Invijible Panda Chapters 7-8

Chapter 7: Ki

……Umm… Why?
Why did I write the duel of invijible panda and vijible panda?
Invijible panda is the protagonist.
Of course, alice will love invijible panda.

Invijible panda is stroooooong, so he will obtain a harem.


Vijible panda died.
Now, alice is the protagonist’s harem person.

But, invijible panda destroyed this world’s treasure.

So, invijible chicken’s breast meat got angry.
Invijible bird’s breast meat is the chicken meat that protects this world.

Invijible bird’s breast meat is also stroooooong.


To be continuu

Chapter 8: Ku

Scary, isn’t it?

But, invijible panda is the protagonist, so he can kill invijible chicken meat like one punch manko.


Invijible panda is the protagonist, so he can’t kill invijible chicken meat.

Yes, invijible chicken’s breast meat is female!
Invijible meat bird’s breast chicken will become invijible panda’s harem person!

To be continued


It was correct?


I cen do currekt thing!

That’s wrong, isn’t it…

Ummm, to be continued?


To be continuu!

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