Invijible Panda Chapter 6

Chapter: Ka

Invijible panda is lonely.

So, I created. Vijible panda!

Vijible panda can be seen.

But, vijible panda is also lonely.

Yep, I create more characters, necessity.

I get it!


Alice likes alice.

Alice is beautiful.

Invijible panda and vijible panda fell in love with Alice.

But, alice likes alice.

What to do?

Yes, invijible panda and vijible panda reincarnated in this world.

This is a duel.

Alice hates Donald Trump.

So, invijible panda wants to destroy Donald Trump’s wall.

But, where is it?

Of course, between America and Mexico.

But, the wall isn’t there.

0 Points.

Alice hates walls.

So, vijible panda go to China.

But, there is the ghost of supa invijible panda.

So, vijible panda bought the Great Wall of China online.

And then, vijible panda destroyed the wall.

1 Point.

To be continuu.

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