmly replied, “This would be inconvenient for Miss.”

Su Xiao Pei certainly would not want to use his toothbrush, but she was surprised at the face that this world had this stuff. And that she had felt uncomfortable if she did not brush her teeth. However, Ran Fei Ze did not seem intend to help her solve this problem and she was not going to say anything.

Finally, she could not hold back and ask, “Can the toothstick be bought?”

“Of course.”

“Then, what about the paste?”

“The paste need money to buy it as well.”

Well, Su Xiao Pei closed her mouth, she did not have money, not a single copper coin, she was not qualified to brush her teeth. She used her tongue to sweep across her teeth, feeling very uncomfortable.

Ran Fei Ze packed his things, and walked towards the door, “Miss, please rest, I will be at the door.”

Is he going to spend the night outside?

Although Su Xiao Pei is feeling down, but she still has some conscience.

“Soldier, this room is able to fit two people.” Sleeping on the floor is better than sleeping outside where there are strong winds.

Ran Fei Ze thought for a while, and he had decided to stay.

He placed the big bag in the middle of him and Su Xiao Pei, and took out a large cloth out of the bag and placed in on the ground. Su Xiao Pei was lying on the bed, she was covered with a quilt that was given by Boss Song and Ran Fei Ze, unable to fall asleep.

Wanted to turn her body but her legs were hurting. Did not brush her teeth, was feeling uncomfortable. She does not know how she is going to deal with the days that were coming, there is a huge pressure on her. Su Xiao Pei was unable to fall asleep, she could not help but sighed.

“Miss.” Ran Fei Ze suddenly spoke, “There is a temple not far from Stone Town, I passed by it a few years ago, saw that the place was not bad. The monk is merciful, won’t bully people. Once Miss leg is healed, I’ll send Miss over to recuperate.”

Su Xiao Pei had a bitter smile on her face, she inexplicably came to this world, at the end, is she going to be a nun?

“Where does Soldier intend to go?”


“Where exactly?”

“I want to find someone.”

Su Xiao Pei’s heart jumped, “Looking for someone? Who are you looking for?”

“Finding a person who is qualified and accept him as a disciple.”

Wander around to find a disciple? Sounds like a poor and miserable life goals… Su Xiao Pei sighed.

“Miss, it is not that I am heartless, I am just a male, it is not convenient to wander around with a female. The temple is quiet, the monks are good-hearted people, Miss will be able to settle down.

Su Xiao Pei bite her lips, decided to be thick skin once more, and said, “Soldier, if you are not tired tomorrow, go and inquire about the five tales and the thief, maybe we will have good luck and able to catch him. I am penniless, even if I went to the temple, if anything happens, there will be no progress at all. If there is some money my heart will feel more at ease, what do you say?”

Ran Fei Ze did not mind catching the thief, but the money has what relations to her? He thought for a while and agreed.

Su Xiao Pei heard this sound and her heart felt a little more at ease. Eventually, she could not endure it any longer and fell asleep.

The next morning, she was awakened by movements that was coming from the outside. Listened for a while, she realizes that it was Ran Fei Ze that was outside, working. She climbed out of bed, her legs were much more in pain, compared to yesterday but she was still able to move. She bowed back to stretch her waist, like an old woman.

She went to open the door and saw that Ran Fei Ze was already outside the wood shed, arranging the nicely chopped firewood. She heard Ran Fei Ze talking to Boss Song at the courtyard door, telling him that he had taken the water from the well, the yard and the shop outside have also been cleaned. Su Xiao Pei sighed, this Soldier is

After a while, Ran Fei Ze had returned, saw that Su Xiao Pei was up, he greeted her. Hold and lead her to the washroom and helped her take some water to wash up.

Su Xiao Pei washed her face, he gave her a soft tree branch that had leaves taken out. Su Xiao Pei was at a loss, he told her, “Unable to buy toothsticks due to no money, but willow tree branch is available.”


People who does not have enough money to toothsticks, use tender willow tree branch to clean their teeth.”

Su Xiao Pei stared at the soft tree branch, unable to imagine how to use this branch to stab to the mouth.

“What do you think?” Ran Fei Ze asked.

“No idea how to use.” She answered honestly.

Ran Fei Ze gave her a look, as if he suspected that she had never brush her teeth ever since she was born, which makes Su Xiao Pei unhappy. Ran Fei Ze folded the willow into two parts, handed a section to her, the other was still in his hands, and showed her how to bite the tip of the tree branch. The tip of the tree branch is like a brush, and used the paste, and then showed her how to use the willow branch to brush her teeth.

Su Xiao Pei skeptically looked at the ancient toothpaste, carefully smell it but there was no strange smell, only looked like some Chinese medicine paste, so she was relieved. Learning from Ran Fei Ze, she brushed her teeth.

Looking at her brushing teeth is very indecent, so Ran Fei Ze lost interest and left.

Su Xiao Pei used the willow branch and poke on the left side of her teeth, and then poke the right side of her teeth, very strenuously, carefully brushing her teeth. Although, using the brush is very awkward, but if she did not brush her teeth, she would certainly feel not clean, it is better than not brushing her teeth. Su Xiao Pei rinse her mouth several times just to make sure that her mouth is clean.

Ran Fei Ze came back after a while, brought Su Xiao Pei to eat breakfast, it is rice porridge and bread, of course, the taste wasn’t good. Su Xiao Pei was eating while listening to Ran Fei Ze instructions.

He said he had finished his work in the shop and went out to investigate the matters about the thief. He had seen this type of situation multiple times, and should not hope for much, and should not take it to heart. She just need to wait for his news. In addition, her attire is not here nor there, she should not go out, otherwise it is easy to find trouble, he will only allow her to stay in the room.

Su Xiao Pei nodded her head, “I will help Soldier to look after his bag.”

Ran Fei Ze blinked his eyes, looked at his big bag, it really is a beloved bag that has been turned into a hostage, he did not say anything and went out.

Su Xiao Pei sat alone in the room, her heart is a bit chaotic. What should she do afterwards? Ran Fei Ze’s words may not be severe, but the meaning behind it is very simple, once her legs are healed, he will send her away.

What should she do next?

Will her life be better if she goes to the nunnery?

That so-called Yue Lao person, is he real or fake? Does she really need to find that guy? Find him then she will be able to go back?

What is the guy called? Is his surname Cheng or Jiang? Su Xiao Pei sighed, she did not care at that time, so she did not bother to remember his name.

However, in any case, still it is better to earn some money. If she has money, she can survive, no matter where she is, at least she is able to find a place to stay.

Su Xiao Pei thought, if they had caught the thief and earn the Silver, the first thing she is going to buy is a toothbrush.

Her heart is filled with hope, waiting for the return of Ran Fei Ze.

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