SPMW 07 – Elder Yin’s Plans

Young Master Shang’s smile shocked the Shang family beyond words.

Especially Shang Guozhang, because he knew how expressionless his son was for so many years. Yet this child, He Changning, made his son show such a knowing smile – it was simply unbelievable. Glances were exchanged between Shang Yushang and He Changning; they knew that this was the first time they’d met. While they knew that their son must have thoroughly investigated his marriage partner, it was not their son’s usual behaviour to gain interest in someone based on a few documents. Something must have caught his attention, otherwise even with old Madam Shang pressuring him, it was still possible that he might not be agreeable to this marriage. Plus, this marriage was only going to last for a year.

Not caring about everyone’s surprised expressions, He Changning stabilized his emotions and replied calmly, “It’s pretty good.” Modest and unpretentious – using an ordinary tone to describe the truth.

Shang Yushang’s lips curled even wider, “You’re modest, Changning.”

He Changning shook his head lightly with his lips pursed, “It’s just the truth.”

Old Madam Shang smiled at the interaction between the two young adults–not bad, at least Yushang is willing to talk to Changning. With more opportunities to interact, their relationship could become even better.

Shang Yushang focused on Changning’s soft, trembling eyelashes. Even though he could not see the emotions in his eyes, that did not stop him from continuing his previous topic, “Have you thought of furthering your studies?”

He Changning raised his head and looked at Shang Yushang with those bright-looking black diamond orbs. “I’ve no such plans at the moment.”

“Oh, which is to say, you would do so in the future?”

“No one knows what will happen in the future.” I thought this fellow was supposed to be a man of few words? Why is he so talkative today?

“Then, perhaps in a year?”

“Maybe, I don’t know.” He Changning was speaking the truth. He certainly couldn’t confirm what choices he’d make in a year.

Shang Yushang was not a person who would let things escape his control. Since this little lad had become of interest to him, and since he would be living with him as his wife, then he would be deemed as his belonging. As to those things that belonged to him, Yushang had a very strong possessiveness over them.

The two ladies from the Yin family did not know what type of person Shang Yushang was, but Yin Zhinian certainly knew; more than just knowing, he understood Shang Yushang’s character. Although his knowledge and understanding was only through the business trading, it was more than enough.

Witnessing Shang Yushang and Changning speaking to one another and even smiling, Yin Zhinian not only felt shocked but also reassured. That was not only for the discussion that was going to happen, but also because, deep in his heart, he still hoped that Changning’s days after marrying into the Shang family would be less miserable, and that he would not be despised.

Elder Yin was grinning from ear to ear as she started making plans in her heart. They only had to make sure that old Madam Shang and Young Master Shang were satisfied, then the dowry amount was definitely negotiable.

Since the meal was almost done, it was time to talk about the marriage details.

Seeing how impatient Elder Yin was, old Madam Shang sipped on her tea and asked, “Madam Yin, what do you think of the dishes served today? Were they satisfactory?”

Elder Yin’s face was full of smiles, “Satisfied, perfectly satisfied.” Feeling relieved, she thought, finally they’re getting to the main topic, she had been holding back for the whole night!

“Hmm, I’m glad you’re pleased. Now, shall we start discussing about Yushang and Changning’s wedding?”

“Actually…” Elder Yin started her pretentious act right at the key moment.

“What’s wrong, is there something unsatisfactory? If that’s the case, why not share it with us while the parents from both sides are here. We can have a discussion together, what do you say?”

“Actually, we don’t have any objections, as long as the both of them are agreeable then all is good with us.” She appropriately spoke with generosity so that when demanding for greater power, the other party would feel embarrassed to reject them directly.

He Changning knew from the bottom of his heart that Elder Yin’s behavior was just an act of loosening the reins only to grasp the opponents better. He knew from the start that Elder Yin was not a person who was easy to deal with. However, he also knew that if she wanted to take advantage of the Shang family, she first had to have the ability to do so. He would observe what this old lady had up her sleeves.

Old Madam Shang simply continued sipping her tea with no plans to reply to Elder Yin’s words. So, Elder Yin could only continue her own topic, “But you see, our child, Changning, didn’t have an easy time – his mother left us a long time ago. As his grandmother, I felt so sorry for him, always thinking of giving this child the best of everything. His father too, is always attentive towards Changning. All this was simply because we hoped that this child would have a better future, then all our hard work and efforts would be worth it. Don’t you think so, Madam Shang?”

Changning frowned slightly as his long slender fingers unconsciously tensed up. His gentle, pure smile disappeared along with elder Yin’s words, and it was replaced with a cold expression. For the sake of demanding more betrothal money from the Shang family, not only did she go against her conscience to mentioned about family ties, but she also shamelessly used the fact that he grew up without a mother and pretended to be pitiful, asking for sympathy, all for the sake of getting more money. It was simply ridiculous.

Just as Changning wanted to speak up, a warm and dry pair of hands wrapped around his own icy-cold ones and consolingly patted.

He Changning turned to look at Shang Yushang, who grabbed his hands. He knew, didn’t he? He knew the true nature of this so-called family, which was why he grabbed his hands to comfort him after hearing elder Yin’s words. That was how it was, right?

He made so many guesses in his heart that he had forgotten to retract his hands until that deep, attractive voice talked again. It was then he realized that his own hands were still wrapped in Shang Yushang’s palm. So, he quickly tried to pull back his own hands, but apparently Shang Yushang did not plan to let go.

“Don’t worry, listen to what grandma has to say.” He gave Changning a comforting gaze before turning his focus to old Madam Shang, seemingly forgetting that he was still grabbing onto someone else’s hands.

Old Madam Shang sipped on her tea while she replied, “To nurture a child is every parent’s responsibility. To provide them with a better future is also a parents’ duty and responsibility. Hardships definitely exists, but when we see our children living a happy life, as parents, our little trouble is actually nothing much.”

Elder Yin replied, embarrassed, “True, true, all the hardships are nothing.” She picked up her cup of tea to hide the disdain in her eyes; she felt extremely displeased – you’re not in my position, how would you know. She thought for a while, no way, we must get the betrothal money today, otherwise it’ll be a wasted trip today.

She put down her teacup, smiled, and continued, “Although Changning is young, but he’s actually a very responsible child. He knew that he couldn’t do anything for the family, hence he never created any trouble for us. He’s also a very filial child to his father; he would do anything to share his father’s burdens. As for the company matters, although Changning isn’t involved in it, but whenever something happened to the company, he would share the same worrying thoughts. *sighs* As his old grandmother, I certainly felt gratified. Now that he’s all grown up, he’s so obedient, it makes me feel that all our efforts are worth it.”

He Changning let out a very quiet sneer. There was no limit to their shamelessness, money certainly was a good thing, making everyone reveal all their dark secrets just like that. Even to the extent of discarding a human’s basic morals and dignity, just for the sake of money.

Sensing that the hands in his palm gripping harder, Shang Yushang did not move and let Changning grip his hands until they turned pale, feeling sorry for and pitying this stubborn little lad. Then, turning his attention to Elder Yin, who was speaking against her morals for the sake of money, his eyes darkened as his gaze turned cold-blooded. Fine, very well then, this bunch of shameless snobs dare to speak lowly of the person he cared about. They want money? Fine. I shall fulfil their demands. Once Changning marries into the Shang family, I will let these people know what it means to talk lowly of his family.

Recalling what Dazhou mentioned about the previous quarrel among the Yin family, his lips curled sinisterly.

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